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"Special training Camp?" Ino asked confused as she looked at her father, then Shikamaru and Choji. These were her fellow classmates and the sons of her father's teammates -there was no doubt this would be her team.

The boys just shrugged as they turned to their fathers, "Why? I thought we passed."

"We don't know" the elder Nara spoke.

"We just got the message, all graduates report to training ground 93 at ten in the morning the day after tomorrow," the elder Yamanaka continued.

"A direct order from the Hokage," Choji's father finished. "As shinobi of the leaf, you will be expected to follow orders even if said orders have no other information."

The three kids just looked at their fathers. There was a message in that last statement. Choji knew there was a hidden meaning but could not find it. Shikamaru got the hint very quickly. 'Troublesome' was the only thing he could think of. Ino did not understand at all, but she knew one thing When her father looked at her with 'those eyes' she would not get answers.

As the rain continued to fall the Yamanakas left for home. Choji's father had duty that night, so Choji stayed with Shikamaru. Shikamaru noticed it was barely five in the afternoon and there was time to kill.

"Shino?" Choji asked as if he could read his friend's mind.

"And Kiba. Something is going on and I know in my bones NOT knowing what will be more troublesome than finding out."

Kiba was slipping through the trees using the rain to cover his scent. He wanted to avoid being tracked by his mother, though he did not know how foolish that was. She knew where he was as well as why he was going.

He came across an old house with a roof that barely kept the water out. Inside he saw Choji and Shikamaru waiting. As he entered he picked up the other scent - Shino was there as well.

"Hey guys...what, no Naruto?"

"Correct," Shino replied as he stepped out of shadows.

"Ok, we are all here for the same reason, right?" Choji asked as he munched on his bag of chips.

"Training Camp?" Kiba asked to make sure.

"Correct. My father had returned from a special summons when we got the notice." Shino informed them.

"Our fathers too," Shikamaru replied and Choji nodded.

"My mom as well. She had a look in her eye that scared me. I have never seen her with that look." Kiba finished.

"There is a new person in the village," Shino started. "I know next to nothing about him, but he seems to have some power over the Hokage and many of the village's top shinobi. My allies have not been able to get close to him."

That surprised the other three as Shino never failed to tag someone. Well, almost never failed. For some reason, he still was unable to tag Naruto.

"I learned while listening in on some older Shinobi that he is called Kuzai, and many refer to him as 'The Chief'. He appears to be a special instructor with an Elite Jōnin rank. Many spoke about him in hushed voices." Shino finished his report.

"I picked up on a scent once, but I can't find it again," Kiba replied scratching his head.

"This has Naruto," Choji started as he munched on more chips. "Written all over it."

"No, it's something else," Shikamaru replied. "Well something more, no doubt Naruto is involved but there is something else."

"How did Ino take the news?" Kiba asked as he wondered about that 'something else'

"Blew it off completely," Shikamaru replied. "I still cannot see how a member of the Yamanaka clan could be so oblivious."

"Perhaps she is faking being stupid or lazy like we do," Kiba spoke. He stopped to look at Shino "well most of us do."

Choji snorted as he ate, "Wish she was, me and Shikamaru are bound to be on a team with her. But to be honest...Shikamaru will have to do all the thinking while I do the heavy lifting, including carrying her skinny butt."

"My sympathies," Kiba replied in a truly mournful voice. "Shino, they still planning that tracking team with you, me and Hinata?"

"Yes, that does still seem the plan, but I have good news," Shino replied and looked at the puppy sitting at Kiba's feet. "Naruto has dropped the facade of being oblivious about Hinata."

Akamaru barked and looked at his partner. Kiba looked shocked.

"Really? Is that why he's not here now?" Kiba asked.

"Yes, when I went to collect him I heard him speaking to her in his apartment," Shino replied.

"His apartment? He isn't doing anything with her that would be wrong, is he? My friend, he may be, but she is too nice a girl to be rushed..."Kiba started

"You know Naruto better than that, I very much doubt Naruto would try anything," Shino replied as he adjusted his glasses.

"What are you not telling us?" Shikamaru smiled. He was the only one that could read Shino. Shino adjusting his glasses was the closest thing to the Aburame blushing.

What the four boys did not know was that their fathers and Kiba's mother were hidden in the roof of their hideout. With them was Kuzai, who sat and just listened. Once the boys left the four men and one woman dropped out of their hiding spot.

"Your boy is skilled," Kuzai spoke as he looked at Shibi Aburame. " especially with information gathering. Maybe we should introduce him to Jiraiya."

