This story was inspired by the Jurassic Park/Harry Potter story "Raptor" It is an interesting read!

Also, I now have the Jurassic World game on my phone and got my favorite dinosaur recently! It is one "evolution" away from full maturity and strength!, Thus, Artemis reflects that design.

DZ2, I hope this helps any Flames of Inspiration you have as well! It's good to be back!


Chapter 1: The Imprint that altered Fate

Now if you ask me, I'm not a big believer of Fate. The only Fate we have is to die after a certain amount of time. The future is constantly in motion, and the slightest thing can change it. Like me, I was asked after entering a magic school by an eccentric billionaire to help with an island and ended up with a female Spinosaurus imprinted on me. I named her Artemis, after the Greek Goddess of the hunt. Her eyes were blood red, sharp, yet soft when gazing on me. We grew very close. Her underbelly was tan, and her scales were light blue with her nostrils just below her eyes with two small crests above them, and her sail and top of her head to tail were a bright orange-red, with black tiger-like stripes on her body. Her sister on the other hand...

Her sister had the normal dark tan scales with light blue at the bottom of her sail and red at the tip and sinister yellow eyes. Her nostrils were farther down her snout and she also had two small crests above her eyes. Specimen INGN-S1 was never given a formal name. She was simply "Spinosaurus", untamable and aggressive to anyone who drew close to her. She kept trying to eat anyone who got close to her. These clones aren't perfect, as the DNA added made it more bipedal than recent research has hinted at being a quadrupedal animal.

Of course we considered Artemis a fluke. I was there when her eyes first blinked to the outside world, plus I had magic. Fortunately my boss was a squib, so no breach of the statute of secrecy when the familiar bond occurred. Even then, Artemis only let me near her, or people I had to vouch for. After Doctor Wu, supposed genius he was, took a scale sample from Artemis which aggravated her, she was real skittish around others afterwards, even growling at my mother.

So my boss, seeing that these Spinosaurs weren't ready for crowds, sent Specimen INGN-S1, ugh, I hate calling it that, to Site B for research of the species behavior in a simulated wild environment, while I was sent back with Artemis, who had just learned how to shift her sizes. Fortunately, my Boss, had planned enough to get me a licenses for Artemis to keep as an "exotic pet". Magicals prodded her around, much to her anger, and determined she wasn't a dragon-not that my words NOR those who worked in a dragon reserve saying so...

Idiots, the lot of them.

Anyway, we thought that saga was over...

Until history repeated itself... when an egg was stolen from InGen...-Journal of Andrew Stormchaser, former InGen employee, wizard, and bonded to his familiar, the Spinosaurus known as Artemis.

Hagrid pulled the large egg out of the fire and placed it on his table as it shook wildly. Tiny, sharp claws poked out of the egg and pulled a section of the shell down as Harry leaned closer to the egg and his green eyes stared into an unblinking yellow eye with a cat like slitted pupil that was scanning his face. The yellow eye blinked and some veins of green started to be seen within the yellow. The creature in the egg snorted and shook, as Harry helped peeled away pieces of the egg and revealed the rest of it. It was a small bipedal creature that was primarily tan in color with nostrils right below it's yellow eyes on a long snout. Two tiny crests sat above it's eyes and its back had a small sail that was light blue on the bottom, with light blue flame-like stripes to the top of it's back, and red at the very top. There were black tiger-like stripes across its neck, tail, legs, and body. Legs led into three toed feet with sharp claws and it's relatively short arms led ended with a three fingered hand with wickedly sharp claws, and crocodilian teeth pointed out around it's lower jaw from it's upper jaw. It was the size of a small dog, probably around the size of a bulldog from leg to back; not counting the sail.

It gave a soft hissing-like roar and stumbled forwards, eyes locked on Harry.

"Well blimey! He thinks yer his mummy!" Hagrid said as the small creature bumped it's snout against Harry's outstretched hand. "I don't know what dragon Norbert is, but he seems to like you."

The baby Spinosaur hissed at Hagrid as it arched it's back and tried making itself look larger and swished it's tail in agitation.

"I think it's a girl, Hagrid." Harry said, and it's hissing stopped as it turned back and lowered itself and rubbed it's head against his hand once again. "How about the name Eris, the Greek Goddess of Chaos." The newly named Eris gave a rumbling sound of content and pushed against his hand harder.

Hermione, who had been watching in shock, finally found her words. "I don't think it's a dragon." She said, making Hagrid and Ron turn to her. Harry glanced at her, but most of his attention was rightfully on the baby. "I don't know how, but I think it's a dinosaur, a Spinosaurus to be exact."

