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"So damn hungry..."

Naruto Uzumaki didn't know where he was.

Naruto was a tall, 19 year old, man of 5'11" in height. His body was both muscular, and lean in both nature and frame. He had bright golden hair, and his eyes were a deep blue color, all that went with his tanned peach skin. His clothes were in absolute shreds, having suffered major damage to them that left him in barely a state of decency. His jacket was completely blown away, as was most of his white shirt underneath it that barely covered half of his chest and his shoulders. His pants were in a similar condition, with the majority of his right leg showing, and the shin of his left leg gone.

He didn't currently know just where he was.


There was a lot of sand where he was, with white mountains all around in distant locations. There were no normal living creatures that he could see. All he could see were strange creatures with grey to black skin, and holes in their chests, that wore white masks and had bones on their bodies. He had even seen some giant creatures the size of huge buildings, but those creatures spent most of their time eating each other.

"... Seriously, the fuck Raikage?" Naruto asked, since he had tried hunting one of the creatures, but when he killed it, it would always vanish before he could try and cook it and eat it. He was going several days now without food or water, or at least he believed it to be days. There was never a day where he was, only night. He had yet to see the sun, and he should have seen it since he had yet to sleep since arriving where he arrived at.

Naruto didn't arrive where he was happy.

He just saved the world from the falling moon, rescued the girl that he confessed his love to, and defeated his enemy Toneri. A lot happened, and then boom.

The Raikage fired the Chakra Transportation Cannon, a cannon that had the power to send things to another dimension... and then destroy it. The Raikage apparently had not gotten the message that they saved the world, so he decided to destroy the moon, by sending it to another dimension and blowing it up. The blast alone had killed everyone that had been on the moon other than Naruto himself, killing his friends on the moon, the girl he loved, and the enemy all at the same time.

Now here he was, trapped in another dimension.

He spent the first 'day' of his time in this place mourning his losses, burying what little he could find of his friend's remains... and damn was there very little to bury. He just fell in love, and his love had been killed, because life loved to watch him suffer.

"You still have me."

"Yeah, I do have you Kurama." Naruto admitted with a little optimism. He still had the giant chakra beast sealed inside of him. It didn't help him get back home, and it didn't help him get food or water in his body, but at least if he died of starvation or dehydration, he wouldn't be alone when he died. "At this point, I'm literally waiting to starve to death though... I'm so hungry." Naruto groaned as he held his stomach in pain. He had gone for a long time without eating or drinking, or sleeping but that was the least of his concerns.

"Yeah, death by starving isn't a good way to go. If you want, you can summon me and cut off part of my flesh and eat that." Kurama did give Naruto the option of eating part of his own flesh. Cutting off enough for Naruto to eat would barely do anything at all to him, he wouldn't even feel it. He would just regenerate the flesh, and unlike Naruto he didn't require food or water. He was a being of pure chakra, he didn't need the same things that humans needed.

Naruto shook his head.

"I would rather die than eat a friend... and even if I was willing to eat you... it isn't like I have anything to drink. Kind of need water too." Naruto pointed out the flaw. He would die of dehydration before he died of starvation it would seem. He wasn't that worried though, he had come to terms with dying, not her exactly, but he didn't fear death. He had no fear of what would happen to him after death, and he felt no fear over what it would feel like to die.

He held no fear for death, so he could walk towards his own death without hesitation, his only issue was that it wasn't an enemy he was going to die to.

He was dying because he couldn't find anything to eat or drink.

"You could always ask that thing following you."

"... There is a thing following me, since when?" Naruto asked as he looked around for what was following him. He had gotten so used to not bothering, none of the things were able to hurt him so why worry, that he didn't even notice that he was being followed.

"Since I found you burying the remains of your comrades."

Okay, so there was a person that was watching him, and had been watching him for awhile now.


