Sorry for the late upload! Promise next week it'll be on time. I was just really busy this weekend. Enjoi. (ps i still need names for the sequel!)

Dan had been in the foyer of his school. It was a long weekend. It was almost Christmas. He just had 2 more classes and he was done for the rest of the month. The bell rung. "Dang it." he mumbled. He saw Phil in his next class. "Phil, come to my house after school. I have something to tell you," Dan whispered to Phil. "Enjoying ourselves, are we, boys?" Miss Boston said. "Sorry ma'am." the boys said in unison. "I'll see you, after class, Daniel."


The bell rang. Dan went up to Miss Boston's desk. "Daniel, I-" "Dan, please, ma'am." Dan said irritatingly. "Right, Dan, You are probably wondering why I called you today." No crap, Sherlock. "Well, I was going to tell you, I feel like, during this class, there is someone in particular that likes you. His name... Phil." Dan sighed. "Yeah, I know. He keeps staring at me from across the table and then, when I look at him, he looks away, slightly embarased." Miss Boston looked at him, like really? "You like him too, huh?" Dan blushed. "Um, er, y-yeah."