Chapter 1

"DAN HONEY ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL" his ma called. "I KNOW MA" he responded tiredly. Dan groaned, tunneling himself back into his duvet. "DAN WAKE UP" his dad called angrily. "OKAY IM GETTING UP" he yelled back. So he got up and got dressed into his usual. Black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with a black hoodie on top. He checked his phone for any messages.


hey dude ready for the first day of 12th grade? and the last first day of secondary school


ready as I'll ever be

After that little conversation, he went downstairs and got his breakfast. "What took you so long?" his father said angrily, belt in hand. "JAMIE DON'T" his ma tried to say, but it was too late. The belt smacked Dan in the face with the belt. He tried not to cry. "Aw is the little baby gonna cry?" his father said mockingly. "N-no I just h-have somthing in m-my eye." Dan said. "I think you should go to school. As for you, Jamie, I think we need to talk." his ma said. So Dan walked out the door listening to the sound of his parents fighting, as usual.

His phone buzzed, but he ignored it. He just kept on walking. He wanted to get away from the house as soon as possible. He hated his father so much. One time, he hit him so hard, it left a mark for a few days. After that, he found his dad passed out on the couch with a few beer bottles next to him. He started to cry again. "Pull yourself together, Dan..." he mumbled to himself.

He got to school and the first thing he saw was PJ, Chris, Felix, Mark, Jack, and a new kid. The new kid had raven hair and bright pools of blue in his eyes. He was tall, probably as tall as Dan. He was skinny and slick, and he looked so good. "Damn" he whispered to himself. He called out to the group "Hey Peej, can I talk to you?" he said. "Yeh sure just a sec." He said something to the new kid and went over to Dan. "What'ya need buddy?" he said.

"Who's the new kid?" he said still shocked by the beauty of the new kid. "Oh him, that's Phil Lester, he moved here from Manchester." Phil. That's a nice name. he thought. "He's hot" Dan said, forgetting PJ was there. "DAN HAS A CRU-" he was interupted by Dan smaching his hand over his friend's mouth. "Shut your face, PJ!" Don't tell him, I'll tell him when I want to." The boys went over to the group of kids. "Hey Dan did you meet the new kid Phil? He moved here from Manchester like you did!" Felix said, too cheery. "Are you okay Felix?" Dan said, concerned. "No!" he said, still smiling. "Ooookay then..." The bell rang. "SENIOR YEAR HERE WE COME! WHOO!" the group all said in unison. They all laughed at once.

le time skip (around 4 days)

It was the end of the day. Dan had decided what to do. Then he had an idea. "Hey Phil!" he called out. Phil turned around and saw Dan standing right in front of him. "I was wondering... if you wanted to come to my house tonight?" he asked. "Yeah sure." He responded.

They got to Dan's house. This is going to be fun Phil thought then smirked to himself. They went inside to be cooled down. "MA I HAVE A FRIEND OVER!" he yelled before he saw the note on the table. Hey dan me and your dad went out to think things through be home when you leave for school tomorrow. ~ Ma

Phil walked over to Dan "You okay buddy? You looked stressed." he said then he saw the note, too. He just gasped to himself and went back to smiling. "So, wanna do homework? Mr. Jenkins is making us study for the test tomorrow." Dan just groaned at the thought of studying. "Uh, yeah sure." So they went up to Dan's bedroom.

They went to Dan's bed and pulled out their algebra books and "studied". Neither one spoke until Dan broke the silence. "So, what's your life like? Give me the most detailed description ever." He randomly spat out. Phil was confuzed "I- I need to go to the bathroom. Be right back." He left looking a tad bit sick.

He came back and Dan gave him a worried look. "Hey mate you okay? You look a bit sick." Phil just stared at him holding his stomach. Damn he's cute. he thought. "Phil. Earth to Phil!" Dan said waving his hand in front of Phil's fave. He snapped out of his trance. He blushed "Oh, um, sorry I-I was thinking." Dan saw him blushing and he smirked. "Um, Phil, your blushing. Are you okay?" He blushed even more. "Erm, uh, sorry. I was thinking." Dan smirked even more. "About what?" Oh jeez my thoughts are gonna be everywhere and he'e gonna hate me and-and- "DAN I LOVE YOU!" and Phil ran off.

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