[Author's Note: This was a topic recommended to me by someone. I'm not familiar with the characters at all, but figured I'd try it out anyway. It might have vore, it might not. I write for fun anyway. I may continue this or not, depending how I feel"

"Pit!" The green haired goddess called out to her loyal servant. The brown haired angel looked up attentively, looking for his goddess and rushed to her aid.

"Lady Palutena, did you need me?" Pit asked, his fist to his chest in salute. The goddess of light crossed her arms over her chest and puffed out her cheeks. She pouted, even though to pit, she was the size of a building.

"That last mission was dangerous. What were you thinking?" Palutena said, to which pit exhaled with relief.

"Lady Palutena, I needed to complete the mission in the fastest way possible. Setting off the bomb was the only way." Pit replied calmly. Palutena put her hands to her hips and bent over. Her massive size freightened him. Why weren't they the same size as usual? Was she in a bad mood.

"Mission smission!" Palutena said, "You're one arrow away from being boiled eggplant!" Palutena scowled at her servant. Pit suddenly slumped at the word "Eggplant". He didn't have any fone memories of that.

"Lady Palutena-" Pit began only to be interupted by palutena's massive hand. Her giant, tender, delicate had picked up Pit by the edge of his toga. Lifting him off the clouds. He tried to flap his wings to get away, but lady palutena's magic must have kept them deactivated. Palutena brought pit up to her face and she looked down on him. Pit felt like an ant, a bug, at palutena's massive size. Pit stared at the green haired goddess, looking at her curvy stature. Her verdant eyes looked like an wide plan of grass, and her bust. Massive and succulent, though pit tried hard not to look.

"Pit….I'm just worried about you." Palutena's voice filled with melancholy as her lips began to quiver.

"Lady Palutena.."Pit said as he looked at her for a few seconds in silence.

"I'm afraid that one day, I'll wake up and you won't be my little angel anymore." She replied with a tear in her eye.

"Lady Palutena, I promise that no matter what I'll be here to protect you." Pit assured her, he pulled out his blades and did a slight demonstration of what he was capable of. He swung the blades around, creating slight wind formations, and ariel moves. Palutena smiled, and giggled a little. She raised her hand to her chin and laughed.

"Oh Pit" She laughed, "You always know how to cheer me up." Pit smiled and started to jump down from her hand when he heard her say something.

"Pit….When I'm this big...Everything looks so tiny. Even you." She said. Pit laughed, a little nervous. Lady Palutena continued…

"Everything looks SO CUTE." She said. Pit saw her blushing. A hint of red flushing to her goddess cheeks. Pit was really hoping that his wings started to work.

"In fact Pit." Palutena said in a sing song voice, "You look cute enough….To Eat!"