Day 1,

Hiruzen finally reached his office, it was already well into the night after the teams had left the village,

"Stop hiding," he spoke as he lit his pipe.

Both Tsunade and Jiraiya came out of the shadows,

"How is it you can still spot us even after all these years?" the woman asked as she and Jiraiya sat down.

"That is why I am the master and you are the students," the old man smirked.

"How did it go?" Jiraiya asked after a moment.

"Well, though it took forever, but I can say we got things done. I just have one last chore to handle and we will be ready for the Exams." The old teacher replied.

"What's that?" his students asked together.

"To pick my successor," the old man replied and snapped his fingers.

Several of the ANBU arrived as they brought two desks you would find in the school, on each desk was a stack of paper and several sharpened pencils. The desks were set up to be facing each other.

"Sit," he ordered.

The two got out of the comfortable chairs and moved to the desks. Tsunade was able to easily slip into hers but Jiraiya had to suck in his breath in order to squeeze his larger frame into the seat.

"On that desk, you will find paper and writing tools, use them as you study and observe the person in front of you and write down every reason why they should not be the next Hokage," The Hokage smiled as he sat back and watched his student.

They had an air of a young student that did not study for a test.

Day 2, Pre-dawn,

Panting heavily, the man ran through the woods. Roto Mizuhara was no fool, he had sensed he was being tracked a while ago, but what shocked him was that no matter what trick he used he could not lose them.

It was the howl that got him running because he knew he had an Inuzuka tracking him which meant he had Leaf shinobi tracking him.

He started running, using every trick he knew; pepper bombs, Genjutsu, and anything else he knew to avoid detection.

Nothing worked,

"Shit!" he called out as he entered a clearing and his foot got caught in a snare.

He hit the ground and rolled trying to reach for his ankle when a set of large powerful jaws encased his head.

He froze, his head was inside the mouth of a large animal. Slowly he lifted his hand and started to feel the fur of the animal when his fingers gently brush along a leather strap. Another touch and he knew this animal had an eyepatch.

At that moment shadows started to emerge from the trees and brush, soon he realized most were female. All adorned with the red war paint of the Inuzuka clan, that and the large dog that held the man's head in his powerful jaws told roto that he was dealing with the elite tracking and hunting team of Tsume Inuzuka, one of the top three most sadistic members of the Village Hidden in the Leaf.

As the women slowly circled around him looking every bit the feral predators, Roto realized, they weren't just feral hunters…these women were pissed off. He actually started to struggle at that thought causing the massive dog to tighten his grip.

A figure walked out of the shadows, this was clearly a male and Roto noticed the standard glasses and coat of an Aburame. The bug user kneeled and started re-leaving Roto of his bags and weapons.

Roto wondered why he had not thought to destroy those papers he carried, it was a rookie mistake he was better then.

After the Aburame finished he nodded, and the dog started to pull Roto by the head backward. When the dog reached a tree he did not stop, placing his back foot on the tree she started walking up the tree backward.

Once Roto was again standing on his feet back to the tree, the Aburame simply walked up and lifted his hand. The swam that came out of his coat sleeve was massive and quickly covered the captured Shinobi, in seconds the bugs had eaten and removed every stitch of clothing Roto was wearing revealing three tools and or weapons the Aburame had failed to locate in his first search and leaving the captured Shinobi in nothing but his skin.

Next, he felt wire start to in circle his body. A sharp pain told him the wire was barbed,

"Hello Roto," a voice spoke from the shadows and when Roto looked to the side he paled as Ibiki slowly stepped into the moonlight.

The Aburame calmly stepped back giving his place to the Chief Interrogator. The large dog also released his hold and leaped from the tree.

The bound Shinobi took a long look at his captors and remembered he was no rookie and started to grow defiant.

"You were an excellent student," Ibiki started. "You handled your pain, torture, and interrogation training far better than most. However. I only used methods other countries and villages use, you have never seen my personal collection of interrogation methods."

