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Friday night.

To some college students, Friday night meant going out and partying– possibly making some regrettable life decisions that would haunt them the rest of their lives along the way. To others, Friday night meant staying in and studying their asses off for whatever final they had coming up next.

But for the Barden Bellas, Friday night meant "Bonding Night."

In the beginning, "Bonding Night" consisted of going out and experiencing different, fun activities together. One week, the Bellas tried bowling. Unfortunately, after Fat Amy attempted her famous "Aussie Wind Up," the manager of the facility wasn't so forgiving when the ball got stuck on her fingers and accidentally flew up into the ceiling.

Another week, the acapella girls made an effort to try horse back riding, though that experience didn't go well either. Flo had asked to pose under one of the tallest horses, and long story short, the owners had forgotten that that particular horse had drank a lot of water that day.

Eventually, after a few more mishaps– and an overall lack of funds– the Bellas decided that "Bonding Night" would be best spent in their own home, playing games, watching movies, eating junk food, and best of all, drinking alcohol.

Beca huffed a tired sigh as she unlocked the door to the Bella household. She had just finished a long day of stressful lectures and irritating school work, and was ready to sit back, relax, and maybe work on a mix or two.

What Beca wasn't ready for was loud music or sight of her Bella sisters laughing and clinking their mixed drinks together as they chatted on the couches.

Beca had forgotten it was Friday.


"Beca!" Came from a familiar, giddy redhead, who spotted the brunette from her place on one of the couches and quickly stood up to greet her. "You're home!" The other Bella girls turned to welcome Beca as well, but Chloe was the only one who approached her.

Beca grunted when Chloe clumsily squeezed her into a tight hug, who giggled when she almost spilled her drink in the process.


Beca narrowed her eyes at her, suspiciously. "How much have you had to drink already?"

Chloe's hooded eyes slowly blinked as she continued to smile and lifted her yellow cup up to look at it. She tilted her head to the side like a curious puppy. "I don't remember."

Beca shook her head with a snicker. "Okay." She took the cup from Chloe's hands and ignored the whine she heard come from behind her as she continued to walk into the living room. "No more for you." She took a sip, contorting her face as her tastebuds adjusted to the fruity bitterness, and Chloe quickly followed behind her.


The brunette laughed. "Hey, I need this." And she flopped down onto the couch next to Fat Amy. "I forgot today was Friday."

Chloe chose to let Beca keep the drink and gasped when she sat down on the arm rest next to her. "You forgot!?"

Fat Amy finished taking a sit from her cup and wrapped an arm around the tiny brunette, shaking her. "How could you forget the best night of the week?"

Beca's brow furrowed in discomfort and she wriggled around in the Aussie's embrace until she was free. "I don't know. I was really busy." She took another sip and swallowed hard when she felt Chloe's hand skim across her shoulder.

"Well…" Chloe smiled, slipping her fingers into Beca's brown hair and calmly massaging the base of her skull. "Now you can relax and have some fun with your Bella sisters."

Beca responded with a tight smile, raising her brows and nodding her head as she tipped the yellow cup back. She ignored the way goosebumps rose on her arms when Chloe brought her finger tips to the opening of her shirt and dipped them inside to caress the warm skin she found there.

This was going to be a long night.

Apparently this bonding night had come with a theme; "Flashback Friday." The Bellas thought it would be fun to watch classic movies they had enjoyed when they were kids and bond over some of the throwback games they used to play.

It was actually pretty fun, Beca had to admit. What she had originally thought was going to be either an annoying– or just relatively boring– night, was actually turning out to be quite enjoyable. It was nice hearing everyone's favorite childhood memories, and if Beca were being honest with herself, it was really nice getting to sit so closely next to Chloe.

She didn't know why Chloe always insisted on sitting next to her whenever they had group events like this one– not that she was complaining. Beca actually kind of liked the way her body buzzed whenever Chloe was that close to her.

But Beca wasn't going to think about that…

The night had been going pretty smoothly, that is, until Stacie's dirty mind sparked a devilish idea.

"Oh my God, you guys! I know exactly what game we should play next."

The girls tuned in to their fellow Bella.

"Which game is that?" Emily asked with excitement. Poor little innocent legacy. She should have never asked.

Stacie smirked, mischievously. "Do you guys remember 'the nervous game'"?

Beca's face fell while the rest of the girl's lit up.

"Oh my gosh! Yeah! I totes remember that game!"

Beca glared at the thrilled redhead next to her, because of course Chloe would get excited about playing a game like that.

