When the senshi were teleported to England for a long awaited vacation, they thought they were going on a simple vacation. What actually happened was, they find themselves time-travelling and at the same time, attending Hogwarts as eleven years old. Out of all people, Makoto was not amused.

Mercury merely blinked when the others were rolling on the floor, laughing their hearts out. Uranus laughed the hardest, apparently happy at the vision of Makoto being an eleven years old little child, despite she was only a year older in term of physical appearance. Pluto and Neptune, as usual, only laughed like how every lady should. Tuxedo Mask, with his physical appearance was around thirteen to fourteen years old, also chuckled richly, all in good humor. Chibi-Moon and Saturn, now no more than eight, were hysterical.

The Senshi of Ice tilted her head, her blue eyes were studying a very embarrassed Sailor Jupiter. She was curling in a ball, bawling her eyes out with her face flushed in dark shade of red. For her, there was nothing wrong about her. Her fuku was still the same, the brown hair and green eyes were still beautiful as ever, so as her face. There was nothing wrong with Jupiter's appearance, Mercury emphasized in her mind.

So why had she become so embarrassed?

"What's wrong, Jupiter?" Mercury asked softly, once again giving her an once-over but failed to spot any flaw. "I don't see anything wrong with your eleven years old self!"

Jupiter sniffed, her green eyes were watery as she locked her gaze to Mercury's.

"They…" Jupiter's lips were quivering. Mercury raised an eyebrow, wondering why did she revert to a child's mentality all of the sudden, when they were supposed to have an adult mentality in children body.

"They what, Mako-chan?" She asked again, raising her eyebrow even higher. Jupiter sniffed again as she slowly stood up and walked closer to Mercury. "…they called me a dwarf, Ami-chan!"

Oh. Oh.

Involuntarily, Mercury burst out into laughter.

Because it was a rare occurrence to see the giant Jupiter being a little smaller than the smallest senshi, Sailor Mercury.

Harry Potter was surprised to see colorful heads on the station. It was not long since he first know magic was real and now the colorful heads made his eyes and head hurt. And they were talking in foreign!

He knew staring at some strangers were rude, but he couldn't help but to feel fascinated by their unnatural appearance. The girl in blue in particular was the most interesting, it was rare to see a young girl with colorful hair.

Oh no! The blue haired one caught his eyes!

Harry quickly averted his gaze as he hid behind his cart, but somehow he found his eyes moved back to them without his consent. And was one of them making her way toward him?

"Hey!" She greeted, and Harry jumped. He blinked as he stared at the girl who greeted him. It was the blond one with twin pigtails, instead of the blue haired one that caught his eyes. She smiled widely and offered her hand. "First time in Hogwarts?"

"Yes." Harry replied shyly with his hand weakly accepted. He'd admit it was the first time he'd seen a beautiful Asian girl. And without any accent too! "Are you too?"

The smile dropped slightly. "Yes. By the way, my name is Usagi Tsukino! Those are my friends," she pointed at the group of the colorful heads, "and four of them are older than us! By the way, what's your name?"

Harry smiled. Somehow, he found her presence comforting. "Harry Potter," He answered quietly. He learned introducing himself with crowds around them was a bad idea. Thankfully, Usagi didn't react much but to smile and pulled him to her friends.

He immediately took a liking toward Minako and Haruka, the guy that turned out to be a girl, who reminded him of the class clown on his primary school. He was the only one who was brave enough to interact with Harry, despite Dudley's threats. But maybe it was because he was a wealthy kid and taller than Dudley. He thought Mamoru was cool too, he wanted to be like him when he's older.

The girls (and one boy) split up, dividing themselves to two groups with Minako pulling Harry with her. Harry wanted to go with Mamoru, but Minako was good at convincing him on the phrase, "first years must stick together."

That, and Usagi's pout was too adorable to resist.

But eventually they needed to separate to different compartments after a very scandalized bushy haired girl made her appearance along with 'Neville' who was looking for his toad, patronized the poor boy about being in a compartment with girls. Harry finally settled in a compartment with a ginger haired boy as his company, named Ron Weasley. Neville and Hermione, the bushy haired girl from before, decided to join them.

Their topics were revolving around magical worlds, with Hermione expressed her enthusiasm on facing the strange new world that defied logic. Ron wasn't amused, but the other two boys agreed with her. And finally, they fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Sensing it was the time to start another conversation, Ron spoke. "Are you familiar with the Houses?" Harry and Hermione exchanged glances before shaking their head. Neville only looked cautiously at him.

"If I'm sorted to Slytherin-" Ron began, but Harry immediately interrupted him with him changing the topic to subjects taught at Hogwarts. Something about his tone made him to think Ron was trying to insult Slytherin. He frowned. The girls from before had talked about the Houses of Hogwarts, and Minako expressed her wish to be sorted into Slytherin, because green was cool and reminded her of Makoto, who blushed profusely. Judging from how they talked about the Houses, Harry could feel the group wasn't too well-informed about the Houses. And Harry was sure they couldn't care less about it.