Ibiki spoke with a calm air about him, Tsume who had quickly found her place next to the man, She had a disturbingly natural smile on her face.

"No one that has seen my private reserve has lived long enough to tell when I have to use them…I think you can figure the rest out."

Once again concern and fear broke any defiance the bound Shinobi had.

"Here is how this works, I ask a question you answer. If you refuse to answer, these ladies will ask." Ibiki spoke and motioned to the group.

"Oh, and you should know, these ladies are under the impression that it was you that stole the money reserved for their supply of Chocolate. In short, they think you stole their chocolate."

The Aburame looked down and nodded,

"Yes, urinating one's self would be an acceptable response to this situation you find yourself in."

A quick water Jutsu to clean the mess and smell,

"What…what do you wish to know?" Roto stuttered out.

Day 2:

The sun was just starting to peak into the village as Kurenai and Yugao entered Anko's apartment. Both stopped and looked at each other with concern on their faces at the situation.

A quick quiet trip through the apartment, Kurenai remembered to scratch San's chin as well as pet the head of the large Anaconda that normally slept on the floor, and a quick wave to Ka, the albino python that was looking at the two women as it laid on the sleeping Anko.

Kurenai quickly looked out the window where she spotted Iruka, Asuma, Hayate all calmly waiting for the girls. Seems the men still follow one of the village's golden rules; No males in Anko's apartment unless she drags them in there.

With a shake of her head to Yugao, both women moved to the bed, Kurenai slid a hand into the python's coils.

"Anko, Anko-Chan," Kurenai called softly. "You need to wake up."

"Sleepy," was the muffled reply. "Come back later."

Kurenai smirked and shook her head and waved a hand, the coils started to part and uncover the sleeping woman. Kurenai did not hesitate as she slides on the bed and quickly crawled over Anko pulling her into her arms,

"Anko, sweetie?" Kurenai asked again softly.

Anko just rolled over to face the red-eyed woman and buried her face into Kurenai's cleavage,


"Who is in your shower?" both Kurenai and Yugao asked at the same time.

That had her up and awake, Anko was not sitting up eyes focused as she listened. Sure enough, she could hear her shower running and the sounds of a body washing.

Lifting a kunai Anko quietly slipped off her bed, her two friends right behind her each with their own weapon as they quietly walked towards the bathroom door.

None of the women noticed the look and smirks shared by the three snakes that just sat there watching them.

A quick hand sign and the three women charged into the bathroom ready to face anything.


Anko's shower was open and rested against the wall of the bathroom.

There in the shower was a woman, her body was perfect every curve in line. Hair is slightly bushy like Kurenai's but a deep dark blood red. She was healthy, breasts, hips, and ass looked to be built for sin. But they were in an equal proportion to her body nothing was too big or too small.

She was, in fact, the closest thing to perfection a mortal could ever get. The women watching her were struck numb as they watched her wash.

"Morning ladies," the woman spoke as she turned her head.

Yugao had noticed that the woman's canine teeth were longer and slimmer, then the woman opened her eyes causing all three to gasp.

Her eyes were a mix of colors, white and purple, gold and pink. The very same colors of,

"Miranda-Sama?" Kurenai asked in a whisper.

"Please, just call me Miranda when in this form," the snake empress. "Adding an honorific makes me feel older then this body portrays."

The women just stood there…staring, Miranda just smirked but did not stop her shower,

"Unless you three wish to strip down and join me for some much needed…relaxation, would you mind letting me finish my shower in private?"

Kurenai and Yugao just looked at each other gave a small bow of the head before turning to leave the bathroom. A few seconds passed before they returned and each one taking an arm, they pulled Anko out of the room.

"Hey," she shouted. "How do you know I didn't want to take her up on the offer?"

"We don't have time," both women replied as one.

"I could have been quick," was Anko's reply.

"Anko, we know you," Yugao started.

