Warning: Lemon!


Five Years later…
Karakura Town; Kurosaki house

A woman hummed while cooking breakfast in the kitchen, busily flipping pancakes and making omelets for her new family. "Guys! Breakfast is ready!"

The woman's lover came in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Smells good. It still feels strange to see someone that's not Yuzu cooking."

Giving the man a raised eyebrow, the woman took a wooden spoon and lightly whacked him on the hand with it. "Maybe you should have learned not to let a little girl do all the housework, lazy bones."

Isshin Kurosaki yelped and nursed his hand. "Yowch! I think I prefer the sandal." He looked back up and frowned. "You know, you calling other people lazy is the pot calling the kettle black."

Rangiku Matsumoto huffed for a moment before smiling. "Yes, but now that I've been helping Yuzu around the house, don't think I'm going to let you slink off to go take a nap!" She leaned forward and kissed her boyfriend on the lips. "You can only take one with me when I'm finished."

The bearded Kurosaki grinned. "I'll hold you to that."

Isshin picked up the plates and set the table in the dining room. Hearing footsteps behind him, Isshin turned and watched as three teenagers sat down at the table.

Yuzu eagerly ate her meal, glancing at the clock. "Hey, you guys want to go see Ichigo and Halibel?"

Karin chuckled. "You're always eager to go see Asahi, Nagisa and the twins, aren't you?"

"I can't help it!" Yuzu beamed. "My little niece and those three toddlers are so cute!"

"Maybe we'll join you later. We've got a movie to go see." Karin turned her head to the table's other occupant. "Right, Toshiro?"

Sitting at the table wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, the white-haired boy looked up from his pancakes and nodded, helping himself to seconds. Rangiku and Isshin sat down at the table and the family started to enjoy a hearty breakfast.

For the Kurosaki family, a lot of change happened all at once after Ichigo and Halibel returned with Asahi. Not long after the couple got engaged, a couple of friendly faces showed up, asking if they could stay with them.

Toshiro had been reprimanded for going to Hueco Mundo alone but before Yamamoto or Central 46 could strip him of his captaincy, the young Soul Reaper announced he was stepping down. Furthermore, both he and Rangiku declared they were going to take an extended leave of absence from the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Both of them were disgusted by the squads' actions towards Ichigo and Isshin and felt they could no longer serve after all that'd been done to the Kurosaki family.

This shocked all of the other captains, who begged them to reconsider. Since the Thirteen Court Guard Squads didn't allow resignations, an "extended leave of absence" was basically hidden code for "I quit". But Toshiro and Rangiku, the latter in particular, had made up their minds. Toshiro knew that Momo took his resignation hard but when he last talked to her, she said she could understand.

Isshin and Ichigo had opened their home to them with open arms. Kisuke provided them with Gigais so they could live in the World of the Living. Rangiku, heartbroken after Toshiro informed her about the death of Gin, took comfort in the arms of Isshin and the two rekindled their relationship. It was a little hard for Toshiro to get used to normal Human life at first after spending years being a captain but with the help of his new friends Yuzu and Karin found that he much preferred a more carefree life without the pressures of being a Soul Reaper.

With the house becoming a little crowded, especially after Halibel announced that she was expecting again, she and Ichigo decided to get a place of their own, letting Toshiro have Ichigo's old room while Rangiku shared Isshin's bed.

Once breakfast was finished, the trio of teenagers all headed out to enjoy their weekend off. No sooner did the door close behind Yuzu did the two adults stand up. "Well, the kids are all gone. Whatever shall we do?" Rangiku coyly asked.

"Oh I don't know…" Isshin walked around the table and placed his hand on Rangiku's ass. "I was thinking of…being lazy today."

"I'd like that." Rangiku wrapped her arms around Isshin's neck and pressed her forehead against his. "Maybe…we can continue discussing what we were talking about last night? About…maybe giving Ichigo and the twins a brother or sister?"

"I'd like to continue that discussion very much." Grasping Rangiku's ass, Isshin lifted the woman up and carried her to the bedroom, his lips at constant war with his girlfriend's. As soon as they reached the bedroom Isshin kicked the door shut behind him.

A lazy day indeed…

Orihime's Apartment

The sunlight poked through the curtains, brushing on the soft bodies cuddling together on the large bed. On one side a young woman with raven black hair sighed while her head rested on her lover's shoulder. And on the other an orangette softly slept, her arms wrapped tightly around the woman warming her bed. Both of them opened their eyes but said nothing, not wanting to leave each other's embrace.

Finally the two quiet ladies decided that they needed to get up. "Mmmhhh…morning…" Rukia mumbled as she sat up, the sheets falling aside to reveal their slender nude bodies. Last night had been quite sensual.

