Due to my current financial situation I am in need of a secondary source of income. Therefore I've decided to once again do lemon requests in the form of paid commissions. Here are the guidelines which I am going with:

These commissions will be paid by the word. The base price is 1.5 cent per word. This price is liable to raise per any request that is more than just a straightforward lemon with two characters i.e. adding more characters, bondage, transformation etc.

Payment will be given via Pay Pal . I will give you the details on payment once the story is drafted. IMPORTANT: NO MONEY, NO HONEY! I will only upload stories once payment has been confirmed.

These commissions are first come, first served.

Those wishing to commission a lemon will give me a summary of what exactly they want, both story and characters. DO NOT GIVE ME JUST A PAIRING! Commissioners should also state the amount of words in the story. If I go higher than the expected word count (3k, 4.5k, etc.) you will not be charged more than for the initial deal.

Once completed and payment has been confirmed, I will upload commission to Fanfiction as well as my backup account on Hentai-Foundry with commissioner's consent.

Please bear in mind that this is only a side gig and that I have a full-time job as well as other hobbies and responsibilities. There may be times I may not be able to get to said commission in a timely manner due to unforeseen circumstances. Also be aware that I have my own stories which I still intend to make.

Said commissions will ONLY be one-shot lemons. There will be no ongoing stories unless you're prepared to pay for multiple chapters.

I retain to right to refuse any commission for any reason, whether it is because said commission is too disturbing, I am not familiar with the source material, etc.

Should I be badgered day and night being asked "why isn't my commission finished?" or the like, I will drop said commission and move on to another.

The following subjects are off limits: AU, Crossovers, Yaoi. This is nonnegotiable.

Those wishing to discuss commissions should contact me via PM on my Fanfiction account