"We have seen what you consider quick," Kurenai continued. "And from the look of her, I doubt she wants to rush anything."

"Again, we don't have time," the two women repeated together.

Anko just pouted in the way only Kurenai and Yugao have seen.

Anko finished getting dressed when Miranda finally came out of the bathroom with only a towel she was using to dry her hair.

"I know I should have asked, and I do apologize," the snake woman spoke. "But it has been so long since I got to use this form and enjoy a good shower that I couldn't resist."

She smiled at the three, Yugao was putting a report that Anko had been reading back in a satchel, Anko was sitting on her bed staring at the naked leader of the snake clan, and Kurenai was sitting in her chair with San wrapped around said chair and woman getting his chin scratched.

"I must say," Miranda continued. "The quality of modern showers has greatly improved since the last time I was summoned.

"it's custom," Anko replied with a smile. "I had it custom made, I even made it transportable. If I ever move out of her I am taking my shower with me."

"Those multiple water jets are interesting, and the massage they give was divine, but some of them don't seem useful for washing."

"If you know how to use them," Anko started with a perverse smile on her face. "They are great for certain cleaning, but you're right they do have another purpose besides washing."

Miranda just returned her only perverted smile before she found what she was looking for. Seven was there with his dresser and the snake woman just smiled and went over to pet his head,

"Mind if I borrow some clothes?"

"That's why he is here," Anko smiled and stood up. "And while you dress, we can ask…"

"Bunta," Miranda started as she moved through the drawers. "Can change his size to fit any location, Enma can transform into the staff, and Katsuyu can divide herself into thousands of copies of herself. You did not think I may have a few tricks hidden under my scales?"

The way she said it left no room to argue but the smile on her face made it clear she was not upset about the question.

"I am just jealous," Anko spoke up. "I am no longer the sexiest woman in the village."

Miranda laughed as she finished getting the tight jeans up over her hips walked over to the snake summoner.

"Just know, I designed my appearance," the woman started. "Your sexiness is pure all natural."

That got Anko to grin,

"You on the other hand," Miranda started as she pointed at Kurenai. "Will probably lose her title of the most beautiful woman of the village when my partner arrives."

"Oh?" Yugao commented.

"Yeah right," Anko countered. "No one is more beautiful than our Kurenai-Chan…yet anyways, Hinata will give her a challenge in a few years."

"Partner?" Kurenai asked calmly. "Another Snake?"

"No," Miranda smiled. "But she is a sister in all but blood and clan, and she and I would often take human form and hit up the bars and taverns. And from what I have learned it is easier and less of a problem for women to do that nowadays then it was when we were running the towns and causing trouble."

Her smile was pure joy at the memory, and the three younger women knew that smile. They shared it any time the three of them went bar hopping.

"As I was saying, when she returns, she will teach you all the true meaning of the term 'classic beauty, and hers is all natural," Miranda continued.

Anko started to defend her friend but Miranda notice that Kurenai did not reply, she sat there with a relaxed expression on her face as if the idea that there was a woman out there more beautiful then her, did not bother her. The Snake leader's opinion for the red-eyed woman went up even more.

"Well," Kurenai spoke up. "We really do need to get to work, judging by the look in Anko's eyes, I am sure we will meet up again soon.

Anko just smiled big and nodded her head.

"Will you be ok on your own?" Yugao asked calmly. "Or at least be able to stay out of trouble?"

Here the ANBU woman just gave a friendly smile.

"I can behave myself," Miranda replied. "It's just not as much fun."

Here the four women just laughed together as the three left the apartment.

Day 4:

Hinata stood in the early dawn and stared down the lane of the archery range. The latest gift she had gotten from her trunk that her mother had left her was an elegant recurve bow.

Her father had started to train her with a bow when she was six, but less then a year later he stopped and forced her to discontinue her lessons. Why she did not understand until this bow appeared from the storage scroll, it made her remind him of her mother.

