Great, I never thought I'd actually write this. This is the sequel to An Emotional School Year, everyone! I have many qualms in writing this but I figured to just go for it. I know I said I'm done with this fandom, but I decided to give it my last shot. After all, I love Inside Out and I still really appreciate the support I get from those who love my works. It's one of those little things that keep me going.

At some point, there may or may not be suggestive themes so for now I'm keeping it Rated T. Let me know what you think in the end!


Joy - 27

Felix - 27

Sadie - 25

Angus - 28

Desiree - 27

It was a brand new day. The city skyline was crystal clear, allowing rays of summer to shine beneath the stratosphere. A new village was born, ruled over by a humble mayor. And in that village, new families subsided. Empty playgrounds were now filled with frolicking children. Buildings were leased as local shops and restaurants for those who need a break from the busy streets. More and more people occupied vacant homes by the day. Of these families include the mayor's friends whom he had known since his temporary days as a janitor.

The mayor headed straight over to a two-storey house covered in shades of yellow. Knocking on the door, he expected that same sweet face full of excitement to meet the other end.

And there she is.

"Hi, Mr. Mayor!" greeted the girl.

"No need for the formalities, Joy. Mayor Bing Bong is enough," the mayor chuckled.

"I know," Joy laughed. "And come to think of it, I never knew your surname well enough. I am so sorry!"

"Ah, don't worry about that! And look how much you've grown. You look just like your mother!"

"Oh stop," Joy laughed again. "So what's up?"

"Your parents have finally finished the statue of me in the park! Wanna go take a look? Your boyfriend's there." He winked at her.

Joy gasped. She stayed at home so she can finish the interior decorations. "Would I ever! I just finished modeling the house so lead the way."

"Great, then let's go!"

Joy locked the door behind her and follows Bing Bong to the park. "You know I only gasped because of the statue right?"

"Yeah, and your boyfriend being there."

Joy blushed and lightly shoved her friend playfully. "Oh shush! I see him everyday."

Everyone from the village gathered around the park, adoring the statue of their mayor. Joy's and Desiree's mother, Jolie and Diana hosted special activities such as face painting, ring tossing and other games. Sadie looked over at her mother and Angus' mother, Sam and Angie, cooking and serving free hotdogs to anyone in the queue. Angus watched his dad, Andy, and Joy's dad, Jay, proudly as they had just finished building the statue along with a few other workers. Desiree and her father, Desiderio exchanged knowing looks of pride at how well everyone's doing. And Felix couldn't be prouder while standing next to his father, Freddie, as he sat on a wheelchair with Desiderio to keep his spirits up.

Joy and Bing Bong made it in time for the event.

"Glad you all could make it, guys!" the mayor exclaimed. Some of the children, who befriended the mayor, ran over to meet him alongside their parents.

"Hey, everyone! Sorry we're late," Joy greeted. "Wow, that statue looks amazing! I'm so glad they had it built in the middle of town."

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Felix stepped in. Joy giggled at his presence and threw her arms around his neck. The Nerveling rolled his eyes in amusement. He was used to it now. "What kept me waiting?" he teased.

"Oh, just made some final touches to the new home my family and I now live in." Before they could share a kiss, they were interrupted by Desiree, Angus and Sadie.

"Keep it G-Rated, lovebirds. We're in a park," Angus joked. The couple giggled and parted ways hesitantly.

"Joy, finally! Sadie has been dying to try face painting with you. Where have you been?" Desiree nagged.

"Wait, Sadie, you never had your face painted before?!" Joy asked dumbfounded.

Sadie shook her head. "I may be twenty-five but I still cry like a ten year old. What's it like to have your face painted?"

"Seriously? It's fun! You could've tried giving her a few face-painting tips, Felix," Joy sighed exasperatedly.

Felix shrugged. "I would if I knew what that was like."

Joy gasped horridly and turned to the Brickman. "Angus!?"

"Oh, no! Don't even think about it. Last time she painted my face, I looked like a manly fairy godmother," Angus warned while jerking his thumb at Desiree. The Greene simply burst out laughing at the statement.

"Hey, at least you looked manly," Desiree commented in amusement. Angus blushed in defeat.

"Joy, honey, over here!" Jolie called.

"YOU TWO are coming with me." Joy gave a look to Felix and Sadie and dragged them away with her, leaving Angus and Desiree alone.

"I think you should follow them," Freddie suggested between coughs.

"Yeah. They could use some tips," Desiderio added with a wink.

"Sure, dad." Desiree rolled her eyes. "By the way, you did great with the decorations and music."

"I was trained by the best." He glanced over at Diana and waved as she did the same.

"Come on, Des. I want to see what you can turn Felix into," Angus muttered impatiently while trying to drag her with him.

