Chapter 14: Old Friends

Danny shot up in his bed, sweat coating him as his breathing came in heavy and irregular, looking around he saw that he was still in his room at Vlad's mansion. Glancing to his side he saw Kitty and Ember curled up in each other's arms. A small smile spread on his face as he watched them sleep, reaching out he brushed some of Embers hair out of her face. She stirred a little and he froze, he hoped he hadn't woken her up. Seeing her settle down again he let out a soft sign and fazed himself from the bed, floating over to the open bay window.

Outside there was a slight breeze, even with only his sweatpants on he didn't feel the chill that he knew should be in the air. As he sat in the bay window he looked over the city far below him. Like most Cities, it was still buzzing with life even at this hour. Turning his eyes to the sky he saw the moon crawl out from behind a bank of clouds, as they drifted away they revealed stars burning brightly all over the sky and it took his breath away like it always had done. He placed his head against the window and couldn't feel the cold. The cold didn't bother him anymore, not after the Dance.

It had been a week since the dance and a lot had happened since then, with more to look forward to. The gym wasn't even close to being fixed even with the generous donations from and Wayne Inc. They gave so much that it would cover the gym repairs and still be enough to upgrade the school's security.

Timmy, Adrian, him, Kim, Kacey and Dan had started to train, a lot. The fight had been a rude wake-up call for all of them. If they were going to fight and keep people safe then they had to get stronger and better at standing their ground. Kacey, Kim and Dan could hold their own pretty well but they still needed to get stronger, after all, they too had people they wanted to protect and who can say when The Corrupt will attack again.

On top of their training, Danny and Timmy also had Football practice and Coach Dean was drilling them for their first match of the season. Both of them were only reserves, but with some of the players out of commission after the dance, they had to step up. They were going to play against Midland High and apparently Coach Dean had a running bet with their coach, so of course, he wanted to win very badly.

Danny was excited, which was probably why he was already awake. Well, he didn't really need to sleep a lot but it was nice every now and again, especially with Ember and Kitty. They had been sharing the same bed since Vlad had brought them here after the dance. He hadn't wanted to leave them, and they had also refused to leave the next night. Luckily Vlad didn't seem to mind and when he had asked the older halfa about it Vlad had laughed and said. "My dear boy if you really wanted to there would be no way for me to stop you."

Turning his head, he looked at the girls sleeping on his… no, their bed. Kitty was the closest to him, her shirt hiding little of her green skin and bubble butt. Both of them had taken to sleeping in some of his old shirts which meant that they barely covered them. The first night he had seen them wearing his shirts he had nearly lost all control. He had no idea where to look, where not to look, so naturally, he had stared at them dumbfoundedly.


Danny had just gotten out of the shower in his en-suite, it was Wednesday and he had gotten home late after football practice. Going from football practice straight into his training with Dan had not been the best idea. By the time he and Dan were done it was dinner time. Fazing through the floors to his bathroom he had gone straight into the shower. The warm water soothing his sore and screaming muscles. He wrapped a towel around his waist and took another one to dry his hair, walking over to the window he opened it, letting all the steam flow through it. Opening the door with a content sigh he stepped out of the bathroom and froze as he looked up. Ember and Kitty were talking to each other seeming not to notice him. Kitty was leaning against the bedpost and Ember sat on the bed's edge. He was used to having them in his room, what he wasn't used to or expected was that they were nearly naked.

Okay not really, both had some of his older shirts on but they were small, very small. They didn't even come close to covering their bellybuttons, much less their underwear. At first, he tried not to look but after about … a second, he caved. Kitty had a red thong on, man did she have a nice ass. Ember had on a black lacy thong from what he could see while she was sitting, but man her shirt was pulled even higher and tighter thanks to her breasts. She laughed at something Kitty had said and he saw them jiggle. He swallowed hard and thought. 'Jip they are trying to kill me.' He stood in the doorway gawking at them, unable to decide where to settle his eyes.

Eventually, Ember saw him and had an evil grin on her face, he knew then that he was in trouble. Ember reached up and pulled Kitty down to kiss her. That was all he could take, he took a step towards them.

