Alexandria stared at the god currently resting his head on her lap. "Sigyn..." Alexadria looked down at Loki. Sigyn was a kind of pet name he had for her since she arrived on Asgard from Earth. Apparently in human mythology he was married to a woman named Sigyn, so he took to calling her that, as did a few others in the palace. It was a kind of inside joke, since no woman named Sigyn acctually existed in Asgard. (She knew, she checked, just in case.) "I am bored out of my wits." Loki sighed.

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" She asked. He gave her puppy-dog eyes. "We can play a game if you want?" Alexandria proposed, she had always been fond of games... but games with Loki, now that'd be exciting. "Such as?" Loki asked, lifitng his head off of her lap, and propping himself up on his elbows. Alexandria felt a bit daring today... well more than a bit. "We can play Too Hot." She said. Loki pulled himself up into a sitting position, raising an eyebrow at her. "And what type of game would that be?" He asked a mischevious smirk playing on his lips as he leaned closer. Alexandria gulped, her cheeks turning pink and she immideatly regretted feeling bold. "I-Its a game where... where two players.. kiss without stopping-" Loki's smirk grew much wider. "-and without touching first player to touch the other looses." She finished, cheeks now looking as if they were on fire. "And then what would my prize be?" The prince asked with a smug look in his eyes. "The winner's prize is to do whatever he OR she wants to do to the looser." She tried her best to give a seductive look, which failed miserabley, causing Loki to chuckle.

"Sounds like quite an interesting game.." With that he moved his lips to hers. Shock was perhaps too subtle of a word to describe Alexandria's feeling at that moment. She was astonished that it happened just like that, usually to draw a kiss out of Loki was a tedious, teasing, drawn out process. It took nearly all of her will power to refrain from threading her fingers through his silky black hair and pulling him closer. But no, this was a game, and Loki would not let it go if he won.

He bit at her bottom lip, causing her to gasp and her mouth to open, if only slightly. It gave his tounge the opprotunity to enter, but Alexandria fought for dominance. It was a useless struggle in the end, as Loki deepened the kiss. She kept her eyes open and focused, as did he. His eyes were filled with a mischevious aura, and oh god did she find it attractive. Her own eyes had a determination about them that was most defenitly appealing for Loki as well. But as the kiss became more passionate, more intamte, her eyes slid shut. Still she refrained from touching him. Loki's own emerald eyes started to close, but unlike the girl with whom his lips were still locked, he just couldn't keep his hands to himself.

As if they had minds of their own Loki's hands moved to Alexandria's face, cupping it on either side as he pushed her down onto the couch they were seated on. The girl broke the kiss, looking up at him with happy, yet devious eyes. "I win." She mumered breathlessly. "No my dear Sigyn.." Loki whispered, leaning over her, lips centimeters from hers. "I always win." He said as he closed the gap between them, lips again melting together into one.

Loki could keep believing he won, she could live with that.