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The day finally came almost two weeks later that Steve was released from the hospital. Mike took both his kids to his house, where Steve was staying reluctantly until he was better. Jeannie was grateful to Mike that he'd talked her college into allowing her to stay in San Francisco until Steve was medically released. She knew she would have to work hard to get all her work done but she knew Steve was worth it. Mike and Jeannie kept as close a watch on Steve as they felt comfortable with. They could tell when Steve was being pushed just a bit too far with being watched. Steve was about to go stir crazy when he'd been out of the hospital almost two weeks. Mike took both of the kids out one night to eat and to a movie and a walk through a nearby park as he could tell Steve was ready to explode from being kept penned up.

"Steve, Jeannie, you think you could handle a visitor tomorrow at our house?" Mike inquired casually.

"Of course, Mike. Who's coming?" Jeannie asked as she stopped and looked at Mike.

"Pilar Bishop. I spoke to her earlier when Steve was still in the hospital and she said if it was alright with you Jeannie she'd come by to see how Steve and you and I were doing," Mike informed them.

Steve wasn't sure if he could handle seeing her again but kept his mouth shut waiting for what Jeannie had to say. He could tell Mike wanted to hear Jeannie's words too.

"Mike, you've already arranged it haven't you?" Jeannie asked in a quiet voice.

"Not completely, no, sweetheart. I just promised I would run it by you kids and if you agreed I'd let her know," Mike explained as they continued to walk.

Later when they were back home and Jeannie had time to think things over she went to Steve and talked to him. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of his undercover lover and his eternal love being in the same room. He abided by Jeannie's wishes and she informed Mike what her decision was. The next day Pilar and her husband arrived at Mike Stone's house. Steve was surprised to see that Pilar's husband had joined her for this visit. After all the introductions were made Pilar's husband made an excuse for him and Mike and Jeannie to get out of the house. He fully trusted his wife and Steve as well. Pilar had told him everything about their time undercover. They drove to Mama's to pick up lunch for the five of them and left Steve to talk with Pilar. They sat on the patio talking with each other. By the time the others returned Steve was feeling much more comfortable and a lot less guilty about his time undercover. He was happy that Pilar and her husband were in such a strong marriage and knew that's what he wanted for him and Jeannie as well. Talking with Pilar totally alone had actually helped Steve more than he thought it would. As they all ate together Jeannie could tell Steve was much more relaxed. She finally thought perhaps the talk alone with Pilar was a good thing. Later that afternoon after they had all visited with each other Pilar asked Jeannie if she would go with her to go get some ice cream. Steve gave Jeannie a look like he wasn't sure she should be left alone with Pilar herself. Jeannie was very protective of what and who were hers and Steve knew she sometimes became very vocal. Mike and Pilar's husband got Steve to play Monopoly with them while Pilar and Jeannie were gone.

"I just wanted a few minutes alone with you Jeannie to reassure you that Steve and I only kissed, basically to not blow our cover. I know Steve has been concerned about the effect that time would have on you and him. My husband knows everything that happened and is understanding about it. He knows when I worked undercover sometimes things might be a bit more necessary than others. I am as much in love with my husband as you are with Steve and I promise you that you have nothing to worry about. Steve is devoted to you completely," Pilar stated positively.

"I just was afraid that the freedom might have well made him have regrets about being tied down to me. I mean especially with me being out of state at school. I guess too now I see you I worry he'd wonder why he's with me when he could have so many," Jeannie admitted and felt a huge sense of relief. "I admit I'm very possessive of Steve. I've loved him since I first met him or at least had feelings for him since then."

"You're a very beautiful woman and yes he might could have others. I will tell you he doesn't want others though. Trust him, Jeannie. He's full of remorse about what took place with me and him while he was undercover. He is so head over heels in love with you it's not even funny. Nobody could ever take your place. His heart and soul not to mention his mind and body are completely yours. I can assure you that nothing but talking went on between Steve and I while you, my husband and Mike were gone for our lunch," Pilar reassured Jeannie with a sincere smile and found it returned.

When they got back to the house with the ice cream, Mike had a peach cobbler just about cooked. They all spent the rest of the evening together. Jeannie even found herself inviting Pilar and her husband to stay the night instead of getting a motel room. She and Steve could sleep in the spare room and they could take her room. They told her they would accept the invitation, but they'd take the spare room so as not to cut her off from her things she might need. Mike adjusted Jeannie's words and said Steve would bunk in his room while Mike took the couch. All stayed up quite late that night visiting. As Jeannie watched Pilar and her husband, there was no mistake that they were deeply in love. Finally, she felt more relaxed.

The next day, when they drove Pilar and her husband to the airport, Jeannie knew that Pilar had turned out to be a friend that could be counted on. During the next month, Jeannie took care of Steve, but let him have some space as well. The talk with Pilar had shown her Steve didn't need to be smothered, because he wasn't looking for any other woman. When Steve was finally released by the doctors, he returned to work. He gave what information he had obtained while undercover to Captain Castillo and to Gerry O'Brien. Mike was with him to make sure they both knew never again would Steve risk his life going undercover.

The next afternoon Mike and Steve took Jeannie to the airport for her return to Arizona. All were saddened at their parting but knew it had to be. Before she headed to board the plane, she reminded Steve of his promise of no more undercover. Mike assured her there would be no more undercover for Steven Keller. Less than three minutes later, the love of Steve's life was gone until the next visit home. When Mike and Steve finally left the airport, the sun was just setting, and a plane could be seen flying in the sky pointed toward Arizona. Both men missed their lady immensely.

Due to the work done by Steve Keller with SFPD and Pilar Bishop with DEA the arrests numbered in the hundreds. When the trials finally started the defendants included Pepper of Fallon, Nevada as well. Steve had done his work well. The envelope Pilar had given Mike not only included written information, it also had a keychain camera. When Castillo had the film developed the pictures were a gold mine. When Steve's testimony was given he gave it without batting an eye.

Mike and Captain Castillo had suggested Steve just give a written testimony. He somehow didn't feel right about that method. He knew it was foolhardy but he felt he had to face the ones on trial. He somehow felt responsible for them being there in a way. While some of the defendants sat shaking their heads in amusement as Steve testified, others were stunned and inwardly were thinking of payback. When it was all over and the final verdicts were read all that was left was the sentencing. Each defendant wouldn't see the outside again for a very long time. The question now was how long their memories would last of the young SFPD inspector that had infiltrated their inner circle, not to mention Pilar Bishop, known to them as Pilar Barilla.