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Warning: Implied intimacy


New Year's Resolutions

"There is no way I'm going soft next year!" Angus snapped. The man hated New Year. It's just the calendar repeating itself! And what's the point of making a New Year's resolution if nobody does them in the first place?

"Well, can't you at least be nicer to people!?" Desiree argued.

"Niceness is a gift – it can't be given to just anyone you know!" Goodness, he's stubborn!

"Okay, let me rephrase. How about you be a little bit nicer to our friends? Last year, the way you behaved was like a man having their period!"

"What the hell, Des!"

"See? My point exactly. Last month, you ruined Joy's day because your day got ruined. Last week, you threw a chair at Felix during your anger management session. And yesterday, you avoided Sadie all day when she tried to chat with you after a certain somebody indirectly called her fat!" Desiree recalled.

"Alright, fine! I'll try to be.. ugh, nice. But I'm not doing it for free," Angus grumbled.

"Um, you're talking to one of the richest people in the neighbourhood. And furthermore, I'm your wife so I can make you do it without owing you a cent," Desiree retorted confidently.

Angus blushed and shook his head. "That's not what I meant! What I mean is, I'll start being nicer to people, if you stop caring about your weight."

"Please don't bring that up."

"You made me do it. Even after we figured things out, you still complain about your body and it makes me sick! Because none of it is true and you shouldn't worry your pretty little mind on crappy stuff like that," Angus yelled.

Desiree was touched. Any man could tell a girl how they felt about their insecurity complaints, but no one says it better than him.


Valentine's Day Date

Everyday felt like Valentine's Day for Joy and Felix… except during Valentine's Day. Or so they thought.

It was a long day at work for Felix once again. The entire neighbourhood was mute and the only sources of light came from the sidewalks on every street. He had recently checked his phone for messages after work, and found one in particular from Joy, hinting him about some sort of surprise. Unfortunately, that was four hours ago.

As he entered the house they cohabit in, he hung his trench coat with the faint scent of burnt out candles nearby. He inspected the kitchen, noticing a melted candle on their table, and a baking pan wrapped in tin foil. Knowing how late it was, he stored the dish in the refrigerator and searched for his lover, who was asleep on their bed wearing a dress suitable for their supposed date night. There were burnt out candles on the night stand too. Felix didn't know what he gulped so deeply for: whether it's Joy falling asleep and leaving the candles to potentially burn down the house before itself, or all the intimate moments he could've shared with his wife should he had gotten home early.

He quietly shut the door behind him then proceeded to remove his uniform to get ready for bed. Along the way, he pondered whether to wake Joy up so she could change or simply drape the covers over her if she were that tired. Before he could make up his mind, he heard a shift and moan on the bed.

"You're pretty late… what time is it?" Joy yawned. There were hints of disappointment in her voice, yet she understood why.

"Ten? Look, Joy, I'm very sorry about today. Most of my patients were beneath rock bottom and I couldn't just dismiss them. Not that I blame them, but my schedule got broken due to all the stress. And I can see the effort you made to surprise me today. S-so if there's any way I can make it up to you," Felix stammered. Joy jumped off the bed and sealed his worries in a kiss.

"Felix, relax! You don't have to do anything. I understand how busy you were," she said sweetly.

"I know you understand but that doesn't mean you're happy!"

Joy silenced him again and rested her head on his chest. "Hush and shush, Cuddlemuffin. I'm just glad you came home safely."

"And I'm just glad you didn't set the house on fire with those candles," Felix chuckled. Joy giggled within his arms and relaxed at the sound of his racing heartbeat. "You know, there are still two hours left before Valentine's Day ends. Want to make the best of it?"

Joy lifted her head and grinned. "Please, with you, everyday feels like Valentine's Day."

Felix blushed at this and smiled back. "And you call me a sap."

After the couple continued to banter, Joy escaped the hug and handed Felix something soft. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Felix's eyes widened at the gift presented before him. "It's a cushion," he commented quite frankly. It was what it is. And in the center, it had the word 'Joy' written on it.

"Yup, a heart-shaped cushion! So if I'm not around and you're in desperate need of a hug, use it and pretend it's me."

"Please don't say that 'if' statement. It might kill me." Clearly, he could never get over his father's death, and Joy knew that.

"I'm sorry… if it helps, I worry deeply about your absence as well."

"Thanks. I'll treasure this." The two shared a chaste kiss as Felix rested the cushion on an armchair. "My gift to you is a reservation to this restaurant tomorrow night. Are you in?"

Joy took the card from his hands and gasped. "But, this is expensive! Are you sure you're okay with this?"

