The Emperor of the Imperial Knights, Fel Nova, strode into his throne room on Coruscant. With him were his two elite Imperial Knight Guards who were actually married, Zet and Herya Ryndiam. Fel reached his throne and sat down. The state-ofthe-art throne was comfortable and could transform into a bed, had a high back and various controls and switches, including an inbuilt comlink antenna, speaker and reciever. The right arm held a compartment for Fel's lightsaber, a laser pistol and a long combat knife. The left arm held controls for the throne's personal shield generator and the throne rocket jets, and an inbuilt repeating laser cannon. Fel was the emperor of a small "empire" that had denounced the Empire and sought to band with the New Republic. However, the Galactic Empire got wind of the plot, caught over half of the New Empire's members and executed them. Following the fall of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the New Republic, the New Empire had coexisted with the New Republic and had backed it. Then, after Starkiller Base's destruction of the New Republic, the First Order had struck down three-quarters of the New Empire and at that time, the sixteen-year old Fel had just ascended the throne. The Resistance had attempted to borrow troops from the New Empire to destroy the First Order, but the New Empire had refused. Following the events of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", Kylo Ren, under the persuasions and the hauntings of the ghostly Force apparitions of Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker his grandfather, turned back to the light side of the Force, killed Supreme Leader Snoke and General Hux, and then together with his uncle Luke Skywalker and Rey, wiped out the First Order. Luke oversaw Rey's and Kylo Ren's Jedi training for four years, then passed away of an illness. Shortly after his death, General Leia Organa, Luke's sister, was assassinated by a vengeful surviving First Order sniper. For a week, their deaths were mourned. It was at about this time that a team of Republic cloners successfully manufactured an android-clone of the legendary Jyn Erso, the leader of the rebel team 'Rogue One' who had delivered the Death Star's plans to the Rebellion before dying in an explosion. The cloners called her Jyn Erso 8, as she was the eighth attempt in cloning Jyn Erso. Her body had the appearance and feel of a human, but had cybernetic hands and feet, and was enhanced to be stronger than an ordinary human woman. She was also implanted with several cybernetic devices in her wrists, including a lock-breaking device, a laser cannon and a concealed comlink. Jyn joined what was left of the New Republic and the remnants were hereby known as The New Order. The New Order consisted of many Jedi, even more Resistance soldiers and some experienced bounty hunters. Shortly after, a renegade Sith Assassin from the Sith Order (Not to be confused with the evil Sith Lords) called Samuel Miles broke away from the Sith Order and founded a rogue group called the New Sith Order. The New Sith Order vanquished the Old Sith Order and the remnants were scattered to the various corners of the galaxy. At around six weeks after, an extremely talented and powerful young Jedi named Sam Cho, or as everyone called him, Speedy, joined the New Order. He has joined because after a New Sith Order attack on his family home, his entire family had been killed except for him and his younger-by-1-year sister Jane

"Swift" Cho. Speedy and Swift had been separated and Speedy had made it his life goal to try and reunite with Swift. It was also at around this time that the seven greatest Sith Assassins, Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Connor Kenway, Shay Patrick Cormac, Edward Kenway, Haytham Kenway and Genisys uploaded their consciousnesses into seven Sith Holocrons so that they might live longer. The Holocrons, when activated mentally by a Sith, would project a highdefinition, crystal-clear hologram of the consciousness. Samuel Miles had tried many times to extract information from the seven Legends, but they had forbidden him any information as they considered him as a "rogue" and a "traitor".