"I didn't know what you things are came in female." Naruto stated with a tilted head. He didn't bother bringing his guard up. It wasn't because she was female, it was because it was clear that based on how she was acting, tensing up when she realized he noticed her, that she understood he was stronger. She had also been following him for days, and hadn't attacked him even though his guard had been down the entire time. "You waiting for me to die before trying to eat me?" Naruto asked her as he turned to face her, and looked at her.

With his eyes, even though she was a good distance away from him, hiding half of her body behind a rock in the sand, he could make out her features.

She was nearly as tall as he was, surprising. She had short blond hair, which alone surprised him since he hadn't seen a thing with hair here. She was very humanoid looking, with blue skin covering most of her body, and white bone armor with gils in several places covering most of the rest. She had a long bone tail fin coming from the back of her head, and her legs were clad in large bone boots with fin-blades on the back. She had spiked shoulders, and the only non-blue skin on her was her olive-skin that was around her eyes, her green eyes. Her right arm consisted of a large shark-tooth shaped sword with gils on each side of the blade.

"... You don't know what I am?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, the lower half of her face completely covered by bone-mask.

"Not in the slightest, I'm not from around here. I'm pretty sure you saw it, but I came from that moon that appeared here and exploded." Naruto was pretty free with information. He was going to die if he stayed here without food or water for much longer anyway, so he might as well pass his story on to somebody willing to listen.

He was sure that she saw that if she was close enough to see him bury his friends... and Toneri.

Bastard the guy might be, but even he deserved a proper burial.

"I'm curious... you don't appear to be a Shinigami, but no human could ever survive what you did. At the same time, I can't sense you. My goal is not to eat you, I am simply curious about you." The woman spoke as she begun to walk closer to Naruto. Despite not being able to sense him, she could still see that he wasn't an overly violent man. She didn't feel the need to stay hidden anymore now that he was being very open about himself.

He had only ever killed Hollows that attacked him, and even then he didn't kill them on purpose, his attacks just did so much damage the Hollows couldn't survive even his weaker attacks.

"Curious... Well, you're free to ask me anything, but while you do I'm going to look around for some food. You can join me if you want." Naruto mentioned as he turned around and started back on his journey to feed himself, and quench his thrist.

Just because he accepted death, didn't mean he wasn't going to try and survive another day, no matter what happened to him he would always move forward in life.

The woman considered it, before she followed after him and begun to walk beside him.

"Hollows, the thing I am is called a Hollow, and I... I am Tier Harribel, a Vasto Lorde amongst the Hollows." Tier pointed out what his earlier statement led her to believe about him.

She believed he was not aware of the spiritual side of the world.

"Naruto Uzumaki... OH, I get it, Hollows have those holes in their bodies. You don't have one of those holes." Naruto mentioned as he glanced up and down her body. Nonperversely of course, he was actually trying to find her hole.

"That sounds worse."

'I'm well aware.' Naruto thought to Kurama, who made the contact.

"My hole is internal, the hole in my body is where my womb would be. Well, Naruto Uzumaki-" Tier started, before Naruto hummed and stopped her.

"Just Naruto, I don't care about politeness that much." Naruto had to stop her before she became too polite with him.


"Naruto, what are you?" Tier's question was a reflection of what he was curious about. He didn't know what she was, though now he was aware of her Hollow status. She didn't know what he was though, but she knew what he wasn't. He wasn't a Hollow, he wasn't a Shinigami, and she had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he might be a Human. After all, she didn't even know of superhumans that could casually survive being blown up with a moon, and not take very much damage.

Or heal from the damage that he took at the speed he healed from it.

Naruto thought on that.

"I'm a Shinobi from another dimension who came here after travelling to the moon, and fighting to protect the woman I fell in love with."

Naruto's answer stopped Tier from walking for a moment as she just took that moment to look at Naruto. Then, she continued to walk and caught back up with him. She glanced at him to find ANY indication that he might have been lying to her. Of course, she didn't find that indication, and he said it himself, he was practically dying. He had no reason to lie to her at the moment, and the moon he appeared on did come out of nowhere, so it did give his story credibility.

