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Chloe froze. Her body tensed and her ears rang as she tried to control her breathing.

Did she really just hear what she thought she heard? Or did she just imagine it?

Chloe couldn't have imagined it, because before she could even process the possibility, she heard a quiet creak in the hallway, another knock, and then a whispered "Chloe?" come from the other side of the door.

It was Beca.

Chloe felt her stomach twist at the sound of her voice and anxiety quickly washed over her.

There was no way this was actually happening.

Chloe carefully removed her hand from her shorts and gradually stood up from her bed. She stayed in place for a few moments, nervously chewing on her thumb nail, as she pondered what she should do next.

Chloe knew that if she opened the door, everything between them could change.

Now, did Chloe want things to change? Hell-to-the-mother-fucking-yes! But was she really ready for it? Well… there was only one way to find out.

Chloe carefully walked over to the door and reached for the knob with a shaky hand.

This was it.

She took in a breath and went for it, slightly opening the door to find Beca already walking away.


The brunette flinched and spun around. "Chloe." She said. "You're awake." And then she shook her head. "Sorry, wait. Did I wake you?"

Beca was always so cute when she was flustered and Chloe could feel her chest tighten. "No, I uh… I was still awake." She hoped the dark atmosphere helped disguise the blush she felt burning on her cheeks.

"Oh… okay." Beca said. "Why were you still awake?"

Chloe's legs squeezed together at the question but she managed to maintain her usual confident and flirty facade. She grinned and crossed her arms as she leaned against the doorframe. "I could ask you the same thing."

Beca's eyes widened. "O-Oh, I, um…" She nervously rubbed the back of her neck and sighed. "I was wondering if I could maybe talk to you… about something."

"Oh." Chloe said, taken aback by her genuine tone. "Okay." She moved herself off of the wall and opened the door the rest of the way. "What do you want to talk about?"

When Chloe gestured for Beca to come in, the brunette eyed her, warily. "You wanna talk in there?"

Chloe chuckled. "Beca, it's the middle of the night. I mean, we can have this conversation in the hallway if you want, but–"

"No." Beca suddenly said. "No, your room is fine." She walked in and Chloe shut the door behind them.

It was completely dark in her room, minus the bit of moonlight shining through the window, so Chloe walked over to one of her night stands and turned on the small lamp that sat on top.

"So what do you want to talk about?" She asked again, calmly sitting down on her bed and patting the empty space next to her. But Beca was hesitant. "Come on, Becs. It's just me." Her gentle smile seemed to be enough to ease Beca's nerves and the brunette gave her a slight nod before finally joining her.

It was actually quite difficult sitting this close to Beca after she had just been thinking about her in the most naughty way with her hand literally down her pants. It was hard for Chloe not to pounce on her then and there and make one of her fantasies come true. But Beca looked like she really needed to talk to her about something important, so Chloe tamed her wild hormones and behaved.

"Well…" Beca started, gripping her knees and clearing her throat as she tried to get it out. "Why did, uh… Why couldn't you go all the way with me today?"

Chloe quirked a brow. "What?" Her expression must have looked funny, because Beca started laughing and she shook her head.

"I'm sorry." She smiled. "I didn't mean it like that. I just meant like…" She shrugged. "I don't know, when it was your turn to touch me, you were one move away from winning the game, but you said you couldn't do it." Beca's eyes softened as she looked at her. "How come?"

Chloe didn't like the idea of lying to Beca, but at the same time, Chloe knew she couldn't just come right out and say, "Oh, it's because I've been in love with you for four years and I would prefer the first time I get to touch you like that to be after a romantic date, where we can then have a wonderful night of passionate love making."

Yeah, no. There was no way in hell Chloe was going to tell her that.

Instead, Chloe chose to go with, "I don't know." She tried her best to come off as convincing as possible, but the constant fiddling of her fingers wasn't exactly helping. "I guess having all the other girls there watching me made it harder to do." It was a poor excuse, but Chloe hoped Beca would buy it.

"Oh… okay." It didn't sound like she did.

A silence fell between them, but after a few moments Beca spoke up again.

"Do you think…" It was quiet, but since there were no other sounds– other than the hard pounding happening in Chloe chest– going on, Chloe could hear her loud and clear. "Do you think you'll be able to do it… now?"

Chloe's world stopped.

Was Beca actually asking Chloe to do what she thought she was asking? Was this it? Was this her one shot with Beca Mitchell?

If it was, there was no way Chloe was going to waste it.

