Apologies. I'm bad a writing combat.

Kudo Matsuri felt goosebumps all over her body the moment the hollow's tail crashed into her side. The force launched her into the air as her feet couldn't touch the ground to keep her steady. She didn't meet the hard concrete of a wall however, Instead, she was caught with a hand around her shoulder. Meifeng was fast with a shunpo, landing near a tower of the corner of the base. They had the time, so they inspected the hollow.

It had the appearance of a cross between a tiger and an eagle. Four strong limbs were covered with scales with razor sharp claws ended at each paw. The front legs doubled as wings much like wyverns of the dragon race. It's body had feathers from it's head to it's two tails which had blades at the end. Two red eyes glowed in it's horned mask.

"Tough" Meifeng claimed outloud to her side. Her blade was raised up to show it to the girl. Feathers clung to the edge, barely cut as they hung loosely to the weapon. Matsuri got the picture. Her teammate wasn't the type that attacked straight ahead. True to Onmitsukido tactics, the feng child focused on a hit and run strategy, only committing when an opportunity was ripe.

It was just her luck. Fujimaru was the hit and run fighter in the twin's combat strategy, Masturi thought. She didn't think this fight was going to be that difficult now. She held her atsushi level to the ground, the blade set horizontally as she asked, "What's your most powerful Hado?"

The girl in question grunted in confusion, she thought it over hard before answering back. "41"

Matsuri smirked, they might actually be able to handle this hollow after all. A plan formed in her mind and didn't think she needed to relay what was going to happen. All she needed was to tell the other girl to wait. Onmitsukido training would do the rest.

They could hear the smirk coming from their enemy. It was amused, and it showed by him waiting for the two to make their plan. Matsuri clenched her teeth, she was angry at being underestimated.

She hadn't learned the shunpo technique, however she was confident in her own speed. The two wasted no more time, Meifeng danced around the beast while Matsuri herself lunged forward.

Her swing was easily blocked by a tail, eyes switched to the left, the front paw already in the air. She ducked low, blade dislodged from melee and reoriented. She swung forward, the strike was true but it did little to the underbelly of the hollow. The girl grimaced. Even the underbelly of the beast was tough, defending itself from an Atsushi's edge. The hollow tried to stab with it's jaws, the fangs sharp enough to tear the girl in two. It earned little aside from a katana to block the fangs in between it's mouth. In the corner of the girl's eyes, Meifeng swung at the wings of the hollow. It did very little as sparks flew from the impact.

Matsuri couldn't help but lament on her inability to call out her Zanpakuto. Atsushi's were powerful weapons, but they could do nothing to a being more powerful than her. Meifeng was seen behind her opponent. The blade held in a reverse grip, her strike did little except to stop the hollow's second tail from stabbing the blonde. Something that the blonde was grateful for, her blade was in the beast's jaws and she had to use all her strength just to get it out.

The hollow didn't have the ability to get a good hit on either woman. It showed even behind the stonelike mask, it's eyes no longer smiling. They were at an impasse. The feng child covered Matsuri's blind spots while she traded blow after blow. Claw and tail merely grazed the skin, true damage was never committed.

This stagnant dance was soon lifted once the girls got slower. A missed block from Meifeng lead to a stab to Matsuri's side. She coughed out blood, her grip loosened. Ice quickly formed at her feet once she tried to back away.

"Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Bakudo No.9 Geki!" Symbols were drawn in the air. The fingers flashed quickly while a red aura overflowed Meifeng's body, that aura quickly engulfed the hollow. It was paralysed.

Matsuri broke away from the ice with her Atsushi as the other girl met up with her a few meters away. This was a problem. Every hollow once born from the regrets and failings of moving on had a special ability. They had believed it's power belonged in it's tails, but it seemed the hollow had power over ice.

"That Bakudo isn't going to stop him long." Matsuri stated. Frost covered her lower legs, they were hard to move. The other girl nodded quickly. She raised her left palm towards it and chanted, "Great lord! Mask of blood and flesh, flutter your wings, ye who created the name of man. The inferno was not enough, the sea has yet to part, do not waver!"

Two orange and yellow orbs formed at the palm of her hand. Matsuri was slowly able to use her legs since heat generated from their glow melted the surrounding ice. They danced and twirled together into a drill before they shot out in a pillar of energy. "Hado No.41: Nikiku Bakuho!"

Cracks and thundering sounded off, a shockwave was created once the Hado shot out of her palm. Both girls skid on the wet ground beneath them.