"DANNY!" He heard Dan shouting his name so loud it felt like the floor was vibrating lightly. Danny threw Ember an apologetic look before he fazed through the floor, his excitement completely forgotten. Soon he dropped to the floor in the basement where Dan was standing in front of a massive screen. Cassandra was on the screen, after the whole deal with Berith she had decided to share her identity with them, she was the only one to do so. He quickly made his way forward not wanting to make her wait any longer. Dan was shirtless so Danny didn't feel that bad for only wearing a towel.

"Hey Cassandra." He said as he got closer. "Hey Danny, sorry to call so late but the league has made a decision and …" She looked up and her eyes widened. Danny looked at Dan and saw he had a small smile on his lips.

"Did it freeze or something?" He asked the older halfa. That seemed to jog Cassandra from her daze.

"No sorry I … Um got distracted. They would like your team to come to mount justice for some further training and assessments." She said rather fast, the faintest of blushes on her cheeks.

"Yeah, I don't see a problem with that. I'll talk to the others, when should we come?" Dan asked.

"We'll come get you guys on Sunday. See you guys soon." She said before the line went dead. Dan turned to look at him, the smile widening a little. "Sorry for interrupting." He said with a chuckle.

He laughed softly at the memory, it had scared all of them from trying anything else, even if it had nothing to do with what they were doing or wanted to do. He laid his head against the window and watched them sleep. His eyes played over Kitty's neck, down her back over the butterfly tattoo to her little bubble butt. A different smile pulled at his lips now as his eyes took in her ass and moved down her well-toned legs before going back to her butt.

He got out of the bay window and floated over to the bed. Leaning in he placed a gentle kiss on her neck and traced his fingers up her legs, enjoying the shiver that he got from her. She turned onto her back, her shirt sliding ever so slightly up to reveal more of her stomach. He leaned in again and kissed the soft spot of her upper arm while tracing his fingers on the inside of her thigh. Kitty's eyes fluttered opened as she moaned softly. He held a finger to his lips before he motioned for her to follow him. She seemed to get his meaning very fast as she quietly and quickly flew after him. They went through the third floor and came to the roof area. When Kitty came up he was already standing at the railing looking away from the city into the vast forest area at the back of the house.

Danny had a faraway look in his eyes, a bit different from the look that he had just a few seconds ago. "Something on your mind?" She asked as she walked the last bit to come and stand next to him. Danny turned to her and kissed her cupping her chin in one smooth movement. She could feel his need in the kiss, he brushed his tongue across her lips and she eagerly opened her mouth giving him unrestricted access. He loved how she tasted and how she would wrestle with him at first but slowly melt into him, giving him dominance over her.

Her hands roamed over his back, one travelling up to his hair while the other travelled down into his pants before squeezing one of his cheeks getting a soft muffled grunt from him. This wasn't like Danny but she didn't mind the need she felt coming from him, she welcomed it. Too often did she or Ember start things before he would be called away or they would be interrupted. Their combined tension and lust could easily be felt in any room they were left in for too long. Danny to his credit would never back away from foreplay or even oral things, but they could feel the tension rising whenever they wanted to go further.

She brought her hand around and took his length in her hand stroking him slowly loving how smooth and hard he was in her hand. Danny wanted nothing more than to take her right there on one of the many lawn chairs, but he pulled away like he always did. Kitty let him, but she didn't let him go far. Knowing he wouldn't get away Danny pressed his lips to her temple as he pulled her into his hug. Without her heels, she was just a little shorter than he was.

Kitty wrapped her arms around him and placed her head on his chest. "What's holding you back?" She asked really wanting to know, she knew he could and he was well equipped so she had no idea what was stopping him. Danny sighed and pressed her closer and knew she was finally going to get an answer.

