Take a moment to think back on your past.

There are undoubtedly things you never once though would come back to haunt you.

When they do though, brace yourself.

Your past dictates your future.

No one can escape their history.

No matter what you do, it'll find a way to let itself be known.

To try and compare the difference in size between Zootopia and Zootropolis was like comparing a pebble to a boulder. Neither Nick nor Judy had ever felt so tiny. If not for Wilde Sr. they would have definitely gotten lost within mere seconds. The two figured Jack was more at home having originally lived in Zootropolis, a fact which was confirmed when he called out and greeted certain mammals by name. Then, before either were aware of it, the jackrabbit buck had disappeared from sight into the masses.

The first place they visited was the Zootropolis Bureau of Detective Services, or ZBDS. From the outside, the building didn't draw too much attention, but inside was a different story entirely. It looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. Deputy Chief Lynux, ZPD's IT Department head and Cyber Crimes Unit Chief, would've thought she died and gone to heaven if the female lynx were with them.

On one section of the wall, Nick and Judy could see their personnel files displayed via large monitors. While approaching them, they were stopped by a red panda who directed them to continue following Wilde Sr. and Skye. Upon reuniting with the others, Nick wrapped his tail around Judy's waist. He was beginning to feel real uneasy about all of this.

"Stay close to us." Sr. stated. "These guys…they aren't your friends. Not the enemy, but definitely not friendlies either." Leading them further into the building, the older tod said, "This place is probably the number one authority when it comes to surveillance. They've got some of the best coders, hackers, and cybersecurity specialists in the world. If these mammals weren't on our side, and you gave them an hour, they'd fucking rule the damn planet." Stepping into an elevator, he pressed the button for sublevel six. "So, I say again: Stay close."

"Do we have a location on him yet?" Director Klawden inquired of his tech analyst. Receiving a negatory response, he sighed. "I was every bit of footage we have examined frame by frame. If he flew in with his own two wings, I want to know, and I want to know yesterday. Capiche?" Getting affirmations, he turned to look at his guests. "Damn. You got old, or at least older anyway."

"You're a riot, Klawden." Senior replied sarcastically. "This is my son, Nick, his girlfriend, Judy, and you already know Skye. Everyone, this is Director Fredward Klawden." After a quick exchange of pleasantries, Senior asked, "Nothing on Vlad Batsarab yet?"

"Nothing. He's gone totally off-grid. Strictly cash, payphones, telegraphs, age-old technology." Director Klawden ran a paw over his muzzle. "I've got every single one of my best mammals working on this, but we've got nothing. It really, really irks the hell out of me."

"I can imagine." Senior stated. Turning to his team, he said, "Go. Mingle. Learn things."

Nick and Judy made their way towards an open computer, situated next to a rather bizarre looking puma covered in tattoos. Remembering Senior's words, they refrained from initiating conversation. So, they were quite surprised when the puma was the one who spoke first.

"I must say, not at all surprised they pulled you two into this mess." Giving them a smile, she added, "Name's Roxy. I'm Old Klawden's second-in-command around here. If you need anything, come see me. M'kay?" Glancing over her shoulder, she whispered, "Don't tell anyone I told you this, but I've gone ahead and granted you both priority security clearance. You have full access to our entire database."

"Thanks." Judy whispered back. "Do y'all really have nothing concerning Vlad Batsarab? I find that hard to believe honestly."

Sighing, Roxy replied, "It's more that he's doing things the old-fashioned way. We can keep track of anyone so long as there is a digital trail to follow via electronics. However, this guy isn't using any modern tech. Instead of credit, he's using cash. Rather than making calls on a cellphone, he's either using telegraphs, burn phones, or some other means of communication that's not electronic. I mean, we can track payphones, but it's a hassle to triangulate."

"Well, I hate to break it to you, but Vlad Batsarab flew into Zootropolis using his own two wings after catching a connecting flight from Purenze [1]." Nick informed. Turning their computer monitor towards the puma, he said, "See? That's him right there. Judging by his body language, he's spooked about something. The video shows him constantly scanning his surroundings, like he's looking for something in particular."

"The Apex Omnivore." Judy surmised. "He would probably be exhausted after flying such a long distance. Especially while lugging a large rucksack like the one he's got strapped to his back. He's not young either, so that's a major factor."

