Peter had changed into a nice red sweater and khakis with brown shoes that fit with his black-rimmed glasses. His short, brown hair was combed nicely against the curve of his hair. May found a nice sundress for the late August weather and the two new residents of Middleton walked outside to the beautiful Colorado sunset. The sky was orange and pink, still without a cloud in sight, with the mountain peaks making the horizon jagged to the east.

They walked up the tall hill to the door of the very modern and posh house and Peter knocked. No one answered. Two cars, a black Cadillac and a red sports car, were in the driveway, so he knocked again. "Coming!" he heard the doctor say from inside the house with his very fatherly voice. "Kim! Ann! Come down and meet our new neighbors!"

Peter heard footsteps come down a flight of stairs. "Kim!" a woman's voice said, probably Mrs. Possible.

"I'm here, mom," Peter heard a younger female's voice said. Certain abilities Peter possessed let him hear at extremely acute levels.

The door opened and a ruddy-skinned woman of moderate height and a curvy figure with blue eyes and short red hair in a swept hairstyle welcomed them inside with a smile. The family was dressed fairly casually except for the parents; Peter felt overdressed. "Come in! I'm Ann. You must be May and Peter?"

"It's nice to meet you," May said, looking up and down at Helen's sundress. "Great minds dress alike too, I suppose. Where did you get that dress? It's very beautiful."

That drew Ann and May into a conversation and Peter looked around their living room. Ann kept her house in modern cabin style and had several cubist paintings next to a glass bookshelf. The furniture was brown and red, creating a very "warm" scene with the light brown wooden pillars in the corner of the room and convex ceiling with thin, black lamps hanging from it.

"Hello, I'm Kim," the young woman's voice said cheerily, snapping Peter's attention toward the front. He swallowed nervously at the athletic and curvy ruddy-skinned girl with long, wavy red hair reaching past her back and bright, blue eyes. She had pouty lips and a pointy nose, reminding Peter of another beautiful redhead he knew. She wore a green tank top that exposed her midriff and blue Capri pants with white tennis shoes.

"I'm Peter," the boy said, already feeling nervous. What was it about girls next door? "I just moved in."

"Yeah, I heard," Kim said. "Is it just you and your Aunt?"

"Yeah, just us," Peter said, scratching the back of his head. "We're from New York."

"Wow, that's a long way," Kim said, walking to the dinner table. She turned to him with a quizzical look. "So are you just going to stand there or…"

"Dinner's ready, everyone," Ann said, starting to carry dishes with May from the kitchen to the dining room onto a mahogany dinner table long enough for everyone.

Peter and Kim changed directions, heading to the kitchen to help serve. Peter heard an almost inaudible ringing from inside the doorway leading to the den on the opposite end of the room. "Mrs. Possible," Peter said, "your phone is ringing."

"What are you talking about?" Kim said, not being able to hear anything.

"Is it?" Ann said, walking into the den across her wooden floor and turning around a corner in the den, seeing her phone on the couch ringing at the lowest volume setting. She quickly picked up the phone. "Hello? Hello?" She hung up and walked back to the kitchen. Her husband took over while she was investigating. "Thanks, Peter," she said, examining the boy and wondering how he was able to hear her phone two rooms away, moreover how he knew it was hers.

"Peter," May said, tapping her nephew's shoulder. "That's enough. You can sit down."

Peter nodded and went to the dinner table, pulling up the chair next to Kim's. Doctor Possible sat at the head of the table. "I hope you saved something for everyone else, Tim and Jim," Ann chuckled, seeing steak bits all over their mouths.

"There's plenty more to go around," Tim said with a blank expression. "What are you talking about-"

"Honey, I was just joking," Ann said, laughing as Kim imitated her brothers' expressions.

"Stop it, Kim!" the twins said, "It's not funny!"

"Maybe it is, kids," the doctor shot back, joining his wife in laughter. "Maybe Kim did it better than you guys. Are you two just going to take that?" Ann looked at the guests and cleared her throat, quickly stifling her own laughter. "

May broke the awkward silence. "He's right, you know," she said.

Peter copied Kim's imitation perfectly, making her father nearly spit out his food.

"I don't see any change from how you looked when you walked in," Kim shot back.

"You'd have to make that expression a lot to notice something like that, wouldn't you?" Peter fired.

The front door to the house opened and a short, lanky, light-skinned boy with short blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles wearing a red tee shirt and khaki shorts walked in casually, closing the door behind him. "Hey Kim, doctors, demons."

Tim and Jim snickered.

"Hello, Ron," Doctor Possible said with a grin. "Pull up a chair, we're just eating dinner."