"Whenever we do this, it… it'll be my first and I don't think you girls have had sellable afterlives, so I'm just afraid I won't measure up." Danny said honestly, a bit embarrassed but relieved that he wasn't looking at Kitty. It had been on his mind since the dance when he and Ember had gotten so close to it. Kitty was shaking slightly in his arms. "Are you cold?" He asked a bit worried but soon he heard her laughing softly. Kitty pushed him back a little so she could look him in his eye.

"You are a moron, you do know that, right?" Kitty said with a smile on her face. Danny's eyebrow arched up and she chuckled again taking his face in her hands. "Listen to me, Johnny was a grade A jackass that I want to completely remove from my memory, hopefully with a lot of help from you and as for Ember, she has never had anyone like you, someone she actually likes." She slipped her hands around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips. She felt his hands take hold of her waist, pulling her closer.

She broke their kiss and rested her head against his, looking him in the eyes. "You have nothing to worry about, my little hulk." Kitty said in a teasing tone that made Danny smile. He wrapped his arms around her waist holding her tight as they kissed. His hands pushed up in her shirt, sliding it up ever so slightly. Kitty hadn't expected this to happen all she wanted to do was ease his mind but Danny seemed like he was finally ready to take that step and butterflies went wild in her stomach. Danny had nearly lifted her, well his old shirt over her head.

"Hey Danny!"

Several things happened in that one moment. Danny spun around and saw Timmy and Adrian coming up the stairs. Kitty pulled her shirt down and turned invisible.

"Oh yes! My detecting skills are getting a lot better." Timmy said looking around. "Is it just you here?" He asked.

"Yeah just me." Danny said rubbing the back of his neck, making Adrian smile. "Ah man, I could swear that I sensed someone else up here too." Timmy said a bit dejected. "Must have been my clone." Danny said with a nervous laugh. That seemed to brighten Timmy up a little.

"Danny we were thinking of heading to school a bit earlier to see if we can meet the other team and the people coming with them." Adrian said, he was the head of the greeting committee and had asked him and Timmy to help out with the greeting and housing of the other players.

"Go, I'll see you later." Kitty whispered in his ear and kissed him on his cheek. Danny nodded slightly before he said. "Yeah sure, come on let's go eat and head out." A smile on his face as he thought of seeing Kitty and Ember later.

Danny, Timmy and Adrian headed out way before anyone else. Despite it being very far from school Danny flew them there. "So when are they coming and where should I drop us?" Danny asked as he flew over the city.

"They should be arriving at school soon. I'd like to pick up the hat in our office first so the school entrance would be fine." Adrian said looking at his watch. "You and Timmy should head to the meeting point when we get there."

"So we have to spend the day with whoever we draw from the hat?" Timmy asked sounding unsure as he thought back to what Adrian had asked them to do. Adrian nodded. "Yeah that's the idea, oh and don't forget they will be rooming with you too, Kitty and Ember will have to go to their own room. Thanks again for helping me with this." He said quickly.

Danny dropped Adrian at the school entrance so he could go and grab the hat. He and Timmy went ahead to the bus stop in front of their old hostel. "How do you know Adrian's girlfriend?" Danny asked as they were walking over to the bus stop. Timmy sighed and fixed his eyes on the grass, it was quiet for a while before he answered him.

"I dated her sister, Tootie for a while." Timmy said, a ghost of a smile on his face. "Oh, what happened?" Danny asked and he saw Timmy's shoulders drop, he suddenly found himself wishing he hadn't asked. "The Incident." Timmy said and a taut silence fell between them.

Danny should have known better than to push him. He quickened his pace to catch up to him and bumped him with his should lightly, smiling at his friend who quickly returned the smile. He knew all too well that words didn't always help and sometimes it made things worse. Not long after that some of the other welcoming committees showed up with Adrian.

Their group started to talk to each other in excitement, eagerly waiting for the bus but luckily they didn't have to wait long for it to show up. Danny heard it before he saw it, the obnoxious music was so loud he heard it coming from a block away. "Off to a bad start already." Danny sneered as he heard the voices in his head startup. He pressed his hand to his temple in an attempt to quiet them while whispering 'Shut up.'

