"Done so soon?" Doctor Possible said puzzled, taking Peter's exam from him as he stood in front of the rest of the auditorium, the first one done with the chemistry midterm. It was a test designed to take up all two hours, he did it in an hour and fifteen minutes. She examined his test to make sure he'd answered everything. It looked correct too. "Have a nice homecoming weekend," she whispered with a small smile, her expression changing seeing the stress and panic in his face as he forced a wide grin and shook her hand, half-running out of the exam room with a small wave to Bonnie. She was onto him, Peter knew, but as for what, he kept himself in the dark in case it was the worst. That's when relationships would really get complicated, but that wasn't what he was worried about.

"What is it now?" Peter groaned to himself as he left the building and started running in a full sprint for the seventh time today. "My Spider Sense has been freaking out all week," he grumbled to himself, ducking into an alleyway to change.

A man with a facemask and a crowbar stepped out from the shadows. "Hey buddy I-"

Peter kicked him in the face and simply continued changing, throwing the man's weapons over the rooftops after finishing up. He took out his SHIELD communicator willingly for the first time in a long time, looking both ways across the street before he took off into the sky on a webline. "Peter?" Nick Fury's voice said over the line. "You, calling me? I thought we were on your 'no-contact' list."

A rush of adrenalin that normally let him know something was wrong rocketed him across the rooftops and toward the city car factory, Honyotaru. He landed on a skyscraper roof overlooking the factory, seeing the GJN black SUV's lined out in front. "Something bad's about to happen, I don't know what- when's the artifact pickup?"

"Sunday," Nick said, "if you're in an emergency right now I can send Miles and Carol, if it's really bad I can get T'Challa to pull you out within six hours."

"Don't worry, I can survive until Sunday," Peter said, repeating it under his breath like he was remembering a due date. He chuckled to himself.

"Is something funny?" Nick asked.

"I have to put 'don't die' in my phone calendar for Sunday, I'll see your operatives in Denver. I should have said this way earlier, but, thank you," Peter said, diving toward the top of the building and spinning through an open window to the factory manager's office without a sound. It was a cramped, hot office, with a disorganized desk and a computer with Solitaire left open on the screen. A set of metal double doors opening inward was the only entrance to the factory floor, and it definitely wasn't soundproof, with the sounds of carnage and pain inside. He crept through the doors and vanished in the shadows on the ceiling of the open, warehouse-like building, sitting himself directly overhead a battle between Kim Possible and a squad of GJN agents versus a blonde, stocky mechanic with a mullet and handlebar mustache sitting in a thirty foot tall mechanical monster. "What is the redheaded Barbie doing fighting the offbrand Transformer?" he asked under his breath.

"Get ready, Kim, seriously!" the mullet man said with an evil, Southern biker growl. "You're about to be dead, get outta my way! Here comes Motor Ed!"

Kim flipped back just before the front of a truck acting as a fist crashed into the floor, crunching through concrete and steel below. "You're in ten different cars but there's no driver in your front seat!"

"Ehh, 6 out of 10 for that one," Peter shrugged, sailing behind the fight and delivering knockout strikes to the GJN agents before they even knew he was in the room. He sank back into the shadows just as the hood of a car smacked Kim into the air, spiraling out of control. He fired a spray of webbing at the wall behind her, catching her in a soft web. Kim reoriented herself, feeling relieved yet angry at her current circumstances and at the Spider-Man for making her life so much harder.

"You shoulda went splat, seriously!" Motor Ed said, cocking his fist back for a knockout punch with a Mercedes-Benz. "After I'm through with you, I'll parade around Middleton for a while, show off the new ride, y'know?"

Kim pulled at the webs, her heart pounding through her chest in fear as the shiny hood of a car only people like her parents could afford was about to turn her into roadkill, and Spider-Man turned her into an opossum on the road playing dead. A streak of red and blue flashed in front of her just before she closed her eyes to brace herself for impact. Upon opening them, there the East Coast vigilante stood on the web, his arms outstretched and catching the strike with strength unlike anything she'd ever seen. "You nearly killed me!" she shouted.

"I wasn't going to let him hit you! Have you been paying attention? Saving people's kinda my thing."

"It's my thing too," she said, "and I was taking care of it."

"Well, I'm willing to share," Spider-Man said, diverting the fist and letting it crash through the wall. "Kim! Catch the ornament on the hood before it falls! It's a collectible!"