Felix shrugged. "I saved enough money for that. And we both talked about wanting to try eating there at some point, so why not?"

Joy clutched her chest in awe. "Felix, I said that half a year ago… you remembered." The couple shared a kiss. Then two; then three, with the third making Felix's knees grow weak as Joy eagerly took over.

"You do know wearing a party dress makes you uncomfortable right?" Felix spoke with observation, not to mention, it would ruin the beauty that complements her if she slept in the thing. Joy smirked and absentmindedly worked her way through the buttons of his shirt... not that minds. After the last three attempts, his confidence seemed to have grown way more than he expected.

"What're you gonna do about it?" Joy teased playfully.

"I'll make up for it." And with that, the couple had the rest of the night all to themselves. The day after, all they had were six hours to spend at home together before going out to dinner.

April Fool's Day Announcements

"Felix, I'm pregnant," Sadie admitted with authentic excitement. It was at that moment where Felix's mind exploded with rage and confusion.

"Sadie," he spoke calmly before bursting into a fit of anger, "WHEN THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN!?"

"Yesterday," Sadie answered. Not a pint of remorse was hinted in her voice. "Jon and I did it and we're going to get married tomorrow."

"Jon!? You mean that guy from your favorite band whom you specifically stated he was 'just your friend', that Jon!?"

"I know, isn't it great?" Sadie squealed.

"Are you kidding me!? Why would you give yourself away like that!? The boy's younger than you! And there is no way I'm letting a famous singer commit his life to my younger sister. What if he becomes a drug addict and abuses you? What if he is secretly an alcoholic and drags you out to a nightclub? What if he sold you to-"

"You're overreacting, Felix…" Sadie mumbled.

"I'm not overreacting; I'M PANICKING!" Felix snapped. "Give me your phone."


"JUST GIVE ME THE DANG PHONE, SADIE!" he screamed this time. Unperturbed, Sadie tossed her phone at him. Furious, Felix tapped Jonathan's contact number and awaited a call.

Hey dude! Jonathan Jones' epic automated voice speaking. Sorry to say, I'm away for the time being. But if you would like to send me a message, simply answer the door and I'm all ears!

Before Felix could provoke the younger man, he paused to recall the message once more.

"What did he say?" Sadie asked.

"Well… he's not answering, but what kind of voicemail tells me to answer the door?! This guy's nuts."

"Maybe you should answer the door."

"Maybe YOU should trust this guy less," Felix retorted.

"Just do it. You're getting annoying."

"Don't give me that talk! You are getting an abortion as soon as I get rid of him." Felix snared at her and proceeded to the front door with caution. He took an umbrella with him in case he got showered with something awful. He opened the door and jumped with surprise.

"APRIL FOOLS!" cried out Jonathan.

"You!?" Felix shrieked.

"How are you, Felix? You seem well!" Jonathan greeted with a devious grin.

"Oh, I'm better than well. I'm just peachy- WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!"

"Come on, Felix, did you honestly think I would admit something overwhelming like that so calmly?" Sadie stepped in, laughing.

"S-so, all this time, you were…"

"Yeah! Chill dude. Your sister and I are close but there's no way I would do something like that to her, especially not without your approval."

"Oh! Good… I felt like passing out when Sadie first told me. Good April Fools prank but please… please don't do that again. I need to lie down." Felix slouched and lazily headed to his room.

"I think we took it too far," Sadie whined.

"Nah, he just needs a drink! Let's whip something up for him. For serious this time, aye?" Jonathan suggested with encouragement. Sadie's face lit up with a smile and nodded in agreement.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Holy Week always ends with Easter, and so it did. After a their visit to the church, the gang went to Mayor Bing Bong's Easter Egg hunt. Sure it was targeted for kids, but even teens and adults are permitted to join!

While Desiree chose to stay out of the fun, everyone else went on their search. Joy and Felix were able to find more eggs than Sadie and Angus. Angus only managed to find a couple, while Sadie found none.

"This is too hard," Sadie whined.

"No, it's frustrating!" Angus snapped. "I'm always supposed to be the one who gets the most eggs! I must be getting old…"

"Easy for you to say," Sadie mumbled. "This is my first Easter Egg hunt after all."

"Wait, it is?" Angus asked.

"Yeah. You and Desiree always held this Easter Egg hunt thing when we were kids and you never invited Felix and I so… I never tried this before."

Angus gulped. He remembered their Freshman year when Desiree upheld the first ever Easter Egg hunt and he would bully Sadie and Felix by telling them they're forbidden to come to the party. "Oh… but, but what about your parents? They could've made their own Easter Egg hunt for you and Felix."

