Chapter One "Hero"

"What?" Shirou blinked in surprise.

Shirou was at a loss of words. He had been expecting to find himself back in his bedroom. He had been playing the final hour of his favorite videogame, YGGDRASIL, and only videogame that he played before it would be forever shutdown. His bedroom should be the what he saw before him. Where he found himself was nowhere that shared no resemblance to his bedroom. Lush green forest. That was where he found himself. Grass and trees seemingly stretching in every direction.

Under normal circumstances, Shirou would have slowly investigated his surroundings but he seemed something that brought up many bad memories. It was the smell of something burning. Something that wouldn't cause normal people any alarm, but his sharp nose picked up a scent that was not normal. The scene of human flesh burning.

Shirou jumped up into the air. The height in which he reached was impossible for humans through natural means. At the height of ten meters it was only possible for most humans to reach his height with the aid of tools or magecraft.

He landed on a very thick tree branch. Following the direction of the smell of human flesh he found the rising smoke and burning buildings. The number of houses he saw suggested that he was looking at a village, a very small one by the count of homes. The village was a farming one from the vast open farmlands he saw surrounding the village. It was western in origin that sort that was found in Feudal Europe.

Anger swelled within him. The village had come under attack and its inhabitants were being massacred. The village had become home for a bloodbath, and it was still continuing from what he could see. He saw many corpses dotting in various conditions and concentrations around the village. As much as he hated the slaughter that was happening before his eyes, his anger paled to fury that took its place when he saw the torturing and sexual abuse occurring in his sight. At least those slaughtered did not suffer longer. Those who lived had suffering that Shirou could only imagine. They would be subjected to unbelievable amounts of physical pain and psychological trauma, and that was not counting the constant fear they had to endure at the possibilities that they could be killed if they resisted against the attackers.

"What is going on…?" Shirou muttered as he objectively pushed away his emotions and began to analyze what he saw in a cold and rational manner.

He had already accepted that he was no longer in his room. That through means unknown to him had been brought into a forest and that he was looking at a small agricultural village being attacked. What baffled him and caught his attention the most was the complete lack of modern technology. Shirou didn't see a shred of technology at all. Only things he saw were technologies expected from the medieval age and before.

I can think of that later, Shirou thought as he refocused on the battle unfolding before his very eyes. "Who are they?" Shirou wondered as he stared at the attackers.

The attackers lacked modern weaponry such as firearms and explosives. That didn't surprise him that much given what he had already seen so far. Seeing that everything he had seen made him assume that he was looking at a place and it inhabitants being near the level of the medieval age. So he looked at the attackers with a different level of expectation.

The attackers were very well equipped. Array of weapons to deal with multiple kinds of enemies. They wore protective gear that provided some level of protection to their entire bodies. It wasn't just equipment that caught Shirou's attention. Anyone with opportunity, wealth and the connections could get their hands on high quality wargear. The manner how the enemy operated caught his attention the most. The attackers were or had been professional soldiers in the past as that was the only way that Shirou could explain the high level of teamwork not just on team-level but on a company-level.

It was no surprise that the village had overwhelmed easily by the attacker. Farming tools were being used against the attackers, but to little effect. Armor protected the most obvious and easily targeted areas of the attackers. The areas where the armor was exposed or very weak were carefully guarded by the attackers as they treated the villagers as a potential threat that could kill them if not taken seriously.

Shirou didn't have to be a seer to see the fate of the village. It was clear that the village was going to be ransacked and then burned. The villagers that were either not killed would be taken as slaves. He couldn't let the pillaging and murdering continue.

As a Hero of Justice, the attackers would not achieve their objective. He had defeated EMIYA as proof that his ideals were worth dying for even if it was flawed. Shirou Emiya had ascended as a proper Heroic Spirit to become a Hero of Justice. Not living up the legend that he had forged for himself would be an insult to all his efforts and achievements. He knew what to do. It was obvious. There was a village filled with people that he should be saving.

"Trace On."

- O -

"OHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Linda Di Gelanpo screamed in horror as she ran for her life.

She alongside a company of soldiers tasked with attacking a village. It was supposed to be an easy task. Get in and slaughter majority the villagers. There had been very little risk to them as the village lacked any fortifications and had little in defense, but an ill-equipped and trained militia built of farmers and hunters. For the next hour, they had fun pillaging, raping and killing the villagers.

