Good day fellow writers/readers. This is my very first attempt at the Warcraft fiction. I love the game and the books, so I decided to take a stab at writing a story. I like Anduin so much, I needed to expand his character a bit. Enjoy and if you get a chance, let me know what you think. I have a few directions for this story. Not sure which I'll take. I guess it all depends on the response. Enough yammering from me.

I'm re-posting all chapters. I needed to tweak a few things. Enjoy!

Kia sat quietly in the large tree outside the small cottage where she lived, the thick purple and green leaves only partially blocking her from view from the road. This was her favorite place. She loved to just sit and listen to nature, her legs swinging slowly under her from the branch where she perched. The temperature was moderate and the breeze was slight. It was almost a perfect day. Perfect days had been hard to come by since the shattering of the world, so Kia was determined to enjoy this one.

The cottage was many miles away from any other civilization, so there were few bipedal conversations to muddle her conversations with her animal neighbors. For Kia, like her human mother before her, had a gift for communicating with animals. Her best friend Quinn, a winterspring sabercat, sat outside with her, enjoying the slight breeze. Her father had given the cat to her as a cub when she was only three years old and it was with the wild cub that Kia learned of her gift and developed it fully.

Though she was only nineteen years old, still a child in the eyes of night elf society, she had no trouble living on her own. Her father, Malfurion Stormrage, had raised her among the night elves until she was fifteen, at which point she chose to move away from the city, to her mother's quiet cottage on the outer fringes of Ashenvale. She was young for a night elf, but an adult by human standards. Physically and mentally, she was an adult. No one questioned it, since there really was no true record on the maturity rate of a human/night elf hybrid.

Why the Archdruid, and leader of the night elves, had chosen to mate with a human, regardless of the fact he was happily married, was beyond Kia. She was afraid to ask her father the question and her mother had died during childbirth. She honestly really didn't want to know the circumstances behind her conception, but sometimes she wished her mother were around to answer uncomfortable questions. Unfortunately, human women were not physically capable of birthing night elf children without intervention by night elf magic. Her mother had learned this the hard way, having only a human midwife present during her labor.

Kia sighed loudly, looking blindly out into the forest. She was going to miss this. The forest had changed since the shattering of the world and Deathwing's return. Darkshore had been entirely annihilated and a great deal of forest had been torn down due to the continued conflict with the Horde, but Kia's home and surrounding forest had been lucky, for the most part, only suffering minor damage.

"You're being depressing." Quinn said in her sabercat language. To anyone else listening, it would have sounded like growls and chirps, but to Kia, the language was perfectly understandable.

"I have a right to be depressed." Kia replied. "I don't want to move to Stormwind. I'm an adult. I shouldn't have to do anything." The comment sounded like something a child would say, but she stood behind the statement. The whole situation was unfair.

She jumped down from her tree with elfish grace and sat next to her furry friend in a thick patch of grass by the house. The large cat was never very far from Kia's side. Quinn was not only Kia's friend, the cat was also big enough to ride and strong enough to fight. She was a very versatile companion. Their true communication allowed them to be more closely bonded than most night elves and their riding cats. Theirs was a true friendship.

"Think of it as an adventure. You like seeing new things, meeting new people." Quinn said, resting her head on Kia's lap. "You've never been to Stormwind before. You might like it."

Kia leaned back, resting on her elbows. "I do like the adventurous side of the idea and it will be nice to see if Stormwind is everything I've read, but I just don't want to move. I like it here. It's quiet. Peaceful."

"Yes, I like it here too, but your father's right. You need to learn about your other half. You've been raised as a night elf. It's time to learn what being human is all about. It's a whole new culture which applies to you just as much as the culture here. It's easy to forget you're half human."

It was a true statement. Kia herself often forgot she was half human, even though the human in her was plainly obvious by per appearance alone. She had been raised around tolerate night elves, so she had never been made to feel any different than any other night elf.

"I wish you and my father would stop being so logical." She replied, sitting up and scratching behind Quinn's ear mindlessly. Deep down, she knew her father was right. She was just as much human as elf, so it would be good for her to learn about life as a human, but that didn't mean she had to like it. She was stubborn. Her father said she got that from her human side.

"Winterspring sabercats and night elves are logical beings. It's something we have in common." Came a voice from the road. Her father walked up, leaving a small group of night elves on the road behind him. Mostly sentinels and a mage to portal everyone back to Darnassus. Malfurion was enjoying the day just as much as his daughter, opting to walk and commune with the forest, rather than portal to retrieve her. He only bothered with sentinels and portals because of Kia. Normally, he communed with nature on his own.

"Yes, they are. It's annoying." Kia replied, standing to address her father fully. He was much taller than her, standing over seven feet, to her barely six feet. She was short for an elf, but would be considered tall for a human woman of her age. She would probably reach over six feet when fully grown. Her growth had slowed considerably since she turned eighteen, but it hadn't stopped completely yet. When everything was said and done, she would always be short for an elf, but she would tower over most human women and many human men. It was just one more thing, on a very long list, which made her different.