"Alright, alright, keep your pants on, Angerella," she joked.

"Quiet!" he hissed back. "But first, hotdogs. Outta my way, ya little runts!"

Desiree palmed her face. "Ugh..."

"I can't believe you haven't tried face painting before. What else have you two been missing out on?" Joy asked while caressing a paint-stained finger on Felix's face.

"Face painting, diving, travelling on a yacht; need I say more?"

"You need to experience the thrill of life. For example." She had just finished her face painting and separated their gazes with a mirror. Joy had painted a purple cat-like mask on his face with hints of white and black around the edges of its whiskers and ears. Felix let out a brief shriek of terror before examining his reflection. Joy laughed at his priceless reaction.

"Well, what do you think? Painting a kitty mask on your face really suits your name."

"It's... actually not bad! Have you been doing this for the kids at school?" Felix smirked while tilting his head to look at himself more.

"Only once a month. Some of my former co-workers lent me a hand."

Felix smiled sadly. "Wish I could've been there."

Joy shook her head and kissed his nose. "That was then, this is now." The Nerveling blushed at the sudden gesture but relaxed instantly. Then he turned to his sister., who was having her face painted by Diana. "Hey, Sadie, how do I look?"

Sadie glanced at him and smirked. "Looking good, Felicia."

"Hrrmph!" Felix growled. Joy couldn't stop laughing.

"I see you three are enjoying your face painting session!" Bing Bong said. "Oh, Jolie, when you're done, can I have a turn?"

Jolie snorted. "Of course!"

"And... done!" Diana finished. "Voila!"

Sadie turned to face the couple. Both side of her face had symmetrical swirls that were up to her nose level. There were shades of blue painted across these curvy lines with varying raindrop designs decorated to match the gradient.

"Wow, you look so cute, Sadie!" Joy squealed.

"I'll say," Felix added.

"Hey guys, sorry we're - whoa you guys look great!" Desiree complimented.

"Thanks... I guess," Sadie said.

"Hey, how come Felix gets to look fierce?!" Angus groaned while eating a hotdog.

"Where have you been?" Felix asked while ignoring his comment.

"Angerella kept complaining about the kid in line taking too long to make his order, so Angie had a little argument with him," Desiree answered.

"I was hungry! You can't control an empty stomach," Angus retorted and handed an extra piece. "Hotdog anyone?"

"I get dibs," Sadie answered and took the wiener in her hands.

"I can't believe we're here now. I can only look back at everything we've been through to live the life we have now," Joy sighed with contentment. "We have a new home, a new mayor, our families have reunited, and we have each other! I don't think it can get any more perfect than that."

"Great, now all I'm missing is a boyfriend," Sadie intervened.

"Said boyfriend will have to go through my judgement," Felix quickly added.

"Don't listen to him, Sadie. If you find someone out there who really loves you," Desiree spoke. Angus rolled his eyes at the cliche discussion. "Give me a break..."

"And who doesn't make you cry, then you should go for it. But if he does make you cry, I'll have Angus arrest him for it," Desiree promised.

"I'll give him better than that," Felix growled threateningly. Angus and Joy looked at each other with slight shock.

"Thanks... unfortunately he doesn't exist," Sadie said hopelessly.

"He will... hopefully someone similar at least," Joy said.

"Oh, Joy!" Jolie called.

"Yeah, mom?"

"Mayor Bing Bong has invited us to a night out. Do you guys want to come?" Jolie asked.

"I'm so down! What about you guys?"

"Nah, Angus and I are going out to dinner tonight. We already have a table reserved." Desiree answered. Angus nodded in agreement.

"I gotta take care of my dad... Sorry," Felix answered.

"I'm too tired," Sadie finished.


"That's okay! If you like, Joy, you can sleep over at Felix's place," Jolie suggested. "We know you won't be as happy to come without your friends."

"You sure you won't mind...?" Joy asked sadly.

"Of course not! We'll have plenty of time to catch up tomorrow. Until then, stay with Freddie, Felix and Sadie for the night. They could use a little more you." Jolie winked and returned to playing around with the kids.

"Uh, did she just say you're staying with us?" Felix stepped in.

"Yes! I can't wait," Joy squealed.

"Well, we do like it when you come over. Right, Felix?" Sadie teased while nudging her brother's shoulder, who rolled his eyes.

"Can she come over, dad?" he asked. Desiderio pushed the wheelchair next to the young Nerveling.

"Of course," Freddie approved.

Felix shrugged and smiled at the Starlight. "Then I guess it's settled!" Joy jumped with glee.


Well I guess that's Chapter 1 over and done with! More to come soon if it's worthy of continuing. I can' write much for now so this is all I can do in one chapter. I reckon it went alright.