Hello, everybody! LegionnaireBlaze here, with a challenge! It involves this guy: Ultraman Geed, in Equestria.

(Insert Pony Name Here) is a Humanoid being raised around Equinoid Ponies, Princess Celestia is his adopted mother, and on his hundred and nineteenth (nineteen in Pony years) birthday, Kaiju show up. Some good, some bad. One bad Kaiju starts destroying Canterlot, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence fall to it but aren't killed, (Insert Pony Name Here) and the rest of Canterlot evacuate and the monster seems to vanish. (Insert Pony Name Here) asks his friends from Canterlot if he can stay with them because his house was wrecked. They all say no. His mother has him head to Ponyville to house with his old friend Twilight Sparkle in Golden Oaks Library.

During the night a U-Tom, a small spherical drone, comes by and he accidentally gives it a blood sample, confirming he is the one with the 'U-factor'. An elevator appears with the U-Tom advising (Insert Pony Name Here) to enter. Twilight and Spike, come with him when the U-Tom gets samples of their blood as well, and registers them as having the 'R-factor', and 'K-factor', respectively.

When they get to the 'bottom', they find themselves in a huge area. It's the same as the secret base from the main series, with a couple differences. Re.M and U-Tom are separate entities, with U-Tom being Re.M's eye-in-the-sky instead of a separate body 'she' can inhabit, and Pega, the Pegassa Seijin, was raised by Re.M causing Re.M to be a bit more... 'human'. U-Tom, as another result of that, is childish when not on a mission. Like GIR from Invader Zim.

When (Insert Pony Name Here), Twilight, and Spike exit the 'elevator' U-Tom zooms forward and tells Re.M something childish like 'Mommy,I'mhome!Ifoundsomepeople. They're good people. *beat* I'm tired now.' and goes into sleep mode, complete with snores. Re.M introduces herself, and tells them where they are, '500 meters below the observatory in Canterlot.', and explains why they're here, and summons the Riser equipment, and two Battle Nizers. This is because (Insert Pony Name Here) and Twilight have Reionyx genes, thus making them compatible with the Battlenizers, Spike himself is part Kaiju, specifically he's a mix of several Kaiju, with the Dragon DNA being the dominant part of him.

Then two Kaiju shows up, one rampaging, the other trying to stop the rampager. (Insert Pony Name Here) takes the Riser equipment and heads up, Twilight following shortly after. Re.M walks (Insert Pony Name Here) through the Fusion Rise process, and he becomes 'Ultraman Geed: Primitive!'

Well, that's the vague outline for the first chapter.

Bad Kaiju: Up to you.

Good Kaiju: Up. To. You.

Non-Toku monsters are eligible for use, so if you want a non-psychotic Ceaser Ghidorah/Monster X, go ahead! Pony-despising Gamera? All the more power to ya! You can even come up with new Belial Fusion Beasts, here's an example:


"Arch Belial!"

Ultraman Belial: XenArch Belial!

(Other names for Xenilla are Uchujira and Spacegodzilla)

Have fun!