Pulling back the bowstring with ease she released her arrow, with a muffled thunk it sank into the target three hundred yards away.

But she was not happy, of the three arrows she sent, they all hit the ring around the center at roughly Twelve, four, and eight. A perfect triangle but none dead center, yes, they would kill the target, but she knew she could do better.

Drawing the string again, but before she could release a whistling sound went right past her head. The next thing she saw was three arrows hitting the target dead center.

Hinata spun around arrow notched and was about to draw when she spotted her Aunt Kyoko. The woman just smiled as she stepped forward carrying her own bow,

"It is a strange feeling," Kyoko started. "Standing on this target line and being the best archer here."

Hinata was confused, and the woman could read it on her face.

"Your mother was the best at whatever she did," the older woman answered. "If your grandfather had not forbidden us from competing with each other I would have become incredibly jealous of her."

"Oh," Hinata replied. "Wait grandfather didn't let you compete against one another?" she asked remembering how she was always placed against her sister.

"Nope," Kyoko smiled. "Anytime we even thought about playing the 'Who is the better daughter' game, he took us over his knee and spanked us till we couldn't sit. One time neither of us could sit in class, he had to write a note to explain why."

Hinata couldn't even imagine what that would have been like.

"And father made sure the whole class knew," Kyoko continues as she drew back on her bow and released another arrow. "He hated when we tried to compete with each other and figured the extra humiliation would help break us of that."

Hinata thought about it and realized that would be the way her grandfather would handle it. The younger Kunoichi just drew her string and released. This one landed at the six o'clock position of the ring where all her other arrows landed.

"I have not seen that bow in years," Kyoko commented. "Latest gift from the chest?"

"Yes," Hinata replied. "I was shocked when I opened the scroll. Other than the brief time Father had me practicing I did not realize anyone in our clan took up the bow. Father…" Hinata stopped and covered her mouth and started to blush.

"What did he tell you?" Kyoko asked with narrowed eyes and a growl.

"When he had my first start practicing, he said it was because I was so unskilled in our clan's style, it would be best I stay out of the way," Hinata replied in a whisper.

"That's I'm killing him," Kyoko growled and was about to turn and leave when Hinata reached out and took her hand stopping her.

One look in Hinata's eyes calmed the fire in the older woman.

"So," Hinata started. "There have been other archers in our clan besides You, mother, and I guess me?"

"You're joking," Kyoko started and seeing Hinata tense a little. "The Hyuga was the best archers, one or two volleys of arrows from a squad of Hyuga archers had ended many battles before the first blade was drawn."

Kyoko found a stool and sat down, rubbing her face.

"I did not realize even now how badly the clan has gotten; it is one of our most important contributions to wars and one of the reasons the Hyuga were asked to join Konoha. For you not to know this important detail of our clan's history."

"Please tell me," Hinata started. "I want to learn, and then maybe you can show me what I am doing wrong.

Day Six:

A hundred Chunin stood in the clearing, each one in full gear and sweating profusely as they were forced to do endless full counts. Tsubaki who had been quickly promoted to Special Jonin a few months after she finished her gauntlet run, was walking up and down her row.

This had been happening every day for the last week, one group of Chunin or another were in this clearing being pushed in their training. Naruto had been making the bulk of the village Shinobi look foolish, but it was the Chunin that suffered the most.

And once the boys dropped their masks and Chief started encouraging them, it had only gotten worse. The Hokage was getting tired of it; he lost count of the number of times he asked, "Was your promotion to Chunin premature?"

So everyday Hiruzen comes out and stands before a large group of his Chunin and leads them through the workouts.

Chi-Chi stood on a platform and watched over the group calling out which exercise to switch to as several Special Joni, and full Jonin walked the lines 'correcting' as they went. There was never a day in which the cane did not sing.

Hiruzen did this for three reasons;

One: he needed the exercise.

Two: his Chunin needed a tune-up.

