Spoilers for vol 6 episode 12

Hopefully you know which 2 soldier's I'm talking about.

'Well... shit.'

That's what went through Zoey's mind as she assessed the situation.

A Leviathan was approaching from the sea, unopposed as the Cordovin's giant mech was elsewhere.

Her amber eyes turned inland as a horde of Manticores and Sphinxs flew in from the mountains.

Their odds did not look good.

She turned to her comrade and friend who was looking at the carnage to come next to her.

"Hey... John..."

"Yeah Zoey?" He said with a shaking voice.

"You... you don't wanna die a virgin, do you?"

John raised an eyebrow but then heard the roars from the hundreds of Grimm.

"Yeah, I'm beginning to think dying a virgin will suck."

John and Zoey looked into eachothers eyes for a moment before before wrapping their arms around one another, locking lips and falling to the floor as they tore each other's clothes off, initiating the sexy times.

Soldiers nearby saw what Zoey and John were doing and thought they had the right idea and decided to do what they were doing.

Soon the whole base was having one large orgy.

The effect spread to the civilian areas and soon the entire town was having one huge orgy.

The Grimm, attracted to negative emotions, soon felt the sudden shift to happiness, bliss and ecstasy, and went 'wtf eww' and turned around and left.

Even Grimm miles away felt it and moved away from the city.

On that day, Atlas declared Zoey and John national heroes for dicovering and inventing the most effective weapon to fight the Grimm: Combat Orgies.