"I've seen older bats fly the Channel without getting winded." Roxy countered. "Although, you could be right. Give me a second." With a few keystrokes, she pulled up the vampire bats information. "Says here that Mr. Batsarab has a few medical conditions he'd need to visit a physician to check constantly. One's an upper respiratory infection that never truly went away. He probably flew the Channel then had to get examined before continuing on his way. Since he's a Chiropteran, he'd need to be examined by a specialist, and there's only so many of those."

"How many?" Judy inquired. "If there aren't a lot, we could interview them lickety-split." She saw the puma frown. "What is it?"

"I've got a report here that indicates an incoming aeroplane isn't responding to the Control Tower." Roxy explained. "Before you ask what that has to do with this, the aeroplane originated in Zootopia. I get the feeling we all know who's on it."

Meanwhile, Jack Savage stood on the front step of a rather nice-looking brownstone. Straightening his necktie, the jackrabbit prepared himself for what he'd find inside. Opening the door, he was immediately tackled by a young rabbit buck. Letting out a loud 'OOPH', he stumbled backwards while holding onto the kit. "Hey, Monty. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing great now that you're back, Dad." Monty answered, hugging the older buck tightly.

"Monty, we've been over this many, many times. I'm not your father, I'm your uncle." Jack told him with a sigh. "I'm not even your uncle by blood. I'm your honorary uncle due to your mum being my kithood friend from the streets."

"Well, you do spoil them all like they're your kits." an angelic feminine voice stated from atop the stairs.

Looking towards the source, Jack smiled at seeing Monty's mother, Angelina. "I won't apologize for that." Setting Monty down, he said, "I made another stupid mistake, Angelina." He watched sigh with a sad, understanding smile. After all, it wasn't the first time he'd visited following a failed attempt at settling down.

"Come on inside." Letting Jack enter her home, Angelina sent Monty to join his siblings in the kitchen. "I'm going to assume you're in Zootropolis on a case." Getting a nod, she said, "I swear Monty keeps hoping you'll ask for my paw in marriage. He really like you."

"Not the best at keeping relationships." Jack commented. "Wouldn't like to lose this." he added, gesturing between them. Sitting on the couch, he was completely unprepared when she sat in his lap, but his paws instinctively wrapped around her waist. "Well, this is unexpected, but a pleasure."

"Oh, do shut up, Jackson." Angelina scolded. "Now, tell me about her. What's her name? What's she like?"

"Her name's Judith, and she's a police officer in Zootopia. Her hobbies include crime literature, police procedurals, and trivia." Jack continued to list tidbits until Angelina put a paw over his mouth.

"Enough of that. I want you to tell me how you lost her. What did you do, Jackson?"

Huffing, Jack said, "I left. I got scared and ran off, leaving her behind. Afterwards, I realized my mistake and hoped to patch things, but by then she had moved on to someone I can honestly say is a far better male than I." Smiling wryly, he added, "Even if he is a dangerous tod, he's still a better male than I. He's willing to sacrifice everything for her. I can't even bring myself to consider doing the same."

"Hold on a minute." Angelina told him. "She's seeing a tod? Like a fox tod? And, she's a bunny doe? Oh, wowzah! That's amazing."

Snorting, Jack said, "Of course, you of all mammals would say that. You're probably the most openminded mammal alive. I'm being perfectly serious though, Angelina. He's dangerous. I mean, lethally dangerous."

"That's good. Tods tend to be real territorial of their mates, or potential mates." Angelina expressed with a gleaming smile. "I kinda wish I could meet them both."

"Well, we're all on the same case. So, you probably will." Jack resituated her next to him. "I've got to go. I wasn't even supposed to visit."

"You be safe out there. You hear me, Jackson?" Angelina commanded. "Also, don't forget I expect you here on Monty's special day. If you're not, there's not a force in this world that'll keep you safe."

Across the city of Zootropolis, Vlad Batsarab sat in a bar, awaiting the arrival of his old colleague, Hans Platts, a monotreme. It wasn't often the bat felt skittish, but this was one of those rarer times. The entire time, Vlad couldn't help feeling as though someone was following him. It had left him constantly looking over his shoulder in fear. He had lost count of how many drinks were consumed while waiting, but he had managed to remain sober enough to recognize Hans when the platypus approached. "You're late."