"Are you going to let me go, hero?" Kim asked, growing even more frustrated that he had time to mess around during a time such as this. "Why would you even put me in this position while he's here?"

Spider-Man fired globs of webbing where the car joints of Motor Ed's machine met, making it harder for the mechanical maniac to move, but not by much. Spider-Man took a car to the forehead, slamming him into the wall. "We don't seem to have the best track record when it comes to working together," he grunted over a chevy trying to squish him like a spider and a boot, "if I can be completely honest here, you guys haven't given me the warmest welcomes, and I get it, dude in a red and blue spandex mega-onesie crawling up walls and spinning webs is creepy at first, but exterminating anyone like us is a bit extreme, don't you think?"

"Hey, Spider-Man!" Motor Ed said with a chuckle. "Guess what I'll call you when you're all bruised up and stuck in a hospital bed?"

"A Brown Recluse?"

"A Brown Recluse!"

"Terrific," Peter said bluntly. "That's funny. You're funny."

Motor Ed growled in frustration as Spider-Man slipped out of his crushing grasp and ran up the arm of his machine. "No one steals my punchline, seriously!" Ed shouted, trying to brush the arachnid off his arm.

"But actually, a brown recluse is, well, brown, and its venom destroys the walls of blood vessels near the site of a bite, sometimes causing a large skin ulcer," Spider-Man explained, kicking through a joint and swinging in between his legs, yanking on a webline to make the beast stumble back. "Research in 2013 revealed that a protein in the spider's venom targets phospholipid molecules, which make up a good portion of cell membranes, and transforms these molecules into simpler lipids." Spider-Man darted toward the front of the room and fired two weblines onto the mech monster's shoulders. He rocketed forward like a slingshot, kicking the suit's chest with such momentum it fell on its back. "The wound that is produced may require several months to heal, or it may become infected, which could lead to the death of the victim." Spider-Man leapt into the air, with Ed just seeing the black silhouette of the jumping spider as the glass dome on his station was yanked off. Another webline pulled Ed out of the seat, floating in freefall and completely helpless as Peter shot toward him. "Me? I just hit really, really hard."

Kim winced at the flying Superman punch that nearly turned Ed's jaw into a car accident. The impact echoed around the room, and quickly did she realize how much he'd been holding back in their earlier fights. Spider-Man caught Ed and landed quietly on his toes, pinning Ed to the wall in a mess of web for when the police arrived.

"Huh." He stared at Ed's mustache for a moment before turning to Kim. "Did you ever notice he looks a lot like Hulk Hogan?" He looked back, scratching his chin as if in deep thought over his mustache. "Interesting. That is very interesting."

"Let me down, now!" Kim demanded.

Spider-Man looked at her for a moment in silence, as if pondering the benefits of complying. "You won't attack me, then?"

Kim opened her mouth to speak the instant her Kimmunicator went off. "Kim! Kim Possible! This is Betty Director! Ron said he's on his way and he has not heard from you since you went to apprehend Motor Ed. Were you able to secure Spider-Man?"

Kim sighed, pulling with all her might to reach into her pocket and turn her line off. "What do you want from me?"

Peter scoffed, folding his arms. "That's exactly what I wanted to ask you. Unless your group is some sort of hyper extermination squad and I'm just Spider-Man number seven on your hitlist, I don't understand why you need to take me down so badly. At least tell me what they want to do to me and why, then I'll let you down." He wanted her to say it, at least so she could hear how bad it sounded out of her own mouth.

"GJN agents are coming right now with Ron, and they'll be far worse to you than I was, just, please, let me down," Kim said, envisioning what Betty might have in store for anyone brought back to GJN headquarters. Nothing she imagined was pretty.

Spider-Man remained firm. "I'm not asking for much. Are they going to use me as ransom? Kill me? Blackmail me into working for them? I'm not hurting anyone-" He looked back at the dropped agents and Ed. "-who doesn't deserve it."

Betty had been unclear on the exact details pertaining to after his capture, and she worried that it was for her own peace of mind. "I don't know."

"We don't have time for this," Spider-Man said, feeling the familiar gut reaction that told him to jump.

"I'm being honest, I was never told what would happen after," Kim said, feeling like he knew that she knew just as much about her role in all of this as he did. "If I was going to attack you, I would have done it by now," she said, sliding down from the web and landing on her feet. The webbing on her arms melted and sloughed off in unraveled sheets of synthetic silk on the ground. "But don't think I trust you."