"They never considered it. We always go to church and dad didn't want to fuss over hiding chocolate eggs in unhealthy places," Sadie recalled.

"Ah, Desiree's mom could feel you there. Even she was opposed to hiding eggs in 'contaminated spaces'."

"I think I'll just go hang out with Desiree. I'll ask Felix for some eggs later," Sadie said sadly. Before she could leave, Angus grabbed her wrist.

"Oh no you don't, kid, you're hunting," Angus said sternly.

"Why? I can't find any. The kids probably beat me to it," Sadie said defeatedly.

"If they beat you to it then they shouldn't be here anymore! We still have time to find enough chocolate eggs before they do. We're hunting together. What do you say?" Angus asked.

"Since when did you start thinking like a kid?" Sadie chuckled.

"You know when. Plus, this is my… apology… for trying to keep you and Felix out of our Easter Egg hunts. There's still so much we owe you for after high school."

Sadie smiled warmly and nodded. "Let's do it!"

"That's the spirit!"

After at least half an hour of searching they finally managed to find a dozen chocolate eggs before returning to Bing Bong.

"Wow that's quite a big batch you guys caught there!" Bing Bong exclaimed.

"I couldn't have done it without her help," Angus chuckled, making Sadie blush shyly. "Let's go flaunt these in Joy and Felix's faces," he suggested towards her.

"I thought you'd never ask." And the two went off to share their bragging rights to the married couple.

Mother's Day & Father's Day Visits

On each of these days, Felix, Sadie and Sam would visit the cemetery to send their prayers to their long deceased loved ones. Sadie would still weep on her father's grave, gently laying a bouquet of blue roses on the tombstone. Sam would kneel beside her and wrap her arms around her daughter. Even Felix honoured Salome like a father he never had, for Sadie's family will always be his own.

It was more difficult for the Nerveling since he had to cope with the loss of his parents. He always wondered what life would be like if his mother was still alive, or how his father would feel becoming a grandfather. All these merciless thoughts clouded his mind whenever he came to visit. Yet, at the same time, every time he visited, he always felt as if he was being watched… and comforted by some force; feeling the gushes of wind responding to the softness in his voice.

He feared a life without them. And before he could accept the fact that he came true, he realized he will never be alone.

Meanwhile, the siblings treated Sam to a cozy restaurant in a serene countryside and spent the night in a simple motel. It wasn't the best, but it was acceptable. Sadie held her mother tight, forever unable to bear the thought of living without her.

Thanksgiving Memories

All the families gathered around that very evening. Prayers were shared, everyone was wearing semi-formal clothing, and various dishes filled the dinner table. There was nothing like roast turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed fish, vegetables and assorted drinks to brighten the mood and fill the stomach.

Everyone was having a good time. Angus and Andy faced off in another eating competition, leaving Angie to shake her head throughout the night; The Starlight family brought some humor to the table, sharing awful puns and making jokes about turkey; The Greene family served a side order of sophistication, flaunting their manners better than the rest of the families. Sadie and Sam shared melancholic memories with the group, talking about the moments their family spent together even before Salome and Fiona passed away.

And Felix? He simply watched in awe from the end of the table. He never felt lonely knowing his parents are dining with them; nowhere to be seen but always felt within the heart. It was his second Thanksgiving dinner without his parents. If only he had realized that during the first, he was never alone.

Halloween High School Reunion

Felix hated Halloween. He knew of its origins, its stories, and worst of all: the costumes. Some of them looked mediocre, others looked petrifying. The thought of chewing candy gives him goosebumps so what's the point? Furthermore, tonight was their high school reunion, and the theme of the night was to wear a costume.

"Come out, Felix, I got you this vampire costume. Can you at least try it?" Joy pleaded from outside the closet.

"Nice try, Joy, but vampire costumes are too cliché for a pale scaredy cat like me," she heard Felix murmur from the closet.

"If you don't come out then you won't get to see me in this snazzy witch costume. And this witch needs a vampire, if you know what I mean."

"I can't see the historical accuracy in those words, Joy."

"Don't be such a nerd, Pumpkin, just try it on! Pretty please."

"I'm not falling for your sweet talk, Joy!"

Joy pouted. "Fine! I guess you'd rather date the monster in the closet over your wife. I get it."

"Monster, what monster!?"

"The monster haunting our closet every Halloween. Duh, everyone knows this!"

"NOT ME!" Felix leaped out of the closet and hugged Joy's waist as he fell on his knees.

"Yay, it worked!" Joy squealed.

