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I've looked high and low. I've been from shore to shore, if there's a short cut I'd have found it. But there is no easy way around it.

I watched little Daryl sleeping, it was barley seven in the morning, but it was Saturday and that meant gardening and time with my family. We're having a Barbeque, so the ribs would need to go on the smoker for at least a good six to eight hours before hand, we got some chicken and sausage also going in. It has been two weeks since his return, he is due back today, he was with his father and Uncle Jess rounding up a few men who in no certain terms rather the world fall apart once again. This kept him busy and feeling rather important, he and I have yet to work out our issues when time would do that for us in the end.

I needed to get on cooking, everyone was bringing a side dish so there was really not much I could do but make a fruit salad and smoke the meats. Music was on low as I cleaned the house, would have been nice to sleep in but that was a far-fetched dream. Daryl was gone and when he was here he was in the spare room until we figured out how to fix things. But knowing he was a single room away was eating at me. When he is home he would sleep little and be grumpy. He was bonding with our son though, it was like they were never apart, like two peas in a pod. Little Daryl was still a mama's boy who would run to me with every cut and boo-boo asking for a kiss.

His father would watch us with soft eyes, seeing a past he never had but would have liked. Together this last two weeks we worked very well together to make sure he was well rounded, he was smart and a hunter.

It was a blessing to have him home, I didn't feel as stressed with work and our home life, I was able to, as Uncle Jess put it, loosen up a bit with Little Bulldog.

Outside it was humid, the air sticky with heat as the smell of red wood and cherry billowed from the smoker, I just tended to my small garden to keep myself busy. It was like a stress relief to be honest, one I was good at. We had hours before all the family came for the small engagement party, Enid and Carl would do well in marriage.

I found myself sitting under the umbrella just watching little Bulldog and Rhee playing together, only months apart but best friends. Maggie next to me as Glenn was at work and she resumed her work as a lawyer, but for now we sip sweet tea and chat while our kids play.

She gave me a look, "He is going to ask you, Rick would kill me for tellin but hell you're my best friend. Daryl, he got you a ring." her tone playful but serious, her face matched mine in the shock and dismay.

My breath caught in my throat, I was shell shocked, he was goin to ask me to be his wife, this was not the best time we aren't even sleeping in the same room. She continued, "Guess he just can't let you go, as he said, 'she is my girl and I ain't going to let some bastard have her'." but no one had me, Maggie knew this.

"Lord help me." my voice coming out as if I needed more air, breathless.

I knew he would be home soon, I held Andie as Michonne was bringing Dad another cold one, I loved having everyone over and seeing the life we never thought we would have being played out in front of my own eyes. Like a dream.

The music played as he walked in taking a beer before picking our son right up and moving towards Rick, Jesus stood with us since Aaron was now the one pushing kids on the swing set.

Carl and Enid laugh as they get teased without mercy, but fate worked out for so many, and it was destiny they found each other. But right now, I can feel his stare boring into my back.

I snapped, "Stop staring at me."

"Hard not to look at you. You're goin to be my wife, we're going to have another little, rugrat." he was off his rocker, I don't know if I wanted another child.

For the next sixteen years, his love, his passionate kisses, the love we shared for our only child, the love we had for all our family held us together. Daryl was my future, and a very loving and hardheaded one at that, we married and lived a lifetime filled with hunting, love and happiness.