"What's a Dinosaur?" Ronald Weasley asked, as Draco Malfoy lifted his head above the window just as Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore were walking out, leading to a severe tongue lashing and point deduction from the older witch. They had been invited by Hagrid to see his new "pet", and were surprised to see the "Golden Trio" there as well once the witch chased off the Malfoy heir.

Just as Professor McGonagall opened her mouth, Hagrid spoke up, "I invited them here too." He said as he stood up and made room for the new guests, "Miss Granger was just telling me it wasn't a dragon." Blood drained from McGonagall's face as she saw the clearly carnivorous lizard rubbing against Mister Potter, but Albus held her arm down and pointed out it's actions. "Eris there thinks Harry is her mummy."

"I have never seen a creature like that before." Albus said as he stroked his beard.

"Miss Granger called it a Dinosaur, somethin' called a Spinosaurus." Hagrid said, and Ron blurted out, "Can someone please tell me what a bloody dinosaur is!"

"Before I was interrupted" Hermione began, glaring at Ron for his outburst which made Eris hiss, "A dinosaur is a term given to a wide variety of lizard-like creatures of varying sizes that ruled the Earth for 160 million years before going extinct millions of years before first man-made history was written. It was said that it took a meteor striking the Earth and altering the climate to drive them to extinction, and that their closest modern day descendants are birds."

She took a breath seeing Harry glance at her before Eris head-butted his hand and he grabbed a piece of venison from Hagrid's hut and watched Eris ravenously dig into it. "There were other creatures called Pterosaurs in that time which are flying relatives of dinosaurs and they had aquatic cousins as well, two well known one being Sarchosuchus-the ancestor of all crocodilians and Megalodon-the whale-hunting ancestor of the sharks. While relatively little is known about Spinosaurus, I have read up on it. Spinosaurus, species name Spinosaurus Aegypticus is a part of the Spinosauridae family alongside Irritator, Baryonyx, and Suchomimus. They are believed to hunt on both land and in water. A Spinosaurus grows around 15 meters (49 feet) in length and weighs around 6 to 9 tonnes fully grown."

A heavy silence broken by Eris tearing into the venison meat settled across the hut. Eris looked up and there was a sudden glow around Harry and Eris, as her yellow eyes turned green. Professor McGonagall quietly muttered something about thinking it would be Hedwig.

"Professor, was that a familiar bond?" Hermione quietly asked and Eris looked up at her with pieces of meat hanging from her jaw.

"Yes, Miss Granger." Albus said, "That's exactly what it was."

She didn't know much, the world was around her was dark and confining. It irritated her and she lashed out, her claws piercing whatever confined her. She felt the temperature outside the confining was colder, but she would not be trapped and hunted. She had to see her world! She scratched at the hard casing, until she pulled it away from her left eye. It locked onto a figure with dark fluff around his head and see through reflective devices over those green eyes, but what eyes they were! They held awe, respect, power, experience, and...a promise to always help provide for and care for her. For a minute, she scanned the beings face with confusion. Did she get a mate for emerging from her confines? No, she decided after few minutes with the unknown being helping remove the infernal casing around her, she worked on getting used to her limbs as she let the world know her presence. She locked eyes with the one who met her eye contact as she was freed.

This being was Alpha.

She moved forward and rubbed against her Alpha, trying to earn her place in his pack. He clearly had others around him. She wondered why he had the red haired creature that smelled of bad prey and food, but figured her Alpha was building a pack slowly. This was conflicting to her, she had the instinct to move in small groups at MOST. Still, it was better to survive until she was able to prove herself. The female with the brown fluff held intelligence in her eyes, which pleased her. A strategist for a pack was always necessary. The Large One said something and she heard what they called a term for a male used to describe her, and she became upset at him, snarling at him for his misgivings. Also, what powerful creature would identify themselves as...Norbert of all things?

Then her Alpha solved the problem by revealing her true gender and giving her a powerful name...Eris.

She turned back to Alpha and he used the digits on his hand to create a wonderful scratching sensation on her scales, soothing the itching she felt since breaking free of that infernal container. Now that she was certain she was part of the pack, she needed to find food. Once again, Alpha came to her rescue! He must have noticed her or known she was hungry as he went to a prey and tore off a chunk large enough for her to eat without getting sick. She let out a thankful sound and tore into her first meal as the bushy hair female started talking about her. She didn't understand what the bushy head female said by 'tonnes' or 'meters', but she knew she'll be a powerful asset in hunts as she grew up. She could feel her Alpha's mind and sought out that feeling, that knowledge. A glow covered her vision, blinding anyone except Alpha from her vision. She saw when he hatched, the hunter of her Alpha's parents, and those three...creatures...that she would feast on as she grew older. Still, no matter how they tried breaking him, Alpha remained strong. She now knew he was roughly 72 moons from reaching his maturation into adulthood.

