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Let it be known Hyoudou Amaya was not ignorant to the moonlit world. The amount of power and unrestrained energy around Kuoh was hard to ignore with a pedigree such as hers. The town was controlled by Devils, creatures of the biblical faith, and she herself saw the absurdity in it. Japan and most if not all of Asia was home to many other faiths; Shinto, Confucian, Tao, Hindi, and Buddhism to name a few. She had expected Kuoh to still have the magic and energies of the local shrines unlike the dark and menacing devils or the sublime light around the churches.

Amaya was born into a very large family of spiritually aware humans. It was a clan, hundreds if not thousands of years old with their own customs and traditions. From the history books she had learned her family could see the dead and were both loved and hated for that ability. She easily remembered such a fine line her family had to tread. It was an agreement lest they be exterminated again. Her own parents lived a loveless marriage but make no mistake, her father loved his children deep in his heart.

She didn't want to bring her husband or her son into that life. It wasn't stifling as her father revised and changed much of the traditions when he had taken over. It was safe, a place where she could freely use her abilities without a care in the world. No, It was despite all her powers and all her abilities, she was forbidden from using them. The self control, the apathy for refraining to save lives ate at her. When she fell for Shinjiro, she left her family with their support and blessings. She was sad to see them go, to never meet with them again.

What was truly ironic was when Issei was born, she felt it. Demons, Devils of dark magic embodying the powers of the sins belonging to the christian faith nested onto Kuoh. Maybe they knew she existed, and maybe they knew she left the guardian wings of her family as it seemed that they decided to stay.

Nothing came about even during Issei's 4th birthday. Amaya had used all her teachings she had learned by her family to conceal herself and it seemed that it worked. Her heirlooms and gifts were kept in a safe, locked in a way only she could open. She breathed a sigh of relief when nothing came through the door except for Issei's friends and even a family known as the Shidous.

The Shidous were a friendly and lively bunch. There was a daughter the same age as her little Issei which they quickly became fast friends. She laughed with the other adults when Issei didn't know Irina was a girl. The father was a widow and he explained he was a priest residing at the local church. It was concerning when she knew a Devil had taken residence not much long ago and hoped nothing came from that.

Life was wonderful for the next three years. Irina and Issei were stuck to the hip as one might say. They went on adventures together, played together and even bathed together. It was a blissful time, at least until Irina's father came to pick up his little girl one day. She saw the resigned look on his features and Amaya recognised the fake smile from anywhere.

Her father used it often when she was young.

He politely declined the dinner invitation she and her husband made regularly. It was the first time Shinjiro looked on in concern.

A few hours afterwards, Amaya felt the sudden disappearance of the Demonic energies which encompassed Kuoh like a blanket. A weary breath left her mouth and she knew what had occurred. It wasn't hard to figure out.

It was sad to see Issei's friend go. The father had told them they were moving to England. He made some believable excuse and the other parents fell for hook, line, and sinker. Not her; She was aware, and she knew what had transpired.

Her little boy was strong. He braved through the hugs and goodbyes like a man going off to war. The tears kept at the edges of his eyes stayed until the Shidous were no longer in his view. It took all her son's might to hold it in until they went back in the house.

Issei bawled much like when he was first born and he didn't even decide to run into his room. He opted to hug his mother fiercely while Amaya did her best to soothe the child. If she was any other mother and he was any other son, the energy focusing around Issei would have been ignored.

She stared at her son's back with wide eyes as she could see spiritual energy gather around him. She wished it was a trick of the light, but she could sense the energy. A stone fell from her stomach as she recognised the signs. He had his family's gift, His mother's gift. The gift which Amaya tried so hard to conceal from her son and husband.

It was harrowing to watch.

Issei was tucked into his bed by 9PM after he cried himself to sleep. Amaya ignored the looks her husband gave her and went to her phone. The damp blouse she had on weighed much heavier than it should have.

A calming ringtone played into her ear until it was picked up. An old, raspy voice came out of the speaker, calm and soothing, yet still filled to the brim with life. She'd recognise it anywhere and let the nostalgic voice cloak her in protection. "Hello?"

"Father? It's me, Amaya." Silence was met when she finished her sentence. It seemed that he could hear her feelings through her voice. The tension came off her in waves. Knowing her father was listening, Amaya gave off a sad smile while she continued, "I'd like to come over. How's tomorrow sound?"

"I'll see you then, my dear. You can explain everything then."

Her brief life was bliss, almost like a dream. It was time to return to the fold.

When Albion first woke from a long slumber, he was unimpressed by his newest wielder. Hyoudou Issei was a scrawny little thing; Weighing at less than a mere 2 kilograms he expected the child to start off handicapped. However to his surprise the runt was a fighter. He was strong.

He watched the boy nearly every waking moment, trying to get his bearings on the current era and the world around him. Japan was not the last of his choices, it was better off than his previous country. He scoffed at seeing how mundane such a life this child lived.