"I hate you sometimes…"

"Now go try it on! Or would you rather wear a pumpkin costume instead?"

"Fine, give me that!" Felix took the costume and stomped towards the bathroom, before being greeted by a woman with black hair over her pale, bloody face.


"GYAH! I'M NOT GONNA DATE YOU MONSTER-FROM-THE-CLOSET!" Felix shrieked in the manliest voice possible.

"Relax, it's me, doofus," Sadie deadpanned.


"No I'm not. This is just makeup."

"Oh… oh thank goodness. Oh I almost fainted for a second there. NOW GET OUT!"

"Sure, sure, Vladimir."

"Did he buy the 'monster in the closet' bit?" Angus stepped in, dressed as a Frankenstein.

"You bet!" Joy answered.

"Yes, called it!"

"Well he needs to hurry up because my makeup is starting to wear off," Desiree nagged, who was wearing a fairy costume.

"You know you could've dressed up like Frankenstein's wife," Angus pointed out.

"Uh, hello? Do you know how many pores can appear after using white foundation on every inch of your face? Yeah, not gonna happen. Plus I'm not going to waste all my efforts on seasons such as this. It's not really my type," Desiree scoffed.

"Alright, I'm dressed. Can we get this over with so I can cry myself to sleep?" Felix complained.

"Sorry, bro, but that's my job," Sadie murmured.

"Okay, but we're gonna be out all night so brace yourself!" Angus exclaimed.

"All night…? I'll never make it," Felix groaned.

"Relax, your witch is here to protect you… bleh, bleh, bleh," Joy giggled.

"Witches don't say 'bleh, bleh, bleh'," Felix retorted.

"You just did, Spoopy," she poked his nose playfully.

"Hold it! Felix, hold still," Desiree yelped.

"Why!? Is there a spider on my back?"

"Ew, no! I'm going to add some makeup to your scare factor of course." Desiree grabbed her emergency makeup back and began to add some finishing touches on Felix's face.

"I never wore makeup before," he muttered nervously.

"That's fine. Let this be your first. And… done! Voila!" Desiree handed him a mirror, to which he jumped after catching sight of his reflection.

"Hey… I look pretty good. Thanks Desiree!" Felix commented.

"So, are you feeling the Halloween spirit?" Joy said before making a series of ghostly sounds.

"Not for a long time, Joy. Not for a long time."

Christmas Kringle

Christmas Day has arrived and it was time to open the presents… with a twist! While the parents relaxed in the lounge room, the five gathered around in a circle with their friend, Bing Bong as the host of their now annual Kris Kringle. It sounds childish, yet everyone agreed to it.

"I'm glad you're all getting into the Christmas spirit, everyone! Now, I have the ballots in. As I take out the name of a Secret Santa, that Santa must surprise their receiver with a gift from their wishlist!" Bing announced

"This is gonna be good," Joy squealed.

"And our first Secret Santa will be: Angus!"

"Oh, crud."

"So, who did you get?" Bing asked.

The man groaned and took his gift as he rose to his feet. He inched closer and closer until he was in front of Felix. "Here. This is yours I believe."

"You're my Secret Santa?" Felix asked, shocked.

"Don't rub it in and just take it, you ninny! Merry Christmas," Angus answered. Felix smiled and took the box.

"Thanks bro!"

"That was anticlimactic," Desiree deadpanned.

"Really? Because I thought that was adorable!" Joy swooned.

"I guess you're right," agreed Sadie

"I have to agree with Joy there! Thanks for your generosity, Angus," Bing thanked.


"Moving on! Our next Secret Santa revealed is…" Bing Bong dug into the box and took out another piece of paper. "Joy!"

"Yay!" Joy squealed. She took her rather large present and walked over to Sadie's direction. "This is for you, Sadie!"

Sadie's eyes widened. "It's… big."

"I know! And you're going to love it, I promise. Merry Christmas, Sadie!" Joy replied sweetly. The two shared a brief cuddle before returning to their places. Sadie wiped a tear from her eye and thanked the Starlight genuinely.

"Now that's cute," Desiree chuckled with her arms crossed. Felix nodded in agreement.

"I couldn't agree more!" Bing then reached for the box once again. "Desiree's next!"

"Huh." Instead of standing up, she turned to the side to face Angus.

"Merry Christmas, Brickhead." She grabbed her husband by the collar of his shirt and kissed him passionately before shoving the gift onto his chest. "Here, take it and be grateful!"

"Uh… thanks, Des," Angus answered, feeling slightly dazed from the sudden kiss.

"Whoa, did it just get hot in here or is it just me?" Joy laughed.

