I am not sure of something right now,
but it is something I wish to explore,
with no clue on what could happen,
not even sure from what I ran from,
even to know what I will run into,
I feel something I can't quite put to words,
but this something alluring and dangerous about it all,
yet I can't find it in myself to stop,
at least to where I think I should be,
I think it is like that treatment with a bandage,
you either leave it alone and let the scar heal unseen,
or ripped away and get everything out,
while one could at the moment,
it's all clear now yet something pushes those straight ideals away,
would that be curiosity or rationality,
is this place I am lost in a prison,
or a new type of freedom I know nothing of,
the world above couldn't be that much different than down here,
not by much at least,
there are going to be things,
that feel old and new,
a welcome and goodbye,
just wandering with uncertain eyes alone,
brings thrills and chills,
I'm just so lost while feeling a sign of hope,
while standing alone,
or a whisper in guide to give me,
I am again unsure on how to handled this,
will in saying is my actions or another,
by the whisper or acts that feel robotic,
so very unsure,
yet there has to be a sign in this,
something at least,
it can't be all just for show here,
like to say if I were to look at a stick,
is that to be something lean on,
as motion of defense,
or to attack what is not completely there,
but this feel of determination is glory deep insight,
a calling that screams and prays,
in a lovely wine shade of red,
could that be of hearts or blood,
I am again unsure,
but it is something I want to see through,
for I can't be alone in this,
and if I am alone,
what will come out of this,
as I go deeper into this cave,
what will be there,
looking to where one falls,
and to where one must go,
what I can do at this moment,
that feels real enough for me,
a journey made,
a challenge gained,
a tale untold,
all of this is on me and my actions,
thrills and chills they are,
and a shame I can't put a real name,
to them, a shame miss chance,
but for what is before me,
what a shame this won't be.