Albion watched the daily goings of the child, from when he first tried his best to walk and tripped over some shaker toy to the day he started playing around in the mud during the rain time. Boy did the child love the rain. It was not unappreciated to know his wielder had affinity to his own element.

The father made time to play with the boy, usually coming home early from his days of work. Albion logged into his mind the man worked on medical equipment and the like. Not a bad profession. The mother was your regular old housewife. She stayed home, did shopping and kept watch of the child like a mother to her hatchlings.

It was just simply mundane.

The dragon feared the day his rival's wielder would show up and burn it all to the ground. It was common enough for Albion to stake a bet on it. Ddraig would usually obtain the most aggressive and reckless user while he would always rarely get one that lived long enough to use him.

Let it be known Albion wasn't hoping for a confrontation. He simply knew it was inevitable. The battle between Albion and Ddraig was so long ago, he already forgot whatever the reason why they fought in the first place.

After hundreds of years and dozens of wielders, Albion was tired. The dragon no longer wanted to fight anymore, he enjoyed the lives his previous wielders lived out, no matter how grand or boring they were. It was peaceful. He would like to assume Ddraig was as well. Their wielders never grew older than their 30s before the eventual battle to the death, leaving neither alive. The cycle would repeat over and over, never ending.

The dragon cursed the biblical factions for all eternity. At least let the loser die after a worthy battle.

His reminiscence was broken when Issei caught hold of a side of a door to steady himself. He watched through the child's eyes, gazing upon a safe. It was unlike any ever seen before. Albion knew it was locked up tight. Solid military grade steel with a dial and keypad that closed with a heavy thunk. He huffed in curiosity when the mother quickly covered it up with various cloth and moved it deeper into the closet.

It seemed Issei wasn't so mundane after all.

When Albion's wielder turn four, he quickly met and became friends with a little girl by the name of Irina. The dragon roared in laughter when the boy was dumb enough not to understand the difference in gender. The boy was a riot.

Oh ignorance was truly bliss. Where Albion's wielder lived was a powder keg waiting to blow. The girl's family was only a father, and he reeked of holy light. That, add the constant devil energies of the underworld and Albion knew exactly what was going on.

A territory dispute.

While it wasn't the same kind that dragons had when they chose to live out in the open long ago, he understood Kuoh was claimed by the devils. He told himself it was most likely one of the pillar devils as they usually had a distinctive smell. Dragons could tell without even a glance. Maybe this was the catalyst for Issei to go through, a trial by fire.

To Albion's surprise, nothing came from it. At least for three years that is. He felt the sudden shift in power and the devil's energy quickly faded into obscurity. It was brief, it was even quiet. The dragon tilted his head in confusion, such a battle should have at least created some noise. Even a shift in energy, indicating a barrier was better than this. The energy simply vanished.

Hours later, Issei was already hugging and holding in his tears. Irina and the priest were leaving Kuoh for England. Albion felt conflicted. It didn't occur to him until now however; This was one of the only few wielders since Arthur Pendragon that had their soul so entwined with his own. He barely needed to work to see through the boy's eyes, smell through his nose and hear through the ears. The reason for this was quickly answered by a culmination of spiritual energy that gathered around Issei when he held onto his mother.

Albion could taste the energies that were passing through the soul. This had to be addressed, yet sadly, the boy fell asleep right afterwards.

When the boy woke, Albion watched Issei's mother quickly got the child to change clothes. They were visiting family she said. How unusual; Unless the mother knew what happened to the boy last night. Albion watched Issei wash and change without any fuss. It seemed that the night before made the boy wake with fatigue in his mind.

A walk to the station and two or so hours of a train ride left the family at a countryside of… somewhere in Japan. The Dragon didn't know what Aichi Prefecture was but it was a splendid place to see. The Shinto did well in keeping their territory free from whatever they fought against.

They spent a ride on a rented car until they stopped at some residence in the country. It had Albion's full attention. The place was quite large, much larger than the Hyoudou home, yet the white dragon's mind was ringing with alarms. He could smell it.


The estate grounds were caked in energy; pure, unrestrained, and un-altered spiritual power flowed freely around the home. Spirit power always had an affinity; Holy light for the churches, primal elements for untamed nature and wildlands, and the smoke and ash of the volcanos. This kind of energy was only found in the world of the dead!

Albion sucked in a breath, inadvertently making Issei do the same when they saw an old man wearing a white robe stand in front of the main building with a warm smile. Above the old man with salt and pepper hair was a plaque of a silver five point star, overlaid on another five pointed cross, inside of a pentagram. For Issei, he had finally met his grandfather. And with a quick introduction he hugged the old man with a bright smile. For Albion he found something that should no longer exist. He took back all the words he said when Issei was born. The child wasn't mundane at all.

Quincy. Dragonsbane. Albion roared in laughter.

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