Shattering of energy cracked out of the Hollow before it was engulfed with hell fire. The last thing those girls saw was a large explosion. Smoke coalesced into one large stack.

Screeching erupted as a body flew into a building made of reinforced steel and concrete. Fujimaru did little to stop his partner from breaking his back. The creature's dragon faced mask opened to reveal a glowing red fire. He could only swipe away a boulder of hot lava from his partner's general direction.

Fire and earth was this Hollow's power. Steam blew off in wisps off it's body, the water all around it melted into large puddles. It had a stout body with four legs and an outer shell like a turtle, scales adorned its skin with a pattern reminiscent of a snake. The snow that landed on the hollow sizzled every time.

"Tomoya!" The blonde boy called out. The atsushi in his hand grinded on the hollows claws when it made a swipe. Fire laced the edges. He jumped back once he the felt fire start to burn his hands.

The auburn haired boy got up, steel beams and rubbled moved out of the way. He responded, "I'm good."

Tomoya ran forward, blood dripped down his forehead. He motioned for his partner to keep the hollow still. Fujimaru nodded and went for the attack, aiming at the hand on its left side. He twisted his blade in between the hollows claws, interlocking them together and pulled back. Once the hollow realized what the shinigami was doing it tried to disengage. Its appendage was stuck, Fujimaru used all he could to keep the beast steady.

A heavy swing came down and cut through the arm. Tomoya while slow had plenty of strength while tired. Black ichor splurt out, the beast they fought roared in pain. It's eyes glowed angrily with the intent for vengeance towards who damaged it.

Fujimaru moved quickly. He got in between the other claw's path, a smirk grew on his face. That strength the hollow had before was severely weakened. It no longer pushed him away, a clang was all that it did.

Tomoya seemed to noticed this as well. He used the new blindside he created to get a few slices on the hollow. The scales cracked and shattered before his atsushi. They heard the screams.

Fire burst forth from the hollow. The ground underneath them rumbled. Why did Fujimaru have a sudden feeling of unease? He tried to warn his friend, instead the other ignored him to rush for another strike.

"Wait, Hang on!"

A sneer grew on Tomoya's face. The hollow could only stand with three of it's legs. It was on death's door. Confidence spurred on like an engine, he called back, "Relax. I got this!"

Blades flew at him head on with fire laced around the edges. Tomoya raised his weapon up hastily, he could only block most of them. The scales were more than just shields! Their opponent fired them off like a cannon, spinning around with fire like a top or a dreidel. Fujimaru called out his name.

Tomoya's torso and side were marred with cuts, blood flung out in streams. He ignored the cries and continued to rush forward, hoping to get a kill shot.

The hollow smirked behind its mask. Claws raised up quickly, Fujimaru ran to block. He hoped he would get there in time.

Steel met bone as sparks flung off into the water around them. Fujimaru dragged his partner out of combat. The ground beneath them spurred into action. Spikes rushed up to stab them where they stood but the blonde was quick enough to dodge everything, including the passenger he rescued. He looked back, the hollow lost it's leg.


Fujimaru paled when he saw what was wrong. His partner's left arm was gone, ripped apart from the shoulder bone. His fist gripped onto the appendage, futilely hoping to stop the bleeding.

Issei's concentration was broken by a scream in the air waves. The sudden change was all that the hollow needed.

He blocked it's forearm hastily with his bow. His own blade swung up to catch the creature by surprise, it proved to work. A gash was seen on the hollow as it traded a blow, blood showed from a scratch on his shoulder. The forearm raised up for another smash but was stopped by Issei's seele schneider.

I really recommend Divine Dividing right now. Albion said the moment both sides jumped back to get their bearings. Issei took the idea from their technique earlier and grabbed his three seele schneider in between the fingers. It covered more of an area and he thought it looked kinda cool.

He was breathing heavily. He had to use all of his energy to keep up with the hollow's speed and strength. His felt his legs wouldn't be able to handle another blow. Issei asked, I never activated Divine Dividing before. How do do I do it?

Usually you'd just call it up like a superpower or when your life was endangered. The dragon's voice spoke out as he dodged a stab to his stomach. He raised his leg to help support his arm when the kick came to him.

Then why isn't it doing anything now?!

