Cruella's P.O.V

My name is Cruella de Vil. This is my first day at Wegmister Boarding School for Proper Girls. I've never had a happy face. All my life I have been mad and angry. My father acted like he did not want me. He always wanted a boy instead of a girl. My mother had great depression over my father being a total lunatic about him wanting a son instead of a daughter. So, this is my first day at Wegmister Boarding School. I don't know why I've been sent to boarding school. I've been the most well behaved girl all my life. I would always like to go to school to learn ..but who's that I see over there a girl? A girl talking to someone. The girl has a pretty smile on and she looks beautiful and happy. Her parents must've gave her a better life than I have had.. a better life..