"You want breakfast?" Orihime asked as she stood up, having grown up to become a mature, voluptuous woman.

"Sure. I'll need to get going in a bit but," Rukia kissed Orihime's cheek as they put their clothes on, "I'm famished."

Always happy to cook for her girlfriend, Orihime headed into the kitchen while Rukia slid on her lieutenant's badge. Orihime's cooking was a bit of an acquired taste but she'd come to enjoy her girlfriend's concoctions.

While Toshiro and Rangiku had outright left the squads, Rukia instead chose to stay. She'd been reprimanded by both her captain and her brother for her recklessness but that was all she got for a punishment, which was barely a slap on the wrist. However, Rukia had announced to her captain and her brother that she was in love with Orihime and would be continuing their relationship, consequences be damned.

To her utter shocked, Byakuya approved of the relationship, stating that he could respect Rukia's choice and that he was glad that Rukia was becoming more open and self-confidant, promising that when Orihime's life came to an end in the World of the Living, she'd be more than welcome to the Soul Society. Ukitake, impressed by how Rukia survived both Aaroniero and Gin, promoted her to lieutenant and regularly gave her leave to go be with Orihime.

Walking into the kitchen, Rukia hugged Orihime from behind. Her love for Orihime had grown since they made their relationship official. Renji had been a little disappointed, but couldn't begrudge Orihime for it. "So are you going over to Ichigo and Halibel's today?"

"Yep! I wanted to see how the little ones were doing! Asahi looks so much like her mother that it's so adorable!" smiled a happy Orihime, remembering their last Halloween party and Asahi came dressed in a shark onesie.

"Alright. Give Ichigo and Halibel my regards. Anyway…" Rukia whispered into Orihime's ear. "Are you ready to tell my brother you popped the question?"

Orihime's cheeks turned pink, looking down at the engagement ring on Rukia's hand she'd given her. "I don't know…" she confessed. "Are you sure he'll give us his blessing? I know your family doesn't really approve of us already."

"We'll make it work. We've been making it work for five years. I'll go tell my brother you have something you want to say to him and we'll tell him together."

"Okay." Turning around, she pulled Rukia into a deep, loving kiss. Pulling back, Orihime chuckled. "Well if Ichigo can fight your brother to the death, so can I." Pulling away, she held out Rukia's breakfast on a plate. "But we can't fight for our love on an empty stomach, can we?"

Rukia did her best to feign a smile. As mentioned before, Orihime's cooking was a… acquired taste. One that Rukia had yet to acquire. 'If she does come live with the Kuchiki Clan, we cannot let her near the kitchens or Byakuya would put the axe to our engagement immediately…'

Urahara Shop; Living Room

Sipping tea, Kisuke looked over at the person sitting opposite him. "How's the new hand?"

"It's fine. I'm still adjusting to it. It's weird. I was getting used to the claw after all this time."

"And you're certain you won't reconsider my offer?"

Sitting across from him, Yoruichi frowned. "No. I can live with this, Kisuke. It's been five years, Kisuke. You've made it easier for me to live like this. As long as I still have my beating heart and brain, I'm still Yoruichi."

Gripping the teacup with a hand covered in synthetic flesh, Yoruichi brought it to her lips and drank it. The taste was…good to the woman. She sat on the cushion cross-legged, wearing a tank top and a booty shorts. At first glance, one would not think anything peculiar of her besides her natural exotic beauty. However, make no mistake, Yoruichi was still very much a changed woman.

Once they'd returned to Karakura Town, Kisuke made it his mission to undo all the horrible things done to his best friend now that he had the Hogyoku in his possession. Ichigo had told him Aizen's story about the object once things had calmed down. Kisuke was a little shocked when told about the Hogyoku's true goal but once he understood it, he was finally able to use the object to reverse Yoruichi's Hollowfication.

Unfortunately, there was still the problem with Yoruichi's mechanical implants. And those couldn't be so easily fixed, even with the Hogyoku.

Even with the prized object and Szayelapporo's notes, Kisuke found it next to impossible to reverse the cybernetic implantations made to the woman. For starters, the blueprints had only been for Yoruichi's base Hollow form. Once she'd been transformed into an Arrancar, her mechanical parts evolved to match her growing state, so they were practically useless. And Yoruichi's physiology had been so altered that trying to replace her bionic parts was next to impossible without harming what was left of Yoruichi's organic matter. He'd replaced her red mechanical eye to a one that matched her natural gold and reconfigured her claw to transform into a hand, covering her robotic hand and legs with synthetic skin.

