As Anita and Cruella headed to Anita's house, the first thing that Anita did when they got there was walking up on the steps to knock on the door once or twice until her father opened it.

"Anita, back so soon?",asked her father confused.

"Well, it's over and I brought a friend Dad.",said Anita.

Her father looked over to see Cruella trying to wave her hand, awkwardly at him then. Then he looked back at Anita.

"Is it for you two a hangout or homework ?",asked Anita's dad, even more curiously.

"No Dad, her family kicked her out and she needs a place to stay.",said Anita.

This made her father almost gasp in shock,then, looked over at Cruella. He found himself running down the staircase to hug her.

"Please forgive me..I'm really sorry by the way. I'm Anita's Dad, James who are you?" ,asked James.

"Cruella.", Cruella introduced herself.

" Well,then, please come right in.",said James.

He led both of the girls inside the home. When they got inside, Cruella was amazed on how big and homey the inside of the home was.

"Wow this looks way more better then my place. Cruella to herself that isn't until she heard barking from across the room what came to her was a big dalmatian dog that ran towards them trying to trample her

"No down boy!" Yelled a female voice across the room as she appeared while following the dog causing the dog to calm down

"Oh hi honey who's this?" Asked the lady

"Emily this is Anita's friend Cruella she is going to be living with us." Said James to his wife

"Oh, wellnany friend of Anita is always welcomed to stay.",said Emily with a big smile on her face while her husband, James

L responded with a nod then looks over at Cruella

"What did you say Cruella.",said James.

Cruella was too busy looking straight into the dog's eyes. The dog was panting. His tongue hanging out. Cruella was staring at it so much she didn't even hear James calling for her

"Cruella!",called James. Cruella to look up at him

"Yes?" She asked

"I said what do you say Cruella?" Said James

"I say, yes,of course I'll be living with you guys.", said Cruella.

"Great Anita is it okay for you to show her the guest room?" Said James

"Sure Dad.",said Anita as she starts walking up the stairs

"Come on Anita

"Coming!",shouted Cruella. as she follows Anita up the stairs before she was fully gone she took one last look at the Dalmatian before following Anita up the stairs then made her way to the guest room to sleep.