Blut that glowed at the surface of his skin shattered from the impact. He stood firm even while he knew he probably wasn't going to be able to use that arm for some time. A hirenkyaku disengaged him from the assault. Albion defended himself. I said normally ok? Us fusing must've changed something. Think, is there any other way?

Well I could call you out like a Zanpakuto. Issei snarled against the pain of reactivating Blut. He was desperate for something right now. The hollow was out of his league and he could tell the thing was only getting a little serious.

Do it!

There needs to be a release command. The boy complained while he ran, the hollow was hot on his tail. Buildings were used as shelter until they were ripped from the ground. He fired off shots but they only grazed the hollow. He wasn't making any progress.

What is it?

I'm supposed to ask you about that! It's your release command! Issei's response earned an aggravated snarl from the dragon. All the while he was running, dodging, and firing arrow after arrow back, Issei could feel Albion was wracking his brain, trying to find out a way to activate Divine Dividing. A sudden blur hit him at the side. It threw him only a few meters away as his feet caught ground. The skidding of boots did damage to his legs. Issei prayed he didn't crack anything.

I got it. Repeat after me. A glimmer of hope sparked in Issei. He fired off a Lich Regen to slow the hollow down while breathing deeply. He nocked a seele schneider to his bow, aiming at the enemy in front of him. Reiatsu broke out of his body like a dam, aura flowed out in a slight wave.

"Spread the wings of entropy, Albion!"

In a flash of white, feathers burst out of his body. Metallic wings spread out of his shoulders, tufts of white feathers gathered in clumps at the ends and joints of the wings. Blue energy flowed down to make six feathers or leathery plates. Issei felt a slight bump or piece on his back. It weighed nothing but he could tell it was there.

Without needing to use hirenkyaku, Issei dashed forward towards the hollow at a blinding speed. His body floated above ground, letting his feet regain some strength. He stopped behind the beast and a seele schneider was released from his bow.

The blade pierced into the shoulder of the hollow, it earned a scream in agony. The creature turned around and missed Issei's form. Feathers were left in it's place. Another two seele schneiders met it's thighs, crippling him.

Issei coughed out liquid. He moved too fast and too suddenly. He wasn't used to the acceleration. Still, with enough strength to make a final blow, Issei drew back an arrow and fired.

The arrow was parried out of the way.

Another hollow stood in front of the one he fought. It ignored him while a hand was firmly grasped on the arm of the wounded one. They left in a quick burst of energy.

With gritted teeth, Issei quickly pulsed a reishi scan and followed them with Albion's wings.

His eyes scanned the surface while in the air. He flew down when found his other teammates. They gathered together, some more worse for wear than others. Tomoya lost his left arm and his right eye was bleeding profusely. They looked up towards the hollows they were fighting that stood behind the newcomer. The hollows cowed at it's appearance. He gulped, his bow raised in defiance.

"We're leaving." The new hollow commanded to the rest of the others. It's eyes only on them and not at the students behind it. An arm was lifted and poked the space in front of it. The sky ripped into threads much like when they first appeared. The hollows made little protest as they jumped in. "The shinigami will be here any second."

"What about those four?" A hollow's question made the leader turn it's head towards them. It's only response was a raised palm. Energy swirled into a ball and it scoffed in disdain.

"What four?"

The rip in space closed just as the ball of energy blew straight at them in a beam, a pillar so large that it would encompass all four entirely. Issei could feel how much power was inside it, it could kill everyone if it hit and it was moving too fast for them to dodge.

With quick thinking Issei took out the remaining three ginto in his pocket and threw them at his teammates. He screamed out an incantation, and hoped he would make it in time. "Die Silberstäbe treffen auf das fünffingrige Steinbett. Das Gewicht ein Festung verteidigt dich! - Gritz!"

A film of reishi emitted from the thrown ginto. Silver and stone lining moved outwards, enclosing each person into a large almost coffin shape. Issei grimaced he didn't have any more Ginto to use on himself. The blast was already on it's way. He threw down all his chips on Albion's wings.

Won't work. Give me control!

The pillar of energy hit the group of four in a powerful wave. The ginto enclosure cracked and crumbled after each second they endured against the beam. Parts of the Ginto disintegrated until the beam broke apart into pieces. An orb was in the beams way, deflecting energy around it.

When the attack was over. What was left were brittle ginto coffins that shattered to the most gentle of touch. An orb of blue transparent energy surrounded Issei that braved the storm before it unfurled from his body. It was the wings that were used to protect him.