It'd been hard for Yoruichi to get used to her changes. It took a while for Kisuke to undo her Hollowfication, forcing her to stay in a special Gigai to prevent the need to devour Soul for sustenance. Plus, she had nightmares about the terrible things Szayelapporo did to her while she was captive. But she never blamed Kisuke for her predicament. The only one she blamed was herself for getting captured in the first place.

Still, Yoruichi was grateful to no longer be Hollowfied. She might still be a cyborg but at least she was a smoking hot cyborg. Kisuke did propose several possible solutions to try to fix her mechanical body but she declined. Yoruichi was far too traumatized to ever allow herself to go under a scalpel again, even if she did trust Kisuke. She could live with what she'd become.

The only person who blamed Kisuke for what happened to Yoruichi was Soi-Fon. After Yamamoto informed the other captains of what'd become of the Flash Goddess, Soi-Fon showed up ready to murder Kisuke for allowing her to fall into the hands of the enemy. Before she could, however, Yoruichi shoved some humble pie down her throat by reminding Soi-Fon that she chose not to get involved when Barragan and Szayelapporo attacked Karakura Town. Realizing that Yoruichi was right, Soi-Fon became ashamed of herself and apologized, promising to leave Kisuke alone from now on.

Putting the cup down, Yoruichi looked up at the clock. "I'm going to go see Ichigo and Halibel today."

"Have they had any incidents with Asahi?" asked a curious Kisuke.

"Nothing so far. She's just a happy, normal five year old. Same with the rest of their merry bundles of joy."

Kisuke sat back and whistled. "Man, those two breed like rabbits."

"Well, they're happy and that's all that matters." Yoruichi stood up and headed for the door. "I'll tell them you said hi."

Kisuke was quiet while he watched Yoruichi leave. He wished Yoruichi would let him work on fixing her more but he had to abide by her wishes.

Still, at least she was still a sexy cyborg babe, especially in those shorts…


On the far side of the mountain overlooking Karakura Town was a lake. A large house had been constructed on the lakeside, perfect for the new and growing Kurosaki family. Running through a field of flowers planted by Orihime, a small girl with a head of messy blonde hair giggled and laughed while playing with her younger sisters.

Little Kayano and Nelliel ran with their big sister. Though twins, Nelliel shared her father's hair while Kayano retained Halibel's blonde locks.

"Kids! Don't run too fast! You'll tire yourselves out!" shouted a woman standing a little bit away, pushing a carrier that held a sleeping baby boy.

Asahi grinned and waved back to their babysitter/godmother. "Auntie Nel! Come play with us!"

Laughing, Nel pushed the carrier with their baby brother over to them and knelt down. The woman was in a Gigai provided by Kisuke, dressed in a white sundress. She laid down a blanket for the children to sit down on before she heard a cry from the carrier. "Oh! Looks like little Gin's hungry."

Nel picked up baby Gin, named after the man Ichigo had come to respect, and fed him with a bottle with Ichigo's other children sat down and enjoyed the spring breeze. Seeing figures coming towards them, Nel waved them over. "Hi, guys! How are you?"

The children all squealed when they saw Orihime and ran up to her, almost tackling her off her feet. Yoruichi was the next to be barraged by tiny hugs. Behind them walked Chad and Mila Rose, holding hands. Behind them walked Apacci, Sung-Sun and Uryu.

The group walked over to Nel and they all sat down on the blanket. All eyes turned to Mila Rose and Chad, everyone noting the engagement rings on their fingers. "So Mila Rose, have all the preparations been made?" Nel happily asked.

"Yep. Even had Uryu make me a dress. We're going to wait a bit before we make it official, however." Mila Rose patted the massive bump in her belly. "Don't want to have the little one pop out as we're about to say 'I do', now would we?"

"Do you know when?" Orihime asked.

"Any day now." The Arrancar, like her comrades, was in a Gigai. Kisuke had altered both her and Halibel's Gigais so that they can carry their children for a full nine months without having the same complications Halibel had when carrying Asahi.

The children all gathered around Mila Rose, wanting to feel the baby inside. Mila Rose looked over at Sung-Sun and Apacci. "And if you two are going to lounge around the house, you'd better help out."

"Hey! I ain't changing no diapers!" growled Apacci.

"Considering I do everyone's laundry, I'm surprised you can even change your own underwear."


Orihime turned to Uryu. "So Uryu, I'm hearing a lot of people are coming by your business."

"Yeah, I never thought I'd be making a lot of money making bridal gowns. Beats being a doctor like my father, that's for sure."

A harsh voice came from the lakeshore. "Hey! Could you keep it to a dull roar?! Some of us are trying to relax here!"