Kim and Spider-Man stared at each other in a moment of vivid silence, reading each other's body language and demeanor to determine what they planned on doing next. "No, I completely understand," Spider-Man said, "I guess it's strange, getting used to seeing me in your neighborhood at first, I just don't understand why you, or I, have to die for it."

The garage doors to the front of the factory were blown open in that instant, with Ron and 15 GJN agents rushing inside. 15 red dots were aimed between Peter's eyes, as well as the sudden flurry of strikes from Kim's sidekick. Peter effortlessly dodged the strikes, sensing each strike growing with ferocity and aggravation. "Kim, help me out here?" Ron asked, seeing Kim in a conflicted daze, her fists up but stance weak.

"You know something," Peter said, half speaking as himself as he leaned out of a high kick from Kim that nailed Ron's cheek, "I have this feeling that you don't really like me." Ron threw a punch and Spider-Man gave him an ounce of his strength, half tossing him into a squad of charging agents. "Wanna talk about it?"

Ron's face was red with frustration as he hopped to his feet, deploying Rufus to close the gap. "Yeah, once you're in jail!"

"Attacking the innocent is a crime punishable by law," Spider-Man said, mimicking a deep-voiced, serious lawyer type. He flipped all the way back to the railings toward the overseer's office on the upper floor. Shots rang out toward him, but he seemed to know where to move just before the bullets flew toward him to dodge. "We can be cellmates!" he teased in his regular voice. "I get top bunk, okay?" His personal cell phone started buzzing inside his pocket. "Gotta go, it's been fun!" he said, fading into the office he came in and taking off into the city once again. He dipped into the nearest alleyway where another shady man with a crowbar walked toward him with a vicious smile. Peter pulled out his cell and answered it as the man swung. "Hello? Oh, Bonnie!" he said, catching the crowbar and yanking it away. "Hold on, one second-" He turned to the would-be mugger. "Hi. Can I help you?" he snapped.

"Gimme your wallet!" he shouted, pulling out a switchblade.

Peter glared at him. "I am on the phone."

The mugger and Peter stared at each other for a moment, the mugger taken back by how nonchalant his victim acted. "You- you do know I'm trying to take your wallet, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, black snow cap, fingerless gloves, three dollar switchblade- I'll deal with you in a second," Peter said quickly, returning to the phone. "Yeah, I'm fine, just bumped into a guy on the sidewalk," he chuckled, "why do I even have these glasses, right?"

The criminal put the knife to Peter's throat but Spider-Man was unfazed. "I said-"

"Sorry, Bonnie, Bonnie, hold on-" He glanced at the knife and back up at the mugger. "Let me show you why that's a bad idea." He picked up the crowbar again, squeezing harder and harder until he left dents from his fingers as the man watched. "Yeah, I'm so sorry for being late," he said into the phone. "I got busy with research, I'm walking home right now."

Peter kicked himself. He just took an exam with the prof he said he was doing research with.

"It was Vivian, she needed help with PCR," Peter lied.

A speeding taxi cab flew by, with several loud honks behind it that just screamed "you're in the city so stop trying to lie about where you are."

"No, no, I'm walking from lab on north side," Peter said, not needing to look as he pinned the man's hands to the wall with his spider webs. "Today got a little complicated, I'm sorry, like I said, I'm on the way."

He hung up and turned toward the man of crime.

"Can I trust you to chill here, for like, five, six minutes? Once the cops show up you'll be in a warm car."

"When I get my hands on you I'll rip off your jaw and make you drink bug spray."

"Now that will be a day."

"Let me go!"

"No," Peter said, darting into the sky. He waved to the night news helicopter as he soared by and landed on a rooftop, running at full speed before leaping off again. He bounced from rooftop to rooftop and ran off the side of a building as he entered the center of the city, rocking through the sky and free falling hundreds of feet before agily landing on the train that stopped just outside of campus. He still felt a little bit of the adrenaline coursing through his veins and took a deep breath, crouching and taking off again with a webline on a lab building. He slipped from building to building until he was on the wall of his dorm building, just outside his window. He peaked inside and gasped, quickly ducking his head before anybody would see. "What the heck is she doing there?" he whispered to himself, hearing his cell phone go off, loudly. He dived into the bushes eight stories below as Bonnie opened the window, looking left and right in confusion. Peter sighed and wriggled out of costume, stuffing it in his bag and rising up in his unzipped red hoodie, white "Stark Industries" tee shirt, blue jeans and white running shoes. He fastened the glasses that made it harder to see onto his face and walked out smelling like shrubbery. He answered the phone just before she dropped the call. "I'm outside, I'll come up in a second! How are-"


Peter stared at her puzzled through the phone, although being an hour late to something was his fault. He shook the twigs out of his hair and stepped into a crowded elevator. The rising box was silent until they reached his floor. "Nice gloves," a short brunette said, smacking Peter in the face with the realization he still had his Spider gloves on. "They look like the ones that Spider Guy wears."

