The Rise of the Goa'leks. Ch. 1

On Skaro some of the Dalek Scientific Elite was meeting each other about their scientific breeding experimenting ideas. After their first meeting with the Goa'uld and much to Davros' racist philosophical frustrations started genuine diplomatic one lead to the idea of a breeding experiment by interbreeding a few hundred Daleks and a few hundred Goa'uld. In order to create a brand new ultimate/superior race. During the political meeting Davros screamed I am your creator and I have created you to be the superior/ultimate race there is no reason to inbreed with these inferior aquatic parasitic snake race. The head of the Dalek scientific department /governing body replied wrong Davros on several accounts. First you didn't necessarily create us you simply took notice of where our mutations could possibly leading us and simply took control of our Evolution. But that is no reason for you to try to be able to have control over us . Second of all although we may have some special abilities that doesn't necessarily make us supeior to the Goa'uld which by that logic it could be said that instead the Goa'uld are superior to us. For they have some special abilities of there own which you had already mentioned. That we don't have such as being able to forcibly take hosts for the longterm and take control over the mind and body of their hosts .Plus they have the capability of individually extending the lifespan of their hosts and themselves into close to the lifespan of a Time Lord without the Regeneration cycles. Plus another reason we are doing this is so that you can't any longer use that I'm your Creator and you must do as I suggest card. We are going to be our own creators. After the outburst Davros was as directly ordered afterwards tooken away by the Dalek Guards and thrown into the prison and surprisingly actually executed. Then the Interbreeding experiment continued on sometime afterwards following the trial and error process the scientists where successful and the results were a brand new hybrid race. Which it could both look like a Octopus like creature of a Dalek and when the arms are merged/combined a snake like creature like a Goa'uld. Then behavior wise they could both expect/force worship of those that they deem as lower lifeforms and forcefully take hosts and take over the minds and bodies of those those that they deem as lower lifeforms just like a regular Goa'uld and if not then they will exterminate just like a regular Dalek. They have the combined intellect and knowledge of all of the Daleks and Goa'uld. Watch out the Universe the Goa'leks are born and are ready and prepared to be unleashed upon you .