Chapter 1

New School

Danny stood outside the school, staring open mouthed up at the towers. He blinked and shook his head, hoping that when he opened his eyes it would be gone. When he opened his eyes though the school still looked the same. He sighed, shoulders drooping and looked at the name from under his hair. Thinking back to the first time he saw the name.

"Monster High, seriously what kind of weird ass place names it's school Monster High?" Danny asked his parents. "And why are you sending me there?"

"Come on Danny, it's a nice school, has excellent reviews and best of all they say it's haunted." Maddie said.

"Exactly, which is why we are sending you there with all our new toys." Jack said dropping a pile of new Fenton gear on the table. Jack started rambling off all the equipment's names and what they are supposed to do.

"Wait back up. When did you decide to enrol me into that school?" Danny asked his mother.

"Just last week. We kind of stumbled onto the story of the haunted school and then we thought since you want to become a Ghost Hunter …"

"I don't." Danny said.

"It might be a good solo job for you." Maddie finished.

"You want me to do this on my own?" Danny asked not believing his ears.

"Don't worry my boy. We read all the news reports on the school. The ghost is probably very weak." Jack said slapping Danny on his back.

"Wait don't I get a say in this?" Danny asked again as his parents left the kitchen.

"We know that you're looking forward to it Danny." His Dad called from around the corner. "We are going to put the finishing touches on the portal." Jack finished.

"Hey, wait I want to help." Danny said leaving the paper on the kitchen table and headed to the basement.

Shaking his head to clear out the memory he touched his forearm where the scar still throbbed when he thought about it. He picked up his bags and headed past the school to the dorm he'd be staying in. A lot of other kids where already there standing in the courtyard. As he got closer his ghost sense went off.

"No come on not now." He said looking around for the ghost. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary he continued to the courtyard.

'Must have just passed by.' Danny thought coming to a stop at the table just inside the courtyard. Sitting at the table was a beautiful woman with red hair, matching her Red jacket. When she looked up at him he saw she had soft green eyes.

"Hi what's you name little man?" She asked.

"H hi um Daniel Fenton" He said rubbing the back of his neck nervously. She looked down at her clipboard flicking through a few pages and ran her pen down one.

"Ah yes here we are. You are in room 92 on the Six floor. Go and put your bags in the room on an open bed and the come down here again." She said smiling at him.

"Thank you." He said picking up his bags again and walking towards the dorm. As he made his way to the room he could hear a lot of other kids running through the halls and to his surprise he even saw some girls standing around talking to each other. Arriving on the sixth floor he turned left and headed down the hall. Looking at the first door he saw Room 101 walking further down the hall he came to Room 102.

Groaning he turned around and bumped into someone, all he saw was orange hair and sharp green eyes before she started to lean backwards dangerously.

Danny let go of his bag and grabbed her around her waist stopping her fall. They were inches away from each other. Her hand had grabbed the back of his shirt and the other one was on his chest. Her breathing bringing them closer and further apart as she stares into his eyes.

"Hi, um sorry for bumping into you." She said. 'oh god he has beautiful eyes', she thought.

"No, no it's all my fault I should have been looking where I was going." He said lifting her back to a stable position. "I'm Danny." He said taking his away from her and taking a step back.

"Kim." She said brushing her hair behind her ear, giving him a smile.

"Where are you from?" He asked.

"Middleton, about an hour from here, you?"

"Amity Park. A three-hour drive." He said.

"Weren't schools closer to you after the incident?"

"There was but my parents had other reasons for sending me here." He said a little annoyance breaking through.

"No one from your old school here?" She asked taking her arm and squeezing it against her.

"No, my friends got into a different school I'm all alone here." He said.

"Well now you know at least one person and some of my school friends came here so I can interduce you if you'd like?" She asked a bit nervously. Danny's face lit up and he smiled at her.

"That would be amazing, thank you. You have no idea how I've been dreading being the kid without any friends." He finished rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's no sitch." She said as a bell rang, making them both jump.

"All right student please make your way to the centre court. Induction is about to start." A deep voice announced over the intercom system.

"Ah shit I need to get my stuff in my room." Danny said.

"What's the number?" Kim asked.

"Room 92." He said. Kim's lip turned up in a little smile.

"The second last room on the left, down the hall." She said pointing behind her. Danny raced down the hall calling his thanks as he went. She stared after him hugging her arm close to her biting her lower lip softly.

"Hey KP." Ron called as he came to stand next to her.

"Hey Ron, all settled in?" She asked.

"Jip, come on after this well be allowed to go into town and see if they have a Bueno Nacho." With that Ron was leading them down the stairs.

There was a lot of kids making their way down, so it was easy for Kim to slow their pace. As they were making their third flight of stairs she hears Danny call her name.

Danny had put on a light brown leather vest that had old bronze buttons. It went well with his long white sleeved-shit, black jeans and Brown boots.

"Hey, Danny found the room okay?" She asked.

"Yeah thanks."

