The Sith Assassins and the Rebels, all formally dressed in black suits, stood before the big garden within the fences of the Safehouse. There, before them lay in a straight line the black coffins of their dead Assassin brothers and sisters, and each had set in silver the deceased person's name, a cross and the symbol of the Sith Assassins. The hearses were all open. An underground furnace blazed to one side, ready to receive the coffins. Genisys performed the final rites on the deceased. "May the Father of Understanding guide you…always. Requiescate in Pace. (Rest in Peace)." As he said these words to the deceased, he closed their eyes. A light rain was falling, and the temperature was around 22 degrees Celsius. Genisys opened the door leading to a furnace. As the coffins were closed one by one and slid into the blaze, Speedy reverently went forward, bearing a silver trumpet. Solemnly, he played "The Last Post" as everyone stood in respectful silence. He finished the tune as the last, Haytham Kenway's coffin, disappeared into the furnace. Speedy looked up, and there were tears in his eyes. He went back to rejoin the others, and everyone watched the flames rise up and the popping sounds of the coffins burning. Every pop, a soul of an Assassin passing away.