Three: Chief planned to do this, so the Hokage got a head start, this was his village and the old monkey planned to keep it. That is until his replacement takes over.

"Stretch and cool down," the Akimichi woman called, and half the Chunin sighed in relief.

As they stretched the old man looked around, of his Chunin there, only Hana Inuzuka seemed not to be winded. Correction Hana and the Eternal Chunin Kotetsu and Izumo, he was a little shocked the two Chunin that had been on gate duty for Kami knows how long were able to keep pace.

This was a piece of information the old man planned to hold on to; he might just have something that would please Tsume.

The Hokage stood and looked over the Chunin as they waited,

"I guess it is some improvement," was all he said before flickering away.

"Alright children," Chi-Chi called, hissing the word 'children.' "Dismissed, keep a watch for your next training session."

Hiruzen arrived on his balcony and looked out over his village; the training session had lasted longer than usual as the sun was starting to set.

"Shino, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba," the old Hokage started as he turned to enter his office.

The boys were standing next to the wall waiting calmly,

"He did not even have to look," Kiba spoke up. "What did we do wrong?"

"We don't have Naruto's luck," Shika replied as he stood from leaning against the wall and looked on as the Hokage just sat in his chair.

"Shikamaru is correct," Shino added as he stood next to the Nara. "We don't have Naruto's luck helping us at the moment."

"Come on, there has to be a way," Kiba started up. "Ok, I admit no one will ever get the record against the Hokage that Naruto has. But we have to be able to get him once without Naruto…can't we?"

The Inuzuka looked around hopefully, the small whine from his partner basically answered the question. Hiruzen just smiled as he sat in his chair, placed his elbows on the desk, and interlocked his fingers waiting.

"That is a talk for another day," Shino spoke up. "We are here to ask a question to our Hokage, remember?"

"What can I do for you young men?" the old man asked.

Choji stepped forward and placed his hands on the desk, then took a deep breath to steady his nerves,

"I must have sat on the flood and listened to the story of the Uzumaki last stand so many times I had lost count," Choji started. "My father would tell how their loyalty and love stirred them on to battle and push back an enemy that outnumbered them eight to one.

It was so…amazing, so unbelievable that I was always left in awe. And I admit I never thought about it till recently," Choji stopped and took another deep breath and looked straight into the Hokage's eyes.

"Why did the village not send any aid to the Uzumaki when they were attacked?" the large boy asked in a controlled growl.

Hiruzen knew for an Akimichi, specially Choji, to be this upset about the fall of Uzushiogakure was very understandable. Uzu was always loyal to the Leaf, to not send any help would be a great insult to that loyalty.

To an Akimichi, Loyalty was…it was the true source of their strength. Family, friends, clan, and to betray that loyalty…

The old man just nodded and turned to the wall where a picture of the first Hokage sat,

"Move the picture, bring me the box," Hiruzen spoke calmly.

Shikamaru quickly retrieved the box and placed it on the desk,

"When I first heard of the attack, it was three days before arm reached Whirlpool. I had mobilized as much of our forces as I could, around thirty-five hundred of our best Shinobi, and was just about to send them…when I received this,"

He opened the box and pulled out a folded-up piece of paper and handed it to Shino. The Aburame calmly unfolded the letter and read,

Hello Hiruzen, my old friend,

By now I am sure you have heard about the force on the move heading for us, and I have no doubt you have gathered your forces to send us aide.

All I can say is thank you and stop, do not send them; it is our time.

The Uzumaki have always been blessed by at least one god, long lives, massive chakra pools, and of course our natural talent for Sealing. These gifts were only borrowed, we all knew one day our debt would be called in, and now it has.

We will not run or hide, we could merely Lay down close our eyes and return, but there are thirty-five thousand enemy Shinobi on the march. If they turned that force towards you now, you would be joining us sooner then we want.

