"Come now plumber!" Palutena taunted mario by waving Link's master sword at him, "You're about to become what you work with the most and it's not the koopas that I'm talking about." Palutena rushed towards him using levitation to keep herself and her belly afloat from the stage. As she thrust out her staff to damage the plumber, mario did a backflip and backed away from her. He fired a few fire balls to keep her at bay, but by using reflects the fire balls went back to him. Mario jumped out of the way, his breath wavering and he tried to find a way to defeat the hungry goddess.

Palutena stepped towards him with a hungry grin on her face. Mario was yet another meal waiting to be added to palutena's belly. Zelda had long been digested due and added to palutena's godly figure in more ways then one. Her once modest bust that fit snugly in her outfit was now about to burst out of her top. Her dress was struggling to contain them. A large amount of pudge was now on palutena's stomach and she was annoyed that she'd have to work on her figure once more.

"Ha! Wa-HA!" Mario charged forward with a kick towards palutena's head with his large rubber boots. Palutena backed away and striked at him with her staff, hoping to hit him with the blue orb at the top. Mario dodged out the way, jumping backwards away from palutena. Palutena's belly growled again and palutena touched her gurgling stomach, rubbing it in a circular motion.

"You'll have mario soon stomach! Palutena whispered and looked straight at mario, right in his wide bulging eyes with daggers.

Mario lowered his body and pulled out his F.L.U.D.D device.

"I will-a blow you away!" Mario said as his charged it up full of water. Palutena heard a high pitched noise as mario's appearance glowed.

He rushed towards palutena and palutena fired as many bursts as her staff would allow at him. Mario dodged them with ease, evading them with accuracy and grabbed palutena by the helm of her dress.

"Good-a bye Palutena!" Mario said with a scowl and wiggled his moustache. He began to turn around and palutena felt her body raise off the floor. She spun and spun around and felt the contents of her stomach shake and rumble.

I think I'm gonna be sick! Palutena thought as she covered her mouth. Her face turning a pale shade of green.

"WAHOO!" Mario let palutena fly away with a gust of wind and smoke following her. Palutena flipped in tumbled in the sky and began to fall towards the abyss below. Palutena was fearful at losing the sight and taste of another meal and desperately reached for the ledge. She made panicked grabs for the edge of the stage and as she was an inch away from grabbing it; her heart sank.

There mario was with a smile on his face, squatted down with his right foot forward. His fludd device ready to fire.

"So long ladya palutena!" Mario hit palutena with a huge blast of water and paluten, wet and hungry fell towards the abyss.

"Nooooooo…" The sound of palutena's desperate pleas soon became quiet as she disappeared below the stage.

"Mama mia!" Mario said with a high and removed his cap. He went over to the edge and looked down below in the abyss. There was nothing there and he breathed a sigh of relief. He turned around and began to walk over to wario and zero suit samus who were duking it out. Each of them threw punches and kicks towards each other trying to knock each other off the stage.

"I'm-a coming!" Mario said as he began running towards the others with a sprint ready to do battle but soon came to a halt as he was gripped tightly in the back by his overalls.

"Going somewhere?" Mario heard the sound of palutena's sultry voice in his ear and felt a cold, artic chill run down his spine. He tried to escape or kick palutena in her stomach, but he was raised into the air via levitation and stayed in the air unable to move. He was completely paralyzed without any means to escape.

"H-how did you escape-a? I saw you fall!" Mario said in disbelief. He couldn't believe that palutena was still standing on the stage in one piece.

"Teleportation my dear mario. A goddess like myself still has a few tricks up her sleeves. Like this!" Palutena once again opened her mouth wide and looked down at mario's horrified face.

"You-a won't get away with this. You won't-" Mario's angry shouts were silenced by palutena engulfing him inside her mouth. He tasted sweeter than palutena expected. Palutena thought that because he spent most of his time in tunnels, underground, and fighting enemies that he'd taste dirty and filthy but it wasn't the case.

It looks like peach's sweetness rubbed off on you, thankfully. Palutena thought as she grabbed both of mario's struggling and thrashing legs. She pushed mario deeper down into her throat and adored his taste. Palutena felt her stomach began to bulge out again as it made room for mario. He screamed from the inside of palutena's belly and Palutena felt her stomach vibrate from his screaming.

I wish this guy would shut up already. Palutena thought as she pushed the remnants of Mario's legs into her mouth and swallowed hard.


It was a slow process but mario's body slithered down into palutena's stomach with a thud. It bulged out even wider than with zelda and link.

"URRRRRRRRRRRR" Palutena beleched so loudly that a flame emitted from her gut. Was mario holding on to a fire flower? If he was any hotter then palutena's was in a serious case for indigestion. The other remaining fighters, zero suit samus, and wario stopped their brawling and looked at her with horrified and confused expressions. Zero suit samus in her slender, tall beauty took out her pistol and aimed it at palutena with the intent to kill.

"Waaah" The annoying sound of wario's voice came from a distance. He took one look at palutena's moving and alive gut that mario was thrashing inside of and quickly pulled out his bike to drive away.

"No!" The muscle freak plumber cried out as he rode away on his bike. Palutena giggled softly, the pain of mario still struggling in her belly made it difficult for her to stand up straight. She stomped her staff on the ground and Wario's bike was erased out of existance as well as samus's laser pistol. It melted into silly putty in her hands. Palutena waved her staff again at the shocked samus and panicked wario who desperately searched for his missing bike on the ground. The two of them became paralyzed and constricted in mid air. Man, did being a goddess have its perks!

Palutena pulled her staff backwards towards herself and the two remaining fighters came her way. They were both struggling to be free. Zero suit samus especially. Palutena couldn't wait to lick every nook and crany of her toned, slender body and ample breasts. Her figure was too die for and was going to be added onto palutena's in a few minutes. Though she looked over at the muscular gremlin known as wario and frown.

"You better hope for both of our sakes that you don't taste like garlic. Mario is already giving me a serious case of indigestion and bad gas." Palutena commanded as she pushed her potruding gut up against wario. Wario saw his red headed counterpart still struggling inside of the belly.

"Well, it's time to eat!" Palutena said with a smile and began to lick wario to get a taste of him. Thankfully, he didn't taste like garlic, but more along the lines of a tenderized steak. Palutena knew at that moment that she was definitely going to enjoy swallowing him. With her staff moved upwards, wario was raised up high and palutena's mouth was wide open.

"Oh no!" Wario said as nervous as the yellow colored plumber could be. He sweated profusely and shook his head.

"Oh yes!" Palutena replied licking her chops and began to swallow him piece by piece, enjoying the flavor of the tender meaty man.