"Uh, I don't remember that game." Beca tried, already standing up from the couch in an attempt to make a run for it. "So I guess I'm gonna have to sit this one out."

But just like always Chloe was right there with her, beating Beca to whatever punch she was trying to achieve, and she quickly stood up too, playfully wrapping her arms around the surly brunette.

"Oh, come on, Becs! Of course you know this game." Her smile was intoxicating but all Beca could do was pout. "Everyone has played it at least once in their life."

"Yeah, Beca. Even I've played it." Fat Amy interjected. "I was the Tasmanian champ!"

Beca was still trapped in Chloe's arms and she grumbled. "I haven't." She lied knowing that playing this game could lead to some hidden emotions– on her part– being exposed, and Beca was just too tired to deal with them.

Stacie narrowed her eyes at Beca. "You're such a liar." And then she looked at everyone else. "Come on, girls. We're gonna play."

Beca groaned and rolled her eyes while the rest of the Bellas started to pick up all of the snack bags and wrappers from the living room. Chloe had finally let Beca go and the DJ dropped to the couch, crossing her arms and pouting as she reluctantly accepted the fact that the girls weren't going to let her get away from playing.

While most of the Bellas were still in the kitchen, refilling their drinks and grabbing a few new snacks, Beca felt familiar arms glide over her shoulders and a chill ran up her spine when the smell of Chloe's perfume registered in her brain.

It was a soft smell. Some kind of balance between fruity, fresh and flowery. Beca didn't know what it was, but it always drove her senses wild whenever Chloe wore it.

"Ya know, Becs–" She said, bringing her head around to rest on Beca's right shoulder as she whispered into her ear. "If you really don't know how to play–" Her left hand found it's way down Beca's side and it stopped when it reached the top of her jean clad thigh. "I could show you, if you want."

Beca knew what she was doing. She knew all too well how much Chloe loved getting a rise out of her whenever she could, and Beca hated the way she always crumbled whenever Chloe tried.

When Beca didn't answer– considering she kind of couldn't with the way her brain was going haywire– Chloe slowly moved her hand forward.

"So, whadaya say?" Beca gulped when Chloe's fingertips grazed against the seam between her legs. "Are you getting nervous?"

"Okay, girls!" Stacie shouted, startling Beca as she re-entered the living room with two red solo cups in her hands.

Chloe hadn't been as startled as Beca, but swiftly removed her hands from the DJ's body and spun around to greet Stacie with an innocent smile.

"Ooh…" Chloe grinned, approaching the taller girl and reaching for one of the cups. "Is one of those for me?"

"Nope." Stacie smirked, bringing the cup closer to her. "Not this one. This one I made special for our favorite little DJ over there." She gestured to Beca, who was still sitting on the couch, and at the mention of her profession, Beca turned to look at them.

"What?" She asked.

Stacie walked over to her smaller friend and handed her the cup. "Here." Beca quirked a suspicious brow. "Since you're so stressed about playing, I figured I'd make you something that will help you relax."

Beca hesitated. Some logical part of her brain was telling her she shouldn't take it. After all, who knew what Stacie had put in there? She knew she shouldn't take it. And yet…

She took the cup.

As she held the drink in her hand, Beca glanced over at Chloe and gasped a breath when she saw the redhead was already smirking at her. Her teasing smile was enough to spark something in Beca. Something that pushed away the rest of her pesky anxiety. So without another thought, Beca tipped the cup back and swallowed a confident gulp.

If Chloe wanted to play with her, then damnit, Beca was going to play too.

Beca looked back up at Stacie. "Thanks." She said, and the taller brunette smiled.

"Mhmm." After giving Beca a quick nod, Stacie turned and made her way back to Chloe, who was still standing by the kitchen entrance. "You're welcome." She said, nudging the redhead with her elbow.

Chloe furrowed her brow. "For what?"

"Oh, come on." Stacie sucked her teeth and pulled the redhead into the hallway. "I see the way you look at her, Chlo. And believe it or not, she looks at you the same way. She's just too–" Stacie searched for the right word and settled on, "Oblivious… Or maybe even scared." She shook her head. "Either way, whatever her problem is, I put a little something extra in her drink." Chloe widened her eyes in terror at the mention of such things, so Stacie quickly finished before the redhead could go berserk on her. "It's not like the 'date rape' drug or anything. It's just something I'm hoping will relax her enough to let some of her guards down with you."

Chloe couldn't believe what she was hearing and she shook her head. "Stacie, I can't–" But the taller girl put a hand on her shoulder, stopping her again.