They stared at each other for awhile, aimlessly searching each other for the permission they already knew that they had. Beca was waiting for Chloe to give her an answer and after swallowing a hard knot that had formed in her throat, she finally did.

"Only if you want me to." Chloe eyed her one last time before she slowly shifted her body closer to Beca, their knees touching. She placed her hand on the middle of Beca's thigh and she grinned when the brunette's muscle twitched. "Do you want me to?" Beca nodded immediately and Chloe tried not to laugh. "Okay, then."

Chloe moved her hand up an inch. "Are you getting nervous?"

Beca playfully narrowed her eyes at her. "Seriously, Chlo?"

Chloe half-shrugged. "It's part of the game, Becs."

The DJ rolled her eyes. "Fine." But then she looked at Chloe with a smile. "No. I'm not getting nervous." And her eyes flicked down to Chloe's lips. "Not anymore."

Chloe could feel her body tingling up all over again and she smiled back as she moved her hand up another inch. "How about now?"

Beca shook her head, their faces gradually getting closer. "Not at all."

They stopped just as the tips of their noses brushed against each other and Chloe placed her hand a few centimeters away from where she really wanted it to go.

Their chests were starting to rise and fall at a faster rate and Chloe knew that there was no going back after this.

She darted her eyes back and forth between Beca's and lowered her voice. "Are you… getting nerv–"

"Just fucking do it already." Beca grabbed Chloe's wrist and planted her hand right between her legs. Chloe gasped at the contact, but Beca was right there to silence her. She captured the redhead's lips with her own and swallowed the moan that came from the back of her throat.

Chloe could feel her body light up with fireworks as they kissed. It was like a dream come true.

She was kissing Beca. Beca was kissing her back. On. Her. Bed. With Chloe's hand placed, RIGHT. THERE.

Chloe's mind was fogging with bliss, but she needed to stay grounded. She wanted to make sure Beca's experience was amazing.

Chloe added a bit more pressure with her hand, fondling Beca a little harder and making the brunette moan. She took advantage of the open opportunity and invited herself into Beca's mouth by slipping her tongue inside with ease. Her bold move was fully welcomed by Beca and the DJ returned the gesture by clashing her tongue against hers, sparking a dance of dominance between them.

Chloe's senses were busy taking in everything that was Beca, that she almost hadn't noticed the way Beca's hand had found hers and was guiding it up and down the front of Beca's pajama pants. It wasn't until the brunette broke their kiss to speak, that Chloe fully realized what she was asking for.

"Please, Chloe…" She said, desperation sparkling in her dark eyes.

It was almost surreal. Chloe had never seen Beca so vulnerable and honest before, and she had never been this forward with he either. Sure, they had flirted and maybe even got a little too handsy with each other sometimes. But despite all of that, Chloe had never been one hundred percent sure that Beca may have had the same feelings she did.

Until now.

It was almost like some kind of switch in Beca had finally clicked and…

And that's when Chloe's face fell.

"Wait." Chloe took back her hand and closed her eyes as tears threatened to fall.

Beca looked at her, worried. "What's wrong?"

The redhead shook her head, her eyes still closed. "We can't do this."

"What?" Chloe couldn't see her expression, but Beca sounded hurt. "Why not?"

Chloe finally opened her eyes and they were glistening against the warm light coming from her lamp. "Stacie put something in your drink."

Beca furrowed her brow in confusion. "What?"

Chloe nodded. "Earlier today when she gave you that cup, she told me that she had put something in your drink to help you relax." She couldn't read Beca's expression, and when the brunette didn't respond, she continued. "I'm so sorry, Becs! I should have told you sooner, and now with you being here with me and everything," Chloe shook her head again, "I just can't go through with it. Not if I know it might not really be you that wants this." A tear finally escaped one her eyes and she grabbed Beca's hand. "Beca, I would never do anything to hurt you. I would never–"

Chloe was pleasantly surprised by the sudden press of Beca's lips on hers. She whimpered as another tear fell and when they separated, Chloe was relieved to see that Beca was smiling.

"You're cute when you ramble." She said. "And yeah, Stacie told me the drink would help me relax too. I had a feeling she might have put something in it. But honestly…" She placed her free hand on top of Chloe's and squeezed. "Wether she did or not, you need to know that I do want this… Like, a lot."

Chloe smiled softly. "You do?"

Beca nodded. "Yeah, dude. I've been crushing on you for like, a few years now." Her statement made Chloe giggle and Beca released a small chuckle in response. "And you know what? If Stacie did put something in my drink, I'm pretty sure it's already out of my system, because I've never been more clear about anything else in my life."