"Sorry." Hans replied, taking a seat. "I feared he had got to you. Had to be sure it was you, and not him wearing your flesh as a mask. I wouldn't put it past him to do something like that."

Setting his briefcase atop the table, Vlad said, "That's everything." Suddenly grabbing Hans's shirt and pulling the platypus close, Vlad stated, "I told you it was a mistake, but did you listen? No. No, of course you didn't. You were certain nothing would come of it. You promised me that it was all over after the fire. You swore this would never come back to bite us. I ought to kill you right here, right now for all the shit that's happened in recent years."

"But, you won't." Hans's choked out. "The boss would be extremely displeased. All his hard work…"

"Screw the boss, fuck his damn ambition, and damn him to an eternity in the deepest pits of Hell. I lost my wife, nephew, and family to this maniac because of the boss. I couldn't care less about him, because I don't give a single godsdamned bloody fuck. The only reason I'm not going to kill you is due to knowing HE will take care of that soon enough." Shoving Hans away, Vlad vowed, "I'm make sure of that. I'll explain everything with my dying breath. Oh, and don't thing the poison you had put in these drinks will kill me. I've grown immune to all poisons thanks to your experiments. Even one's that weren't invented yet. Remember?"

Giving the vampire bat a death glare, Hans stated, "I thought you told me the experiments failed. You lied to me? Me?"

Snorting in derision, Vlad retorted, "Well, obviously. Why the fuck would I tell you they succeeded? I needed something for leverage. What better than the fact your experiment was successful?" Standing, he began to leave. "I hope he kills you slowly, and painfully."

Stepping outside, the vampire bat shivered at how cold it had suddenly gotten. The wisps of his breathing could now be seen. He knew Hans was neither dumb nor crazy enough to act against him. Knowing that didn't suppress the sheer terror of what would happen should their former employer captured him. Making his way downtown, towards where he was staying, Vlad walked at a brisk pace. The vampire bat almost felt safe and secure when he was suddenly surrounded by ZBDS agents. Not bothering to resist, Vlad let them arrest, detain, and escort him wherever they were taking him.

Watching the events unfold from around a corner, Hans sneered at the pure luck of it. At least, until he felt sharp, cool metal imbedded itself into his back, through his body, and out his chest. Looking down at the tip of what appeared to be an épée, Hans felt his blood drain, figuratively and literally. Peering over his shoulder, he found himself looking into an empty socket of a mammal wearing a black cloak. He was only able to get a single word out before death claimed him. "Fuck."

As the platypus collapsed, Job simply looked at him with a strange mixture of boredom and satisfaction. Eyes turning to observe the scene playing out a few paces away, Job sighed. Vlad capture wasn't expected, but he could use it to his advantage. After all, the ZBDS would be delivering him to Nick, Judy, and the rest. Disappearing into the shadows, the Apex Omnivore bided his time until then.

Roxy watched the arrest via CCTV security cameras onsite. She had also witnessed Hans Platts' murder at the Apex Omnivore's paw, and promptly purged it from their database. The puma knew it was wrong, immoral, and against her oath to do no harm, but she was indebted to him as well. So, she had made sure to keep a copy of the footage on a USB before purging it from the system. Sensing Klawden behind her, Roxy remained silent as she continued her work.

Wilde Sr. stood inside an empty office talking with Chief Bogo via satellite phone. "You're sure?" the old tod asked. "They verified everything? There isn't any doubt of the legitimacy of their claim?"

"None." Chief Bogo answered. "Everything has been checked, doublechecked, and triple-checked. However, I do have some bad news. Bernhard Hotch is in a vegetative state, and probably won't ever recover. The courts still wish to proceed if only to give some victims closure though. Also, the precinct's psychotherapist was found murdered early this morning. Evidence left behind points to associates of the Apex Omnivore, but we have yet to fully examine everything. I'm getting concerned this runs a lot deeper than we thought. Thomas Catlahan was one of my best officers. If he was involved, even for a moment, that leads me to believe there could be others."