"All of our sons seems to be more than we thought," Choza Akimichi spoke.

"Do you really think you can help Ino?" Shikaku asked looking at the chief. "I may tease Inoichi about having a daughter, but I would hate to see his child get killed or fail as a kunoichi."

"Mai and Anko will take care of her," Kuzai replied.

"Who knew my boy actually had a brain!" Tsume laughed. "I thought he was just a braggart like I was at that age."

"I guess I won't have as much to break out of him as I did with you, eh puppy?" Kuzai smiled as he looked at the woman.

"Probably not," she replied, ignoring the old nickname Kuzai used for every member of her family. "But I am sure there are a few rough edges for you to polish."

"There is always an edge to polish." the Chief replied.

"Still," Shikaku started. "It is impressive how much your son knows Shibi. You realize he knows more than he should about many things?"

"Yes, I am rather proud of him," the Aburame replied not phased. "Your son seems to be just as intelligent."

"It is clear your sons befriended Naruto," Kuzai started. "but that does not explain why his Taijutsu is so poor. Did they not practice together?"

"Shino informed me that every time they started, a Chūnin would interrupt them," Shino's father replied. "Not to mention Taijutsu is not a specialty of the Aburame's, or Nara's."

"Most of Choji's techniques are based on his clan's, not really helpful to the boy," Choza added.

"Your sister-in-law should be back soon, she will deal with that mistake," Kuzai replied shocking the large Akimichi.

"My boy was just lazy," the woman growled. "Fuck that damn law, made it really hard to help his son."

Kuzai just nodded.

"That interference is over, so now I suggest they start training together after the camp. Don't worry, I will handle the details," the Chief spoke, and the group felt confident it would be handled.

"How troublesome are you going to be?" the Jōnin Commander asked.

"I am going to re-write the definition of the word," the Elite replied with a smile that could only be called evil.

"Are you a clone?" Hiashi asked as he and Kuzai walked the village from one end to the other in silence.

"Very good. Was that a guess or did you actually work it out this time? the clone replied.

Hiashi just grimaced. He knew this guy was always one step ahead of him, knowing that did not make it easier.

"You are less than pleased with me," Hiashi asked calmly.

"I am debating whether or not I should just kill you right now or put you through hell first and then kill you." the Chief replied.

Hiashi grimaced again. It was worse than he thought, the Chief was not here as a commanding officer of the Shinobi forces, he was here as...

"What are you doing here?" Chief asked, breaking Hiashi's train of thought.

The clan head spotted a soaked kid with an orange jumpsuit and blonde hair.

"Oh, hey Chief I was looking for Hyuga-sama, I did not know you knew him."

"He is an Elite Jōnin, why are you looking for him." the Chief replied and asked again.

Naruto turned to look at the clan head,

"Hyuga-sama. I was sent by Naruto Uzumaki to inform you that he ran into your daughter as the storm broke." he motioned to the still falling rain. " She was quickly drenched. To ensure she did not get sick he took her to his apartment to get dry and sent me to inform you."

"Sent you, you are not...Shadow clone?" Hiashi asked realizing it too late.

"Yes sir," the clone replied.

"Thank you," Chief broke in. "Dispel and let him know his message is received."

Before Hiashi could speak, the boy's clone vanished in a puff of smoke.

"I must go collect..." Hiashi started.

"Sit, shut up, and wait," Chief replied as he grabbed the clan head and dragged him under the awning of a food stand.


"Do you really want to get into this argument with me Hiashi?" the clone Chief replied.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I'M GOING TO BE TRAINING BRATS!" Anko shouted as she jumped from her seat. She had been sitting in Ibiki's office.

"Just what I said, Chief instructor Kuzai has asked for your help dealing with the Kunoichis and asked for you by name."

"Who the hell is he and why should I obey?" she growled and Ibiki realized she had not had the pleasure of meeting the Chief.

"He is not only the man that taught me how to interrogate, Ibiki started. "He is also the only person to fully skin a human alive and keep him alive after he was done."

"No way. You mean it can be done?" she cried, "I thought we used the attempt to get the prisoner to talk...I did not know it was actually possible."

"As I said he is the only one to complete it. Now you and your friend, ANBU Neko, will be helping him for about a week."

"Maybe I can get him to show me how to skin," Anko replied with stars in her eyes.

"ANKO!" Ibiki barked pulling the girl from her thoughts. "Chief Kuzai does not tolerate weak females, especially kunoichis. If you want to impress him make sure you go with a focused mind."