"You two deserve a night to have some fun." She handed Chloe the other cup she had still been holding. "Specifically with each other." Stacie looked over to where Beca was still sitting and shrugged. "You don't know what could happen if you don't try."

Chloe was still in a bit of a shock and glanced down at her cup before looking back up at Beca with longing desire. Maybe Stacie was right. Chloe would never force anything onto Beca, but maybe if they both were relaxed enough, then maybe Chloe could gain the courage to tell Beca how she really felt about her.

Stacie noticed the redhead's thought filled gaze and playfully smacked her bottom, snapping her out of the trance. "Just have fun tonight. Embrace whatever might happen between you two."

With her last words of encouragement, Stacie winked and left Chloe to gather the rest of the Bellas into the living room. By the time she managed to get them all together, Beca was already halfway through her cup. She hadn't moved from her place on the couch, but her eyes continued to find the dazzling redhead that– not so long ago– had her nerves exploding inside of her like fireworks.

It was truly amazing how Chloe was able to make Beca feel things that even she didn't fully understand. Amazing, but also annoying, considering Beca had never been a fan of people breaking her well constructed walls. She didn't like feeling vulnerable. With anyone.

And yet…

Chloe plopped down onto the couch next to her, sporting one of her trademark grins, and Beca bit down on the rim of her cup.

"Hey, Becs." She said, bumping the blushing brunette with her shoulder. "Miss me?"

Beca glared at her. She knew Chloe was fishing for a retort and trying to get her to participate in whatever flirtatious game they always found themselves playing with each other.

"And if I did?" Beca said, confidently. "You going to do something about it?" She could tell it wasn't the response Chloe was expecting– if her widening eyes and slight blush creeping across her cheeks had anything to show for it– But before Chloe could muster up any sort of response, Stacie hopped up from her seat and moved to stand in the middle of the living room.

"Alrightie!" She announced, grinning like a cheshire cat. "You guys remember how this game goes, right?"

Most of the girls hummed and nodded their responses, but Emily slowly raised a timid hand.

"Um…" She mumbled. "I've– uh…" Her eyes darted around, nervously. "I've never actually played… this game… before."

Stacie gasped and the comment cued the rest of the Bellas to jump in.

"What!" Fat Amy, exclaimed. "Neva'?"

"Damn, Legacy." Cynthia Rose said. "You really are as innocent as you look."

"I met a martian from Mars once." Lilly's whispered, but her comment was ignored.

"Okay! That's fine." Stacie said, her gleeful smile terrifying a nervous Emily. "I'll demonstrate on you and refresh everyone else's memory." She took a seat next to the freshman and started her quick run through of the game.

Beca snickered against the edge of her cup and shook her head. "Poor kid."

"She looks like a terrified little puppy." Chloe added, watching the handsy exchange with amusement.

Beca didn't look at her, but she could feel her skin burning where Chloe's leg was brushing up against hers.

Damnit, Beca thought. Enough is enough.

Beca tipped her head back and downed the rest of her drink. Her face contorted and her body tensed as the bitter liquid burned down her esophagus, but she didn't care.

"Woah…" Chloe said. "Someone's thirsty."

Beca shifted her hooded eyes. "For you?" And looked her up and down. "Yeah. You could say that."

Where the fuck did that come from?

Chloe's jaw dropped. Was she implying what Chloe thought she was implying? Was Beca trying to say that–

"Okay! Legacy is good to go."

Chloe blinked back to reality and looked over to find Emily with wide eyes and cheeks as red as a tomato. Chloe couldn't help but giggle at the sight.

"Flo, help me get the ottoman out of the way."

The girls worked together to open the space between the couches and made enough room for everyone to sit in a comfortable circle on the floor.

Beca was surprisingly quick, sliding onto the floor with ease before tilting her head back to gaze up at Chloe with her cobalt eyes.

"Whatcha' waiting for, Chlo?" She grinned, casually patting the empty space next to her. "I thought you wanted to show me how to play this game." Beca wasn't sure what had gotten into her. She was never this confident around Chloe.


Perhaps whatever Stacie had put in her drink was already starting to take effect. Whatever it was, Beca couldn't help but love the stunned look it caused Chloe to express on her face.

After taking a moment to gather her thoughts, a smile gradually spread across Chloe's lips. She liked this new, confident Beca. She took a swig from her cup and slowly lowered herself onto the ground, her eyes never leaving Beca's gaze.

"Are you feeling okay?" She had to ask. Chloe trusted Stacie, but after hearing what she had done, Chloe had to make sure that Beca's health wasn't in any kind of danger.

