Flashback – their arrival to Devon

"By the way, where are we?" Venus asked Mercury who typed something on her super-computer. "Mercury? Where are we?" The Inner Senshi leader questioned again, pouting slightly when her question was once again ignored. Venus poked Mercury's fluffy cheeks, and earned a scathing glare from the Senshi of Ice.

"Shush, I'm trying to!" Mercury turned to Pluto. "Weird. Pluto, where do we supposed to land?"

"London, somewhere near Buckingham Palace." She answered curtly. "Something happens?"

"Aside of us being children again, then yes." Mercury said simply. "I checked the date, and we're on the year 1990. Precisely, 19th December 1990. Not only that we reverted to our children body, we also went back in time. Exactly ten years in time."

They froze as Mercury's transformation faded away, followed by Jupiter, then Pluto… then the rest of them.

"Just as I thought," Setsuna muttered, examining the baggy clothes she was now wearing. Their senshi uniform was basically their skin, they are automatically fitted to their body size. Their normal clothes however did not share the same practicality.

Haruka angrily stomped her way to Setsuna. "You said this will be a vacation!"

"I did say that." Setsuna agreed with a small smile. "But I didn't say it's going to be a full vacation, Haruka. That's why I propose using Sailor Teleport instead of airplanes."

Makoto winced at the mention of planes.

"What?" Usagi whined, slumping to Minako. "There's something else?"

"The reason why I was adamant on using the Sailor Teleport was because of this incident." Setsuna calmly explained. "Someone on our own timeline, right after Galaxia, had been trying to breach the Time Gate open. Hundreds of attempts on each day."

"This explains why you often go on vacation?"



Setsuna seemed to ignore Haruka's sneer. "Exactly. I didn't really know the reason, but I knew they were using some kind of device to turn-back time – thus a danger to the balance of Time. If used to turn-back time to maximum of a week before, it wouldn't be a danger to Time Gate, but these attempts – they wanted to go back to nearly fifty years before, where some weren't yet born themselves!"

"Whoa hold on. These folks wanted to go back to the time where they were yet to be conceive, let alone born?" Haruka whistled. "Kind of familiar."

"Shut it." Mamoru warned Haruka. Chibiusa merely rolled her eyes at the low-blow, utterly fine with it.

"Haruka-papa, don't pick on Chibiusa-chan!"

"Hear, hear!"

Ignoring the squabble, Ami turned to Setsuna. "And the user mostly came from this place, um, England? United Kingdom?"

"Correct. But not mostly, Ami-san, it's all of the user. All of the user… they used them here, on the territory of United Kingdom. But mostly came from around Scotland."

"Is that why we're here?"

"Yes. One of our goal here is to investigate the problem – mainly because of the sudden raise of disturbance on the gate. I had to eliminate the source of problem, but I alone might not suffice. Not when they had a whole army of wizards and witches."

"Wizard and witches are real?!"

"Of course. We have those too at Japan, but they are quite indistinguishable. The largest magical community is on United Kingdom. I suspected they were the ones who tried to breach the gate."

"Um, I don't quite follow."

All of them sweatdropped. Chibiusa blinked innocently.

Sighing, Setsuna revised her explanation. "To put it simply, these witches and wizards were the ones who tried to breach the Time-Gate for unknown reason. I, as the Guardian of Time, have the duty to protect the Time-Gate and thus have the right to eliminate the source of the disturbance, directly or not."

"It still doesn't explain why we're on our children body and on 1990, though." Muttered Makoto with a pout. Ami and Minako squealed.

Rubbing her chin thoughtfully, Setsuna murmured. "I suspect it was because of the instability of the dimension that caused us to be thrown back to this period. And if we are lucky, maybe it's around the time where the problem started to arise…"

"I sure hope so," Usagi muttered to herself, her eyes scanning the green area around her. "Ami-chan, where do you think it is?"

"Country of Devon, but not sure precisely where." Ami answered, glancing to her empty palm. "Hey, where did my computer go? I'm pretty sure I didn't tell it to go away!"

"My henshin stick is missing!"

"Same! What the hell is happening?"

Among the panic, none of them noticed a figure watching in the darkness of the forest.

"Okay… let's stay calm and rational. Now where are we supposed to go?"

"Isn't that a cottage though? Maybe someone lives there?"

"Come on, it's getting dark. Let's hope someone actually lives there."

The cottage was actually the residence of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel, a pair of elderly wizard and witch. The two expressed their surprise on seeing them on the door, as they were a large group of children with oversized adult clothes.

Setsuna then explained the situation in slightly accented English and Nicolas with his wife gladly took them in for a night. Perenelle even graciously re-sized their clothes so they would fit to their body.

But the stay for a night quickly turned permanent after their Sailor Crystals suddenly emerged from their body and transformed itself to a hexagonal di-pyramidal-shaped transparent crystal. They casually (after fighting the strong urge to faint right here and there) picked the floating Star Seed and pocket it, wondering to themselves why it chose to emerge now.

The incident occurred when they were eating dinner.

Nicolas, to their surprise, recognized it and told them how he always believed in an old tales of Gods and Goddesses, along with the fairy tale of Goddess Selene, her prosperous kingdom, and Endymion the Mortal. Perenelle then scolded him from being such a child and told him to retreat to his chamber to calm down, to which he complied.

Perenelle returned shortly after escorting her husband to their chamber and apologized to their guests for the outburst. Dumbfounded, they let it slide. Perenelle then explained that they could stay as long as they wanted to, and suggested them to go to Hogwarts after Setsuna began explaining their true situations.

At first, they objected the idea on going to school again, but after a bit of persuading Perenelle convinced them to enroll there. After all, if their power as Sailor Senshi wouldn't awaken in this time due to the crystal refused to function over children body, they might as well learn some magic to defend themselves. The group was uncertain whether they had the same magic as Perenelle or Nicolas or not, but Nicolas (after calming himself) then told them that they clearly had the same magic – though a little bit different due to their alien blood, since they had discovered Flamel's Cottage even when Nicolas had set up a Muggle-repelling charm along with notice-me-not.

Nicolas promised them to keep their secret and swore a wizard oath along with Perenelle not to leak this bits of information. In turn, the Senshi plus Mamoru would entertain them as their pupils.

A short chapter, the next one will have longer chapter since it covers their life before Hogwarts happened on 1991.