"I know you like it here, Ki, but it will do you good to live among humans. Your mother would've wanted this. I'm afraid I haven't done much to help nurture your human side over the years. Sometimes it's easy to forget you're half human."

Kia sighed. Being raised as an elf meant she thought like one, felt like one. She never really thought about just how different she was, except when she passed a reflective surface. "You're right. I know you're right. You made the effort to arrange for King Wrynn to look out for me and let me stay at the castle. It would be considered rude to not show up. I don't like this much, but I'll go through with it. As you said, it'll be good for me and it's not like I have to stay forever." Kia looked down at the ground. "It just feels like you're sending me away." This was the first time she had voiced her opinion on the matter to anyone besides Quinn.

"I'm not sending you away. I love you, Kia. You're my daughter..."

"Your illegitimate daughter." she whispered quietly, knowing her father would still be able to hear the comment. It was a hurtful comment, but that fact didn't make it any less true. She was Malfurion's only biological child, but she still felt like an outsider around Tyrande.

Malfurion placed his hands on his daughter's shoulders. "You are my daughter and I'm doing this because I want you to grow up to be a well adjusted, well educated, young woman. This has nothing to do with what you are. I want what is best for you. Sending you to live with the humans of Stormwind wasn't an easy decision to make, especially with the world only now recovering from the attack by that cursed Aspect, but..."

"Tyrande hates me." Kia replied. The statement was a little off topic, but since she was voicing her opinion on things, she figured she might as well let it all out. She didn't know when she'd have another opportunity to speak so candidly with her father.

"She doesn't hate you."

Kia shrugged. "I don't blame her. I'd hate me, if I were her."

"She doesn't hate you. She loves you. And my decision has nothing to do with Tyrande. She agreed we'd be doing you a great injustice if we prevented you from exploring your human half. There is no better and safer place for you to explore than Stormwind."

Kia nodded, but she didn't truly believe her father's words. Tyrande was her father's wife and lifemate. It had to have hurt the night elf priestess to find out her beloved had a child with another woman, especially considering they had no biological children of their own. And not just another woman, but a human woman. Tyrande hadn't been a big advocate for the alliance they held with the humans of Stormwind at first, but she didn't protest too much, since she understood the need for it. Always the pragmatist, since she was guided very closely by the moon goddess. For her part, she didn't protest the day Malfurion brought the baby home. It didn't mean she liked her though.

This wasn't a new conversation, so Malfurion decided to let the topic drop. He had learned years ago he wasn't going to win the argument. "Are you ready to depart? Draya will portal us back to Darnassus. From there, we can portal to Stormwind when you're ready."

Kia felt a nudge behind her knees and saw Quinn, carrying her bag in her mouth. She had already sent most of her things to Darnassus. The cat was far more excited about the move than Kia, which only irritated her more. She took the bag from her cat, throwing it over her shoulder. At least her best friend was going with her to her new home and nothing said 'leave me alone' quite like a full grown sabercat.

"Well, according to Quinn, I'm ready. I've given up trying to argue with her. She's usually right, anyway."

Malfurion chuckled. He found the interactions between his daughter and her cat amusing. Her mother's ability to talk to animals had been the reason he had sought the human woman out in the first place, and though he had never intended for their relationship to go to such a level where the accidental conception of a child was possible, he was still pleased their daughter had inherited the trait. He looked over his shoulder, gesturing to the mage. Draya nodded, summoning a portal home, the shimmering magic beautiful against the backdrop of the forest.

"Trust me, my dear. This won't be so bad. I already have a man living in Stormwind who will act as a guide and teacher. Rell Nightwind has lived and served with the humans for years. He'll help you adjust. Listen to him and he'll teach you a great deal about being a ranger. That is, if you're certain it's still the direction you wish to go?"

Kia had inherited some druidic powers from her father, but she rarely used them and had no interest in developing them. She watched other druids being trained with interest, but not enough interest to follow in her father's footsteps.

It disappointed Malfurion, but he wanted his daughter to decide for herself what she wanted to do with her life. If she wanted to be a ranger, than she'd be a ranger. He couldn't deny her gift with animals would be an asset to the trade.

"I haven't changed my mind. At least not yet." She shrugged. "I'm stubborn, but who knows? Things may change someday."

Malfurion placed an arm around Kia's shoulders. "Yes, you and Rell will get along fine. He's not a ranger, more of a rogue, but he'll still be able to teach you some useful skills. He's taking temporary leave of his usual duties with SI:7 to help you."

The two walked to the now fully formed portal, Quinn following behind.

"This will be a good thing, you'll see." Malfurion said one last time, before stepping through the portal. Kia followed behind him, with Quinn close at her heels.

To Be Continued. Thanks for reading.