Chloe grinned, and without hesitation, lunged forward to tackle Beca onto the bed. They laughed as Chloe readjusted herself and she used her arms to hold herself up as she beamed down at Beca. "You're absolutely sure you want to do this?"

"Right now?" Beca tucked a piece of Chloe's dangling red hair behind her ear and smirked as her eyes ran up and down her hovering body. "Hell yeah."

Chloe smiled and reconnected their lips, letting go of any lingering worries and letting herself indulge in the moment.

Chloe lowered herself onto her elbows and snaked her fingers into Beca's brown hair. She massaged her scalp as her tongue massaged the inside of her mouth, and there was a moan of appreciation that rang in the air, but Chloe wasn't quite sure who it had come from. All she knew was that she was making out with Beca– on her bed– and it was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced.

Well… thus far.

Nimble hands were free roaming up and down Chloe's back. When they found the curve of her backside, Chloe gave a quick, but firm roll of her hips and Beca lightly bit down on Chloe's bottom lip as she groaned.

"I can't believe we're doing this."

Chloe snickered and lifted her head to look at her. "I can't believe you actually made it all the way with me tonight." Beca titled her head to the side at that, her brow creasing with confusion and it made Chloe laugh. "Not like that!" She said. "I meant, like, in the game. You totally should have won that round."

Beca breathed a short chuckle. "Yeah, well, you never said that you were getting nervous, so." She shrugged. "Rules are rules, I guess." Chloe gave a short, considering nod in agreement, and then a sly smirk suddenly appeared on Beca's face. "I mean, I could always try again." She moved her left hand up and placed it on Chloe's thigh, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively as she did. "If you want."

Before Chloe could give her answer, Beca shifted their body weight and spun them around. She unfortunately misjudged the surrounding space and banged her ankle against one of the bed posts.

"Ow!" She yelped, her body tensing and her eyes squeezing shut as the pain set in.

Chloe tried her best not to laugh. "Are you okay?" She asked.

Beca scrunched her nose. "That could have gone smoother."

"It's okay." Chloe said, kissing the tip of Beca's nose. "I still think you're sexy."

The DJ chuckled. "Well that's good." She smiled before leaning back down to kiss Chloe slowly, and with her pain gradually fading, Beca returned her hand to it's previous position on Chloe's thigh. She slowly snuck her fingers up and under the soft fabric of Chloe's shorts, and a shiver ran up the ginger's spine as Beca's thumb caressed the warm skin she found there.

It was relaxing, yet teasing, and Chloe could feel her arousal growing by the second. It was amazing the kind of effect, even the slightest touch from Beca, would have on her.

"Chloe…" Beca suddenly said, pulling Chloe out of her haze and staring at her hard.

Her eyes looked dark. So much darker than usual. Like they were filled with something new and Chloe was sure she had never seen them so intense before.

Beca took her hand back and slipped it halfway passed the elastic waistband of Chloe's shorts, patiently waiting after she did.

"Can I?" Beca was asking for permission, and Chloe was more than willing to grant it.

She nodded without hesitation. "Yes." And she tried not to sound so desperate. "Do whatever you want." But it didn't work.

Luckily Chloe's rashness seemed to amuse Beca, because she smiled softly at her response, and it made the butterflies in Chloe's stomach flutter around with joy.

"Okay." Beca said, planting a quick kiss on Chloe's lips. "As you wish." She winked and they laughed at the humorous reminder, but then a gasp escaped them both when Beca finally moved her hand the rest of the way into Chloe's shorts and it easily slid over the redhead's heightened arousal.

"No underwear?" Beca asked, her jaw slightly slacked in shock as her fingers explored the slick surroundings.

Chloe huffed a short laugh. Beca's hand was notably groping her most private area for the first time, but what she seemed to be stunned the most about was the fact that Chloe wasn't wearing any underwear? Chloe was shaking her head in her mind. Only Beca.

"Supposedly it's not good wearing underwear to bed." Chloe couldn't believe they were having such a casual conversation while Beca's hand was still exploring in her pants.

"Really?" Beca asked, her head tilting to the side and her hand stilling as she considered it. "Huh…" She seemed genuinely lost in her honest curiosity, and as adorable as it was, Chloe needed Beca to come back to her.

"Beca." She said, adamantly, shifting the brunette's attention while expressing an "I-love-you-but-please-stop-talking" look on her face.

It seemed to have worked because Beca's eyes suddenly widened. "Sorry." She said, shaking her head. "You're right. Less talking, more kissing."

