Prompt for this one: Qrow receives a letter in the mail. It's from a young woman named Khan, claiming to be his daughter after a drunken night with the former leader of the White Fang.

Qrow, Ruby, and Yang sat on a couch. Opposite of them sat Khan, Blake, and Khan's other parent.

"So, am I the only one that sees how this makes no sense?" Yang said.

"Yang, I thought you'd be happy to find out we have a cousin," Ruby said.

"I am, if I did have one. Sienna is not our cousin."

"Are you just saying that because she's black?"

"No..." Yang then looked at Qrow, then Blake's parent, and then back at Khan before looking back at Ruby, "...well partially. White plus white does not equal black."

"Ruby, you're also missing something important," Blake said as she motioned to her dad and Qrow. "Last I checked, two men can't have a baby together."

"Evidently they can," Sienna said as she tossed a folder on the coffee table.

Ruby, Blake, and Yang opened the folder and started going through the papers. There were multiple official dna test results. They all concluded the same thing: Ghira Belladonna and Qrow Branwen were Sienna Khan's biological parents.

Ruby, Blake, and Yang sat back down, eyes wide and jaws dropped in disbelief.

"But... but... how..." Yang couldn't find words.

"This shouldn't be possible," Blake said.

"How is this possible? Ruby asked."

"Any hole's the goal!" Tai called out from outside through the window.

The room was set in an unconformable silence. Ruby was hit with a wave of regret. She got noisy and went through Qrow's mail and saw he got a letter from a woman. Excited to hear he had a daughter, she was also mad that she never met her and arranged this meeting.

"I'm sorry Qrow, I'll never go through your mail again."

"It's ok kid," Qrow said as he took a sip from his flask.

"Though I hope you all already know that what was said here doesn't leave this room," Ghira said.

"Agreed," all of the daughters said in unison.

However, the doors were thinner than they thought. Outside in the hallway, Ciel Soleil pressed her head against the wall as she wrote down everything she heard. "This will be my most boldest story yet."

This is perhaps the weirdest thing I ever wrote.