"In that case, we need to find a way to identify who's in league with him. Use what we know about the Apex Omnivore and compare it to the psyche profiles of your officers. There's got to be some commonalities that overlap and/or intersect." Sighing, Senior stated, "We've managed to capture Vlad Batsarab. They're currently escorting him here as we speak. Hopefully, he can shed some light on all this mess."

"What of Officers Hopps and Wilde? How are they faring?" Bogo's tone gave away how concerned he was. The buffalo didn't express much emotion, but that didn't mean he didn't have any.

"I've sent them to their hotel for now." Senior replied. "I'm sure they're a little overwhelmed about all this. We'll keep them safe. Don't you worry." Ending the call, Senior sighed. From his point of view, everything and nothing seemed to make any sense whatsoever. They now knew who their unsub was, but it didn't help them in the slightest. Not a single piece of evidence gave them any indication as to his endgame. There was so much more they needed to know.

In the meantime, Nick and Judy were sequestered within their hotel room, a penthouse suite on the top floor of a towering structure that granted them a view across all Zootropolis from its balcony. Both had already showered for the night, and they were simply enjoying the silence together. Well, it wasn't really silent as there was soft music playing. The two had danced for a little while until relaxing on the couch in each other's arms. Neither had any desire to move, but unfortunately, nature began to call.

Groaning, Nick slowly rose from his place on the couch. He could feel Judy's half-lidded eyes on him. "I've gotta pee. I'll be right back." Before he could even take a single step forward, Nick felt Judy grab his tail, stopping him.

"Hurry back." Judy whispered seductively. "I've got plans for us tonight. Plans I'm sure you'll enjoy."

Nick didn't waste any time. When he rejoined her, it was like staring at a living masterpiece. The contours of her curves, how she had positioned herself, and that heavenly scent saturating the air was inexplicably perfect in his eyes. She beaconed to him with a finger, and he obeyed without hesitation. Stripping off what clothing he wore along the way, Nick maneuvered to lean over her.

There was something so unordinary about the feelings they had for one another, but it wasn't due to being different species. Judy had never truly entertained the concept of meeting anyone who made her feel complete, whole. Nick had lived his life never expecting to find anyone who'd ever want him. For two souls like them, to discover someone who would willingly accept all their flaws and faults, it was a miraculous blessing.

The kiss was contradictory, slow yet passionate. Their paws swept over and across the other's form, taking in every single detail, committing them to memory. The soft tune playing only served to enhance it all. Neither had any desire to stop, so they continued. A lone, mutual thought entered their minds of tonight being the night they finally became one. The passionate kisses, tender, gentle caresses, and loving whispers had them both feel more than ready.

Judy managed to shift and reposition herself so that she was on her stomach. A shiver traversed her spine at the exhilarating sensation of Nick's cock-tip ghost over her pussy lips. Raising her hips a little more, she flicked her tail, tickling Nick's tummy. Judy could feel his breath on her ears, his rough tongue as he dragged it up one, the soft love-nips he placed to her shoulder and neck. "Take me, Nick. Claim me as your one true lifemate." she whispered.

Nick didn't answer verbally, but through action. Very, very slowly, he pushed himself forward, penetrating the still somewhat virginal depths of her pussy. Slowly, because he didn't want to inadvertently cause her any discomfort due to his much larger size. The tod felt her hymen tear as he went deeper. Had he had any real coherency left, Nick would've probably questioned how she was taking all of him at one time. However, his brain was too focused on the wet warmth of her inner walls encompassing his cock. He somehow managed to keep himself still as he waited for her permission to continue.

It was indescribable feeling, being filled with Nick's hard, thick, throbbing foxhood. Judy's own brain was having a bit of difficulty coming to terms with the fact it was real, and not one of her fantasies. After releasing a long euphoric moan, she said, "Do it, Nick. Don't hold back. I can take it."

Not needing any more encouragement than that, Nick began to piston himself in and out of her tight twat. If ever there was a point in Nick's life where he felt balancing upon a razor's edge precariously with a slight lean towards true unbridled savagery, it was right then. His hips continued to piston like a jackhammer into the doe beneath him, and he didn't bother stopping each and every time she climaxed, but kept going instead, keeping her there. Nick could feel her walls clench down each time, smell the explosion of aroused scent whenever she hit that next peak.

