Anita showed Cruella the guest room, this was where Cruella would be sleeping. Anita gave her privacy so she could change into her pajamas. Anita knocked on the door to wish her goodnight. Cruella got into bed and went straight to sleep. While she was trying to get to sleep, she tossed and turned on the bed.

In her sleep, she had a dream about Anita's pet dalamatian dog. In the dream, it's white coat had all covered around with black spots and how amazed and beautiful they're all are. With the every toss and turn in her bed, she dreamed about the pet Dalmatian.

Cruella woke up shocked at how the dream kept repeating itself and how she could not seem to shake it. She wanted to tell Anita about it, but, once she had finally knew what to say, she heard from the outside that the dog was barking. So, she decided to take a peak at through the window watch the dog as he runs and barks. Cruella could not get over how beautiful the fur was on the Dalmatian. She wanted the spots for her own. That was what finally came to her.

"His spots would be perfect for my dresses. Then I would never have to let them go", said Cruella to herself.