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Alexandria was once an upscale planned community when the apocalypse struck us it was a safe-zone established by the military in the early days of the outbreak, containing a handful of supplies for a large group of people. Ohio Congresswoman Deanna Monroe lead the evacuees as we used the supplies for our survival, including construction materials from a shopping mall nearby, which were used to build the wall. New survivors joined the community shortly thereafter. Deanna soon became our leader she was once an Ohio congresswoman, a natural leader and saw promise and the rebirth of civilization in Alexandria. She believed who people were before the apocalypse mattered in rebuilding and sustaining the community. Reg Monroe, her husband, was a professor of architecture and took charge of building the walls. Her son, Aiden, was in ROTC and was made supply runner while her other son, Spencer, used the church tower as a sniper's post. She put Aaron and his boyfriend Eric Raleigh in charge of going outside to recruit more survivors due to their experience of working together for an NGO in Africa.

Over time, Aaron and Eric recruited enough survivors to establish a thriving community. However, they recruited a man named Davidson who was the leader of a small group which went terrible. At a time, Deanna suspended the recruiting program from taking in larger groups and instead focused on lone survivors. As time went on, Deanna saw that her citizens were not prepared for the outside world and that being inside the walls since the beginning of the outbreak made them weak and inexperienced in surviving. Knowing that this made them vulnerable to the undead and to hostile survivors that wanted to attack the Safe-Zone, Deanna allowed Aaron and Eric to resume recruiting larger groups.

Now this is where the story picks up, my name is Cameron James before the outbreak I was a Professor at Alabama state a farmgirl to boot. I was taken to Virginia by an old friend who was Military he once said this was my best chance for survival and it has been so far. I used every skill I had, raising small chickens, a nice thriving garden, I was the youngest of six brothers, so I was rough and able to get dirty when needed. My hair was light brown along with my green eyes, nothing like a beauty queen would be associated with me, I was high up with Deanna. I modified my home one of the larger ones with secret hidden rooms not even she could find. It was just a hunch, when the world ended so did humanity men and woman would revert to survival being a primal instinct. My home had food stored, ammo and guns all unknown to the community it felt like I was betraying them but in the end, this would ensure our survival when someone unwanted came knocking.

We have had some massive trouble this recent few weeks with Pete, he could not be allowed to get away with beating on his wife but for now he has as everyone turned a blind eye. I was needing to talk to Deanna on this, I was not skinny but not plus size either as I tugged on the jeans with rips on the knees and V-neck plaid pullover with my black lace up boots, and my hunting knife strapped to my waist.

The air was crisp here in Virginia, but I still missed home in Fairhope, Alabama but home is no longer a real choice to return to, I have made a life here helping the community with all that I do.

Deanna was already walking towards me her face grim but friendly all the same, "Aaron and Eric have found a group of fifteen, will be needing you to help make the judgment call,"

I smiled, "Your boys wouldn't have brought them if they didn't think they would be harmful to us. Deanna, I have been thinking of leaving this place is weak and one sign of trouble it will be taken by the first bad guy that comes. Pete beats on Jessie and we all have turned a blind eye, is this how we want to live?" I tried hard to convey my desire to leave if things had not possible change.

"I have worried the very same thing, Cam. After the interviews we can talk,"

I watched the group, a teen boy who needed a haircut holding a little girl no more than two years of age if not younger. A woman wielding a katana holding the hand of the leader who looked happy but wary, behind him was an Asian man with a woman who looked wise but tired, a man with long dirty hair, good structure and a bow slung across his chest.

I sit as they eat and drink, we take them one at a time Rick, Michonne, Noah, Glenn, Carl and his sister Judith, Carol who tried to hide certain things she would be one to watch, next was Maggie and the list went on until the grungy guy walked in.

He sits with a huff reminding me of Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoon.

"Hello, I am Deanna I am the leader of Alexandria. You're," she was always very polite, these survivors are our last hope, I have no bad vibes yet, not even from this one.

He spoke low, almost reluctant, "Daryl Dixon,"

He spoke only when spoken to, he hid much and gave little away and by that Daryl was what she was worrying about, so I spoke up after staying silent. "Deanna, I know what you're thinking. He is very well a dangerous person but not to us as long as we don't harm his friends, his family and we have no intention to Mr. Dixon. We are offering some peace, but in this world, there is never any real peace with what lurks beyond the wall's. He is a warrior, a survivor but he will not do as such at our expense,"

Deanna gave me a small look before nodding letting him go back to his friends, now the last was Father Gabriel, a church going man who insistent the group should be exiled due to their nature. He told tale of the murders they did, and why they did them and I can say I would have. Cannibals are a real issue now, even that was not lingering in my mind but now it was.

I have spoken once during this entire afternoon but now I must speak again, "Father, you a man of god are casting judgment down like hell fire. Confess your sins to us before you do so for others. They killed not for fun, not for pleasure but to take out a threat to every one of us, I will thank them. They kill only the true evil to make sure they and others survive much like yourself. So, confess your sin's," he was sweating now.