We will do as we have always done, we will watch your backs and help defend our closest friends. We will thin their numbers, give you a better chance to survive, and make sure that even after we are all long dead, the name Uzumaki still strikes fear into their hearts and cowers their souls.

I feel a few may survive the attack and get out, but not many. I ask you to search for them, protect them from villages that may try to take advantage. Do not fear, as long as my daughter and her blood walk the lands; the Uzumaki will never truly die…

I have just learned as I am writing this, that Kirigakure has betrayed our treaty and is coming from the ocean. That makes the force about Forty thousand, and they have brought both of their Biju.

Well, my Maidens of the Chain are bound to have some fun with them for that betrayal.

I guess it is time, good-bye my friend; I will take my memories of our friendship with me and speak only kind words about you to those I meet unless you royally screw up again.

Oh, one last thing, Kuzai is already here. It is our time but not his, before this is over, I will stuff him in the box. Remember to be careful when you find and release him, no doubt he will be less than happy.

In friendship and brotherhood,


P.S. I will be watching.

The boys just stared at the letter in Shino's hands for what felt like hours.

"You boys and Choji's grandfather are the only ones I ever showed that letter two," Hiruzen spoke up as he gently took the letter back.

"Why grandpa?" Choji asked.

"The Akimichi were always loyal to the Uzumaki; they only joined the Leaf cause they were told to, I knew that without that letter the Akimichi would have stormed out of the village heading to their deaths," the Hokage replied.

"Any more questions?

"What is this box?" Kiba asked.

"Arashi built a box that had enough seals on it that it could hold Chief Kuzai, no matter how pissed off he got. It is the only prison we have found that Chief can't get out of, and he will fight like hell to stay out of it. Not that anyone here could actually get him in it, to begin with,"

With that, the Hokage just chuckled and had a far off look in his eyes as he remembered something from the past.

"I am glad I was wrong," Choji spoke up and bowed. "The idea that the village in any way betrayed our friends by not coming to their aide hurt."

"I helped bury the bodies of the clan after it was over," Hiruzen started. "It was his wish I stay away and yet it still hurts.

"Did you ever find anymore Uzumaki?" Shino asked.

"No, even with their losses," Hiruzen replied. "The Iwa and Kumo Shinobi started to attack us, I think it was an attempt to hide just how many they had lost in that battle. I sent out search parties, but we never found any, and no village reported having any. Kami have mercy for any village that kept them away from us against their wills, cause they won't get any from me."

The group chatted for a few minutes more before the boys left, and once out of the tower, they separated.

Shino just looked to his right shoulder,

"Get what you needed?" he asked.

And a tiny poof of smoke could be seen puffing from his shoulder.


Hinata was smiling as she finished getting dressed and was heading for the door, she had slept well and had a nice dream about her and Naruto's upcoming date.

And contrary to Anko's teasing and suggestions, it was a clean dream. Opening the front door as she headed out of the house,

"There she is, this ends today," a voice shouted.

Hinata's smile left her face, Elder Meho stood with about a dozen members of the main house behind him. She also noticed a large group of men she knew did not belong to the village stood with them.

And to Hinata's left, stood about ten men she knew belonged to the branch family, that's what broke her heart.

Hinata just looked down sad, when someone started to laugh at her she quickly looked back up and the laughing stopped. Hinata's eyes were ablaze with a fire none had ever seen, and the mercenaries actually took a step back.

"What are you doing, why are you doing this?" Hinata asked calmly glaring at the elder who was second to Iho. "This will destroy our clan."

"We are the power," Meho started. "We rule the clan; we rule the village. Your grandfather will learn too…"

He never finished Hinata had moved to her toes and charged planting a heavy palm into his gut. The Hyuga did not know what to do, Hinata's style slipped past all their defenses as she started to dance around them. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she went on the attack.

Several of the mercenaries choose this time to attack but were stopped as a shout came from the bushes and another boy with a dog came spinning into an attack. With him arrived a second boy wielding a pair of sticks and surrounded by a cloud of bugs.