"You say something?" Timmy asked looking over at Danny. He was met with a flash of green eyes. "I hate this song." Danny said with a groan, an evil smile slipped onto Timmy's face. "I don't know man, I am kind of liking it." He said and laughed at the face Danny made. The voices died down as Danny smiled at him, marvelling at the ease with which his friends could help him push his demons back.

Not long after that, the bus pulled up in front of them, before it could even stop the door opened and a girl with blond hair stepped out almost falling to the ground, not seeing Danny or Timmy. "Uh finally out of that horrible bus." She said and Danny felt like he knew that voice. He took a hesitant step forward coming to a stop next to Adrian who was in front of the group. "Star?" He asked and the girls head shot up and she looked straight at them. Once he saw her eyes, turquoise pools that he had come to memorise in the last few weeks in Amity Park, he knew that it was Star and a huge smile spread across his face.

"Whoa, you know her?" Timmy asked pointing at her "Its quite rude to point, you know." Adrian said with a disappointed tone to which he quickly lowered his finger. "Danny!" She nearly squealed and wrapped him in a big hug. "I'll take that as a yes." Adrian said to him as Danny returned her hug. Realizing what she was doing she quickly pulled back but held onto his hands and smiled at him, a blush clear on her face. "Oh my god Danny it's so good to see you. How have you been?" She asked as she brushed some loose hair behind her ear. Timmy looked at Danny and was surprised to see an actual smile on his face.

Danny didn't do that often, Timmy had only ever seen him really smile like that around Jazz, Ember and Kitty. Wondering to himself who this girl was to Danny. He quickly realised he had zoned out and brought his focus back to them in time to hear Danny introduce him. "Star this is Timmy and Adrian they are friends of mine, Star lives in Amity Park we went to middle school together." Adrain and Timmy smiled at her and took her extended hand. "Nice to meet you." They both said as the music finally died down and other kids started to get out of the bus. "I'll get this started." Adrian said and left them to talk.

"Welcome to Monster High, home of the Titans. My name is Adrian and while you are here you'll be my responsibility. Please get your luggage from the bus and place it near the curb. We will soon have the sorting, to see who your escort …" Some jocks laughed at that. But Adrian didn't care and continued like nothing had happened. "… will be for the weekend." He finished with a pleasant smile.

"I hope my escort is the hot redhead, really want someone to do." A blond jock said with a wicked smile, he was the same height as Adrian but with broad strong shoulders and everyone seemed to look to him. Adrian walked over to who he assumed to be the quarterback, his smile turning from nice to a predatory sneer. Most of the kids saw the change and ebbed away from the jock. There were only a few of his friends left when he reached him, the jock was either too stupid to notice the change in his behaviour or didn't care. Dash's friends didn't seem to be that stupid, they were all visibly uncomfortable.

He quickly looked over to the one girl who was still standing near him. She looked Hispanic, olive colour skin, black hair and teal eyes. She looked to be bored and didn't really pay attention to anything around her. Deciding that she was just another air head cheerleader he turned back to the quarterback.

He placed a hand on blondies shoulder and asked. "What's your name?"

"Dash, Dash Baxter." Blondie said, a smug smile on his face.

"Well, Dash if you touch one girl on campus…" He said squeezing his shoulder so hard that Dash yelped and sank to one knee. "I'll kill you." He finished with a creepy smile. "Hey! Get off him you loser!" The Hispanic girl shouted at him.

"Oh, I do apologise I really didn't think that would hurt a big guy like him." Adrian said still smiling as he walked backwards with his hands raised. Dash stood up and he looked angry. Some of his friends surrounded him asking him if he was okay. He pushed past them to look at Adrian. "You're going to pay for that." He said and Adrian thought 'Yeah definitely not the brightest bulb around.'

Danny had heard the commotion and had come forward. He immediately recognised Paulina and Dash. He quickly made his way over to them. "Hey whoa, calm down Dash no need to get all worked up." He said stepping in front of Adrian. Dash looked a bit surprised then recognition flashed across his face.