Chloe giggled and nodded, humming in satisfaction when Beca dipped her head down to capture her lips again.

Beca's hand returned to it's slow and gentle pace, her fingers alternating between gliding up and down, and rubbing small circles around her tender clit. Chloe's eyes were squeezed shut as the pleasure coursed through her body, and she couldn't control the way her limbs would jolt or squirm whenever Beca touched her in just the right spots.

Chloe wasn't aware of the gratified grin that was playing on Beca's lips as she pleasured her. She wanted to see what other reactions lied within Chloe, so without any kind of warning, Beca curiously teased a finger into Chloe's warm entrance, and the redhead responded instantly, her back arching off of the bed as a moan choked it's way out.

"Oh my God, Beca…" Chloe breathed, bringing her head up to look at the satisfied DJ and deciding that she needed to feel more of her. Chloe lifted her hands and reached for the hem of Beca's shirt. She worked frantically to try and get the thing off, but when the material bundled and got stuck around Beca's shoulders, Chloe whined.

"Here." Beca smiled, reluctantly removing her hand from Chloe's pants– much to the redhead's disappointment– and sitting back on her heels. "Let me help." She crossed her arms and finished pulling the shirt off the rest of the way, tossing it to the side and blushing when she noticed the way Chloe was staring at her.

Beca didn't maintain eye contact with her. "It's nothing you haven't seen before, Chlo."

"I know." Chloe said, calmly bringing her hands up to massage Beca's exposed breasts, and loving the way the action pulled a groan out of her. "But I can't help it." She kept one hand on her chest, but brought the other up to guide Beca's gaze back to hers. "You're beautiful, Becs."

Beca's brow furrowed and her eyes started to shine. It looked like she was about to cry, and for a moment Chloe worried that she may have said the wrong thing. But before Chloe could go into full on panic mode, Beca unexpectedly collapsed back onto her and crashed their lips together with force.

The kisses were messy and uncoordinated, but Chloe didn't mind it one bit. She could kiss Beca all day if she ever got the chance to. And she hoped that chance would come soon.

Beca tried to snake her hand up Chloe's shirt, but groaned in frustration when the buttons kept her from getting very far. "Take your shirt off." She mumbled against Chloe's lips, and the redhead quickly obliged.

Chloe sat herself up, moaning at the way Beca's mouth found it's way to her neck, and she struggled with unbuttoning of her top, her hands trembling with excitement. It took every ounce of Chloe's concentration to get the entire piece done, and it certainly hadn't help that Beca was working her oral magic on a spot just under Chloe's right ear. Chloe was sure a dark mark would still be there the following day.

She whimpered when Beca dragged her tongue down her pulse point, over her collar bone and down the valley of her breasts as her hands worked to slide the top garment off of Chloe's shoulders.

Chloe was impressed with Beca's skilled coordination. It made her wonder if she had done this before, or if all of the Bella dance rehearsals were also paying off in the bedroom as well as on stage.

After Beca removed the light blue top, she took a moment for herself and let her hands fall over Chloe's front as she released a low breath and ogled her.

"And you said I was beautiful."

Her compliment made Chloe's heart swell, and the redhead pulled her closer until their bare skin was flush against each another. Chloe loved the way Beca felt against her, and she took in the younger girl's lower lip with her mouth, playfully nibbling on it before slipping her tongue back inside to taste her again.

Chloe's hands worked mindlessly as they came up Beca's back and drifted down the front of her abdomen until her fingers curved to lightly drag across Beca's ribcage. The action cued an involuntary giggle out of the DJ and her body jerked at the tintilating sensation, her hands grabbing ahold of Chloe's to stop her.

The redhead smiled. "Someone's ticklish." She teased.

Beca's lips were spread thin, her eyes closed as she nodded. "Very."

The thought of getting into a tickle fight with Beca was tempting, but the thought of having passionate sex with her instead was much more appealing.

"Sorry." Chloe said, wriggling her hands out of Beca's grip to rest them on the hem of her pants. "Let me make it up to you." She dipped her fingers inside, but was suddenly stopped by Beca.

"Oh, no." She said, and Chloe looked at her, confused. Beca took hold of Chloe's hands and used them to direct her back onto the mattress, ultimately pinning her wrists above her head as she smirked. "It's still my turn."

Her whispered tone made Chloe squirm. She already thought Beca was gorgeous, but damn. The way she was looking at Chloe, like she was a hungry lioness ready to devour her prey, only elevated Chloe's already tenacious arousal.

