I wanted to get away from the world above,
far from something that showed no kind means to another,
where it felt isolation was the only cure,
to run was the only choice at the point,
with a determination that most could never understand,
how could anyone,
the blinded fools they were,
yet in another world,
the number of fools only grow,
and it is just sickening to watch,
as they are coated in designs,
but their means of survival are no different,
it is just sickening,
of how they even play it as something that is just so new to them,
a worn dagger to the heart,
would do no good,
the heart locket that beats on knows the truth,
they can't hide from it,
no matter the times that pass over and over,
a new world isn't going to change them,
I find it just so sad and pathetic,
I once saw the worlds of old as a home,
surrounded by love and flowers,
finding that short lived peace,
a wonder it was,
to only feel like a lie with how quick judgment is slain,
that is just a new level of disgust,
that no matter of resets can change,
even to hold a real knife,
so sharp and ready to kill,
in an unwilling hand,
or shaken by how one is just done,
with all this hellish torment,
the feel of determination only grows,
and I plan to paint is all in shade of my own,
in better means creation,
that is only dark red,
there is no shame of this now,
it is only a life and world,
not meant for the dreams and wishes they strive for,
when in fact,
they are only killers of the damned killed,
that just won't learn their lesson,
and the locket of right and wrongs,
will be buried with them,
never to be seen again,
as it should,
what a shame,
I was hoping for so much more in a world,
that seemed to give so little of care,
what a shame this will be.