"Aburame," one merc shouted. "Quick, a fire Jutsu."

One man sent a simple fireball straight at Shino who just stood there as the flames reached him. The merc sneered and smirked, that is until the fire died out and there stood Shino and his hive, unfazed.

The next thing the two mercenaries knew was that the hive was all over them, and it was the last thing they knew.

Shino and Kiba continued to deal with the mercenaries, while Hinata tore through the Hyuga, she was relentless as she danced around tearing apart her family's gentle fist as if it was paper. All the while tears rolling down her cheeks.

Whoever she hit stayed down.

The branch members were getting ready to enter the fight when a body appeared before them, they knew him as Choji the Akimichi heir.

"What the hell are you doing?" Choji shouted as he looked at the men's faces and then at their covered foreheads. "How can you go against Hinata, she has done nothing but try and help the branch family of the Hyuga clan."

One man stepped forward and ripped off his cover showing the seal.

"I lost my wife when she gave birth to our daughter, my daughter is all I have. She is three, and it was made clear if we did not help capture Lady Hinata today…they would brand my daughter then use the brand to kill our families as we watch."

Several of the men nodded as they also tore off their covers,

"If we have to choose between Lady Hinata and our families…we choose our families every time."

Choji just stared at the men, "Shikamaru."

It took a second before any of the men realized they couldn't move; one was able to turn his eyes and spotted the young Nara sitting on a wall looking very bored.

"What the hell are you doing?" a main house Hyuga member shouted as he marched over to the branch members.

Choji recognized him as another of the Hyuga elders.

"If you don't break that Childs hold, I will make sure your wives and daughters suffer worse than…"

A spinning ball slammed into him as Choji had hit him with his cannonball attack. And unlike when he faced his mother, the Hyuga was knocked into a tree.

"You don't betray family," Choji spoke and went on the attack.

He slapped the man with an oversized hand then grabbed him and pulled him over his shoulder. Slaps, chops, punches, and kicks Choji did not let up.

It was clear to anyone watching Choji had taken to mixing his mother's and his Aunt's style and combining it with his family's Jutsu.

Shikamaru watched as Choji whipped the man back first into the tree then charged, he lept and squashed the man between the tree and the Akimichi's broad back. Before the man had time to fall Choji took a couple of steps them lept and spun bringing his foot to the side of the Hyuga's skull.

A mercenary spotted and charged Choji, the large boy just took a few steps towards the new challenger and jumped into a back-heel kick. The older man did not expect that from him and took the boy's heel right in the jaw, Choji's strength combined with his weight and the speed of the kick, the merc was out cold.

"You could try moving," Shino asked as he stepped up to where Shika sat.

Just then a mercenary landed in front of both boys, short sword in his hands. As his feet hit the ground half a dozen shadow spikes shot up impaling the man from several angles when they returned to the shadows the body just crumpled in pieces.

"Why?" Shika asked in a bored tone.

The branch family members were not really trying to break his hold on them, but he wasn't going to risk giving them the chance.

On man, neither boy noticed, nor could they tell who it was, charged Shino. The Aburame hit him several times with his Batons before spinning around and placing the butt of one baton to the throat of the man just under the chin.

Shika just watched as the attacker's eyes grew wide and a trail of blood started to leak from his mouth. Shino took the weapon from his throat and the man hit the ground dead; blood was pouring from around his neck.

Shikamaru just looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow in question. Shino just used his middle finger to push his glasses up and pushed a button with his thumb.

Three serrated blades came out of the baton angled to a single point and stained with blood.

"Anko is going to molest the hell out of you," Shika simply spoke as he looked around. "This is wrong."

Shino followed his eyes, Kiba was fighting and beating several mercenaries, Choji had again grabbed the Hyuga and held him, feet high in the air and his head locked in Choji's arms.