Albion was in control. Issei wasn't skilled enough to used his other abilities yet so he took it upon himself to activate Reflect. It seemed the ability changed when he and Issei fused. No matter, It worked in a way that he wanted it.

He slowly returned into Issei's inner world, letting the boy back in control.

"Quite Interesting" A voice appeared right beside Issei's ear. He jumped away from it and turned around to see who it was.

It belonged to a shinigami. The black kimono and a white jacket was the telltale sign of a captain of the gotei 13. He had a skeletal appearance with a skull-like visage. Black paint covered his entire face with stripes of white went top to bottom. A golden cone hat was worn.

The man's eyes unnerved Issei. Golden plated teeth shimmered as he smiled. A syringe was immediately in his hand. "You won't mind for a sample or two-"

"Captain Kurotsuchi." Said captain clicked his tongue once another made himself known. Hitsugaya Toshiro appeared with a few other shinigami from his division. A group of medics went to work on the wounded as the two captains stared at each other. He glared at the scientist, "You're a little quick on getting here. I hope you didn't plan for this encounter."

"I have no idea what you mean." Mayuri scoffed with a shrug. His face twisted into a look of scorn. He watched the students that were gathered by the shinigami in disgust. His voice came out with a sneer, "My division has to waste our time on some useless dummy hollows instead of doing my projects!"

Hirako Shinji, captain of division 5 spoke out. He landed beside Issei with a hand on his hilt, a look of suspicion was on his face. "And what are these projects of yours?"

"Something that an oaf like you would never even fathom to understand." The insult was let go. Kurotsuchi left through a senkaimon with a huff. Shinji sighed, a hand went up to scratch his head.

"That guy unnerves me."

Toshiro quickly greeted his children and Issei was given a pat on the back by the two captains for saving his team. They shook hands in congratulation before a senkaimon opened up. The wounded would be sent through first. He announced through a kido corp's spell, "Feldjagen has been completed. You've passed."

"Specifics will be given in a later date."

"Cero" Shunsui stated with a grim look. He sat at his desk in the 1st division barracks while his lieutenants stood by his side. Nanao struggled to write down the report as stated by a Kido corp member. This should be impossible. Hollows only had minimal powers and abilities albeit special until they reached the higher form of their evolution.

The Kido corp officer nodded his head. "Yes sir. We're unsure how but seems that that Hollow used a Cero to blast the four students."

"It wasn't even a Menos Grande class." Shunsui refrained from wearing his hat indoors. The man clasped his hands together, thoughts ran a mile a minute.

The man in front of him nodded. It seemed it was still a disturbing moment for the Kido Corp themselves. "Exactly sir. The power that emitted from the Cero was much lower than the average seen from a Gillian, however it's a disturbing change in hollow physiology."

"If regular hollows can use Cero, than there's no way of knowing if they can use any of the other abilities." Nanao started. She refrained from continuing as everyone in the room knew the capabilities of an Adjuchas and even Vasto Lord-class Hollow. If normal hollows were evolving...

"At first it was Menos class. Then Arrancar. Now this?" The second 1st division lieutenant exclaimed. His fist barreled into a wooden wall behind him. They had a mere 50 years of peace. Yhwach had been defeated by the hands of Ichigo and his band of heros. They had lived and deserved their retirement. Soul Society had only finished bringing everything back in order. They were moving forward!

"Next we'll see hollows becoming Arrancar by themselves without Aizen… Like-"

Shunsui raised a firm hand. He chastised Nanao but he could hear the subconscious panic from within. He still remembered the event hundreds of years ago. While old and weak then, Yamamoto wasn't able to fully defeat him. "That's enough Nanao. You don't have to say it"

The Kido Corp member was sent away with a message to increase in kido development. They were told to petition Central 46 to allow them to use and create more kido, both mundane and some forbidden.

The captain stood up from his desk and walked over the office's window. Soul Society outside was truly a peaceful place for the dead. Skyscrapers dotted the landscape, spread out to allow gardens, small stores, and restaurants to sell their wares. Shinigami and Quincy had reached a peaceful song they played for decades. It seemed this future was going to be their trial by fire. A test to see if the grudges of the past will be washed away by shared blood.

He commanded a pair of shinigami to appear. "Send a message to the Onmitsukido. I want to know if more instances of this happening in the future."

"We're going to need to up our game." Nanao stated. She frowned when Shin'o academy was in her view.

The other lieutenant cupped his chin with a hand. He murmured in agreement, "Times are changing."