"Fenturd! Is that you?" He asked surprised as a smile took over his face. "Oh, I changed my mind I want you to be my escort. Then I can wail on you like old times." Paulina had only looked up a little and rolled her eyes thinking 'Great, that loser from our town.' Before she went back to filing her nails.

Danny sighed and tried to calm down. "Whatever Dash, just get your luggage." Danny pointed at the bus. "Whoa, what happened to your arm." Dash said loudly. Only then did he realise that this would be the first time they would see his stitched arm. The people at school were used to it, some of them thinking it just some odd faze or something gothic. "Nothing!" Danny said in cold voice and yet again Dash demonstrated his thick headedness by not registering it.

"I've heard rumours that your crazy parents had completely lost it. That they had done something to you. That they thought you were a monster or something." He said as a grin came to his face. "Wow, tell me Danny how does it feel when even your parents finally realised that you're a freak and a loser huh." Dash said with a laugh and Paulina joined him. Danny's arm was visibly shaking and if he hadn't closed his eyes everyone would have seen them flash green.

Then he felt them. On his right side, a cool breeze and light frost spread up from his fingertips. On his left he felt his hand heat up, the tips of his fingers threatening to catch fire. He could hear them whispering in his ear. 'Just touch him, a light brush is all we need.' He wanted to do it, for all the times Dash had bullied him, made his life hell. He wanted him to pay, to experience how it feels to have your life thrown into chaos, to be hurt so bad that nothing could ever make you feel whole again.

"Dash knock it off!" he heard Star say. He opened his eyes and looked over to find her standing next to him, a determined look on her face. "Star what exactly do you think you are doing?" Pauline asked stepping forward. "I'm doing what's right, Danny helped me when… when those things attacked and …"

"I don't care!" Pauline practically shouted as her voice went up a few pitches. "He is a loser and we are elite. We don't mix with them and we surely do not defend them." She finished with a disgusted tone.

The other people had formed a circle around the four, most watched it like you would a tennis match, looking from one to the other. Some were going around taking bets on who would start the fight and who would win.

Adrian had enough and stepped forward looking at the group. "Enough!" He said, his voice ringing with a finality that stopped everyone present. They could all feel it, but not explain the authority that they heard in his voice.

He looked around the group, Paulina and Dash kept quiet. Dash leaned against the bus giving Danny the stink eye, while Paulina went back to filing her nails. He was satisfied and nodded. "Great, now is this everyone?" He asked looking at the group of newcomers. "Hey, I need some help in here!" Came a high pitched voice from the bus. "Oh crap, I should go help her," Star said with a look of realisation on her face before running into the bus.

Adrian started to explain the particulars of what would happen today and Saturday. Having heard all of this before Timmy made his way over to Danny.

"So, what's the story between you guys?" He asked eyeing Dash and Paulina.

"Back home they called themselves the A-Listers. They made up the richest and most popular kids in school." Danny said with a dry smile as he remembered middle-school. "I was Dash's personal punching bag. He bullied me from the start of middle school, until the last day. He's a fucking jackass."

"And the girl? Do you have a history with her too?" he asked and Danny shook his head.

"No, not really. She was always the prettiest girl in school and she would tell you that herself, but no we only had a few classes together." He said dismissively before he and Timmy walked over to the bus door, waiting for Star to come out as the other students got their luggage. They didn't have to wait long before Star came out and handed Danny a few boxes. She only had a bag in each hand.

"You sure you don't need help with those?" She asked to … what appeared to be a moving pile of boxes. "Nah I got this." Came the voice and it made Timmy twitch slightly. A look of disbelief flashed across his face before he shook his head dismissively, Danny arched an eyebrow wondering what that was about. Star shrugged and headed down the few steps to stand at Danny's side.

Timmy stepped up to the bus and waited for the girl so he could help with the boxes. Danny turned to Star. "Where can I put these?" He asked. She looked at the boxes and pointed to the tree. "Just here would be fine." As he placed them on the ground he heard a few dull thudding sounds and a girl yelping. Turning around he saw boxes everywhere on the ground.