Now, Linda had several regrets. The first was not taking the proper precautions that was part of military protocol. She should have had several sentries posted to watch for any escaped survivors or possible enemy reinforcement. Linda quickly shook her head. She doubted that posting sentries had helped at all given what she was running from. Her second regret was participating in all the atrocities against the villagers. The death that was literally chasing after her was like karma biting back at her.

"How did this happen?!" Linda screamed as she ran for her life while remembering how it had all started.

When the first of her comrades at fallen she had thought it had been fluke as their protective equipment basically covered their entire body and left very few exposed parts. What parts that their armor didn't cover was incredibly small that only the most skilled of archers had any real change of purposely hitting their exposed flesh. The notion that it had been a fluke disappeared as several of her comrades had after all died from arrows hitting their armor's vulnerabilities.

Whoever the archer was no ordinary one. Not even the finest archers that Linda had seen or heard in her life could compared to the archer that forced her to flee. It was one thing to hit and kill someone in armor in their armor's vulnerabilities. Another thing entirely to continue to do so with rapid succession beyond a dozen times for it took an incredible amount of concentration and strain on the eyes.

Military training kicked in as she and her comrades had spread out to and searched to find the archer or archers. They found no archer within the range at least half a kilometer. It was only then it became clear that they were being shot from a range that even the most skilled archers shouldn't be able to accomplish. The search turned fruitless as not only the archer had not been located, but nearly thirty of her comrades had died before everyone decided their life was more important than to risk finding the archer.

The sword in her hand couldn't stop trembling. Her plate armor continued to create loud clanking sounds as the metal components smashed against each other as she ran for her life. She didn't care what others would have thought at the sight of her heavily armored escaping for her life. Pride didn't come before her life.

As Linda ran for her life, her mind wondered to the possible identity of the archer. Linda could think up of a comparable example of her attacker. She remembered the stories she had grown up learning up. Stories of archers that existed only in legends. Legendary archers that could shoot beyond what was considered possible to a bow and arrow. Fire arrows at speeds unheard off. Hit arrows through the smallest areas of exposed flesh.

When Linda saw a comrade that had not been more than a meter away from her get struck down by an arrow straight between the eyes, a small slit in the metal helmet, Linda was struck back into reality and remembered that she was still in possible danger and run for her life. The arrows fletching was made out black feathers. Thus, representing the very same meaning as the black crows in which the feathers came from; the arrows were associated with death and were the bringers of death in her present case.

"Run for your lives. The Black Rain of Death is coming!" Linda screamed as she ran for the direction opposite of where the arrows came from.

The Black Rain of Death, the hail of black-feathered arrows became known, slaughtering the soldiers. Arrows became their newest fears amongst the surviving soldiers. The mysterious archer was a never-ending threat that loomed over the soldiers. If they sexually abused, tortured or killed a villager then they were shot down. If they attempted to flee then they were shot down. If they remained still they were shot down. Only if the soldiers fled towards a specific location were the soldiers spared.

That was how Linda and her remaining comrades had ended up in the village square.

Although their bodies were overwhelmed with fear, none of the soldiers tried to move a step. It wasn't because they were brave, since every single one of them was paralyzed with fear. Their shivering bodies caused their armor to give off clattering sounds. After reaching the village square, any soldier that took a step found themselves dead with an arrow in tiny gaps of their armor.

Linda slightly shifted her eyes to look for help. There were two hundred some people, the villagers, and hundred or so soldiers, a third of the soldiers that assaulted the village. All the soldiers were gripped by fear. On the other hand, the villagers seemed unease with the soldiers' surroundings them but did not fear the invisible enemy that the soldiers did – probably because none of the villagers had been targeted by the unforeseen attacker.

The mysterious archer had kept Linda's comrades and she pinned down in the village square. Any who attempted to escape were killed instantaneously the moment they were outside the boundaries of the village square. No matter how fast they ran or how well armored they were, the black arrows found their mark, piercing through the smallest chinks that exposed their flesh through their armor and helmets.

"Hey, I got an idea how to get out of here. Interlock our shields together and slowly back away. Even if the archer can shoot what should be an impossible range, they are a limit in how his body and bow is capable off. All we need to do is from exposing the gaps of our armor until we reached the limit of the archer's range and we are free!"