Naruto watched as his clones finished cleaning the apartment. Hinata was still in the bathroom. It had been almost an hour since they arrived, and he was starting to worry about her. Once the clones were done he had them start to perform the katas the Chief had shown him. He decided to exercise, but before he could start Hinata finally emerged from the bathroom.

She was wearing the large bathrobe he had loaned her. She looked for a dryer and Naruto simply waved to the back corner where his small washer/dryer was hidden. The clones watched her out of the corners of their eyes but did not speak as she put her clothes in the dryer and sat on the couch with Naruto, keeping a little space between them. She fidgeted with her fingers, checking and double checking that her robe fits perfectly and covered everything. Just as she was about to speak...

"I am sorry," Naruto spoke as he turned to look her in the eyes.

That shocked her, Sorry? why was he sorry?

"I am sorry, I acted as if I forgot or did not notice you, Hinata. Hinata, stay awake for me!"

His request was almost too late. Hinata was already turning a deep red and about to faint, but like before she managed to fight it off.

"I remember when I saved you from those bullies, and how your guardian told you not to speak to me. I had every intention of finding you and becoming your friend."

"What, why?" she asked, and Naruto looked straight at her.

"Cause you are probably the kindest girl there is, you are smart and strong, yet not arrogant like the rest of your family, and when you're not around them you treat people kindly, especially young children. Plus, you have a lovely smile and a beautiful blush."

Naturally, the mentioned blush returned to her face, but she shook her head.

"I mean why didn't you...come...f-find me?" she asked.

She was worried he would say 'because you're not as strong as I thought' or 'you're too much of a failure', things her family had said many…many times.

"Two of your clan 'Elders'." and he spits the word elder as if it was venomous " They cornered me the next day and made it clear if I spoke to you they would 'end' me. As an orphan living alone and with almost no help, I could not stand up to two elders of one of the villages most powerful clans...so I forced myself to stay away, well almost..."

Here he grinned that prankster grin she loved so much.

"Did you realize that those bullies never bothered you again?"

She nodded and blushed.

"I have been making sure you weren't bullied as much as possible, but I have not been able to do anything about your family," he looked down in shame. "Know this. You are not alone, and that door," he pointed to his front door, "is always open to you,"

She knew that not only her face but her whole body was blushing. She was on the verge of passing out again...

"Ano...t-thank you...Naruto...-kun,"

"My pleasure...Hinata-CHAN."

And that did it. She had resisted the faint repeatedly...but this time she could not win. Hinata passed out on the couch, but instead of leaning away from Naruto she leaned towards him. Now she was out cold with her head on his shoulder. Naruto froze.

'Great. Just great, now what do I do? Should I wake her?' he thought as he watched her sleep...a smile on her face. 'Nope not going to wake her'

Just then an exceptionally light knock came from his front door. He knew who it was but could not call, so he just tapped a code softly on the wall behind him. The front door slowly opened as Shino Aburame silently moved in, kunai in hand. The use of that code made Shino worried that someone had tried to attack Naruto in his apartment again.

What he found was a scene so adorable that he really wanted a camera. The blackmail he could muster from a picture would be worth the young blonde's rage. Naturally, Shino did not let any of these emotions show. He was an Aburame after all.

"Shikamaru called a meeting...but I see you won't make it," Shino spoke in a low whisper so that Hinata would not wake. "There is to be a training camp...You know all about that don't you?" Shino noticed the smile on the blonde's face.

Naruto just nodded, careful not to wake Hinata. She might not recover if she knew someone besides Naruto had seen her like this, even if it was Shino.

"She was following me again," Naruto started after a few moments of silence. "She got caught in the rain and sneezed. I couldn't let her get sick, so I decided to end the facade."

"Good, Akamaru will be happy," Shino replied. "He enjoys it when she rubs his belly. Now that she will be in our little group," here he took Naruto's nod as confirmation "he will be happy to get them daily."

Naruto smiled.

"I will let them know you won't make it. For Hinata's sake, I won't tell them too much." Shino said as he turned to leave.

"Once it is out that she is talking with me her family will try to harm her," Naruto warned. "We should plan to drop our facade soon, and all at the same time. She will need us."

Shino nodded and left without a word. Naruto sat on the couch, unable to move for fear of waking the cute little Hyuga. Trying to find something to keep him occupied while he waited, he noticed a book on the end table. Carefully picking it up without jostling Hinata he saw a note attached.

'This should be a good read for you, Chief'

Naruto looked at the book. He wasn't as stupid as people thought but he knew he wasn't a prodigy or a genius. He sure as hell did not do well in 'bookwork'. But the Chief had yet to be wrong and he literally couldn't do anything else, so he looked at the cover.