She accepted his story.

'I see, I can't sense him because my mind can't comprehend how much power he has inside of him.' Tier thought to herself as she looked at Naruto's relaxed face. She was beginning to understand why she couldn't sense him now, even though by that logic she should have been destroyed just by standing next to him.

Then again, he didn't seem to be releasing his energy at the moment, who knows what would happen to her if he ever released his power nearby.

"I'm surprised you are as stupid as the other... Halos... Hollows I mean." Naruto mentioned as he appreciated the conversation.

She appreciate the comment, but she could understand it.

"Hollows, most often, are mindless creatures until we reach our stronger forms. There are some exceptions to the that though. Most of the intelligent Hollows aren't foolish enough to attack a man who survived a moon exploding." Tier explained the logic behind why Naruto hadn't seen any smart Hollows before her. All of the ones with any amount of power or logic to them had figured out that attacking Naruto would be equal to comitting suicide.

Hollows were power crazy, but they ones with brains were not often stupid.

"... Do you know where there is any food?" Naruto asked her as he rubbed his stomach.

"Only Hollows survive in Hueco Mundo, there is no life here, and no water. We Hollows don't require food... though many of us decide to eat anyway." Tier had audible disdain in her voice when she stated that. Naruto wasn't dumb, he figured out if there was only one type of thing that survived, then there was only one type of thing to eat.

Other Hollows.

It helped he had seen a Hollow eating another Hollow, which did give him the visual clues that he needed to figure out what she had been getting at.

"... Well you seem nice enough to me. I wouldn't mind travelling with you until I die." Naruto told her with a grin on his face.

She glanced at him.

He was very friendly, and she was still very curious about him. She was curious about his apparent godlike power, where he came from, and if she could attain such levels of strength without the need to sacrifice others. She nodded her head slowly towards him, before she raised her hand up and a a black portal shaped similar to the teeth on a mouth, leading into a swirling black void, showed inside of it.

"Wait here."

With that, Tier walked into the portal and it closed behind her.

"I blame you for scaring her off." Naruto told Kurama, and the giant fox huffed in annoyance at Naruto's joke.

"What do you think of these... Hollows?" Kurama asked Naruto more seriously, and Naruto looked up at the moon with a slight frown on his face.

What he thought about them was simple.

"They make me sad... They feel so... empty to me. Just looking at them, I can see how much they are hurting. I can look in their eyes, and see how empty they are on the inside. Even Tier seems empty on the inside, but I think she has a goal." Naruto said as he raised his hand up and created a spiralling ball of energy in his hand. He pointed it behind his head, and shot it off like a beam, before it pierced a Hollow that was stalking towards him right between the eyes, killing it and evaporating the body.

Okay, he had sensed the killing intent of THAT one.

Kurama understood Naruto's point.

"My chakra is dark and menacing, but the energy inside of these things is just evil. Of course, it is nowhere near as strong as I, the greatest Tailed Beast... but you can taste their evil desires." Kurama pointed out, and being the Tailed Beast he was, couldn't stop himself from blowing his own horn.

Naruto didn't deny that.

He could sense that most of them were pure evil, beyond a simple talking to. He didn't need Kurama to tell him that killing them was a mercy to them, even if they didn't know it.

The portal opened back up, and Tier came back.

She only had one hand to use, but in her hand she had what looked like a filled back. She extended her hand, and showed Naruto the bag.

It was filled with fruit, and at the bottom of the bag there were bottles of water.

"I don't wish to sacrifice others, and I am sure the Shinigami will attack you if you go into the human world. I will travel with you, this desert is a lonely place." Tier spoke with a nod of her head.


Tier raised an eyebrow when she saw that Naruto had already stuffed his face with the food in the bag, and hadn't even heard what she had spoken to him. She closed her eyes and nodded her head.

He was a good man.

"I will travel with you." Tier simplified what she had been attempting to tell him seconds previous.

Naruto gave her a thumbs up.

Sounded good to him.

Chapter End!
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