Hello everyone! This is my first FanFiction so i hope you enjoy it. It is going to be a cross-over of the Borderlands universe and the Star Wars universe which mean that there are going to be spoilers for Borderlands 2 and Tales from the Borderlands and i have a few good ideas so i'm really hoping you're gonna like it!



"Radio/Comm Link"

Ah, so you want to hear another story? Well, I've told you about the vault hunters, about the Downfall of Handsome Jack, and about the con artist and the Hyperion employee that single handedly managed to destroy Helios and Hyperion with it, and of course about how the Hyperion employee has found. . . Handsome Jack. Some say that he didn't die, and I'm gonna tell you his story as I heard it.


In the middle of space


"We're here, but again, why exactly are we here? You kinda just avoided the answer the whole way."

"Let's just say that I'm saying goodbye to an old friend."

"at the edge of the galaxy?"

"ummm, yeah basically, couldn't think of a better place" Rhys said as he started putting a space helmet

"It's Handsome Jack, isn't it?" said Fionna as she was looking into the abyss of space, but Rhys had already left their space ship

as Rhys closed the hatch he quickly looked around and as he found a direction in which he saw barely any lights from the stars, he pulled out an ECHO eye from his pocket

"Well, I guess this is it, old. . . friend" he says as he stares at the ECHO Eye for a few seconds and after that he threw it in the direction of nothing. He stares at it slowly fly away and he then climbed back into the ship.

"We can fly back now."


In the ECHO eye


"Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT. They took EVERYTHING from me, my daughter, my power, EVEN MY LIFE. And now i'm trapped inside a fucking ECHO eye which is probably in some skag pile on that shithole – Pandora. Maybe one day, i'll rise to the throne, again."


Aboard an Imperial Class Star Destroyer


Inside the Star Destroyer Gaiden; an Imperial Pilot was looking out into the stars, hiding behind some crates near the big airlock so he wouldn't be spotted.

The star always fascinated him from when he was just a boy, living on an outer rim planet, he always wanted to explore the vast space.

Suddenly he saw something flying towards him, at first he thought that it was an asteroid or something of that nature but after a few seconds he realized that it's a really small object, it flew past the Open Hangar Bay doors and it almost begged to be caught.

When he managed to catch it, he inspected it closer he thought:

'this looks like. . . an eye iris? Huh, guess this is the strangest thing I have seen floating around space so far. It looks like it has memory storage. . . maybe I could plug it into some power and check if there's anything interesting'

"Where is the Pilot? There will be consequences!" Said an Imperial Officer raising his voice

"R-Right here sir! Sorry for being late!" said Gaiden

"we've been waiting for you for 5 minutes! Where have you been Pilot?"

"ummm, I got lost sir, sorry , I've barely been on this ship for a day"

"very well, I will let this slip this time, but i will not tolerate this kind of behavior another time, and now, get to the shuttle and get us to our main base on the planet, your Co-Pilot is waiting inside" Said the Imperial Officer as he pointed towards an Imperial Shuttle

"Sir yes Sir!"

As he boarded the shuttle and sat on his Pilot seat he asked his Co-Pilot:

"everything ready for take off?"

"yup, I got everything ready just start her up and let's go!" Said the Co-Pilot as he started double checking everything

"Ok then, let's go"

They started the Ship up and flew out of the hangar, Gaiden looked at his Co-Pilot which was focused on their flight path and not paying much attention to his colleague next to him. He pulled out the ECHO eye and thought

'I shouldn't but. . . if I just plug it in nothing bad will happen. . .'

And that's the end of the frst chapter, I know it's very short, but it's just a taste of what's to come.