A solid plan against most archers, even the most skilled ones, but not against the mysterious archer that was responsible for the Black Rain of Death. There were many flaws in the idea that Linda was hearing. That plan didn't consider how many assumptions they had did not match the situation at hand. What stopped Linda from correcting her comrades' idea was that she wanted to see if the plan would work out or not. If their plan worked then she would use that plan to escape the kill zone with other comrades of hers.

When her fellow soldiers began to interlock their shields, Linda felt a shiver ran down her spine. She was soon proven right when the overlapping shield wall, which was constructed within seconds, collapsed faster than it taken to construct. The soldiers who had set forth to construct the shield wall all lie died on the ground.

A shiver ran down Linda's spine. Whoever was the mysterious archer now had struck even greater fear into her heart. The game had changed. Before the black arrows had struck the tiny gaps that armor had failed to cover. The unmoving corpses of the soldiers that had constructed the shield wall had black arrows that pierced through thick shields and armor.

Soldiers took steps backwards and gasped in horror. They felt more fearful than ever before. The protective equipment that had saved them from injury and death so much in the past was now useless. Dead weight was all their armor served now. Some considered the possibility of survival if they were to strip of their armor and make a run for it as they would be more agiler.

Linda was one step ahead of her colleagues. She thought about more scenarios that increased her chances of survival. Only to come to the realistic and grim conclusion that there was no getting out of her present predicament. As she came out of grim conclusion that was when she noticed that something was making its way towards the village square.

A tall and muscular figure came walking into the village square. Spiked silver hair bounced up and down as its owner entered the village square. Steel eyes carefully looked around as if he was at the soldiers and the villagers like he was assessing everyone. The man was no ordinary man. He wore black leather armor that made him seem like he was lightly armored fighter, but the red overcoat he wore seemed to contain powerful magical enchantments of unknown purpose.

Linda took a step back when she finally managed to get a good look at the man without the sunlight shining right into her eyes.

"Is that…" A soldier blurted out in awe.

"Yea… I see the exact same." Another soldier agreed, nodding his head.

The black bow in the man's hand was longer than the height of most fully-grown men. It wasn't just the size of the bow that was amazing about it. Both the upper and lower limbs of the bow were as thick as the arms of an average person. In the place of natural fibers that would normally make bowstring was thin and sturdy cable-like wires, thick as a finger. In fact, the black bow was clearly no ordinary one, and unlike any bow the villagers or soldier had seen or heard about in their lives. It actually looked like it could fire the very munitions that were normally reserved for ballista, siege weapons that fired gigantic wooden or metal missiles to punch through fortifications.

Anyone looking at who held the massive black bow would have believed that they were daydreaming because the strength required just to carry, much less use, seemed beyond the physique of the already physically impressive man.

"Damn, don't mess around with me!" A soldier shouted in anger as he charged forward and lunged at the man.

It happened in a blur. In a heartbeat, the charging soldier fall on the ground with a black arrow pierce straight through his metal helmet.

Soldiers and villagers alike stared in fascination at the corpse of the dead soldier. For the soldiers, it quickly became apparent who was likely the mysterious archer that had dispatched so many of them from a distance that was not thought possible with a bow and arrow. Just thinking about the notion shook the soldiers to their core.

"Don't just stand there! At this range, he can't possibly get all of us. Think of our dead comrades! We must avenge them! Charge!" A soldier bellowed.

None of the soldiers required further encouragement. They became armored with the notion of revenging their comrades, people that knew as close as family. Fear dissipated. In the place of fear was courage. Without thinking about their own lives and only thinking about the bloodthirsty revenge that was welling up within them did the soldiers abandon any notion of self-preservation and charged forward in mass.

The villagers trembled in fear. That their would-be-savior' death seemed inevitable. A figure that had for a moment seemed like a glimmer of hope. A chance of defeating the soldiers. A death that would leave them without any possible chance of escaping slavery or death. When they thought about the inevitable death of their potential savior, the villagers became to weep.

"Aaaarrrrrhhhhh!" The soldiers yelled as they charged the lone archer.

When most lone archers would panic or flee when the odds were against them such as the mass charge of soldiers, the man stood still. He showed not even the slightest signs of being afraid. Instead, the man stood his ground. The massive black bow's drawstring was drawn back. A black arrow was notched. Acquired the target and fired. That was what the archer did, repeatedly, in a calm manner. He didn't show the slightest inclination that he was at all afraid or distracted by the mass of charging soldiers screaming for his blood.