"I am not pure and have done wrong,"

I cut him off, "Was it to save others or yourself, I can read people and am a good judge of character as to why I was asked to be here during these interviews. I think you can be a good man once you leave your fear and cowardice behind. Deanna, I think this group is what we need, and if things don't change I will leave and this community will take a blow. If those un-dead come strolling in here most are sitting ducks and that must change, or this safe heaven will not survive,"

She knew this she agreed.

I stood with her outside as she spoke to the entire community, "We are welcoming new members of Alexandria, ones who I hope will bring balance forgive me for saying that we're weak we never have had to face what really lays beyond the wall they have. They can teach us, many changes are coming and so are some exiles unless the change is welcomed,"

"Rick, I would like for you and your girlfriend, Michonne to be our constable. We can give you two homes; Father Gabriel may have the church and the small loft above. Noah, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, and Rosita may have the third house. Carol, Glenn and Maggie the second, and Rick and your family the first, as for Mr. Dixon he can roommate with the only person who has room Cameron,"

She betrayed me, my home was for me to be alone and clean he was the opposite, he looked none to pleased but said nothing as they're given supplies "We need your weapons, we will give you two guns, the rest while on duty. But we don't keep them just on our persons,"

I took his cross bow but left his hunting knife, I was not asked to hand over the bow as I walked from the group heading towards the lone house, in fact the biggest so that I could use it to grow and raise animals, it was gated off unlike the others. I could tell he was following me as I unlocked the gate, "Careful coming and going the chickens like to escape and it takes forever to get them back inside," he watched them run around his feet, his eyes taking in the massive garden growing veggies a fruit for our community.

"You do all this?"

I smiled giving him a nod as we walked into the clean house "Here you can have the second master, your own bathroom, for showers," trying not to be rude but also alerting him he smelled like rotten ass. But after the first couple months the smell of death was normal, it touched everything since the dead are walking and eating any they can.

"Why you take it," his eyes on his crossbow, it was very nice he must have kept it in prime condition.

I sighed, "Deanna would have taken it here it can be accessed at any time, just don't go parading it around the community. I do have some rules, like if you make a mess please clean it and showering is a must,"

He smiled when I handed him his weapon, "yeah I can do that,"

I walked him to his room "I will go get you some things while you get settled," I left him alone, he was unsettling but also not. I checked his tee knowing his size, so I headed to get his supplies seeing Rick with his daughter, Judith.

I nod to Jessie, she was annoying and not trust worthy, "Jessie, size medium tee and size 36/32 pants and any supplies for a male," she just bustled off.

"Thank you, Deanna said you spoke up for Daryl. He is a good man, he is just rough around the edges,"

"Watch out for Pete and Jessie, they are not trust worthy. I hope having you here is the best choice, I am Cameron but call me Cam," his handshake was firm his eyes set in understanding as the little girl just giggles in his arms.

"This is Judith," she was adorable with light brown curls and matching hazel eyes, she was too pure for this world.

"She is beautiful,"

Aaron was next to us, 'Agreed, a little Princess,"

"Aaron, I think Daryl will be a very good fit for your scouting partner it will also give him a purpose. Might want to give him that thing sitting in your garage, sorry not sorry you'll never get it to run," he just huffed but then he laughed as Rick gave us a look that had so much appreciation in it.

Jessie returned with a stack of clothes and supplies, "I will see you and your wife around Rick, and of course you Princess. Goodbye Aaron, give Eric a hug and kiss for me," I waved before taking the path to my home.

Night was on us, as I walked in heading towards his room the door was wide open as he was just sitting on the floor cleaning his weapon, I coughed trying to get his attention. His dark eyes locked with mine "Got these for you, some clothes and supplies. I am going to go cook dinner have a nice shower and join me if you like,"

We raided the mall for clothes and supplies and a local Wal-Mart taking and freezing what we could, now we have farm raised animals, fruit and veggies. He stood faster than I thought possible it had me stepping back "I won't hurt you no need to be scared,"

I retorted, "Sorry, just you moved faster than expected. There is a small party to welcome you guys, but I have things to do here and am not going, it is at Deanna's you can't miss it,"

"I ain't going to some party,"

I gave a small bow of my head leaving him to do as he needed, I thawed two breasts before I watched them cooking with garlic, rosemary, pepper and lemon, I added some red potatoes to the pan to cook, last was just a nice handful of green beans from the garden. The butter was a compound that I made in large batches for the community, as Reg made the butter when he was not wooing his wife Deanna. I listened as the water shut off a few minutes ago so he would be coming just as dinner was plated.

I took the small jug of fresh lemonade setting it on the table before I was seeing him clean, his hair was still wet but brushed, his face had marks from a recent scuff "Take a seat anywhere," I motioned around the room, but he sat at the table as I brought him a full plate.

"It smells good,"

"Thank you," it was nice sitting and eating even if he hardly spoke, but I pushed a small kit filled with gels, creams and gaze towards him "The wounds look fresh,"

He said nothing, but he did take the kit, color me surprised when he helped wash dishes, he was a southern boy deep down. He walked from the kitchen without another word, maybe having him here wouldn't be so bad.

But nothing good is meant to last…