Beca reclaimed Chloe's mouth and used her free hand to hook onto the waistband of her shorts. She appeared to be over the talking and teasing foreplay– which was fine by Chloe– and she didn't hesitate this time to tug on her checkered bottoms, swiftly pushing them down until they accumulated around Chloe's ankles.

The redhead was left in all her naked glory, but instead of feeling bashful or skittish about it, Chloe could only feel a burning desire heating up her body from the inside out.

She wanted Beca. So, so badly.

The DJ must have read her mind, because a hand was pressing between Chloe's legs again and she couldn't stop the appreciative moan that fell from her lips.

Beca smirked as her hand continued to move. "Are you getting nervous?" She asked, and Chloe huffed a shaky laugh.

"Oh, shut up."

Beca grinned before ducking her head back down to suck on Chloe's neck. Her left hand was moving faster and harder against Chloe, but keeping the redhead's wrists restrained above her head was becoming more and more difficult.

Chloe was beginning to writhe uncontrollably, her hips bucking and jerking against Beca's hand. She wanted to feel more of Beca. She needed to. With her first orgasm being cut short by the DJ's unexpected intrusion, the pressure between Chloe's legs was becoming unbearable. She was so close to completely unraveling. All she was going was for Beca to,

"Keep going."

It was a strangled plea and Beca knew what it meant. Her fingers sped up their circular rotation around Chloe's small, sensitive bud, nipping and licking at her neck as her right hand released Chloe's wrists and came down to cradle her left breast.

Chloe arched into Beca's touch. Her melodic moans and whimpers were getting louder and louder, but Chloe couldn't bring herself to care. She was almost there.

Just when she thought Beca couldn't get any better, the DJ surprised Chloe by sneaking a finger into her warm lady entrance and the redhead was left choking on air. Beca rolled her hips with each pump and curl of her hand, making sure to brush her palm against Chloe's clit every single time she did.

"Oh my God, Beca." Chloe panted, her breathing becoming erratic. "I'm… I'm gonna–"

Beca grabbed ahold of Chloe's head and pressed their foreheads together as their bodies moved harmoniously. "Go ahead." She breathed, her eyes staring straight into Chloe's soul. "Cum for me, Chloe."

Her final command did the trick and threw Chloe over the edge. Her jaw dropped and her brow furrowed deeply as the waves of ecstasy rushed through her veins. Beca kissed her hard, swallowing her string of moans and gradually slowing her pace so Chloe could ride out her roller coaster of pleasure for as long as possible.

It wasn't until Chloe's body fully relaxed that the two of them separated. Beca kissed her one more time before removing her hand. She brought her slick digits up to her mouth and looked at Chloe mischievously before she stuck them into her mouth and sucked them clean.

Chloe gawked at her. "Fuck." And Beca's eyes went wide.

"What did you say?"

Chloe laughed. "Yes, Beca. I say 'fuck' too."

"Yeah, but," Beca was genuinely stunned, "it happens so infrequently."

"Well…" Chloe wiped away some loose strands of hair from her glistening forehead and leaned in closer to Beca. "Play your cards right and you might hear that word come out of my mouth more often." She kissed Beca softly, taking her time as their tongues lazily caressed one another.

Beca quietly moaned as they kissed and Chloe felt a jolt of excitement shoot through all over again. She started to shift their bodies around and redirected Beca's lips back to hers when the brunette tried to see what she was doing.

"Just trust me." Chloe whispered, and she smiled when she felt Beca's body relax against her.


Chloe laid Beca down on her back and locked eyes with her as her hands found the waistband of her pants. She flirtatiously chewed on the edge of her lip as she slowly brought the garment down, and they shared a laugh when Beca assisted her by kicking her pants the rest of the way off.

When the plaid bottoms were finally discarded, all that was left was Beca's black underwear. Chloe leant down and placed open mouthed kisses on Beca's lower stomach. She quietly moaned as Chloe teased her, and her hips helplessly rose the closer Chloe got to her pelvis.

Chloe grinned at her reaction and didn't want to torture her any further. She quickly removed the last bit clothing and winked at Beca before laying herself between her legs.

The DJ stared at her in shock. "Woah, wait, Chloe. Are you gonna–"

"Shh…" Chloe smirked, lifting Beca's legs over her shoulders and tugging the brunette closer to her until she was face to face with her womanhood. She kissed Beca's inner thigh and the brunette's breath hitched in her throat. "What's wrong, Becs?" Chloe asked, glancing up at her face and giggling at her anxious expression. "Are you getting nervous?"

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