I originally made this as a short fill for a writing prompt by Romulus Black Talon, but decided to publish as a one shot. Hope you like it.

RWBYNPR were all excited to visit Jaune's home over break, especially when he said he had a pet tiger. But none of them were expecting this.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Jaune asked as he sat on his bed.

RWBYNPR all stared at him in various degrees of shock and confusion. Blake seemed outright pissed, Yang covered Ruby's eyes, Weiss's eye twitched, Nora smiled as ideas popped in her head, Ren seemed panicked at Nora's thinking, and Pyrrha seemed lost in her own little world.

"I told you guys I had a pet tiger," Jaune said as his pet curled up next to him.

"Jaune, that's a faunus with a collar on her!" Blake cried gesturing to the collar that had 'Sienna' sewed on it. "This is slavery!"

"It's not if she's doing it willingly," Jaune said as Sienna, who was clad in only a collar, bra, and g-string thong, ignored Blake and just curled up to her master, head resting on his lap and purring as Jaune scratched behind her ears in just the right way..

"How did you get her so loyal?" Weiss asked, earning a glare from Blake.

"Obedience training," Jaune answered nonchalantly.

"You mean domestic abuse," Blake glared and pointed to the red marks on Sienna's butt.

"No, obedience training," Jaune emphasized again. Sienna just purred and moved her head closer to his chest. She loved their obedience training.

Nora cupped her chin and chuckled in thought, which understandably terrified Ren..

"Ok, we'll just leave you to it then!" Ren said as he put Pyrrha in between himself and Nora. "You obviously missed your cat so we'll just wait for you downstairs." Ren dragged Pyrrha, using her as a shield as they all left his room and went back to the 1st floor living room.

As soon as they left, Jaune turned back to Sienna. She was now on all fours, looking at him with narrowed eyes and a toothy grin.

"Now wait a minute," Jaune said as he stood up, "I love this roll play as much as you do, but not while I have friends over, please?" Sienna didn't budge. "I don't care if we're on the 3rd floor, I don't want to risk them hearing us." Sienna started to purr. "... S-Sienna?" She started to crawl towards him. "Sienna, hold it." Her purring turned to growling as her grin became darker and sexier. "Alright, I warned you!"

Jaune went to his draw and opened it, only to find that the whip wasn't there. "What? Where-"


Jaune slowly turned around to see that Sienna had the obedience whip in her hand. Her eyes seemed to glow with hunger.

He didn't know whether to be scared or aroused, but when the whip wrapped around his neck and he was pulled towards the bed, he decided to be both.


"Ok Jaune we-" RWBYNPR opened the door and froze at the site before them.

Sienna was fully clothed and sat cross-legged on the ruined bed. Jaune was on his stomach and passed out. His head was resting on her lap and he had a satisfied grin on his face. He had on only a collar and a g-string thong. He also had red marks all over his butt, scratch marks on his back, and hickeys all over his neck.

"What even..." Yang just stared at the scene before her.

"Jaune has become the pet, and I am now the master," Sienna stated as she petted Jaune's head.

Blake smiled at the karma, Ruby and Pyrrha were spamming the camera button on their scrolls, Ren took a step away from a grinning Nora, and Yang and Weiss's eyes twitched.

Hope you enjoyed. Have a good day.