"Nope, it's just you," Felix said flirtatiously.

"Can we continue this before I become a ghost?" Sadie complained.

"With pleasure, Sadie!" Bing took out another name. "And speak of the Secret Santa, you're up next, Sadie!"

"Woohoo," Sadie deadpanned. The Teardrop took her small present and scooted over to Desiree. "Merry Christmas, Desiree."

"Aw, Sadie… is this for real?" Desiree sighed.

Sadie cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "I'm pretty sure it is."

"Thank you so much!" Desiree grabbed Sadie and pulled her into a hug, leaving everyone to say 'aw'.

"Oh I'm sorry, Angus, but did you just say 'Aw'?" Felix teased before getting punched harshly on the shoulder.


"And while I'm liking this so far, I'm afraid we'll have to close it early. Felix, show the last person your gift!"

"Pfft, they always save the best for last," Angus huffed.

"Tell me about it," Sadie giggled.

"Merry Christmas, Joy," Felix greeted with a box in his palm. It was a simple greeting no less. Before Joy could thank him, he hushed her in a kiss, albeit much more chaste than Desiree's kiss to Angus earlier.

"Aw, thank you!"

"You two always bring tears to my eyes… Now, open your—"

"Wait, Bing!" Joy interjected.

"What's wrong?" Bing Bong asked, feeling slightly worried.

"Nobody gets to leave my house without a gift… so, we all got you one too!" As Joy said this, everyone brought out their wrapped presents and handed them to the mayor.

"Wait… all this… is for me?"

"Duh, who else?" Desiree chuckled.

"I… I don't know what to say."

"Good," Angus said flatly.

"I LOVE YOU GUYS!" Without warning, Bing Bong grabbed all five of them into a crushing hug. "Merry Christmas, you all!"

"Merry Christmas to you too!" Joy said despite feeling strangled.

"Can't… breathe!" Felix choked.

"Please put us down…" Sadie deadpanned.

"Oh, sorry… hehe." The mayor let them down gently. "Now, it's present opening time!"

Angus was the first to open his present, revealing a brand new jacket from his favorite brand. "No way, these jackets cost a fortune! You're the best, Desiree!"

"I know, that's why I bought it," Desiree huffed while flipping her hair.

Felix opened his gift next, revealing a snazzy new pair of shoes he thought went out of stock. "Angus, where did you get this!?"

"Do you want me to shoot myself?"

Felix grew with worry. "What!? No-"

"Then I'm not telling you!"

"Oh… well, I love it! These are just what I needed. Thank you!"

"Whatever, just don't hug me, bub!"

Sadie was the next to open her present. Before doing so, she felt the softness of the gift and immediately guessed what was inside. After unwrapping it, she realized it was a stuffed T-Rex. "I didn't know giant stuffed dinosaurs were possible to buy! This is one of the best gifts I ever received," she swooned. Her voice sounded dull but it was no doubt she was happy.

"I'm so glad you like it, Sadie!" Joy giggled.

"Like it? I love it!" Sadie rested the dinosaur next to her and threw her arms around Joy.

Desiree unwrapped her gift with ease and inside the bag was a pair of emerald earrings and a friendship necklace. Sadie frowned with disappointment.

"I'm sorry if it's not fancy enough."

"Are you kidding? I love it! The details are so intricate and the color goes perfect with my hair. Thanks, Sadie!" Desiree squealed as she hugged the smaller woman.

"Oh, I can't wait to open my present!" Joy screamed excitedly. She opened the small box, which revealed a bracelet with a star-shaped charm decorated with fifteen-carat gold beads. Felix noticed this and scooted next to her.

"It's a charm bracelet! Do you like it?"

"First you make me a necklace… now you give me a bracelet?" Joy squeaked. "What did I do to deserve you?" Tears pooled out of her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I should be the one asking that question," Felix chuckled. "May I?"

"Please." Obliged, Felix took the bracelet and locked it in place around Joy's wrist.

"Merry Christmas, Joy," he said sweetly. The two shared a few kisses before turning their direction to the mayor.

"Ties? Candy? A new coat? A stuffed elephant? A top hat? You guys got all this stuff for me? I'm sorry for asking the same silly question. I'm just so shocked!" Bing exclaimed.

"They're all yours," Felix laughed.

"Thanks for being a great friend," Sadie mumbled.

"And a great mayor," Desiree added.

"Not to mention a great janitor," Angus continued.

"Merry Christmas, Bing Bong!" Joy finished.

"I couldn't be happier to have met all of you. You helped me make all my dreams come true!" Bing Bong grabbed everyone into another crushing hug once more.

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