If it wasn't for the obvious differences in species, she would have started staking a claim. As it were, he needed to get a fitting mate that was beneficial to the pack.

Her stomach full, she yawned and curled up in Alpha's warmth, her eyelids closing as she glanced to see her Alpha's eyes promising safety and care.

The walk back wasn't as troublesome as it could have been, with Hagrid providing a note about an errand he had wanted them to run for him, which got them out of trouble for being out after curfew. The biggest difference, besides the fact that Albus Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were with them, was the baby Spinosaurus curled up in Harry's arms, almost half his body size in length as her legs dangled awkwardly After eating, the magic from Harry and the area around Hogwarts was accelerating her growth, which Harry hoped would stop soon. Once they were inside, Albus headed to his office and McGonagall gave them a glare that made Hermione and Ron shrink in on themselves as Harry stared back. Eris stirred and Harry set her down. She sniffed the air and glared at McGonagall.

After a minute, she broke away from the glare as Eris gave a hissing roar.

"Well, fortunately for everyone it isn't a dragon." McGonagall said, her attention focused on the four students as Draco Malfoy was dragged in by a prefect. "Mister Malfoy, Hagrid personally gave me a note that he had invited these three students to check out a new project he was working on as an errand for him. However, you were never mentioned, so what were you doing out after curfew?"

Malfoy blistered and sputtered something about his father. "I see." McGonagall said, "Than I must take 50 points from Mister Malfoy and have you serve a week of detention."

"Why don't you put down that lizard?!" Malfoy snapped, and Eris hissed at him.

"That, so called 'Lizard' Mister Malfoy, is a ministry recognized familiar. I'm sure someone of your background knows what the consequences are for attacking a familiar." Albus called as he came down the stairs, Amelia Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement following him with a wand drawn. She flicked it at Eris, who crouched and hissed as she felt something impact on her head.

"She's not magical in nature, but familiar bonding with a wizard might give her magical abilities, and may even affect his animagus form." Amelia said, "I can definitely see why people might mistake it for a dragon, but the results come back clean. She's legal, you'll just need to find a way to get a permit for her in the muggle world." Eris stomped over and stayed close to Harry, glaring hatefully in Malfoy and her direction. Despite it NOT being a dragon, this unknown creature definitely had some behavioral ties to a dragon. This one was letting others know about her territory and she was warning them about doing anything foolish.

Those eyes hid a frightening intelligence in them, and she had been in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to see some scary things. This creature called a "Spinosaurus", Amelia didn't know how intelligent it was before the familiar bond, but afterwards she was certainly more intelligent than most cats. McGonagall insisted that the trio and new familiar head back to the Gryffindor dorms. Eris kept a keen eye on Harry as they walked, occasionally sniffing the air of her new environment. Once they arrived at the portrait of the lady blocking the entryway of the dorms, they gave the password and Eris hissed as the portrait swung open and followed Harry inside, sniffing the air. She let out a huff as she followed Harry up the stairs and watched as he changed into pajamas and got into bed. Eris climbed up after him, ripping into the mattress with her sharp claws and he wrapped as much as he could of a spare blanket around her to keep her warm, with Eris making a rumbling sound. As he fell asleep, he saw a green eye staring back at him, reflecting the feelings he felt towards the baby Spinosaurus earlier.

This new world was colder than her instincts told her it should be. Thankfully, as she was tired and felt herself growing to better help the pack, Alpha picked her up and carried her while sharing his body warmth with her. As she dozed off, she pondered what it would it be like if Alpha was her species. She saw no others of their kind, which meant they needed to repopulate their world. She woke up feeling something hard and cold under her feet, but Alpha's hand stayed on her head, occasionally giving that delightful scratch. They stood in front of the old knowledge-giver as she challenged them with her gaze. Of course, Alpha stared back as the other pack members flinched. This cemented his title as Alpha.

She vaguely, from others and his own memories, remembered his name being Harry Potter, but to call him something other than Alpha seemed like an insult! Of course, these humans, if she got the species name right from Alpha's memories, probably didn't know the correct pack terms and referenced each other by name. That would make sense, on how they call each other by names rather than pack placement. She thought the bushy haired female was the Beta, being the strategist, and she gazed at her, sizing her up as a potential mate for Alpha.

Then the blonde human was brought in. She recalled Alpha's memories. Draco Malfoy. Rival. Attitude matching small prey from Alpha's nest. To her, she just had to bide her time and grow more until she could show this rival his place as prey. Then he mentioned something about ending her life, and she growled, Alpha's hand keeping her instinct to tear out his throat at bay. Fortunately, she didn't have to do anything, as long-beard came down with a red-fluff human and scolded rival-prey for threatening Alpha's...familiar? Was that the name of the bond she had with Alpha? Then the red-fluff human waved her not-stick...wand Alpha's memories called it, and something impacted her head. She glared at the two who threatened or attacked her after they were warned against it hatefully, and she could see fear in the red-fluff human's eyes. Good, the red-fluff should fear her. If Alpha wasn't around, she would have torn into red-fluff's throat for that attack. No one would separate her from Alpha!