"No big Danny, oh this Is Ron Stoppable." She said waving at Ron who nodded at Danny. "Ron this is Danny …"

"Fenton." He finished for her taking Ron's hand. Ron's eyes went wide.

"Wait like Fenton, as in Fenton ghost catchers?" Ron asked way to fast. Danny's flinched at that but nodded.

"Oh, that's so cool, it must be so existing. Especially since they opened the Portal to the Ghost Zone." Kim saw the flinch and put it away to ask Danny about it later.

"Ron how do you know about this?" Kim asked since he never really paid attention to anything.

"I've been following the supernatural since I was ten Kim." Ron deadpanned. Kim rolled her eyes as Ron fired off questions at Danny. Danny answered them as best as he could. When he looked over to Kim, she apologised with her eyes and he smiled a little at her.

Ron split off when they got to the courtyard. Kim and Danny sat at the table in the back. The courtyard was filled with people talking and some even played music. In the centre of the courtyard near the wall stood the lady that had taken their names and a guy with short light brown hair, blue jeans and a jacket.

"Okay quiet." The guy said. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked to the front.

"Okay everyone, welcome to Monster high. This dorm is called Purgatory." There were a lot of murmurs and some laughs.

"Okay cupcakes that enough. Now listen up. It's your choice if this will be Purgatory or not. Make it easy for us and we'll make it easy for you." The guy said.

"My name is Dean, and this is Penelope. I oversee rules, sports and fitness while you are here. Penelope will handle personal problems and classes. You don't like something you come to her."

"Thank you, Dean." Penelope said and stepped forward. She looked over the crowd and Danny could have sworn that she smiled right at him.

"In your room you'll find a schedule for school tomorrow. By the end of tomorrow I want you're form filled in and returned to me. You'll be able to change rooms in a week." A lot of kids smiled at that and looked relieved.

"Okay cupcakes." Dean said as Penelope stepped back.

"Lights out is at Ten. I'll be doing the rounds, so I want everyone in their rooms. If I catch you," Dean said smiling. "We are going to start early with fitness."

With that they walked off to the main entrance. Danny and Kim sat at the table for a little bit Danny looking up at the stars. It only started to get dark a little while ago they could already see some.

"This place has some of the brightest stars I've ever seen." Danny said.

"Oh, you into stargazing?" Kim asked.

"Yeah I really want to be an Astronaut that or playing in a band." Danny said.

"What do you play?" She asked.

"Guitar." Danny said. "I really hope to find a band here or at least a music class."

"They have a killer music program here." Danny hear a girl say as she sat next to Kim. Kim looked at the girl that had taken the seat next to her.

She had a pale skin tone, vivid green eyes that almost seam to burn like fire. She had long light blue hair that was tide back in a ponytail.

"You into music?" Kim asked.

"Most defiantly." She said. "The name is Ember, Ember McLain." Ember shook Kim's hand and the looked over the table at Danny. She had to admit that from where she was sitting he was cute but when she looked at him from closer he was downright hot.

His midnight black hair and his blue eyes that looked like a mixture of the sky and the ocean was mesmerising. She couldn't be sure but if she had to guess she would say he had a decent body under his baggy shirt.

"Are you decent?" She asked him. Danny looked taken a back and looked down at himself. Both Ember and Kim had to hide the laugh behind their hands.

"Um yeah." Danny said looking up at them.

"No not like that, she means with the guitar." Kim said laughing a little.

"Oh." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Why don't you play for us and let us decide?" Ember asked chuckling a little.

"Sure, I'll be right back, just going to go grab my guitar." Danny said as he got up.

"Why don't we just go to your room?" Kim asked.

"No, it's a great day out so I kind of want to stay out as long as we are aloud." Danny said looking up at the stars again.

"Okay then. Hurry up then would you." Ember chipped in.

Danny shot up with a yes mam and headed to the stairs. Both girls burst out laughing at that and only stopped when Danny disappeared up the stairs.

As Danny made his way up the stairs taking some of them three at a time. He hadn't feel this excited about playing his guitar in a long time. If he was honest it wasn't playing the guitar that had gotten him excited. Thinking of Kim and Ember. They were like day and night.

Kim was tanned with orange hair whereas Ember had fair skin and blue hair. They both had green eyes but that was also so different. Kim had solid dark green. As for Ember's they were light green and seemed to dance like a flame.

He had made it to his room and threw open his door to grab his guitar. He rushed out into the hall and almost ran over another guy.

"Woah there, where's the fire." A guy asked. He had a pink cap on and one green and a pink earring in the top of his ear.

"Sorry I wasn't looking were I was going." Danny said rubbing his neck.

"Sweet guitar, you going to play some tunes outside?" Pink hat asked. He had a gentle voice that Danny found pleasing.

"Yeah it's such a nice night and I have some girls waiting for me." Danny said.

"Oh, how did you swing that?" He asked lifting his hat a bit. He still wasn't sure about that. He chuckled and shook his head.

"No idea, guess I had some good luck."

"Mind if I come along?" Hat asked

"Sure, my name is Danny."

"Timmy, nice to meet you Danny." Danny took his hand.