The first thing he saw after the boxes was a girl with pixie blond hair and a pink bow lying on top of Timmy. It appeared that he had tried and catch her as his hands were still on her waist, her knee dangerously close to his groin. Their faces were so close together that it looked like their noses were touching. Timmy's hat had fallen off and was lying next to his head, as they stared at each other the girl's bow came loose and drifted to the ground, landing in his hat.

"Hey, Chloe how have you been?" Timmy asked with a weak smile.

Danny and Star were sitting in the front of the class and by some cruel twist of fate or whatever so was Dash. He had been paired with Ron, how that had happened Danny wasn't sure, he didn't even know that Ron was taking part but non-the less here they were.

They were in English, the last class before lunch break and the teacher was reading something from To Kill a Mockingbird. Danny was only half listening, having already read the book he wasn't too worried about it. He was happy to see that Star was still a hard worker, despite her reputation as an A-lister she had a different side to her when she wasn't around Paulina. He was a bit surprised when she had defended him.

She was mostly paying attention to the teacher as he read the book, stopping every now and again to take down some notes. Every few seconds her hair would fall into her face and she would brush it behind her ear. It reminded him so much of the summer before he moved away.


It was a hot day in Amity Park, the weather had been blistering hot for a week now but today was different. There was a cool breeze blowing through, cooling the heat from the sun, making it one of the few perfect days.

In the park Danny was sitting under a tree, enjoying the rare off day he had gotten from Vlad. The combination of the shade and the breeze was very welcoming on his still tender scars. Star was lying on the grass next to him reading a book she had bought on their way there. It had been a month since his … since Jack and Maddie had cut into him. Two weeks since he had broken down in front of Star.

They had become close in that time, sharing secrets that they had never told anyone else. It had been liberating in a lot of ways. Danny doubted that they would have ever become friends if they hadn't confided in each other like they had. He looked down at her, she was lying on her stomach. She had a red circle skirt on, a white button shirt.

Her feet were lazily kicking in the air as she was reading and Danny could tell when she was getting to an interesting part because her feet would slow down or stop completely. He followed her feet for a bit before his eyes travelled down her legs and up her thighs, over her skirt to the strip of exposed skin of her back. They lingered there like they had on her thighs before he looked at her face.

Her turquoise eyes sliding from one end to the other as she read. He got a little lost in them. He had been thinking of her a lot lately and he wasn't sure that it was just as friends. He pushed that thought away, he was leaving at the end of summer and he didn't think it would be a good idea to try anything, more afraid of her not feeling the same way and then things would become … uncomfortable between them.

"Hey Danny?" he was pulled from his thoughts, shaking his head before he replied. "Yeah."

"You mind taking us for a flight over the forest?" She asked taking him by surprise, this was the first time she had brought up his powers.

"Yeah sure, any idea where you want to go?" He asked standing up and holding his hand out to her. She closed her book and took his hand, Danny changed still holding her hand and quickly took off, making them invisible until they were high enough. Star was quiet for a while as they flew, her eyes a little wider in wonder.

"So, what brought this on?" He asked as they neared the city limit. He saw her clutching the book closer to her chest and letting out a breath before she talked. "I want to get away from home for a while. We have a lake house, not far from Amity and since everyone is gone for summer I thought we could go swimming there."

Danny knew about her troubled home life so he didn't say anything else, he just drew her closer and put his hand around her waist. She was about to protest when Danny said. "We are going to pick up speed so hold on."

They landed at her lake house not five minutes later. Danny turning back into his human self, blue jeans, white shirt and sneakers. The house was nice but not a luxury home like he had expected. It was made completely out of wood, with a stone fireplace at the back of the house.

Star walked up to the porch, lifted a big pot plant and retrieved a key from under it. Danny followed close behind her and as they stepped through the door he saw he was right. It was a nice house, but not like their mansion in town. The furniture was well made but worn from years of use and yet something was off about the place. Then he noticed it, there was a thin layer of dust.