Peter cleared his throat. "Yeah, that is weird."

"Did you fall in the bushes?"

"This is my floor," Peter said, briskly walking out of the elevator with his hands buried in his pockets. He turned into the bathroom, stuffing his gloves in his hoodie pockets and looking in the mirror, sorting out his hair and wiping any remaining specks of mud off his shirt. His cellphone rang again and he groaned silently, taking it out and seeing Bonnie's face on the contact cover. "I really need to put this on silent mode more often," he grumbled, half-jogging into his room.

Bonnie sat on his bed looking a bit disturbed at the smiling Gil, leaning against their desk with his guitar and playing "Stairway to Heaven" poorly. "Wazzup, Petes," Gil said, his voice obviously meant to sound smoother and cooler. "Who's your friend?"

"...Petes?" Peter said, the tension hitting him harder than the truck that nailed him in the face earlier.

"Peter, it's about time," Bonnie said, looking more relieved than upset. She wore a pair of yoga pants and a green and gold tee shirt labeled "MIST Cheer" in big, standout letters, and she briskly walked out of the dorm. Gil looked Peter up and down with a chuckle and an approving grin as the secret super grabbed his backpack.

"See you tonight, brosky? Later dude!" Gil said.

Peter let out a nervous laugh and closed the door.

"Where were you?" Bonnie asked him again. "We still have our lab assignment for chemistry due by midnight, after that you agreed to go with me to the gym."

"I only knew about the first thing we were doing," Peter said, fixing his glasses to his face.

Bonnie stopped in the hall and turned Peter to her, looking up with a convincing smile. "Do you want to go to a post-midterms workout?"

"I was hoping that we could-"

"Thanks," she said, quickly hugging his arm and half-pulling him to her and Kim's room. "It's nine now, if we finish this by 10 we can be out by 10:15 and back by midnight. Afterwards there's a party at TKE but I might not go since this workout is for tomorrow's game, but I'll decide when we're finished."

"You have a game tomorrow though, right?" Peter asked. "You'll want to get enough sleep, to make sure you're ready for it."

"Please," Bonnie said, sitting on her bed with her legs crossed and her laptop open. "I've been ready for that since last Tuesday, it's Kim you have to worry about messing things up."

Peter had a feeling that wasn't the case. "Really?"

"You've seen it, come on," Bonnie said with her usual hint of disgust when she talked about her roommate. "Over the past few weeks, when we've been studying, she'll barge in half-ranting about Spider-Man and half-apologizing for it, to Ron." She looked at Peter's half-smile he usually employed when he was hiding something. She was good at picking up on that, mainly using it to convince him to go to different events, sliding herself right in any ounce of free time he had. "You wouldn't know anything about why she'd be so conflicted over this guy, would you?"

Peter imagined a big, red exclamation point hovering over his head, like in video games when his character would get in trouble. "Kim's vented to me a little about it, it sounds like a big misunderstanding."

Bonnie laughed. "I feel like after you've shot at someone it no longer becomes a misunderstanding."

"Nothing a therapist or even a random guy with a long red couch cannot fix," Peter said, setting himself up on his laptop at Bonnie's desk.

"You know I don't mind if you sit on the bed," Bonnie said.

"I know, I just like seeing everything laid out on the desk, I think better that way," Peter said, also avoiding any potentially awkward situations.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "It's all online, don't be nervous."

Peter acquiesced, sitting next to her at the edge of her bed. "Nervous of what?"

She ignored that question, setting her laptop down next to his. She stared intensely at his screen, his mouse hovering over the Google Drive button on his bookmarks bar. He had too many tabs open, with one of them particularly catching her eye: a police siren icon just next to the red X to close the tab. "What are all of these for?"

Peter started closing tabs, glancing at her watching his screen. "Just links to KhanAcademy for chemistry videos and other cram session things."