"Nanao, Genshiro. Send some letters to the other factions. The Jureichi is moving into 'Devil Territory'." The two nodded. Memos and notes were written for them to remember. This was going to be a political appearance after a thousand years and Shunsui hated politics. From the corner of his eyes, a second messenger was still in the room, waiting for his command. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, he was going to have a nice cup of sake later.

"Tell Zaraki I'm approving a rating game system in Seireitei. Since he proposed it; He's going to be one of the organizers." The second messenger listened onto Shunsui's command. She nodded immediately and flashed in a shunpo.

The two lieutenants surprised by the decision asked together, "What are we calling it?"

Shunsui smirked as he looked down towards the 4th division barracks.

"Star's Arena"

The 4th division medical center, far away from the 1st division's office held numerous members taking care of wounded students that had participated in feldjagen. From within a room held Issei and his companions, resting after a hard fight.

"I'm fine", Tomoya stated. He laid down on a cushion with bandages that covered his torso while an eyepatch was on his right side. He waved his arm, trying to stop people from helping out.

A tangerine hit him in the face. Fujimaru rested his back on a window sill, a smirk was on his face while he responded, "Dude. You gotta stop being reckless."

A smile grew on the injured kid's face. He retaliated by throwing fruit back at him. One landed in Fujimaru's mouth before he ate it. The sister simply hald a palm to her face, not willing to jump into this conflict. She sat by Meifeng and Issei at a table to the side. They were enjoying a cup of tea before everyone were to be discharged.

Issei himself was on this way back home. He packed all the material he bought and whatever was given to him. Matsuri noticed the bag over his shoulder and asked, "By the way. You're heading back to the living world right?"

"Make sure to come back alright? We got places to go and food to eat here." The brother added before he could respond. The boy emphasized this with a toss of an apple, which was caught. He smiled before taking a bite.

Quick as a flash, he was scolded by the sister. "Don't spread your laziness around!"

"I know for a fact I'll be back for my Quincy test." Issei stated. It was about time for him to leave through a senkaimon gate. He only wanted to see how the group was doing and it seemed everything was alright. Tomoya would have plenty of scars to show but the medics said he'd still be able to continue on being a shinigami if he was still willing. It would be a lot harder now but the boy was determined to do so.

Meifeng decided to escort him to one of the gates. The three students waved him off as they left. The girl herself hoped he would come back during one of the holidays celebrated in seireitei. Issei made sure to come around that time.

"Welcome back, Issei."

Through the senkaimon, Issei first saw his grandfather greet him at the courtyard of the estates. The sun was slowly moving up from the horizon, the beginnings of morning. From the corner of his eyes trash dotted the room behind the elderly man. Servants kept on the move to clean up spills and reorienting furniture. He greeted back, pointing at the mess in the rooms.

"Did you have a party or something, Sofu?"

His grandfather's answer was overridden by a shout followed with a shoulder firmly over the boy's shoulder. Old man Keigo pressed himself cheek to cheek, "Lookie here~ If it isn't our hero!"

"Quiet Keigo! We're trying to sleep!" Ichigo yelled back, his face appeared from within the living room, hair disheveled and a toothbrush in his hand. Other people soon came out later, one in particular was a girl Issei recognised. She looked unperturbed of the entire situation standing beside Yuzu and Orihime Kurosaki.


"Kiryuu Aika…." Issei uttered out, he tried to back away but instead was still in the arms of Keigo smirking beside him. He looked around with a panicked face. "Wait, why is she here?"

"Don't talk about my niece like like, ya brat!"

His grandfather stopped the older Kurosaki from bopping him in the head. The two immediately glared until his grandfather's voice rang out. "The explanation will come later. For now, She's going to be training under Kurosaki."

"Yeah, and since you're her senpai. How about you help out with spars and everything?"

"Don't rope my grandson into this!" Ichigo's assumed stance on the matter was quickly rebuffed by his grandfather. This had earned another glare and an argument ensued. Issei could only sigh while Albion essentially sweatdropped from his inner world. Grandpa Uryu was always polite and a gentleman until his old friends came to visit. It was like a rivalry that never ended. Albion thought it looked alot like what he and Ddraig were like and probably still are.

"What? He's got nothing to do."

"You misunderstand." Issei could hear a hint of malice that promised torture in Uryu's voice. The old man smirked while he pushed up his glasses. The boy couldn't help but shiver. "Issei has yet to master reishi control"

It seemed Issei wasn't going to get a rest after his ordeals.