There would be a time for much more savagely primeval lovemaking later, but for now, this was what they wanted. Crude as it was, they wouldn't change a godsdamn thing. There was nowhere else they'd rather be. Neither gave a damn if someone could hear them. Neither could have cared any less simply because they didn't care at all.

Judy's eyes shot open the exact instant it happened. Releasing a squeal of rapturous euphoria, she felt Nick's knot lock inside her. The resulting climax was so potent, she actually did pass out. When she regained consciousness, the doe found herself completely encased in fox. Nick had quite literally wrapped himself around her. She could still feel his cock pulsating within her snatch, knot keeping the massive volume of fox seed from escaping. A glance down at her body led to a groan. She looked either paunchy, bloated, or preggers.

Hearing Judy's groan, Nick snuffled around her neck, whispering, "Sorry. Didn't think I'd explode like that." Licking her comfortingly, the tod added, "I love you, Ms. Judy Wilde."

With those words echoing within her mind, Judy recalled something she read not all that long ago. 'Red foxes mate for life. If the tod ever knots to whoever he's rutting, that mammal becomes his lifemate. In a legal sense, that mammal, male or female, essentially becomes their spouse.' Judy wanted to let out a whoop, but she didn't. Why? It was due to an overwhelming sense of dread which pervaded the room. The doe didn't respond with Fight or Flight, but rather Freeze, and she wasn't the only one either.

Curling in tighter and more protectively around his mate, Nick's attention soon shifted towards the mammal which had somehow entered without them knowing. While he couldn't make out any real details about the intruder, Nick could easily deduce exactly who it was. "Well, hello there. I'm going to guess you're the Apex Omnivore." Although Nick couldn't see it, he was sure their uninvited guest smiled.

"Indeed, I am." Job replied. "Be not afraid of me. I possess no malicious ill will towards either of you. All I desire is a brief conversation." Reaching out for a chair, Job dragged it close and sat down. He could see Nick's eyes take in the sight of his marred paw. "Yes. You're correct in your assumptions about me. I can honestly confirm your thoughts are true facts." Sighing, he leaned back in his seat. "Before I begin, it's only proper to inform you on the condition of Bernhard Hotch. He's still alive, if only in a vegetative state." Observing their reactions, he saw they kept expressionless poker-muzzles. "I also come bearing a gift." From within the folds of his cloak, Job extracted a small USB. "This contains everything you'll require to put me either behind bars for life or sentenced to death." This did elicit a response.

"Why?" Judy question incredulously. "Why give us something so crucial? Why give it to us?" The doe had a difficult time understanding why this mammal wished to give them something which would ensure his fate.

"A show of good faith." Job answered, placing it on a nearby table. "It contains everything: what I know about myself, what I've gathered on the mammals that did this to me, and a complete list of my associates worldwide." Looking at them, he stated, "I wasn't always a monster. Once, long ago, I was simply a kit who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was forced to endure inconceivable torture at the paws of madmammals who others believed sane. The things I went through would have you experience life-haunting nightmares."

"Make no mistake, for I do desire revenge." Job continued. "However, I also have every intention of ending all this permanently, and there's only one way to do that. I fully intend to have you kill me when it's all over." Standing, Job let his cloak fall to the floor, exposing everything it kept hidden from view. He could see it in their eyes, the horror, disgust, and revulsion. Interestingly, it didn't appear those were aimed directly at him, but rather towards the ones responsible. "This is me. Look upon me and see the evil your precious city has wrought."

Nick and Judy couldn't not look at the Apex Omnivore's horrifying appearance. The scars, cracked flesh, and innumerous other disfigurements were mentally traumatizing. No words existed to precisely express it. Plus, those were only what could be physically seen. There was no telling the extent of damage his psyche had as a result of whatever happened to him. Although, clearly, he had full use of his mental faculties despite being utterly insane. The two could only continue to stare at him in alarm as he started moving, displaying how far his body's mutilation extended.

"Oh, my gods." Judy whimpered. Unable to look away, her eyes began to glisten with tears. Bogo had told her before the world was broken, but this went far beyond that. Standing in front of her was a mammal whose very existence had gotten broken by the world. Judy couldn't even begin to imagine the atrocious indignities he had suffered, nor did she have any desire to attempt it.