Linda watched in disbelief as her fellow soldiers fell down onto the ground unmoving. Out of the eighty that had charged at the archer, thirty had already gone down before even reaching the archer in close combat. She thought that there was hope. What she saw made her begin to doubt the possibility that the man would not die.

What are we up against? Linda thought in fear.

- O -

The first soldier to come into Shirou's reach was instantly surprised by his reaction. Shirou let go of his massive black arrow and it disappeared in motes of light. The blueprints of knives were loaded from his memories to the forefront of his mind. He called upon the knives and they answered his call. Eight knives materialized in his hands, gleaming with the sunlight they reflected. The knives than made their way towards the soldier as Shirou slashed at the soldier.

The soldier had raised his solid metal shield to no avail. Shirou's knivess made mincemeat out of the breastplate protecting the soldier. Armor might as well not existed before him as knives he used were not regular ones. They might not be Noble Phantasms, but they were still Mystic Codes. Weapons several times more powerful than any regular knife.

Shirou only saw the first soldier collapse onto the ground before he turned to parry an incoming slash from a sword. The second soldier that attacked Shirou and his colleagues stared with shocked eyes as the knives bit into the metal of the long sword. Conventional wisdom said that there was no way that a sword should lose to a knife.

Forward momentum spelled the end for the soldier's long sword. Shirou didn't need to do anything. He just simply held the knives in place. The long sword continued in its path as the blade cut itself upon the knives. The knives were that sharp and strong that ordinary steel of the long sword killed itself. The sight of knife defeating a sword caused several of the charging soldiers to snap out and reconsider about fighting.

The soldier responsible for the slash was instantly downed as Shirou slashed at the throat of his attacker.

Bloodthirst still clouded many of the minds of the soldiers who had decided to charge at Shirou. They ignored what they had seen and moved to engage Shirou.

The next minute was something that made Linda and those soldiers to reconsider fighting a sound decision. Those soldiers that had decided to fight Shirou despite everything they saw were ruthlessly and efficiently eliminated. Shirou would weave in and out of danger so narrowly that at times that it seemed that he should have been wounded or killed. His superhuman agility not just helping in surviving but also eliminating his enemies. The knives cutting through exposed flesh and armor with ease.

A minute later, Shirou was surrounded with the corpses of fifty soldiers that had charged at him and fought him in close combat.

"What… how is that possible?"

"He isn't human. Not human could fight so many well trained and equipped soldiers like they were nothing."

"Where did those knives appear from?"

"You shouldn't be worried where they appeared from! Instead, you should be worried about how sharp and strong they are!"

The dozens of soldiers that had sought out to revenge their fallen comrades through sheer number took several steps back when they realized how naïve they had been thinking about using such a tactic without thinking first. They had mistaken the lone archer's appearance as bravado or as a bluff. Now that they thought about it, any sane person wouldn't have acted that Shirou did without being perfectly sure that they could survive.

Shirou smirked as he saw several of the soldiers began to tremble and their faces turned blue as they realized their folly. While they were well trained and equipped, that was only by the standards of ordinary human soldiers. He had fought the pinnacle of humanity had to offer, legendary heroes that had transcended death. The soldiers were a simple task compared to what he had dealt with during Holy Grail Wars.

As the soldiers took several steps back in fear, the encirclement around Shirou widened.

The knives were released from his grasp. They flew and true. Each and every one of the magical knives pierced the forehead of the skull or center of the torso. Both areas were instant kills as they were the brain or the heart. Eight soldiers went down. To the unskilled eyes, all eight soldiers were hit at the same time. To Shirou the knives hit their targets with a delay of point zero one seconds, an unnoticeable amount of time for most, but to him it was time that could change the course of a fight.


"He might actually do it."

Villagers became to whisper and mutter with each other. Shirou couldn't help but continue to smirk, unlike before when he had been smirking to unnerve the soldiers he was genuinely smirking. Fear was restraint than physical ones. The villagers had the soldiers outnumbered by three times. If the villagers all decided to fight than they would surely overwhelm their captors. If whispering and muttering continued as it was then it wouldn't be soon before the villagers saved themselves.

When he turned to see the soldiers, it was evident that they were scared. So, scared that they would have even in their lives. Most the soldiers were trembling so fearfully that they were paralyzed in fear and lowered their guard. Several soldiers had collapsed onto the ground either falling on their backside or fainted.