"Sorry about the state of the place, it's been a while since anyone has been here." Star said as she walked over to the fireplace and pulled open a curtain that gave them a beautiful view of the lake. "Wow. I can't imagine why, it's beautiful here." He said walking forward, Star was standing next to the sliding door, her head pressed against the window. "This was my grandparent's place and my dad refuses to come up here because he didn't get along with them very well. I used to visit them whenever I could but I haven't been up here since they passed away."

Danny didn't need to see her to know she was close to crying and it broke him that it was hurting her so much…


Danny was brought out of his memory by a sharp pain at the base of his skull. His hand shot up to cover it as a baseball hopped on the ground. He heard Dash laughing along with a few other kids. When he looked back Ron was the only one in the group that looked apologetic.

"That's quite enough!" Miss Would said as she looked over her book. She had her blond hair up in a bun, her lavender eyes were hard over her frameless glasses. The class slowly became quiet, she walked over to Danny's desk, picked up the ball and looked at the back of the class.

"Who threw it?" She asked eying them, and Dash's hand shot up. "Sorry Miss my hand slipped." He said with a small grin. She looked at him and then to Danny. She turned to him and handed him the ball.

"Danny be a dear and return the ball." As she said it she winked at him, Danny stared at her unbelieving. She turned her back to him and walked to the front of the class, her steps seeming slow. He knew that he would only have a few seconds.

With a smile, Danny whipped around and threw the ball straight at Dash's face. The look of utter surprise was priceless at the ball smashed into his nose, knocking him off his feet. Danny watched him fall, enjoying every second of it. He saw Dash clutching his nose and rolling on the ground. A few people gasped and went to help Dash up, all looking accusingly at Danny. Ron and a few other kids in the class were laughing into their hands, Star had a shocked and amused look on her face.

"Quieten down!" Miss Would said turning around. Seeing Dash standing up, blood dripping from his crooked nose. Dash started to walk towards Danny. "Where do you think you're going, Mister Baxter?" She asked in a stern voice making Dash stop and look at her bewildered.

"He broke my nose!" Dash nearly shouted. "Yell in my class again and I'll have you in detention during your game tomorrow."

"But… he" Dash stammered before Miss would cut him off.

"I did ask him to return the ball it's not his fault your hand slipped." Dash looked like he'd been punched in the gut, his jaw slack and open. Danny had taken his seat again but he still looked at Dash drinking in every wonderful moment.

"Now, Ron please take Dash to the nurse's office." Her eyes softened a little as she looked at Ron who nodded and walked to the door.

"Come on it's this way, big guy." He said holding it open. When they left Miss Would continued reading like nothing had happened.

The bell rang shortly after that and neither Dash nor Ron had returned. As the kids started to leave the class Miss Would went to stand at the door. When he and Star passed, Miss Would looked to Danny and said. "Give them hell tomorrow." She winked at him and Danny smiled. "Oh, I plan to Miss Would and Thank you." He said a bit shyly.

Danny took Star to their usual lunch table close to the snack bar. They were the first ones to the table. Danny and Star talked about what's been happening to her since they had last seen each other, having already covered what's been going on in his life.

She told him that things were mostly the same, Paulina started their school year with the complete destruction of the now former queen bee. Danny shivered as she explained what Paulina had done to the poor girl. He could tell that it was upsetting her the way Paulina was acting. He also found out that after the Incident her father had donated heavily to the G.I.W. and because of that they had set up in Amity in a big way. Most people had welcomed their arrival and their protection. Danny was surprised to hear that, his hometown in the hands of those idiots didn't sit well with him.

She didn't say it but Danny could tell that her Dad had become worse since then, she could hardly meet his eyes every time she mentioned her father. Danny's fist was clenched tightly, thinking of that monster made his blood boil.

"Has he been near you lately?" He asked quietly. He saw her flinch slightly, her hand trembling lightly.

"Danny, I moved to Midland, I live in the hostel there, he's not around anymore." She said her smile taunt and forced.

"Star, I know you better than that." He said in a soft voice as he took her shaking hand and when she looked up at him she melted under his gaze. Like so many times before Danny broke down her defences. She wanted to tell him everything, he could see it in her eyes. Before she could say anything, they heard someone screaming "Danny!" and a second later he was tackled from his chair by a blur of green.

