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"So, when do you plan on telling him?"

Sung-sun asked Tier while covering her mouth, glancing at the woman as she looked from the tree branch they were sitting in. Naruto was doing strangely basic training without showing off his abilities, but he was just keeping himself in shape. It had been 8 months since the events of the beach, and Naruto hadn't gone out of his way to go and meet Aizen, just like Aizen had yet to go out of his way to meet with Naruto as well.

Tier didn't say anything.

Sung-sun didn't need her to, because her eyes told a story.

"You should tell him, even as an Arrancar, you are still a woman, and he sees you as such. You are the strongest woman, you should be with the strongest man while he is still alive." Sung-sun stated with the grim reminder to Tier.

Naruto was alive.

There would come a day when he died, and if she didn't confess to him before that time, there was no telling what would happen. If his soul would be bound to Hueco Mundo, or if it would go to the afterlife of his world. She could always pull his soul out of his body, but that was no good. For starters, she wasn't strong enough to do such a thing at the moment, and with her Arrancar form now complete, she was unable to get stronger through the normal means a hollow would get stronger.

Tier stayed silent.

"... Other female hollows are taking notice of him, you have competition... females of Hueco Mundo gather to the strongest, or else be preyed on by the strong. It won't go unnoticed that the strongest is human, and that they do not feel hungry around him." Sung-sun really would rather the Queen of Hueco Mundo not become some person unworthy of Naruto.

Naruto was the unofficial King you could say.

In the few years, no hollows challenged him, and whatever place Naruto existed became his kingdom. Lesser Hollows gathered to him in droves, and those who believed they could get stronger by eating him were unable to even damage him. Nobody challenged him anymore, and it had let to a lot of boredom on Naruto's part.

Sung-sun didn't get a visible response from Tier this time.

"There is no reason to confess anything, I am content with what we have now. I have an important place in his heart, despite not having a heart myself. We are hollows, we aren't human or Shinigami, there is a hole in our heart."

"Not you." Sung-sun pointed to where Tier's hollow hole was.

Her womb.

It was mostly hidden by the pants that Naruto made her wear, but unlike many hollows, Tier didn't have her hollow hole where he heart was. She was a hollow who was capable of love, and her heart did not need filling. Even before meeting Naruto, she didn't need to eat other hollows in order to get stronger, she refused to. She was a purely good hollow who didn't hurt those that she didn't need to, and felt sympathy for other life forms.

She was the only hollow who was not hollow, or at least one of the very few.

"I am content."

"Is he content?" Sung-sun had observed Naruto for a long time now, and she could tell that he was saddened by something deep down. He had lost a female that he loved very dearly, and that was an emotional scar on his heart. He told her of Hinata Hyuga, a woman he loved who died, but from what she could see he was ready to move on. He wanted to move on, but he wasn't good at making moves on people, and the woman of the human world weren't able to stand being around him for too long.

The human world wasn't strong enough to handle Naruto's existance for extended periods of time, and from what they could tell, Naruto's brief visit to the beach when he flared his chakra, had caused quite a few humans to start to develop new powers.

Naruto changed the world by existing.

"Are you afraid then, afraid of being rejected?" Sung-sun asked as she looked at Tier.

Still no physical indication of a reaction, it really was all in her eyes as her gaze turned to Naruto and softened.

It was always night in Hueco Mundo.

"... Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken!"


Naruto transformed into a golden form for a brief moment, before he went back to his normal form, but in that instant he had created an attack and threw it into the sky. Tier had gotten a brief look at it, and it was a small black ball with spinning blades coming out of it. Naruto had thrown it at such super fast speeds that it would be nearly impossible to dodge. In less than a second, it spanned the distance of the ground and the clouds. Sung-sun had fallen out of the tree and landed on her back when a large lion hollow jumped out of hiding, surprising some of them.

There was an explosion that lit up all of Hueco Mundo.

When the explosion ended, there was no more moon.

There was no more moon.

"Thus is the difference in power, in the amount of time it would take for me to release my true power, he transformed and unleashed an attack far surpassing anything I could ever dream of. That wasn't even a fraction of the full might he could unleash... this world only exists because he allows it to exist." Tier spoke as she looked down at the lion hollow that had freaked out from her hiding spot.

An Adjuchas.

Naruto paid more attention to something else though.

'There you go Aizen, that should show you all you need to know.' Naruto thought as he eyes looked in the distance for a brief moment. He had sensed Aizen watching from far, so he gave a small show of his might for the man to make his own judgements. "Good thing I held back, that was just a regular Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken, I can spam like 7 of those at the same time. That was nothing compared to the Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, or the Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken... oh, a new friend! Sup, my name Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto shouted out as he greeted the new face.

A future friend for sure!

A large brown skinned lion with a golden mask and golden mane, very interesting for a hollow to have such a distinct appearance!

"It seems a weak little Adjuchas has decided to show herself, and our own Hollow King has decided to show his might... though some warning would be appreciated... or he might find that I will bite him in his sleep." Sung-sun stated respectfully to Naruto. After observing him for long enough, she knew where her loyalties were.

"Please don't do that, it really hurts when you wake me up that way... she bites my ears, and it sucks." Naruto stated to the new hollow who showed herself.

That "Oh Shit" had been screamed with a female voice after all.

"... You are the rumored Hollow King... but you are not a hollow... and you have two Arrancar following your lead."

"Name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto repeated his earlier statement of his name, introducing himself a second time as he took a couple of steps towards the newcomer.

Sung-sun walked over to the lion.

"This is the part, where you tell him your name." Sung-sun whispered to the female hollow, knowing that she was in between a state of shock and fear. She herself had never seen Naruto use that level of power before, and though she knew he was strong, she had never actually seen all that much proof of just how strong he was before. "Also, why did you destroy the moon?" Sung-sun asked Naruto with a deadpan tone.

"I was getting sick of it always watching me." Naruto stated the last two words loud enough for any possible spies to hear.

Hope that got the message across.

"I am Franceska Mila Rose, I came because I smelled a very strong female hollow and heard rumors of an even stronger hollow king. I came to eat you... originally." Mila Rose stated, but now she was starting to rethink those thoughts. She was positive that she had no chance in hell of winning such a fight. "I wish to gain greater strength-"

Naruto tossed his jacket over her head.

"Okay then, lets go home for the day-"

"It's always night here."

"-I meant night... lets call it a day, I AM ALLOWED TO USE THAT EXPRESSION AT LEAST, and get some grub." Naruto shouted at his ever sarcastic Sung-sun, and she just smiled behind her hand.

"... You are the Hollow King, and you allow her to talk to you that way?" Mila Rose asked, and Sung-sun seemed offended.

"I will have you know, there is no person alive more loyal to this man than I am. As his closest follower, my sarcasm is a form of affection. If he ordered anything of me, I would not hesitate-"

"Sung-sun is one of my good friends, so I don't mind the jokes too much. It's kind of nice that she feels so comfortable with me." Naruto interrupted Sung-sun, and he reached up and gave the giant lion some affectionate pats on the head.

Tier landed on the ground, and started to walk towards home.

"Lets go." Tier could already see where this was going to go.

They gained a new ally.


"... we need a bigger home..."

Sung-sun as a giant snake could hit inside of the house easily, but a giant broud shouldered lion was not going to fit through the front door.

"It's okay, pets need to stay outside anyway."

"What did you call me!?"

Sung-sun gained somebody she was going to enjoy mocking.

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