After some thought, I realised you guys deserved an explenation for my lack of activity regarding this fic.

I always write with my friend Arch-Daishou00, but his machine had broken down and so we couldn't continue for a long time. It took nearly a year until he finally got a new rig. In the intervening time I started this story for fun and to have something to do. But once he got his machine back we started writting again and this story went to the back of my mind.

Because this story started as something to keep myself occupied, I regret to inform you it's not high on my priority list now that I am continuing my usual stories with my friend. I may continue it one day, but I'm not in a hurry to do so when Arch and I have bigger projects going.

Sorry if this disappoints you guys, just wanted to come clean about it.

I appretiate all your support and the likes you've given this story.

Thank you for your time, Ethereal-23