As he hit the ground he saw the eyes of Kitty, a deep red with an inner ring of pink, hardly noticeable unless you looked closely. Her face was a mere inch from his and without thinking he leaned up and kissed her. Danny cupped her face and deepened their kiss, feeling her lean into him. Seeing Star again just reminded him of what she and Ember had brought to his life.

They had made him feel complete again, something he had long ago given up on feeling again. Danny was still lost in their kiss when he heard Ember yelling Kitty's name. She suddenly pulled away. "Shit! Danny help me she's coming!" Kitty said in a soft voice.

"Danny, what's going on?" Star asked looking over the table. She had a slight blush on her cheeks. Had she seen them kiss and why had he kissed Kitty in such a public place. Kitty stood up and he got a good look at her unique way of dressing. Her first two buttons were undone, her tie hung loose around her neck. He didn't know how but her shirt ended just above her navel, while the sleeves were still able to reach her wrists. Her skirt was normal but with her bubble-butt, it seemed shorter than others. Danny stood up and looked at Star as he said. "Kitty this is Star, Star this is Kitty, my girlfriend." Star beamed at her and took her hand shaking it slightly. "I've heard so much about you." She said with a smile on her face.

"Nice to meet you too, now quickly come over here." Kitty said as she practically drew Star over the table. Just as Ember yelled Kitty's name again, a lot closer this time. "What did you do?" Danny asked trying to keep a straight face.

"I told her that… it doesn't matter just calm her down when she gets here." Kitty said. Star looked a bit confused. "I thought you were Ember?" She asked Kitty, who snorted and said. "No, Ember is his other girlfriend and she has a bit of a temper."

Star looked at Danny amazed. "I thought you were joking when you said you had two girlfriends." The amazement was clear in her voice. Danny chuckled as he rubbed his neck, a slight blush on his face. "Yeah, I was serious about that." Star didn't know what to make of that. Having two girls wasn't really normal but Danny was the furthest thing from normal. She didn't think that anything like that could actually work.

She looked at the girl who was clinging to Danny. She had flawless skin, beautiful eyes that radiated power and an amazing body. She didn't know who this Ember was but she had to have a very high opinion of herself to share someone with Kitty. As she studied Kitty she noticed a small smile pulling at her lips.

Star's cheeks reddened as she recalled the kiss she had seen. She was still thinking of the kiss when Danny's voice jarred her from her head. "You okay? You look a bit red in the face."

"I'm fine, really just a little hot." She said quickly turning to fan her face. She saw a girl coming around a corner that took her breath away. Beautiful in every way imaginable, her hair looked silky, as it was slightly blowing in a breeze. Her green eyes shore even from this distance. She looked at Danny again, amazed and a little baffled but not too surprised, after all he was a great guy.

She turned to look at her again and this time she didn't miss the subtle hints of anger. Her aura also had a power about it that made her a bit fearful. That fear made her take an instinctive step towards Danny and take hold of his arm.

Danny saw that Ember was a little bit ticked off, her hair was being pushed by a breeze that didn't exist. He wondered again what had Kitty said to push Ember like this. Ember locked her eyes on the trio and made a beeline towards them. As she got closer she seemed to notice that Star wasn't part of their usual group. Too late Danny realised that Star was holding on to his arm and knowing Ember's temper, that wasn't a good thing.

Ember seemed to forget about Kitty and focused on Star. Danny knew he had to move quickly before she did something she'd probably regret.

"Ember this is Star, she is an old friend from Amity. She is here with the football team from Midland. Star this is Ember, the most bad ass Rockstar you'll ever meet." Danny said to calm his hot-headed girlfriend.

"Oh, you're one of them." Ember looked around and looked a bit confused. "I thought you had to have your escort with you at all times?" She asked still looking around.

"Oh, she does. I am her escort." Danny said.

Next chapter the group ditches school and everyone meets Desiree! Also, we have more trouble between Dash and Danny!