New chapter up! Thanks for reading. This one is getting close to being finished, once I get how I want it to end sorted out. It will deviate from the game, but I want a solid ending.

The next morning, the king and queen dined alone for breakfast. In fact, they weren't bothered at all until well past midmorning.

Around lunchtime, Anduin went to the war room to debrief with his officers and advisors, while Kia had a checkup with the midwife and healers. Neither of them wanted to be parted, but life could not stop, just because they were back together.

Kia hadn't thought much about Jaina being back in Stormwind. She was just so relieved to have Anduin home safe, she had forgotten about her anger. That is, she forgot about her anger until she entered the dining hall, where they were scheduled to dine with a larger group, including all of Anduin's advisors.

When Kia arrived, she noticed Anduin and Genn talking with Jaina. She approached the group, Genn bowing to her.

"It's good to see you well, Kia." He said, informally. Genn had been one of the few people Kia was able to convince to still call her by her first name. "I'd say pregnancy is agreeing with you."

Kia smiled sweetly at Genn. "That's very kind of you to say, Genn. I'm happy to see you back in one piece."

"It's good to see you again." Jaina said, turning to Kia.

Kia glared at her for a moment, then turned to Anduin. "So, you've forgiven her for everything, just like that?"

Before Anduin could speak, Kia turned to Jaina. "Don't get my wrong, I'm happy you were there to save the day. There are many families who get to see their loved ones again, thanks to you, but don't think that makes things even. Anduin is a very forgiving person, but I am not."

"Kia…" Anduin started, but the look Kia gave him stopped him in mid sentence.

"No. She needs to hear this." Kia turned her attention back to Jaina. "You abandoned Anduin when he needed you the most, simply because he was using his own mind to decide what was best of Stormwind, rather than follow you blindly. You were being selfish and cruel to someone who saw you as family. You're welcome here because Anduin still sees you as family, but you are not forgiven."

Kia turned to Anduin with a sigh. "I'm not feeling very well. I'm going to go rest."

"Of course." Anduin said, kissing Kia on the check, then allowing her to leave the room.

The room was quiet for a moment, then everyone returned to conversation. All in attendance wisely returned to their previous conversations, rather than discussing Kia's outburst. Anduin was a less temperamental king than his father, but they didn't want to overstep their king, regardless.

Anduin sighed, turning to Genn and Jaina. "I'm sorry about that, Jaina. I'm afraid Kia is a bit more emotional than normal."

Jaina shook her head. "She might be more emotional, but she's not wrong. I did abandon you. I'm sorry for my actions and I plan to do everything in my power to build your trust again."

"You've been through a great deal over the years. You have a right to your anger and your reaction to father's death, but I never lost my trust in you."

As they spoke, Malfurion and Tyrande walked up.

"That went better than I thought it would." Malfurion commented.

"What do you mean?" Anduin asked.

"When Kia received your correspondence about what happened during the battle, she had a much more aggressive response to Jaina's reappearance, though the audience was much smaller."

"Kia's actions aren't just an emotional response. Thanks to her pregnancy, it's also a survival instinct response all female night elves get then they're carrying a child. They become more primal." Tyrande added. "In Kia's eyes, your actions threatened her family. At the moment, she feels an uncontrollable need to protect herself, her unborn child and her mate. You, unfortunately, seem to have stirred her protective instincts."

"It's actually interesting to see how much of her night elf half is coming out as her pregnancy progresses, though I think she might be upset with herself about how she acted, once she calms down. Our healers originally believed a pregnancy with Kia would lean more towards human behavior than night elf, but it seems they were mistaken." Malfurion said.

Anduin nodded, thankful for his inlaw's insite. He honestly hadn't had time to read up on how a night elf pregnancy might be different than a human one. "I wish there was something I could do to help ease her troubles. I hate to see her this way, but it's comforting to know this kind of thing is normal, if not slightly unsettling."

Genn cleared his throat. "If you'd take some advice from an old man. Perhaps, Your Majesty, you should have some dinner sent to Kia in your chambers."

Anduin laughed, patting Genn on the shoulder. "You read my mind, my friend."

"I'll see to it." Genn said, taking a bow and heading over to one of the royal stewarts standing by the side of the room.

"Not to worry, Anduin, the woman you know and love is not lost forever. Once she has the baby, she'll return to her usual calm self. Though I haven't gone through it myself, night elf males have been dealing with our females during this time since the beginning of our species. You might be one of the only human males to go through it, but I have no doubt you are strong enough to handle her." Malfurion said.

Tyrande slapped Malfurion on the shoulder lightly. "Don't scare the young man."

Anduin laughed at their playful banter. Not many got to see the lighter side to the night elf leaders. Jaina looked amused by the jovial mood, as well.

With any luck, he'd be able to patch things up between Kia and Jaina. His life would be much easier, at least on the homefront, if they could get along. Anduin had a feeling he'd need Jaina's help in the coming months and he didn't want her presence to make Kia uncomfortable.

To Be Continued...