Chilling by the lakeshore were Starrk and Lilynette. Both lay on beach chairs while lounging in swimsuits, soaking up the sun. Yoruichi sweatdropped seeing the King of Hueco Mundo chilling by the lake. "The hell are they doing here? Shouldn't they be…you know…ruling?"

Nel waved away the question. "Oh, they stop by from time to time to ask Halibel for advice. Right now they're on vacation."

"…Arrancars can go on vacation?"

Sipping a drink, Starrk merely sighed as he stretched out on the chair. "It ain't easy being king…"

Mila Rose chuckled. "So what's that make Lilynette, the court jester?"

"I heard that!" shouted the angry child, earning a laugh from everyone.

Uryu pushed his glasses up. "Speaking of which, where's Ichigo and Halibel?"

"Oh, they're on the mountain at their usual spot training."

Yoruichi raised an eyebrow. "I take it training is code for working on baby number five?"

Nel grinned while she finished feeding baby Gin. "Precisely."

Ichigo & Halibel's Training Ground

Two swords stood stabbed into the ground. One was a white Tensa Zangetsu, the other a golden energy blade. Their wielders, however, were having a more intimate form of close quarters combat.

Mr. and Mrs. Kurosaki were both in their most powerful forms, Ichigo in his hybrid form and Halibel in her Resurección Segunda Etapa. Both had shed their clothes, although Halibel was practically naked anyway.

Their tongues were locked in lustful frenzy. Ichigo sat on a tree stump, arms wrapped around his wife as the lustful Halibel bounced up and down on his manhood. Her large breasts, big and heavy from childbirth, pushed against his chest, her nipples leaking milk. "Mmmmmh!" Husband and wife moaned deeply into each other's lips. Halibel felt her husband's cock slide in and out of her womanhood, still tight despite giving birth multiple times thanks to her High-Speed Regeneration.

Her body covered with sweat, the glowing Halibel bounced faster and faster, her body a slave to both her and Ichigo's lust. "Ahhhh!" she moaned, her moan loud and lewd. It was a good thing they always placed a barrier around their training ground. Otherwise their children could hear them fucking all the way from the lake.

Ichigo wrapped his lips around Halibel's nipple and greedily guzzled her milk. Halibel ran her hands through her husband's hair, back arching. "Ichigo! Don't be mean! That's meant for Gin!"

"Well, Daddy's hungry," chuckled the horny Ichigo. His hands traveled down to his wife's plump ass and he thrusted up into her pussy, her womanhood reshaped by his thick girth after years of lovemaking.

"Fuck me!" hissed Halibel, her toes curling and her body surging with lust. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" She could tell that the man balls deep in her cunt was about to cum as well. Cupping his face, Halibel leaned close, licking his lips. "Cum in me! Give me another baby!"

With a deep howl, the mix of Hollow and Soul Reaper let loose in his wife's womb, sowing his seed inside of her. Halibel crashed her lips into Ichigo's while she climaxed, the stump, already used to their lovemaking, became stained by her squirting juices.

Tier Halibel Kurosaki cooed as she felt her husband fill her womb, holding on to him tightly. Lifting her up, Ichigo carried her to a soft patch of grass and laid her down, lying beside her and letting the mountain breeze cool them down.

Laying her head on her husband's shoulder, Halibel put a hand over her womb. "Ichigo Kurosaki, you could populate a planet," she chuckled.

"Well, I think I'll just settle with you." Ichigo gave his wife a sweet kiss.

Not long after they returned, Ichigo announced he was marrying Halibel. While the news didn't surprise any of his more spiritual-oriented friends, most of his classmates were utterly baffled that he was engaged and had become a father. After Halibel announced later that she was pregnant again, Isshin put his foot down and asked them not to make any more kids until after Ichigo had graduated high school. But as soon as Ichigo did graduate, they picked up right where they left off.

The couple had not heard a peep from the Head-Captain or any of the captains. Rukia had told him that Central 46 was fuming over the deal Yamamoto made with them. However Yamamoto was true to his word and informed all that nobody was to harm Ichigo, Halibel or their children so long as they didn't enter the Soul Society.

"Plus, as Captain Kyoraku put it, who wants to be the one to try to kill the man who defeated Aizen?" Rukia had said at the time.

Left alone with his family, Ichigo happily enjoyed his life with friends and family and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Once the pair had cooled off, Halibel trailed a hand up her husband's stomach. "So, wanna keep sparring?"

Grinning, Ichigo stood up and reached for his Tensa Zangetsu. "Find. But if I win, I get to be on top."

Laughing, Halibel got up and drew her own weapon. "Please, the student will surpass the master."

And so Ichigo chopped forward, his blade met by Halibel's. Their journey ended the same way that it began, with a training spar…

The End

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