"Why the Middleton Police website?" Bonnie said in a very triumphant voice.

"I'm friends with Kim Possible," Peter said dismissively, pulling up the spreadsheets and posters of their data for the chemistry project. "For some reason whoever's fighting her always has a reason to pick on me. I have to be ready to hit the 911 button because they always want to chase me when I'm studying. It's more of a nuisance than anything else, really." He hit enter in the spreadsheet, letting the function and code he wrote sort the data out within the parameters set. Peter laughed and threw up a fist, stopping just before he hit Kim's bed and went through it. "All we have to do is fill out the report and we're done."

"What do you do outside of school?" she asked, opening a new document and filling out a data and results section for their lab report.

The inner Peter's eye twitched. "What do you mean?" he said coyly, typing up a storm with the introduction and abstract.

"I know you do research and help Kim's dad teach computer science, but I don't think you're as big of a nerd as you let on."

Peter simply kept his focus on the task at hand, laughing at the sting of that comment. "Thanks, Bonnie, I appreciate it."

"No, really, I'm interested," she said, sounding more sincere this time, "we hang out so much and I realize that I don't know a lot about you."

"You like mysterious guys, yeah?" Peter joked, poking at her shoulder.

Bonnie let out a surprised, gasping laugh. "Now that I did not expect, okay Peter Parker."

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding," Peter chuckled. "We can talk about each other later, let's get to-"

"Although Brick said that recently he's seen you in the gym in the boxing area at night, he doesn't get why you'd be there."

"Tell Brick I was there to 'test the bag,'" Peter said with a flash of a smirk, "next time he asks." It was a good ploy she used- if he said he never went to the gym to box, he'd be lying because he did at one point joke around about it with Kim and Ron. Brick would have gone to the gym especially for student athletes, but Peter would only know that if he was at the gym daily which he said he wasn't. Clever girl.

"There's the Peter I want to know," Bonnie said with a wink, sticking her tongue out. Brick never said that.

"Let's talk on our jog over there," Peter said.

Bonnie figured she wouldn't get it out of him tonight. The thought of him being the man who stopped a truck from crushing a little kid on the freeway a few nights prior was imprinted in her head, and as reserved and bookish the guy next to her was, the thought of that kind of double life excited her. "Fair enough. Let's get to work."

Peter held in a sigh of relief. Every time they hung out it was like an interrogation session. She was still a good study partner though, even if she was prying his mask off his face, if she knew about it. 30 minutes of silence and clicking passed and they were both on the submit assignment page. "From this moment on, we can no longer edit this assignment."


"If we fail we fail- oh no! A mistake!" He clicked submit.

"Wait- wait-" Bonnie gasped, dragging her hands down her face. "No, no! Where is it? If you cancel the upload we can-"

"I'm kidding it's fine," Peter laughed, seeing Bonnie's face go bright red with anger.

Bonnie folded her arms, standing up and walking to her closet. "That's not funny, Peter, now get out and get ready to go. We ended a bit early so we can hit a few of the areas that close at 11 after our warmup."

"See you downstairs," Peter said, closing the door behind him and returning to his room. He opened the door and walked in. "Hey Gil, I'm going to the gym, do you want to-"

Gil's side of the room was always disheveled, but this time he wasn't there to manage the mess. He must have forgotten his cellphone, something he did often, but his surfboard was still leaned up against the closet door. His skateboard was gone, however.

"If I have to rescue you from drowning again…" Peter checked in his closet, opening the puzzle box that held the idol for pickup on Sunday, just to make sure it was still there. He threw on a pair of gym shorts and a black and gray tee shirt with a picture of a tall man in a black and grey steel panther suit with glowing, silver eyes crouched in a lunging position on the front with "Wakanda's Finest" on the back. He quickly realized how bad of an idea wearing that would be and opted for the plain, red and blue tee shirt instead. It was just big enough for him, but that was okay. He put on a pair of sneakers and put a bunch of water bottles in his backpack, throwing it over his shoulder and walking out with his glasses kept on by a tie in the back.

He walked over to the elevator, pressing it as the doors opened, seeing Kim and Ron standing there, arms folded, face and hair greasy and bruised, and looking distressed and quite upset. Lines of web from earlier were still in Kim's hair.

"Kim, Ron," Peter said, receiving an angry chitter and a hiss from Rufus. "...Rufus. Are you guys okay? What happened?"