The Story Thus Far…


It has been more than two years since Star of Rin left home with the source of her people's magic, on a mission to rescue her mother from the Zebak lands. Instead, she and her cousins have become involved with the rebels of Habaharan City, and have helped it gain its strength. Led by Zamiel Garased and his Night Watch squadron, the rebellion has spread across the city; most of its people, and most of Central Control, itself, are now prepared to fight for their freedom against their master, the Dragon Lord.

During her time in Habaharan, Star has had many adventures and changed a great deal. By night, she protects the people from capture and cruelty. She has invaded the city's most dangerous and terrible places, and survived. She has made friends with slaves, thieves, and pirates. She has even fallen for her friend Zan, and hopes to help him publish his plans for flying ships someday.

Star is happy in Habaharan, and no longer plan to return to Rin with her family. She has grown to love the city and its people, and feels that she belongs with them. Some of her cousins are not content with this; but Star has come of age, and can no longer be told what to do.

After years of gathering and waiting, the rebellion believed that its time had come when the Dragon Lord announced a great ball within the palace, inviting all of Central Control's legions to attend. Zamiel seized the opportunity and made a plan, calling his men mobilize. Urged by a prophecy, Star passed the Earth Sigil to Zan for safekeeping, and he hid it in his pocket.

It was then that disaster struck. Zadina, the queen and Dragon Lord, ensnared them with a dark, terrible magic. Central Control has been captured and led into the city's worst dungeon to die. Monstrous gray guards have stormed the city streets, burning, killing, and destroying all they touch. Star's whole family has been taken – only Vivi and Zizi, the orphaned thieves, and Star's little brother Evan have escaped.

Habaharan has fallen. The rebellion has failed. And, if Zadina speaks the truth, the Shadow Lord has come to the Zebak lands.

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