After a bit more hesitation Naruto cracked open the book and started reading.

Kurenai sat at a table in a private room of her preferred restaurant as she went over some files about her future students, she was going to be leading a tracking team. The members would be Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga. That last name put a smile on her face. She liked Hinata, cared for her. She knew that the girl had the potential to surpass any kunoichi before her, including her mother.

If only she had not been raised by that arrogant white eyed bastard of a father. The good news was that Hiashi Hyuga had placed Hinata in her charge the week before. Of course, his parting words had filled the Genjutsu mistress with more hate then she thought she could ever have.

Her longtime friends arrived. First was Yugao, otherwise known as Neko though they kept to the general rule of 'we do not know, talk about it or guess'. The purple haired sword-user slid into the seat to Kurenai's left and poured herself some sake. Next was Tsume, the clan leader and Alpha (Queen Bitch to her closest friends and enemies) of the Inuzuka clan.

"Hello Ladies, my don't we look relaxed," Tsume started as she turned a chair around and straddled it as she sat. "Seems your males have been useful."

The dog woman grinned evilly as she saw the start of a blush on the red-eyed woman's cheeks.

"From the sounds of it," Yugao replied in a relaxed voice. "You're just jealous, guess you STILL can't get your needs taken care of."

The growl from the dog woman was loud, deep, and threatening as she leaned towards the relaxed purple haired kunoichi.

"Mother, behave." Hana, Tsume's daughter and the newest member of this group, spoke as she entered.

"I doubt she ever will." Kuromaru, Tsume's large one-eyed partner spoke as he walked in and looked around. "I will stay outside with the triplets." He said as he turned to leave,

"Not going to stay?" Tsume teased.

"Too many females, I know better than that."

A chuckling Tsume mumbled the word 'chicken' as he left.

"How long before Anko arrives?" Hana asked as she took her seat.

"Why, tell me she hasn't seduc..." Yugao started with another teasing grin.

"She has been here for half an hour," Kurenai replied as a body literally 'slithered' in behind Kurenai, then all the way around her body before coming to rest with Anko basically hanging from Kurenai.

"Ah, you knew I was there?" she teased as she wrapped her legs around Kurenai's waist. Anko slipped one arm under Kurenai's while the other came up over Kurenai's shoulder completely entrapping her in an embrace.

Everyone knew Anko was looking for a reaction, which was why No One reacted. Kurenai just sipped her drink as if nothing was different.

Now that everyone had arrived, Kurenai decided to get the meeting started. Although Tsume was older than the rest by almost 10 years (close to 20 regarding her daughter) it somehow came about that Kurenai was the group's leader. She looked around at the strongest collection of kunoichis in the Village of the Leaf. In fact, they were the only real kunoichis worthy of the title of 'ninja', at least active ones.

She was disappointed. 15 years she had been a shinobi, hoping to prove women were just as skilled as men, and all the good kunoichis in the whole village fit in this one small room.

"Stop dwelling," Tsume spoke, reading Kurenai's mind.

"It's hard, I had hoped there would be more of us by now."

"Your little Hinata should be joining your team soon, yes?" Hana smiled.

Kurenai just nodded before frowning,

"But she is the only one. I am not seeing any other girls that look like they take being a kunoichi seriously."

"Don't worry, things are changing for the better," Yugao smiled and looked at Tsume who smiled back, almost evilly.

"How so?" Anko asked as she rested her chin on Kurenai's shoulder.

"Chief's back," Yugao and Tsume replied at the same time.

Anko, Hana, and Kurenai all lifted their heads.

"You know him?" Anko asked really interested.

"He was the head instructor for ANBU camp," Yugao replied.

"Trained me when I wished to become a hunter-nin," Tsume added.

When asked why she called her tracking team 'Hunter-Nin' when that name had been taken by the Mist village, her reply was simple. 'To piss them wannabe trackers off,' after that no one questioned her and just accepted her team as Konoha's Hunter-Nin.

"I have never met him," Kurenai spoke, "What can you tell us?"

"He will beat the stupid out of anyone," Yugao spoke.

"He will be twice as hard on the girls," Tsume smiled and looked at Anko.

"Why?" Kurenai asked worried about Hinata.

"He hates weak women and will NOT tolerate weak kunoichis," the two women replied as one.

"Fangirls?" Anko asked.

"He asked for you by name did he not?" Yugao replied smiling at her sadistic friend.

Anko smiled back finally understanding why she was picked.