"Move your ass!" A handful of arrows burst from Uryu's bow when he spoke to his grandson. Issei rushed a shot before he ran off to the side of the Ishida estates. His grandfather wasn't giving him any time to take a breath as more and more arrows followed by the occasional seele schneider flew towards him. The boy blurred from space to land on one of the walls of the compound.

Sadly it proved to do little as more arrows were already on his way. He blocked them with a seele schneider, he wasn't fast enough to burst another hirenkyaku. His grandfather knew this but still fired shot after shot like a machinegun.

"That Hirenkyaku needs to go faster!" Issei grimaced when his grandfather fired more shots just as he finished deflecting the ones in front of him. If he had to compare his training from before Feldjagen to now, it was a vast difference in how serious grandpa was. The man's words came out harsher, more criticism was made in a hurried pace as he took a much more hands on approach in training.

Issei couldn't help but wonder if the experience with the hollows made his grandpa intensify his schedule. Regardless, Issei didn't want to let his family down. As he flashed from sight, his arms raised up, one with his bow and the other the seele schneider set as claws.

"Spread the wings of entropy, Albion!"

The wings emerged from his back like before when he fought that hollow. Issei hovered on the ground slightly before flying straight to his attacker. With a slash of his claws they missed the older man but instead made a large gash on the ground. A heavy weight smashed onto his back, knocking the air out of him.

"Pffft-hahahahaha!" Ichigo laughed far away at the other side of the courtyard. Same as his grandfather's growing irritation, Issei grumbled at the man as he got up from the ground. The orange haired man continued, "You must be Uryuu's grandson! Not feeling anything for using that phrase!"

"Kurosaki! Don't you have a student to teach?!" Uryu yelled back. The sudden interruption gave the two a breather. Issei was already pressed to the point of using Albion just to dodge. He curiously scanned the new appendages of his grandson before he inquired, "That aside, I am surprised by this as well."

What did that mean? Issei thought the phrase was kinda cool. Although now that he thought about it, it was kinda embarrassing to say that outloud for everyone to hear. A blush formed on his cheeks when he explained. "It's not my fault! I have to say the phrase to use Albion. He said so himself!"

Uhh… The long drawl of Albion could only help the growing embarrassment from Issei.


He could see the dragon rubbed his head on the tower of his inner world. This was a bad sign. Yeah… remember when I said I'd find a phrase or something?

A stone plummeted from Issei's stomach. He covered his face with his hands, fully realizing what Albion was going to say next. I made it up

Issei began to cry false tears when old man Ichigo still laughed while he trained his niece.

"At least the phrase is cool..."

The sun shined upon Kuoh after a slight rain a few hours before. On top of one of a skyscraper's rooftop held a dog with light golden fur and a white under belly. One would think it to be an Akita Inu by it's size, however it was thin unlike those breeds of dogs. The dog itself resembled more like a wolf with it's angular muzzle and puffy tail, never before seen wild in Japan as the people hunted them down to near extinction hundreds of years ago.

The wolf stared down at the town which held a multitude of people living their daily lives, not understanding that this was a territory occupied by devils of the biblical faction. By the speculation of many in soul society, it was soon going to be occupied by a new force.


Urahara was the first to relay the possibility to the upper members of the gotei 13. The 12th division and the kido corp spent every waking moment analysing the fluctuations of energy coming into and out of the town to make sure. By their calculations, spiritual energy was already on the move to relocate.

It was a miracle that hollow sightings around Kuoh didn't increase. It would soon change in a few months. Less than five years at the latest.

This wasn't even counting the possibility of affecting the surrounding area. Kuoh was at a special place in Japan. Kyoto held the single largest leyline in all of the country, and Kuoh was was set at a point where that layline and many other important ones converged thanks to Tokyo and Mount Fuji. Kyoto and Tokyo were like the rest of the heavily populated cities in the world, holding multiple people of different faiths. Their mythologies had a tentative grasp just to claim their believers.

The wolf snorted. It was a fragile line to walk, these devils. The audacity to occupy such a land like Kuoh would have irked the Shinto like no tomorrow, but they refrained somehow. Many in Soul Society could only assume they had something to strong arm a territory this large. This shift in spiritual energy lead the shinigami to a new path, a path where they would have to take center stage. By Shunsui's own words, Yamamoto would spin in his grave.