Collectively the soldiers couldn't believe what had happened due to how unbelievable it was, no one realized if they were in a nightmare or reality. None of the soldiers would believe their eyes. The monster clad in human form had killed so many of their comrades with ease and made it seem like it had been a walk through the park. The notion that even soldiers that had trained tirelessly and had years of battle experience under their belt had been defeated so easily solidified the fear that it was meaningless to fight even with numbers against the monster before them.

"Aaaarrrhhhhhh!" A chaotic scream started to fill the air in the square. One of soldiers couldn't stand the terror, cried out desperately and tried to escape.

The encircling formation of soldiers surrounding Shirou collapsed as the soldiers' broke formation and fled. However, not a single soldier tried to flee with him. The reason for that became apparent immediately. The escaping soldiers only managed to get away by several steps before they collapsed onto the ground with a knife lodged in their skulls or chest.

"No soldier will survive if they choose to flee." Shirou said in a serious tone as he readied another batch of Swords.

- O -

"Heeeeeehh!" Linda screamed in fear as fell onto her backside.

It was a slaughter. The worst slaughter that Linda had ever seen in her life. She had done many things in the name of the Six Gods. In fact, she had participated in several massacres in the name of the Six Gods, heretics and mutants alike, but never had she witnessed a slaughter like the one that was before her. Those slaughters had been done by teams working together, but never by one individual like the monster clad in human form before her.

Human instincts were to blame for the many deaths of the slaughter. Ingrained within all humans were the instincts to either fight or flee. Fighting had been attempted before, and it was obvious what had resulted. A bloodbath had ensured without a single scratch on the lone archer. Since fighting had failed, many of the soldiers had been instinctively guided to flee for their lives. The surviving soldiers were only alive because they had disobeyed of their instincts or were too shocked to move.

Even though their hands were holding swords, no one dared to attack at first. Not after the results of the en mass charge had failed so spectacularly. Their attacks were ineffective and trying to run away meant instant death. There was only one road left to take and that was to be toyed with until the archer decided what was to be their fate.

Although they all wore full-cover helmets that were hiding the faces underneath, but by now everyone should have realized their fate. Battle-hardened men and women started crying like children. They came to bully the weak but never in their life would they have imagined that they would suffer the same fate.

"God, please help me ..."

"God ..."

Several soldiers choking back tears could be heard to asking for god's blessing. Feeling powerless, Linda almost knelt down as well in order to start cursing or beg for a godly intervention. While the soldiers realized their impending fate started to pray, their prayers were suddenly interrupted by a piercing screech.

"You, you guys, hurry up and block that monster!"

Linda watched everything with a distressed look and started to frown. Because every soldier were wearing full-cover helmets it was impossible to see their faces and with their voice out of tune due of fear it was hard to determine who issued this order. But with this kind of attitude, only one person could be responsible.

…...Captain Belius. Linda' expression twisted.

"I can't just die here, people! You will go and buy me some time! Become a shield to protect me!"

No one took action. Although he was captain in name, he wasn't respected. Who would sacrifice their live for such a selfish and greedy man? Only the archer showed any form of reaction to his loud shouting. While the soldiers were still gripped by hopelessness, they also had deep sense of loathing at their so-called "Captain".

"What do you offer to compensate for the crimes that you have committed against this village?" The human monster asked, curiously.

Captain Belius jumped in fright when he found the human monster right beside him without him noticing. While the human relaxingly held his hands free of the knives that had brought so much death, Belius did not doubt for a second that it could materialize and throw knife before he could even have the slightest chance of wounding the monster, not after what several soldiers working in tandem had failed. When he met his gaze, he got the feeling that he was looking at an investigator, judge and executioner rolled into one person.

"Money, I'll give money. Two hundred gold coins! No, five hundred gold coins!" Captain Belius shouted to both his soldiers and the man before him.

Money had never stopped to work for Belius. He had bribed his way out of trouble and he was sure that he could do the same with the man before him. Another message he meant at the same time with his offer for money was also at his soldiers. The money he promised was worth a small fortune. More than enough money to live in luxury for several years. What Belius had failed to understand was at moment it was just like asking his soldiers to jump from a 500 meters cliff and only if they were able to survive would they be given the reward.

While no one took action, only one person moved.

"What...!" Belius shouted as felt an immense amount of pain from his chest. "Let, let me go! I am begging you! I will do anything you ask!"

The nearby soldiers and villagers who saw what happened couldn't stop their bodies from becoming stiff with horror.

