Figured I would just put this idea up for the sake of it. My idea is pretty simple because the basis of it already exists, although not on my stories. It is based on "Not this time, Fate" by Coeur Al'Aran, so if you wish to use this idea you must, I repeat MUST; ask for his permission to use it.

So, I got this idea when I read his fanfiction and thought "But wait, time doesn't exist." Then I remembered a theory about a Steven Universe episode, in which the titular character ends up creating an alternate timeline in his attempt to create a band made up entirely of himself and versions of himself from the past. The theory states that because time travel is impossible, instead of travelling through time Steven was travelling through dimensions. Where is this going you ask?

Well, considering what happened in the final chapter of NTTF (which I shall not spoil – read it for yourself, because it is worth it) this was confirmed in its entirety. Jaune did his thing, but Weiss still existed, and was still able to save him. And now, the part where I actually say my idea.

The story will be about the repeats Jaune went through previously, but not about the times Jaune was there. It will be about what happened to the world after he left. Now, since in NTTF Jaune said how when he failed to save someone he would kill himself, I am certain that there are worlds where Salem still lost – it is just that RWBY didn't quite get the victory they wanted. Maybe the story could be written as a general overview, with it saying things like "RVLN, through great struggle, was able to defeat Salem, but in the aftermath..." or it could go into more detail, as a third/second person. Either way, that is my idea.

If you want to use it, then do – I certainly won't – but I cannot stress enough that you NEED to ask Coeur Al'Aran for permission. On the off chance someone actually uses this idea. Most people don't, do they? I hope someone does.

So, in summary – the story will be about the worlds left behind. Whether it is Adam, Salem, or the good guys that win, it will be in a world where either only Jaune has died, or someone else has and Jaune has therefore committed suicide. How this has affected the people who are still alive is up to you, since the impressions he left on them can vary wildly considering Jaune tried just about everything. This is my only request that if you write this story, you do not have to do: I would love to see what life was like for Jaune when he tried joining Cinder to learn about her plans.

That's all! I hope someone takes up the idea and remembers whose permission they need to ask for. It would be called "Those that remain," and would be fun to read (hopefully). Now, for this fun fact: did you know that there are enough bones in the human body to make a skeleton? Weird, right?