10 P.M.

The wind blew gently into the room and the curtains gently billowed, the cool breeze was greatly welcome by Indie Prescott who lay on her bed chatting away to her best friend Casey.

"Case, honestly, I don't mind that you want to hang out with Steve tonight. I'll just watch a movie or something. I might even go bug Sydney. Seriously, just have fun."

"Are you sure? I feel bad."

"Dude, I don't mind. Have fun. Not too much though." Indie said teasingly knowing exactly what her best friend was going to be getting up to with her boyfriend.

"Oh shush you."

The ping of a microwave could be heard over the phone and Casey quickly excused herself and said she'd see Indie tomorrow in school.

Casey Becker hung up the phone and took the popcorn out of the microwave unaware of the person outside watching her.

The phone rings again and Casey just assumes it's Steve or Indie.

"Hello." She says in her usual cheery tone.

"Hello." Replies a deep, manly voice.

"Yes." Casey says after a long silence.

"Who is it?" The strange male sounding voice sounds.

"Who are you trying to reach?"

"What number is this?"

"What number are you trying to reach?" Casey says, starting to feel like it's not just a prank call anymore.

"I don't know."

"I think you have the wrong number."

"Do I?"

"It happens. Take it easy."

Casey puts the phone down, an icy chill making its way down her spine.

The phone rings again and Casey picks it up, it's the same person with the same weird distorted voice. Casey hangs up the phone.

However, it rings yet again. Casey picks it up hoping it's Indie or Steve but yet again, it's that damn person. Casey starts to freak out until the voice asks a question that gets Casey thinking.

"Do you like scary movies?" The voice asks.

"Uh-huh." Casey says with a hint of amusement, now she knows it's just Indie playing tricks with her.

"What's your favourite scary movie?"

Casey rolls her eyes going along with it.

"I don't know." She chuckles.

"You have to have a favourite."

"Um.. HALLOWEEN. You know, the one with the guy with the white mask who just sorta walks around and stalks the baby sitters. What's yours?"


"Hmm.. Nightmare on Elm Street." Casey says the scary movie she knows is Indie's favourite.

"Is that the one with the guy who had knives for fingers?" The voice pretends to be clueless.

"Yeah.. Freddy Krueger." Casey says walking around the living room.

The icy chill is still there even though she knows it's only Indie playing a joke on her.

"Freddy. That's right. I liked that movie. It was scary."

Casey can barely contain her snort at that. Indie did not find that movie scary at all, she just poked fun of the cheesiness of it.

"The first one was but the rest sucked."

"So, you got a boyfriend?"

"Okay cut the crap. Very funny Indie. You almost had me there." Casey laughs.

"Who's Indie?"

Casey freezes, she desperately hopes its Indie but she can't shake off the feeling of feat in her heart.

"Cmon it's not funny anymore."

Casey quickly forgets about the previous conversation as soon as she sees her boyfriend tied up and bleeding, she goes to run out to help him but the voice screams at her not to, she tries to run but she wasn't that lucky.


10.45 P.M

A scream could be heard from the room next to hers and Indie rushed to the door that seperated her room from her sister, Sydney's.

"Who screamed?" Indie yells running into her sister's room with her fists clenched, ready for a fight.

Since the death of their mom, Indie had become more protective of Sydney, especially because Sydney was a much more emotional person.

"Oh it's you Billy. I'm guessing the girl scream was you then. Did Syd's night face scare you?" Indie jokes upon seeing her best friend.

However, her joke was met with a bitch face from both of the teenagers.

"Okay okay. I'm sorry. I'm leaving. I know when I'm not wanted. I guess I'll see if Stu wants me. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Indie teases before hopping out the door.

"Hey Cheeky Chops." Indie's dad says using his old nickname for her.

"OH HEY DAD." She says loudly hoping Sydney and Billy hear her and Billy hides.

"I heard a scream is everything okay."

"Oh yeah, Syd just saw a spider. You know how she is." Indie chuckles.

"Hmm Okay. Well, I'll probably be gone by the time you get up but I've left some cash on the table and the number you'll need to call me is also on the table and-"

"Dad, stop. It'll be fine. You've told us a million times. Now, go get some rest. You've got an early morning."

Indie kisses her father on the cheek before skipping off into her room, she tries calling Stu but he doesn't pick up. Indie thinks this is curious but shrugs it off and calls Tatum up instead.