Kuoh was going to be a jureichi unlike any before. Worse than Karakura could ever hope to be.

The Jogen Jureichi.

A land which the chaotic powers of nature, life, and the dead coincide. Spirits of the dead that did not anchor to a specific place would gather in droves. The scent of food would have hollows appear left and right. The eventual birth of new hollows there was not an extreme assumption. This wasn't even counting the chance of humans like Orihime Kurosaki and Yasutora Sado would emerge as mediums or worse.

Central 46 paled at the possibility of the enticing souls from Yokai and others would promote a frenzy of hunting that came from Shunsui's lips. That wasn't even counting the speculations of the 12th division. The Jureichi would encompass farther than Kuoh's territory. It would spread east, pass Toyota, and clash at the very borders of Kyoto's leyline. The death of thousands possibly millions weighed upon their shoulders.

This was why he was here. Komamura Sajin was officially acknowledged as a retiree following the Quincy Blood War. During the war, Komamura lost his ability to become human or a werewolf as he used a forbidden ability belonging to his werewolf clan. A wolf's body was all he had, unless one were to check the amount of Reiryoku he could emit and use.

He lived a life of seclusion and peace until Shunsui came one day to ask for a final mission. One that he was perfect for. To be a scout, it was similar to how Yoruichi operated when she was in exile. He had little to refuse to help ensure peace in both the living world and the dead again.

Komamura's objective was to scout the area of Kuoh and east towards Kyoto. Priority was to analyse and send back reports on the effects and speed of the eventual jureichi migration. The other factions were to be watched but not contacted. He was also the sole guardian of the entire land from Hollows and such until a time where an organized and official meeting were to be held with the Shinto.

"So this is Kuoh huh?" Komamura said to himself as he gazed around the main city of Kuoh. The dog jumped off the rooftop, using the buildings around him for traversal. He hoped he wouldn't have to meet any new mediums and fullbringers in the future.

He'd have to train them if that were the case. Lest they succumb to Hollows.


Bakudo No. 6 Geki: Strike in Japanese. Number 6 of the restraining type of Kido for Shinigami. The practitioner draws the symbols of the spell in the air, his/her entire body permeates a red energy, which engulfs the body of the target, causing complete paralysis.

Hado No. 41 Nikiku Bakuho: Japanese for Double Chrysanthemum Blast Cannon. The second grade of power to Shakkaho. Energy swirls into two orbs of colors at a higher stage than Shakkako and shoots them out as a blast.

Classes of Hollow: Menos are created when the void within an ordinary Hollow's heart becomes so substantial regular souls are incapable of sustaining it, at which point it begins devouring fellow Hollows. These cannibal Hollows are attracted to one another, and a mass inter-devouring follows, resulting in a Gillian.

Following this transformation, the Gillian can evolve twice more, first into an Adjuchas and finally into a Vasto Lorde, provided certain conditions are met. Menos evolution is not only contingent upon the Menos eating other Hollows, but also upon the Menos' ability to avoid being eaten. If another Hollow succeeds in devouring even a part of their body, evolution becomes impossible for the one who was wounded this way.

Menos-class Hollows are considered so dangerous Soul Society sends only highly trained Shinigami teams to handle them. These incursions seem to be rare, however, as Menos rarely leave Hueco Mundo unless attracted by large sources of spiritual power or encouraged to by other forces. There are three categories of Menos: Gillian, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde. Each stage is a higher form of Evolution in a Hollows physiology.

Cero: Spanish for Zero. Japanese for Hollow Flash. The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Visored can fire Cero from their hands, fingers, and other parts of their bodies.

The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength, spiritual power, and sometimes skill of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero varies greatly, from charging relatively fast to firing it to instantaneously firing one without much charging.

Jurechi: Japanese for Important Spiritual Ground. The point in the Human World that possesses the greatest concentration of spiritual beings. The influence of a Jureichi on the world are substantial to a degree that Shinigami will actively guard and patrol the ground for active factions that try to use it for their own gain, including their own.

Ginto-Gritz: Japanese for Five Frame Bonds. A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Gintō surrounds the enemy. This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross, which envelops its target. This ability can be used for defensive purposes as well.

-Seireitei Communications No.3

Update Effects of Albion(From Source Material):
Divine Dividing 'Sacred Gear'/Zanpakuto: Spread the wings of Entropy

Natural Elemental Affinity: Water
Possible elemental manipulation and elemental based abilities.


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