Belius continued to beg as his hands grasped the foreign object in his torso, where his heart should be. The monster ignored his words. Just watched in eerie silence as Belius failed to realize that his death was inevitable even when and continued to beg for his life.

"Aaargh– I, I'll give you money, let, let me…"

Belius' body continued to function for several more seconds before it finally drew his last breath.

"No…. No… No."


Belius' shocked soldiers wailed in anguish. They had seen someone that was a monster clad in human form. They were seeing a monster. A monster of three different disciplines of combat: bow, blade and magic. A human monster that was a legendary archer, warrior and magician.

Their fate was out of their control. To run would mean to lose one's life, but to stay would mean a fate of death just the same. They had committed similar crimes to Captain Belius. It was obvious what they had done when it was common sense what would befall on a village when it was raided and plundered. The choice they had was to die on their own free will or have it decided by another. Although they were well aware of the notion, they had no idea what to do. A death was the same no matter who someone died. It was only a measure of how much pain before they died. Thus, their bodies were unable to move a single step.

"Calm down!" Linda roared to her fellow comrades. Linda' roar echoed from the wails. The area became silent, as if time had stopped. "Retreat! Hurry and send the signal to the soldiers that are not here! While the horn is blown, the remaining people here try to buy some time for the others to escape! I for one will rather die knowing that I managed to save my comrade, get moving!"

Everyone sprang into action. Gone was the bewilderment from before, every soldier worked as one and moved with the momentum of a splashing waterfall. Mechanically following orders, they stopped thinking. Their training kicked in to obey the commands of their superior, and it was hard to ignore the commands when they were shouted with so much conviction and charisma. They were going to make a miracle happen or die trying. The chaotic actions from before would not happen a second time. All the soldiers knew what they had to do. They needed to protect the one in charge of blowing the horn, in order to contact the other soldiers to retreat.

A retreating soldier put down his sword and took out a horn from his bag.

"Like I would let you run away from the crimes that you have committed against this village!" The monster screamed as he materialized a sword and threw.

The soldier with the horn could only watch as horror as the horn that he had been moments away from blowing broke in his very hands. The precious signal that would alert his comrades were patrolling the perimeter of the village to retreat and could save his comrades' lives was dashed with the destruction of the horn.

A whirlwind of death formed in the village square. Swords gleamed in the air as they flew everywhere. The monster spun around. A hail of sword resulted. Anyone that saw the never-ending flood of swords flying in the air would assume that the thrower had sacrificed accuracy for the rate of swords thrown. That was not the case. Each and every resulted in instant death. The heart or the brain was targeted. The whirlwind of death was both pinpoint accurate and lightning fast.

The soldiers knew that standing still in the open meant instant death. However, even as they knew that moving would make little difference to a monster that could fire an arrow at a moving target from a distance that should be impossible with a bow and the same logic applied with the thrown swords. Still, every soldier continued to run because they hoped the very short time span it took for the monster to track and throw would buy their comrades the precious seconds longer to live.

Some soldiers stayed behind to buy their retreating comrades time by advancing at the lone archer with a defensive wall. They knew that creating an interlocking shield wall would do little prevent the human monster from hitting the smallest chinks in their formation, but they overlapped their shields over the other or underneath to increase the thickness of their shields to at least slow down the armor-piercing swords for a comrade to have increased chance of survival.

Sword after sword, soldiers collapsed as throwing swords hit their mark. In a blink of an eye, several soldier died.

"Ditz! Morite! It's your time to strike. If you don't, take that cursed monster down then it is going to kill all of us at this rate!"

The soldiers who were singled out hurried charged to kill the invincible enemy. Swords continued to fly as the shield wall continued to close in around the lone monster and those who were brave enough rushed forward in an attempt to silence the rain of throwing swords.

In a flash four soldiers had died. Although Linda felt fear, she took her sword and stood before the black whirlwind, ready to heroically sacrifice herself like a martyr.


Even if there was no chance of winning, Linda did not intend to sit still and, shouting a battle cry, used all her strength as she sprinted forwards and swung her sword towards the lone archer.

Maybe it was because it was her final chance, but Linda broke her own limits and released a strength that surprised even herself, this might've been the best slash she ever did in her whole life.

The monster turned around to deliver a sword right in the middle of Linda's eyes.

After a flash, Linda' eyes spun around to see her sword tumble onto the ground. Her eyes began to close as she lost consciousness. Before the darkness took her, Linda heard the sound of several horns being blown.

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