At the same time, Nick noticed something which startled him. There, upon the Apex Omnivore's shoulder, was an identifying mark. This was not the first time Nick had ever seen it. With a voice full of pain and disbelief, Nick whispered questioningly, "Jay?"

Flinching and shaking his head, the Apex Omnivore muttered, "No. Not now. Don't surface now. It isn't the right time." Punching himself in the muzzle, he shook his head again before replying, "I must take my leave for now. We'll see each other again. That I promise you. Be careful. I'm not the only one you need to watch closely." Leaving his cloak behind, the Apex Omnivore walked towards the balcony then leapt over its railing and out of sight.

A few minutes later, Nick and Judy were looking over the contents from Jay's USB. The more they read, the more certain Nick was that the Apex Omnivore was Jay Ichneumon, a very old friend. A couple of details didn't match, but there was very little doubt about it.

"I can't believe it." Nick murmured afterwards. "He's alive. After all this time, Jay Ichneumon is alive." He could feel Judy's eyes studying him. "Jay was older than me by a pawful of years, but we were good friends. I didn't have many, so I did my best to keep the ones I had. Even after running away from home, Jay continued hanging out with me and Finn. We were still technically kits around this time. One day, I heard he went missing without a trace. I hadn't known what to think. Did he also run away? Had something horrible happened to him? Why weren't the police more involved? Was anyone going to find him? How had this even happened in the first place? Who was responsible?"

"The press got wind of it, and they published blatant lies concerning everything about him. His parents constantly refused to comment about the situation. I took it upon myself to try and find him, but all for naught. The ZPD were eventually forced to put their investigation on ice. However, far too soon, the case faded from memory. After all these years, I could only assume he was dead. It seems so obvious now that all this was Jay's doing. The signs were clear, but I…" Nick lowered his head in shame, tears falling from his eyes. "I failed to notice them."

Judy's heart went out towards Nick. Although she wanted to say something, the doe couldn't think of anything remotely appropriate. So, she settled for giving him the most comforting embrace she could muster. The next thing Judy did was contact Chief Bogo to explain the development. A little perturbed he was aware of who the Apex Omnivore was, Judy felt pleased when learning he hadn't known about their quarry's relationship with Nick. Judy refrained from informing Chief Bogo about the USB though. She didn't know why, but it seemed like the right thing to do given their current circumstances.

Nick contacted his father to explain the situation. Although his dad told him everything would all be alright, he couldn't help but disagree. Senior also informed him they had discovered the body of Vlad Batsarab's associate near where the vampire bat had gotten collected. An autopsy was currently underway, but he doubted anything would come of it. Once told to get some sleep, Nick ended the call.

There were only two, maybe three, mammals left on Jay's list of targets. Vlad was in custody, so he was safe for now. Deciding to peruse the USB's contents again, Nick found names of a lot of mammals he though they could trust were corrupt. Among them were Roxy, various members of Internal Affairs, ZIA and ZBI agents stationed both in Zootopia and overseas, multiple influential mammals within world government, and lastly the one and only Nicholas Piberius Wilde, Sr. Except, there was a small notation indicating Nick's father wasn't aware of his own involvement with a link to another file explaining why.

Reading the document carefully, Nick learned his father had participated in numerous missions which Jay manipulated from behind the scenes. Each time, Senior had unwittingly played right into Jay's paws. The mongoose was manipulating all of them with the mastery and finesse of an expert puppeteer. As Nick began explaining this to Judy, he wondered how giving them the USB fit into Jay's plan.

"Do you think it's possible he did this to sabotage himself?" Judy pondered. "I mean, he did say his end game is for us to stop him. By giving us all this information, he's essentially made it easier for us to do that."

"I don't know." Nick admitted. "I wouldn't think so though. Jay was always the chessmaster which planned out three steps ahead, let his opponent think they're a step ahead while actually being two steps behind, and had contingencies in the event something unexpected would occur. This could just be a gambit of his."

Frowning, Judy said, "We'll keep the existence of this USB a secret. At least, for now anyway. I know it isn't proper protocol or procedure, but something tells me we shouldn't let anyone know about it just yet." Seeing Nick nod in agreement, Judy stated, "Let's take a quick shower then get some sleep. I've got a feeling we're going to need it."

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