Beca smiled. "I'm fine." And she was. Really. A little fuzzy from the alcohol, but overall, Beca was actually feeling pretty great.

"You sure?"

Beca looked at her. It was cute how Chloe was genuinely concerned about her, and though Beca would never admit it, she really appreciated it. But she was fine. She needed to convince Chloe of that too.

Beca's soft smile curved into a smirk as she placed her empty cup back onto the couch. She used her free hand to gently place it on Chloe's thigh.

"Chloe." She said. "I'm good. Really."

Despite the surge of electricity traveling from where Beca's hand was to the heat between her legs, Chloe ignored the sensation and focused on Beca's eyes. She was telling the truth.

Over the past four years, Chloe had learned how to read Beca fairly well. It was a skill that came in handy, when needed, and Chloe was glad she could use it for this occasion.

"Okay." She said, satisfied and relieved. She relaxed her body and allowed herself to lean into Beca that much more.

Maybe this night was going to turn out more fun than Chloe thought.

The game was officially started by Stacie. Since the girls were sitting together in a circle, each one of them had two turns. They had to engage with the person to their left, as well as the person on their right.

Emily made a point that technically they each had four turns, considering they also had to participate in and receive the turns of the other girls next to them.

Stacie was the first Bella to play. She grinned at Emily, who was sitting to the left of her, and put her hand on her knee.

"Maybe you'll last longer now that I've taught you how to play."

Emily gulped, and when Stacie's hand moved the first inch, the round was already over.

To Stacie's right, was none other than Cynthia Rose. Both girls grinned when they made eye contact, and after Stacie's hand stayed between Cynthia's legs for a full minute, the Bellas decided that it was a draw.

The game continued down it's designated path. Lily beat out Cynthia, after her hand made it just above her knee, and Cynthia claimed she was genuinely terrified to let Lily go any further.

The strange girl didn't scare off Flo, however. The Guatemalan had been through much worse in her life and wasn't really afraid of anything. She ending up winning all of her rounds.

Jessica and Ashley were pretty timid and shy with each other. It was adorable to watch. They didn't get particularly far, but everyone suspected that they would have totally gone farther if there wasn't anyone else around.

When it was Jessica's turn to put her hands on Chloe, she hesitated. She knew she didn't stand a chance against the care free redhead, and when her shaking hand reached the middle of Chloe's thigh, Jessica proved her theory to be true, and she quickly removed her hand.

"Ha." Chloe laughed. "I win."

When it was Chloe's turn to return the action, she also didn't get very far. She had only gotten to Jessica's knee when the blonde squeaked and yanked her leg away.

"I'm nervous! I'm nervous!"

The watching Bellas burst out into laughter.

"Awh, come on, Jess." Cynthia Rose said. "Red ain't gonna bite ch'ya."

"Yeah, Jess." Chloe smiled. "I don't bite." She then turned her head to the side to look at the chuckling brunette next to her and leaned in as she lowered her voice. "Unless you want me to." With an added wink, Chloe had Beca's throat clenching and the DJ broke out into a wild cough.

The action seemed to have gone unnoticed by the other girls, which Beca was thankful for, but Stacie was eyeing them curiously and grinned as she took a sip from her cup.

When the violent choking subsided, Beca blinked her blurry vision back to normal and felt herself shiver when she was met by a predatorial gaze from Chloe.

"Guess what, Becs…" She said, her eyes dropping to rake up the brunette's form. "You're next."

Beca could feel her heart pounding faster in her chest as Chloe's hand gradually made it's way towards her leg. It was like time was standing still and all Beca could focus on was the tantalizing journey Chloe's fingers made to the top of her knee.

And Beca didn't mean to jump when they finally made contact. It was involuntary, but this time extremely noticeable, and Beca blushed when the other Bellas started to laugh at her.

"Damn, Red!" Cynthia Rose chuckled. "You've got these girls terrified of you!"

"Yeh," Fat Amy added, "this shouldn't take long."

Beca gaped at her so called "sisters" and furrowed her brow in frustration. "I'm not scared!" And without thinking, Beca snapped her head back to Chloe and challenged her. "I dare you to get me to say 'I'm nervous.'"

The redhead's eyes widened and the room echoed with harmonic 'ooh's'.

"Is that a threat, Beca?" Chloe asked, chewing her bottom lip and squeezing the hand that was still placed on the brunette's knee. Utter terror was evident in Beca's eyes, but there was also a hint of temptation.

This was going to be fun.

When the DJ didn't respond, Chloe smirked and released her grip to lay her warm palm flat against Beca's leg.

"You're on."

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