"Awesome," Ron said. The head of a small naked mole rat popped out from his shirt and chittered. "Rufus and I haven't eaten in two hours and we're starving, aren't we?"

Rufus nodded and chittered in agreement.

"Ah, well," Ann said, watching Ron squeeze in between Peter and Kim with a chair he took from the kitchen. "There's enough for everyone."

Mister Possible made Ron a plate and he started eating with Rufus getting a bite in every now and again. "What's up," Ron said to Peter. "I'm Ron Stoppable, I live next door."

"I'm Peter," he said, "I just moved from New York."

"New York?" Ron exclaimed. "Why move all the way out here?"

Kim looked at the Parker boy with the same interrogative look she gave him earlier. Ann kept her ears open, also wanting to know. "Yeah, what brings you two to Middleton?"

"Oh, just school," Peter said, nothing more.

"Where in Middleton?" Ron asked.

May answered them. "Peter's attending Middleton's school of biochemistry on a full ride," May said proudly. "It's the best in the world according to almost every source."

"Wow," Kim said, forgetting the slight dopiness Peter had exhibited earlier. At least Peter hoped she forgot. "That's incredible. There have only been three other kids who have ever received that award."

Ann would let her daughter be overshadowed. "Kim got a full ride to their prestigious global policy program," she boasted, "also the best in the world."

"I'm going there for business and mechanical engineering," Ron said, "I'm going to infiltrate Bueno Nacho and create the Insta-Nacho robot deluxe nacho maker-"

"Well, the biochemistry program has 76 nobel laureates," May said, bringing Ann into a boasting argument.

"Go us, I guess," Kim said, receiving a sarcastic high five from Peter. "Are you staying in a residence hall or…"

"I'm on the floor below you, remember?" Ron said.

"Yes," Kim said bluntly. "I was talking to Peter."

Ron turned and got a good look at Peter. The New Yorker was broader than he was with clearer skin and whiter teeth. Peter had light skin and sad sky blue eyes with slightly prominent cheekbones. He seemed to fill out his sweater pretty well with a lean, muscular V-shaped frame. He sat perfectly straight in his chair with perfect posture.

"I'm staying in Ida Sproul 712," Peter said, "but I'll be spending the weekends at home." He glanced over at his aunt. "May hasn't been feeling well," he said quietly, leaning forward toward Ron, "I'd feel horrible if something happened to her and I wasn't there."

"What about your parents?" Kim asked, making Peter's smile fade. Her eyes widened in realization as Peter nervously started wringing his hands. He didn't like to talk about it. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Peter said, acting out a grin once again. "How about you?"

"I'm in Norton 804," Kim said, still seeing Peter's nervousness. She wouldn't dwell on it. "It's on the south side of campus right next to the MiTrain station; it's like the BART but for northern Colorado," she said. "I think we're in the same complex."

"Oh, cool!"

"And I live in a double," Kim said excitedly.

"Lucky," Ron said with a hint of disappointment.

"Oh boy," Peter chuckled. All the freshman, including him, were in a double or a triple except for the lucky ones who got their own room. Some got an even worse fate than death: the dreaded quad. He got the better end but he hoped he could live with whoever his roommate was. "Do you know your roommate?"

"Not at all," Kim said, "not even a name."

"What about you, Ron?" Peter said, knowing that Ron would butt in eventually.

"I don't care as long as I can sneak in my little buddy, Rufus," Ron said, bumping fists with his naked mole rat.

"That's great," Peter laughed. "Hopefully we can take some classes together before our schedules diverge-" He turned toward the table and leaned over it with lightning reflexes, catching a pile of dishes May was about to drop with one hand. She was sitting across the table. He blushed and looked at the Possibles and Ron, finding them all gawking at him with wide eyes and open mouths.

"That was fast," Kim said, sounding impressed again and breaking another awkward silence "Nice catch."

"Thanks," Peter said, blushing again and quietly sitting back down.

"Remember that one time I caught three mascot suits from a cargo plane?" Ron said to Kim. Kim felt a buzzing in her pocket followed by a tonical beeping. The whole family turned toward Kim, watching her expression change to a serious glare as she pulled the strange phone-pager from her pocket to look at it.

"I'll be back," she said quickly, leaving the dinner table with the phone to her room upstairs.

Ron glanced at Peter with a small grin before following Kim upstairs.

Peter could not help hearing the conversation. "What's the sitch, Wade?" he heard Kim say.

"DNAmy is trying to turn downtown Middleton's mall into a hamster cage," Peter heard a young teen boy say. "You might want to get there quick or things are not going to end well."

"Got it," Kim said, hanging up.

She and Ron never came back downstairs.