Nick walked across the street he was feeling good today his pockets were full he notice out the corner of his eyes that their was a police car slowly rolled down the street it lights off he put his head down the two animals in the cop car, two pigs were both seated side by side.

The animals walked down goodwill street going on there daily chores, Nick waited till the right moment to police car went around the corner he reminded himself it was game time his eyes scanned the crowed there !.

he broke off in a jog the mother was barely paying attention when nick slammed into her snatching her purse the women cried out she opted to hold on to her baby then try to secure her fleeing purse nick raced on the clock the crowd started to shout after him he ran to the nearest alley. The pigs in their cop outfits ran towards him arms outstretched to catch the smaller creature . Nick dodge the arms the biggest pig with his big barely snout shouted "stay still you fox ".

nick growled at the names trying free himself his arms and leg held down by the a 200 hundred pound mammal his neck outstretched as the cops put the shock collar on he screamed and squirmed the smallest pig grinned a dark grin his mouth a whisper "you know what we do to foxes".

his words chilled nicks bones his mom head warned him many times what would happen if the police happened to get him alone he head also heard stories from the OGs older foxes that spoke about knowing a person that knew a person that was murdered by the police. The fattest pig eyes scrolled down to his holster his gun at easy reach the smaller one chipped in his two cents " we could make it look like an accident or even self defence" with those words in the deepest of his soul he felt he was done he knew he was dead they were going to kill him and no one was going to find out.

He yelled profanity at the cops he wasn't going to die like this no he can't he won't he refused he thrashed his arms his legs went up. the purse and his hungry stomach forgotten the cops pulled him down the gun was out this was it. His life was over " Bang" the trash can fell the pigs jumped off of him gun out of sight the location of the sound revealed a fox ? . no smaller than a cub a baby in fox years close to 5. His orange fur stood out from the trash in the alley.

The pigs were stunned he bigger one lifted the police standard pistol he aimed " wait" the smaller pig broken out of his stupor and grabbed his partner's gun "you can't shoot him he's a kid ". the larger one snarled back "it's just another dead fox plus he's a witness now" the other pig glared finally the bigger one relented both pigs grabbed nick and put hi in the back of the car unable o kill him in front of the child or kill the child himself. nick rode in the back of the car the in his head he was mad he was broke he might die and his head was pounding from the beat down the pigs words scared him "your lucky". he thought to himself "am i lucky"?