"So, any more good news?" Kurenai asked.

"My son is not as stupid as I thought," Tsume replied with a grin. Everyone, even Hana, looked at her in shock.

"Yep. Seems Kiba, Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Shino Aburame along with Naruto Uzumaki have a little undercover group going."

"Like us you mean," Hana asked with a small grin.

"Our group is not secret," Tsume replied and grinned as she leaned back and looked out the small window of the room.

There she saw Hayate, Asuma, Kuromaru and the triplets sitting at the bar drinking in silence. "It's just that none of the men want to risk trying to interfere, cowards."

Here Tsume stopped and gave a very evil grin to Kurenai.

"Seems Naruto was not as blind to your Hinata's affections as she thought. They, all the boys, seemed to have put up a facade to fool the village. Oh, and last I heard Hinata was at Naruto's place. She should be fine, Chief vouched for him."

Kurenai's first thought was to run to Hinata, but Anko refused to let her stand.

"Relax, Tsume trusts Naruto to behave...right?" Anko asked looking at the oldest woman.

"Far better than I would have behaved at her age." Tsume replied with a smile.

"Not helping, mother," Hana replied and looked at Yugao.

"Chief vouched for the boy, so if he does anything...you will get to see the skinning technique for sure," Yugao replied causing Anko to skiver.

After a short time trying to reassure Kurenai that her charge was safe with the boy, the kunoichis continued.

"You and me, tortu...training the girls," Anko laughed evilly as she looked at Yugao, again made sure Kurenai did not stand.

"And Mai," Tsume replied.

"Oh goody," Yugao gave a strange giggle (something not heard often.)

"Who is Mai?" Hana, Kurenai, and Anko asked at the same time.

"The woman that's holding a blade to your throat," Tsume replied and smiled at Anko.

For a second Anko was confused, then she felt the point of a kunai at the jugular. slowly she turned her head to the left. Kurenai and Hana just gaped as they saw a woman smiling sweetly. The woman took the blade away and leaned in to kiss Anko's cheek. She then leaned over to hug Yugao from behind before stepping to Tsume. Tsume stood up so they could kiss each other's cheeks before both sat back down.

Mai was dressed in a simple shirt and pants combo with a simple black leather vest. Her hair was long and black with hints of a blood red, her face looked plain. The only thing that stood out was the large choker around her neck with a yin/yang symbol and the Kanji for BALANCE in the center.

Mai waved at Hana and started to make seals, at least that's what the group that didn't know her thought. Then they realized the hand signs weren't seals...it was sign language.

'Hello, my name is Mai...Tokubetsu Jōnin, and assassin for Leaf, apprentice of Chief Kuzai.

"Hey boss," one of Naruto's clone whispered.

Naruto's head shot up. He had been so engrossed in the book that he had lost track of time. When he marked his page, he realized he was already halfway through the book. Hinata was still asleep, but now she was curled up on the couch, her head using Naruto's thigh as a pillow.

"Boss it is almost eleven, me and the others are about to poof."

Naruto was shocked at the time. He figured that someone would have come for Hinata by now, he was hoping it was the Jōnin Yūhi. True he did send a message to Hinata's father, but he thought that the woman cared more about Hinata then her father did. He checked his clone memories, Hiashi Hyuga was with Chief...he will have to see about that later. He then realized that the clone he sent to find the woman Hinata lived with had not dispelled yet.

"It's too late to try and get her home," Naruto stated. "Anyone wash her clothes?"

The clone nodded and pointed to where Hinata's clothes were folded and ready.

"Well, I guess she will just have to stay here, let's try to move her without waking her."

"All your plans have gone up in smoke, you weren't planning a 'sleepover' any time soon boss," the clone replied as he and Naruto gently lifted the sleeping girl up and carried her to his bed.

"I need to be really careful, one wrong move can get Hinata in a lot of trouble," Naruto spoke.

"Not to mention yourself." The clone replied.

"I already have a bad reputation. This village wouldn't know what to do if I didn't. Hinata however...if her reputation takes too big a hit too soon her family..."

Naruto left it at that and the clone nodded. Soon the two had Hinata in the bed with a heavy comforter. In her sleep, she somehow found the large stuffed frog Naruto secretly slept with (naturally the boy blushed) and he and the clone left her to rest. After a quick goodbye the clones puffed, and Naruto was again left to the quiet of his apartment.

As he returned to the couch he started thinking about the book he had been reading. What shocked him was that he could remember most of the material. Book learning was never his strong suit, but it seems seals were an exception.

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