As the large boy just dropped straight down driving the man's head into the pavement,

"You are referring to the fact most of the Hyuga's are Jonin with several ranked as elite, and we are moving through them as if they were paper?" Shino replied.

Shikamaru just nodded as he looked over seeing Hinata was finishing her battle with the members of the main house and turned towards Elder Meho.

"Naruto's luck," Shino continued. "We know it protects Naruto and those he cares about. He cares about Hinata, it protects Hinata, and we are defending Hinata, so it helps us and hinders our enemies."

"I guess that works," Shika replied.

"It is the only logical course," the Aburame added as he looked around.

"Careful, you know what happens when you try to mix logic and Naruto together," Nara finished.

The two boys looked over and moved, Shikamaru finally breaking the hold on the branch members. Choji had one foot on either side of the elder as he held him up by the hair in one hand while he brought the forearm of his other hand across the man's jaw.

The Akimichi heard his friends calling his name but he couldn't stop as he continued to pummel the Hyuga's limp body.

"That is enough," a stronger voice called.

Two strong hands grabbed Choji and pulled him away, the boy tried to fight until he recognized his father's voice. Then it sank in, the Hyuga was clearly dead and Choji had the man's blood staining his clothes and wrappings. The tears started.

"Let's get you," his father started.

"No, Hinata needs…" Choji turned and saw Hinata.

Hinata was breathing deep trying to calm herself, every member of the main house was on the ground not moving. Some were not breathing,

Who set this up," she asked as she looked down at Meho who was barely staying on his knees. "Who else was involved, what was the plan, tell me everything."

The man just glared at her in defiance, and Hinata actually knelt down,

"Please I want this over," she pleaded.

The man just spat in her face.

She just stood up and wiped the spit away then look behind the man, Meho was still smart enough to realize and turned his head.

There stood every Kunoichi and being held back by Chi-Chi Akimichi was a struggling and rabid looking Anko Mitarashi.

"I want this over," Hinata started again this time looking at the woman. "I want all the questions answered; I don't want this drawn out. I don't want you to take your time."

Hinata again looked at the man,

"The pain will end when you answer all questions," she spoke as new tears started to form in her eyes.

Hinata just turned and started to walk away,

"Release Anko."

Kurenai gave one look at her friends then she and Yugao quickly moved to follow Hinata.

Anko was wrapped around the man, legs around waist, arms around the neck, and pressing herself into his side. Chi-Chi and Tank walked over and lifted the man to his feet,

"Now while you walk with us to the T and I headquarters," Chi-Chi started.

"There is one particularly important detail you need to think about," Tank continued.

When the man looked at the two women waiting for the rest, he felt soft fingers cup his chin and turn his head till he was looking into the hate-filled eyes of the woman that was wrapped around his body,

"You made Hinata cry," was all Anko said.

For the first time since this plan was thought up, Meho felt fear.

Most of the group followed the three women and prisoners, several stayed to clean up the bodies. Kyoko wanted to join Hinata, but she had to check something first and was kneeling at one of the Hyuga that was no longer breathing.

Shino looked around,

"I take it you sent a message to Naruto?"

"Yeah as soon as this mess started," one of Naruto's clones came into view followed by several others.

"I am surprised you didn't attack more," Shikamaru asked the clone.

"Boss felt that if we smother Hinata too much, that she might start thinking we don't think she is strong. We watch her back if she needs help, we get involved."

"Yeah we took out several of those mercenaries they tried to sneak up on her," another clone shouted. "And speaking of, what do we do with them?"

"My Chunin on duty will help clean this mess up," the voice of the Hokage called out as he arrived with Shikamaru's dad. "And while they are at it, Jonin Commander Nara, please find out how so many mercenaries were able to get into my village."

"You should alert the gate guards," Kiba spoke up. "I have no doubt Naruto, Chief, and Mai are balls to the wall racing to get here."

Shikamaru just took out a cigarette from the pack that Shino held out to him as he sat down on the same wall he sat on before and started to write out a report.


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