Mme. Bustier droned on in the afternoon's heat. Marinette put her head on her arms. She was paying attention, honest. Ok, well, maybe honesty would say she wasn't. Most of her classmates were having just as much trouble focusing as she was. Max was just about asleep, snapping his head back up every so often in an effort to stay awake.

The exception was of course Chloe, who couldn't miss a chance to put other people down. But, even she was feeling the heat. So instead of hitting people with sharp asides, she mimicked their dozy expressions. Her caricatures were spot on and kept giving Sabrina quiet giggles. When Max snapped his head back up a little too hard and sent his glasses flying, the two girls nearly lost it. Max's face went red, then white. Marinette sighed, and burrowed her head further into her arms. In front of her, Adrien sighed as well, saying wearily "Chloe, please." Mme. Bustier looked briefly at Max. Then without pausing her lecture – that slow, sleepy rhythm that seemed made for crickets in the heat – she wandered over to a classroom window and opened it, then back to her desk.

A few minutes later, a dark purple butterfly fluttered in the open window, coasting on the too-warm breeze. Most people ignored it. Mme Bustier said "Marinette, if you wouldn't mind."

From somewhere buried under her arms there was a muffled, yawning "Spots on". A pink flash filled the classroom. Moving just one arm, Marinette flicked her yoyo at the akuma, catching it as it descended towards Max.

"Time to de-evilise". The yoyo flashed white, and a white butterfly fluttered out.

"Spots off".

Adrien rolled his eyes at Chloe, putting her phone away after a quick selfie with Ladybug in the background. Marinette waved a finger in his general direction, not bothering to even lift her fist. Mme Bustier took a cookie from the packet in her drawer and dropped it on Marinette's desk as she walked past to Max's desk. "How about you go get a cup of ice and water from the cafeteria, and take a few minutes to cool down?" She handed him an out-of-class pass and waved him off. Then she closed the window again, and continued with the lecture.

The ceiling fans droned on.

A/N: I wrote this bc I just loved the image of Marinette barely bothering to move or even look around, and akumas having become so everyday that their class teacher just deals with it and continues.