Red-fluff mentioned something about her passing some kind of scan to allow her to stay with Alpha, which confused her. Was that attack a scan? A scan of what?

Then the old knowledge-giver allowed them to head to Alpha's nest as she dealt with rival prey, and she stuck besides her Alpha as he walked along. She occasionally let her nostrils below her eyes flare and take in the scents of this strange, stone habitat. There were moving images that looked of potential human-prey, but smelled of not-prey scents. There were creatures and humans that had been around the building. Eventually they came to stop in front of an image of a large-female. Alpha said something and the image swung out to reveal another room, and she hissed a warning as she did not expect it to move. Stepping into the room decorated in red and gold, she took a deep breath and took in the scents as the image shut behind them. There were groups of humans and some animals in around here, and had been in this room. The fluffy-Beta moved to one staircase as Alpha and red-fluff pack moved up another stairway, with her close on their heels. Entering the nesting room, she held back a growl as she smelled a conflicting scent from an animal red-fluff pack went to. It smelled of rodent and human mixed together in an aggravating "not-prey" scent. However, Alpha paid no attention to it. He moved into one of the raised, square nests with a red device to block the view of it around it. He took off most of his outer layers and put on a different set of layers over his body and sat down on the nest before picking up his legs and laying down in it. Eris moved after him and she felt something soft falling out around her as her claws dug into the nest while she climbed into the nest.

She rumbled in content as Alpha covered her with warmth and took off his eye coverings and set them on a desk. She could tell Alpha was tired. She tried mimicking the gaze he sent her as she emerged from her confines, trying to convey her loyalty, devotion, respect, and affection for her Alpha. From the facial expression Alpha made, she felt like she accomplished that. Just as she laid her head down, she heard something and smelled the "not-prey" smelling animal move closer to Alpha. She lowered her head off the bed and stuck her snout through the vision obstructions and snarled in the direction of it, showing her teeth. She was pleased as she heard a sound of fear from it and it scurried back to red-fluff pack. As she closed her eyes to sleep, she wondered why old knowledge-giver had a similar not-prey scent on her.

Harry awoke to a rumbling sound, and he saw Eris stir as she took in his scent. "Good Morning." He said as he stroked her head and she made a pleased rumbling sound and tilted her head into it. "We would want to get breakfast, you might be hungry." Eris let out a little hiss as she nodded and leaped down from his bed and he got changed as she paced and got his glasses on. Once he was fully dressed, she moved through a curtain, only for Harry to hear someone scream "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?!"

He ran out with his wand drawn to see Eris snarling at Seamus who had his wand pointed at her. "That is my familiar, Eris." Harry said.

"I thought you couldn't have a dragon as a familiar." Neville quietly said, but the room was quiet enough for once to let everyone hear him.

"She's not a dragon, she's a Dinosaur. A Spinosaurus." Harry said as he stroked her head. Eris didn't take her eyes off Seamus, but shut her mouth and rumbled in content as Harry scratched her head, "I was just about to go to breakfast to feed her."

As the two headed down the stairs, he could hear Ernie say "It may not be a dragon, but I don't want to anger it with those teeth!"

Meeting Ron and Hermione, the trio plus one dinosaur headed down to the crowded Great Hall and Ron scooted away as Eris climbed up next to Harry and gave a hiss-like roar and glared at the table. Others besides Hermione and Ron scooted away from Eris and Hedwig flew down and landed on Harry's left arm as his right hand worked on getting the newspaper tied to her leg. Eris stared at Hedwig and she stared back. Eventually, Eris gave a soft hiss and Hedwig called back, coming to some mutual respect and understanding. Harry gave Hedwig a couple pieces of bacon before giving some pieces to Eris. Eris shook her head at the smell, but ate it anyways. Hedwig called to Eris, who hissed back, before flying off to the owlery. Eris watched her fly off before turning her attention to the small fish and ham on the table. Seeing her glance, as Harry filled his plate he made a plate of fish and ham for Eris.

She let out a pleased rumble and quickly tore into the fish, with them quickly disappearing into her throat before she started tearing into a piece of ham while using her claws to cut it up so she could swallow it. Once she had devoured it, she let a soft rumble as she laid her head on Harry's lap as he ate. She lifted herself off his lap and jumped down after Harry pushed his plate away and headed to class, her eyes locked onto Harry's as Hermione and Ron joined him, with others giving them a good distance with Eris close to them.

One thing was for sure, Hogwarts would be drastically changed for sure!